Poster #3 and New Editing Room Clips

super 8 poster

We're getting closer to June 10th and there have been a lot of new clips in the editing room so if you haven't checked them out I suggest you head on over there. There's also a new poster that appeared over at which I've included above.

Only a few more days!!

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62 Responses to “Poster #3 and New Editing Room Clips”

  1. Kevin says:

    Is it me or does that look like a face, giant eye in the lens of the camera?

    • ****** ********* says:

      it does look like there’s something in the camera, but to me it looks more like a blood patch on somebody’s skin.

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m convinced that’s the aliens face in the lens. Almost like its front facing, but looking a bit over your right shoulder as you look at it.

    Massive eye, almost insectoid appearance.

  3. Trey + says:

    I will be there Friday night

  4. Zappex says:

    SUPER 8 IS BEING RELEASED A DAY EARLY ON IMAX! Just been announced on their Facebook!

  5. Almish says:

    Im going to see it on friday I can wait! Its been a long year and another viral taken on, its been fun. I wonder if it will continue after the movie?

  6. JC4real says:

    I got a bunch of “tweets” this morning that it will shown at noon on Thursday at a bunch of theaters, including IMAX!! Can’t wait 😀

  7. JC4real says:

    You’ll see my name in the credits under “townsperson #2” It was AWESOME working with J.J.

  8. Ben Perkins says:

    Did Drew Struzan do this poster? It’s a lot like his work, and he almost did Amblin/Spielberg posters exclusively.

    I can’t find the artist’s name, but, I’m thinking it’s not Struzan. He was impeccable with likenesses, and outstanding as it is, these feel a little off.

    Any clarification on who the artist is?

  9. Ben Perkins says:

    I remember noticing the smashed windshield in the trailer and seeing that the ‘feet’ or whatever hit it looked like suction cups. The editing room states that the ‘subject’ has spade like appendages on it’s feet. Nice.

    I also have a funny feeling that the last bit of this tape will show a tentacle or arm or whatever grabbing Tech 58-0-42. I would be five bucks on it! LOL.

    Can’t wait for the movie!

  10. Cloud says:

    I really don’t like this poster, I think it’s because there’s too much going on.
    I think they are using this as the official poster though, which is disappointing 🙁

    • MicMagellan says:

      …their is a lot to take in. Who’s that cat who did the Vertigo poaster, and rest of great theatre art??? anyone, anyone…

      A bit Goonies, but you got your stars, sportin the badge and the flame thrower the classic dinner… Looks like a treasure map to me more or less a plotted course.

      What wood you have changed?? Just clear cut shot of the beast!\


      • Cloud says:

        I just think the other 2 are better, because they are simpler, and quite creative.

        This one just looks like a poster for a 1960’s train or something!

        • Edd says:

          Duuh! You just said it. Don’t you know the movie is set on the 70’s-80’s?? I think the poster is great. It really transports you to that time. Old movie posters were made thay way.

          • Cloud says:

            of course i know the movie is set in the 70s!

            i just don’t like the poster, but you’re entitled to your opinion

            and could you show some examples of old movie posters please 🙂

  11. RANKINFullStop says:

    Already holding my tickets for thursday at midnight!

  12. RANKINFullStop says:

    I really hope the Minker story doesn’t end up going no where like Teddy Hansen. We’ve had no news from Hook,line,and minker, Revalistic, or even STIES. The anticipation is killing me

    • Jimmy says:


      why the heck even make it a part of the clues if you don’t take it all the way though

  13. Karl says:

    Got tickets for tonight, physced

  14. Rick says:

    Anyone notice the letters scrolling at the end of the video in the editing room? Last time letters came out like that it led to “”

    Maybe just maybe this leads somewhere too

  15. nick says:

    So……….the peices of the puzzle are finally coming together

  16. Lamarr says:

    (Professor Farnsworth) “Good news everybody!!!!!!!!!!” They will be showing Super 8 all day tomorrow at my local theater. It’s going to be on the Odyssey screen from 1:10p.m. til midnight. 😉 I’m in there like swim wear.

  17. loopy says:

    I’m sitting here @ the movie theater in ATLANTA 4 hours before the movie starts. Anyone else here?

  18. Blake says:

    Guys, sincerely, enjoy the movie and think about us, the ones who can´t see it because the stinky global distribution

  19. Franko says:

    Notice how some of the latest clips look much more clear than the rest?

    Check this out: the entire set of clips in the editing room are shot from at least two cameras !

