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  1. AlecHurt says:

    i saw the girl before i pressed play and i was horrified

  2. AlecHurt says:

    PLEASE READ!!!!!:
    I was watching the clips on Editing Room. I got to clip 82 and something weird happened…. i dont know what it is… a glitch it looks like. check it out… i see something though, some thing in the green..


  3. ****** ********* says:

    dangit! i swear, i was just about to let people know this, but at least if its an actual post by admin it will get more attention 🙂

  4. Rixx says:

    I’ve got tinkles.

  5. Lamarr says:

    AlecHurt- lmaoooooooooooooooooo. I didn’t know what you were talking about, then I saw her. Lol, it sent chills through my body.

  6. Rolo says:

    guys theres about 6 new clips on the editingroom.

  7. JohnTheRev says:

    So according to an interview I heard this morning there is a cave scene. Is it just me or does it seem like the actual viral kind of faded away without much resolution?

    • AlecHurt says:

      I totally agree. has been for some time. i remember when we knew nothing about this film a year or so ago

      • JohnTheRev says:

        J.J. seems to do this a lot. He builds things up and creates this whole little world but ends up backing himself into a corner. I knew this was going to happen. It was a fun ride though.

        • cul8tr says:

          i think something will happen with the ARG after the movie is released. That happened with cloverfield too.

          • MicMagellan says:

            …wait, wait, wait dog gone min… less than week away, and we’ve been gathering for about good year and why now with all GIVE-AWAYS & CLUES the core has lost its heat. On the seventh day J rested, and frankly its all about smiling and waving now since its in the can, i mean bag. This cat is the best in the bizz soooo far, and i haven’t seen a campaign worth its mustard since..? Heck ever. Have you really took the time and looked at the collective. This stand alone flick may still surprise, and well entertain even the most skeptical critic..
            My only concern now is where am I going to watch history in the making. Sucks nuts my local theater on Johnson Dr. has no imax and the super 8 display didn’t even have a portal on the side. Still you make the best of what we have, and THEY have continue to give so hold tight true believes, cus to be honest this viral has raised questions I for one will never take off my foil cap.

            NWH we got hats now m$!^%&*#


  8. NaMrOd says:

    We are almost at the end of things and we still don’t know what happen to Sarah and Josh, nor his page has been updated.
    Maybe on the end credits we will find out something about Josh.
    Also there has been no more information coming out of STIES.
    ADMIN… No update on it???

  9. Zenon says:

    Saw a pre-screening yesterday
    The film was AMAZING!!!!
    My most anticipated film of the year and was definitely the best so far
    and I think in my opinion it will be the best of the year
    Gonna have to go and see it again sometime when it properly comes out.
    Had a great nostalgic feel to it, definitely something to check out

  10. snackman says:

    did u hear that the movie is most likely about the kids more than the monster/creature/alien! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! after all this excitement we are let down! 🙁

  11. Flax says:

    Snackman, please say that was a joke. It’s hard to read emotions online sometimes.

  12. Landon says:

    This heart that JJ has and that he brings to the movie world is the reason why true film enthusiasts will see this movie’s true potential. It’s why we’ll appreciate it and embrace it while the rest of the world (or America, at least) is calling Michael Bay’s excuse of a movie “the #1 movie of the summer.”

  13. NaMrOd says:

    Hey Admin… at Super8secret… it asking for a password…

  14. Flax says:

    Nice! Just won free passes for Wednesday night! Awesome!

  15. Ana says:

    I got a free screening of the movie tomorrow in times square!!!
    thats the #super8secret!!! 😀

  16. Marky says:

    got passes for san fran! xD

  17. chris says:

    how do you get the free tickets!!!

  18. will says:

    anybody wanna trade…i have one ticket to tomorrows premier of super 8 from boston but im from new york and its my birthday today…….and i would trade my boston ticket for a new york ticket in manhattan if you want to exchange email adresses,,,,,,if nt its okay ill go friday……..most anticipated movie of the year……..thanks for the b-day wishes

  19. jjmyhero says:

    the creature is a spider -alien , and ist big very big

  20. Tom Vidovich says:

    http://weirtonislillian.blogspot.com/ I spent a month on Super 8’s set last fall in WV and this is a rough blog of movie set anecdotes and pics. The plot points are old hat to everyone here who’s been obsessing, but I think there’s some cool “behind the scenes” type reportage from a fan not a reporter. It’s my love letter to movies and to the experience, hope you dig it.

    • NaMrOd says:

      If you see the second preview you will see that Joe’s friend has the 8mm film and pases it to Joe’s Dad, we need to follow it and see how is it that this 8mm goes to the hand of Josh Minker… that’s how we all started in the STIES…

  21. manda says:

    when i went to type in ‘mint’ onto the supersecret site i hit enter early and it took me to the same page with no password at all- i tried several times with different words and still the same free giveaway so i thought: why have a password at all? is it possible there’s another password that would take us to something different? just a thought

  22. Rich says:

    What ever happened to the Josh part of the ARG?

  23. Andrew says:

    you know what theres still one thing i care about, theres nothing else….i wanna know what the damn device is for the sties site..

  24. henning says:

    New clips arrived at http://www.s8editingroom.com/ 🙂

  25. Gez says:

    Anyone know how u can get preview screening tickets for UK I would hate it if Cheryl Cole or Jedward get to see it before me lol &%$king celebs always get the premier tickets!

  26. Wes n F says:

    Someone gave away the alien in the movie a few post up..

  27. Wes n F says:

    thats wack that post was allowed through.. I thought a seperate area was to be created about movie discussions and spoilers

  28. Wes n F says:

    I have tickets to see it tonight so will confirm..however I heard thaT elsewhere after I seen the post

  29. Wes n f says:

    Its good if you dont see the post so I wont point it out

  30. Wes n f says:

    10pm tonight man I’m excited! The theatre is like close to 30 minutes away and I probably won’t sleep much by the time I get home and have to work tomorrow..but well worth it!

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