    Observe the new shot before “cage 3”. It includes a second cameraman shooting footage. Perhaps he is using the camera that has taken the shots we have seen so far. The more clear clips are from this “new” cameraman and maybe a different camera.

    There is also an earlier clip of a technician with a camera placed on a desk. He would be our “new” cameraman.

    This second cameraman in the shot may be Nellec. It would fit the info from the comic segment. (Him holding a camera in the last panel)

    Perhaps his name tag will be shown in the next round of clips.

  20. Julio Cabral says:

    Guys, I won the first frame today in development room (#5, clip #84), but received no e-mail to contact me about the prize. Anyone knows how they (super8movie) contact the winners?

  21. jjmyhero says:

    with page is that?

  22. jjmyhero says:

    jst pt the link

  23. cul8tr says:

    nice dude but we dont have access to your C drive

  24. Karl says:

    i saw it, i wont spoil anything but if anyone is wondering 1 hour 45 mins great movie though

  25. jjmyhero says:

    someone take the picture with his cell phone monster please, is that we got the movie brazil until September ….

  26. cul8tr says:

    All the clips except 2 are in the editing room now…. still missing the assault on our friend Mr Minker or whatever his name really is.

    But we learn that the symbol ORPH is Orpheus.

  27. Lamarr says:

    That’s what everyone says Karl. 1h45m excellence and 15m downhill. Is the end really that offbeat?

  28. Xano50 says:

    I believe that the final clips in the editimg room could show the alien escaping

  29. John31 says:

    I want to see it already. A few more hours 😀

  30. AlecHurt says:

    so i heard that rocket popeteers doesnt make an appearance in the movie.. What does Rocket Pops have to do with Super 8 anyway?

  31. Chris says:

    Just got out of super 8 must gooooooo!!!!!!

  32. Rolo says:

    if any of you are going to see the film tomorrow make sure you stay after the credits as something else is supposed to happen. i read this on some news website-

    “Its after the final credits. Stay in your seats; you won’t want to miss it.”

    make of that what you will, it could be nothing…

  33. Blake says:

    Please i´d like to say to the Admin, if he could from now, not post photos of the monster and other spoilers if you don´t click in the post. Keep free from spoilers the main page (the front page, or whatever it says)
    Thanx 😉

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers on the front page and I will go through and delete any post that contains any spoilers whether they are big or small. So if you don’t want to waste your time, don’t discuss the movie in the comments outside of the 1 designated spoiler post or go to the forum. Thanks

  34. Trey + says:

    Admin…its time to make a Topic for folks who seen the movie…ASAP

    • admin says:

      There has been a spoilers section in the forum for months, but I just made a new post on the main page here that you guys can use to discuss everything you’ve seen in the movie. Just try to keep it all contained in that post or it will get deleted.

  35. Christian says:

    Saw movie last night. I can say without spoiling anything for anyone that the kids do an amazing job….just amazing actors for their age. The story was ok,you sort of figure things out for yourself in the begining (engines and electrical devices missing). The creature was ok too, but until last few min you dont see him clearly and his ivolvment in the film takes a backseat to the kids in the movie! Cloverfield and super 8 for the exception of having a creature in both are veeeery different. It wasnt bad but the creature wasnt anything special and reminded me of something from a men in black movie. Youll all like it, enjoy the movie

  36. JC4real says:

    There’s a big “townhall meeting”. When Jack (Kyle) leaves the building and walks down the steps, I’ll run up to him and tell him to come see the huge sinkhole by my garage! I can’t wait to see myself on the big screen 😀

  37. Xano50 says:

    Awesome the editing room is finished the ending is so cool you see the creature lift up Mr. Minker

  38. ****** ********* says:

    Hey admin there’s a new 2-minute featurette here:

  39. Ben Perkins says:

    I think maybe attacked is the wrong word. I think when Minker got grabbed by our creature, it was creating a telepathic link. His crashing the train in the movie is his way of letting it escape so it can get back home.

    That’s just my opinion. I’m taking my girlfriend to see it Saturday! Can’t wait!

  40. Ben Perkins says:

    Also, I’m getting the vibe that the creature was asleep for a long time after the US brought the craft down in the late fifties. They were trying to figure out the craft, it broke into cubes, they started testing them, and that’s when the link up warned the creature and it started spazzing out. Feeding time, and he grabs the closest human to share his anger, pain and wishes for freedom.

    Anyone else getting this scenario?

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