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  1. Anthony says:

    I cant believe that luke skywalker was darth vaders but seriously can someone get a screenie of this alien coz i still dont really know wat he looked like dam abrams

  2. Trey + says:

    I havent seen the movie…but its about the kids…Im disspointed….I dont care about no damn

    • Christian says:

      i know i know but DONT go into the movie thinking Cloverfield…youll see what i mean when you see it. At the end i was talking to people and it was “kids made the movie pretty good….” Youll lie it and the anticipation you have during in movie is fun.

      • Craig says:

        What Cloverfield got wrong, this movie gets right. Didn’t care about the characters in that film, but in Super 8, the kids are this film’s best special effect.

  3. Aurora says:

    If I may ask a question to those who have seen the movie, is it worth watching it in IMAX? 🙂

    • Christian says:

      i would skip imax unless its a date night or something. The train scene and ending would look neat in there but rest of the movie is fairly calm. Up to you, ive only seen huge action movies in imax but this may be a good change of pace. Either way youll have a good time.

    • am! says:

      i just saw it in imax- and while i haven’t seen the regular version to compare- i thought that imax was incredible!

  4. loopy says:

    I thought the movie was pretty damn good. It’s more of a movie about kids, mystery, & a father and son coming to terms with each other, and there happens to be a pissed off ailen in the mix.

  5. Wes n f says:

    I watched it last night…they handed out shirts and a poster that required you to put it up against another person next to you in order to make a full poster. The wait in line was for a few hours but the time went by quick as I had friends there with me.

    About the movie. I feel JJ is Great at these build-ups towards the movie and then the movie comes out and it’s meh. Lens flares, I know that’s JJ signature but come on every 10-15 seconds there is some lens flare. The funny thing about the lens flare is that it happens everywhere, in the house, outside in the sunlight, dark felt as if he just learned how to do it and excited to use it so let’s overkill.

    I liked the kids in the movie and the part of them making their zombie film was fun. I would have rather had a movie about just them similar to a goonies.

    You do not fully see the alien until the end of the movie. There is a build up for the alien and honestly it looked completely different when you seen just an arm than when you fully see it. It seems huge when you do not see it and then when it reveals itself it isn’t quite as tall. I was a little disappointed when I fully saw it as it reminded me of a smaller cloverfield like monster which has the same plot as cloverfield (Alien/Monster that is scared, hungry just trying to find it’s way home).

    Issues I had with the movie:
    * A truck driving head on towards a speeding train and the guy driving the truck survives (if I remember correctly there was no airbag). On top of that a head on collision w/an explosion to the truck you would think the truck is destroyed, no it’s opposite the front half of the truck which hit the train head on is still in tact while the back is gone…built ford tough. I would expect the front to be destroyed and maybe have some of the back taillight left.

    * They wanted you to feel bad for the alien but there was no character connection to it. The whole movie you see it killing or capturing people and then towards the end they tell you it’s story and it hops on it’s spaceship and leaves.

    * Is it me or did it not seem like the alien didn’t like dark meat. I’m guessing the alien kept the people in it’s cave to take them back as a snack for the long flight back home?.. Why were there no brothers in the cave? Instead you have black on black crime with the lethal injection, The black guy that got pin balled inside the bus and killed and the driver who was black and guess what he died. 4 people I believe died and 3 were black lol come on! Meanwhile the white guys get preserved in the cave lol by the way this bullet point was just my sense of humor

    * The alien has this elaborate cave it puts together in just a few days with computers and everything under the water tower. I wanted to see this cave.

    I have more BP’s but I will end it right here. Overall the movie tried to do too much and it needed one direction. Either have the movie about the kids and leave the alien out, or do one on just the did not mesh well in my opinion. Two directors didn’t work for this movie, less len’s flares please, more screen time for this alien which in all the marketing was for. The movie wasn’t great, it was ok

    • Christian says:

      i like the “jj bulids up the movie then “meh”….thats what i thought too. I think your right the kids by themselves could make an entire movie….i think steven have alot to do with directing those scenes…thank god for him

    • Craig says:

      I think the alien had a problem with anyone in a soldier’s uniform, due to the way the military (led by a white guy, BTW) abused him. The one black scientist was actually trying to help the creature escape because he communicated with him when he grabbed him (as shown in that B&W film the kids were watching). He was using the people in the cave to communicate as well, not as snacks.

      • JohnTheRev says:

        No I’m pretty sure he was eating the people. It may sound cliche but the humans were the monsters in the movie. Humans tortured and experimented on him, if they did that to me then yeah I’d be pissed, yeah I’d want to get the f**k off that planet and yes I would have no problem using them as lunchables. And what does the color of the military dude have to do with anything?

  6. Trey + says:

    so the alien can type in english?

  7. michael says:

    so firts of all i loved the movie i got a tshirt and hat…….. the movie was amazing it had the embodment of every movie that jj and steven have worked on over the years and its a instant classic…….did anybody notice how the moster beared resemblance of the cloverfield monster???also the monster had tentacles when he picked the black professor ??? and when he picks up alice ??? what happens to his tentacles??? are there 2 monster in the movie like cloverfield??

  8. Loopy says:

    Did anyone have people complaining that they had to stand in a line for a FREE movie? That irked me.
    As far as the monster went, i kind of liked the idea of not seeing it as much. i think it added a dimension of looking at it from a kids perspective where things seem bigger than they really are.

    Where did everyone see it at? I saw it in Atlanta.

  9. tomc says:

    Well they better start releasing more stuff about the monster and minker on thescariestthingieversaw site, they left the movie just hanging at several points. seems like you can only understand it better when that info comes out.

    At least when all the reviews come in and people start to ask why this and that and complaining about the plot holes they will have somewhere to look. Mystery is good but all these open ends are just ignorant.

  10. Andrew says:

    I liked the movie but if you followed the viral I think you may be a little disappointed in the amount of screen time the alien gets. The viral makes you think you are going to watch a movie about an alien and instead it is a movie about the interation between kids and an alien is a subplot. I still liked it though, just wish the alien had been the focus. I for one though liked the ending and don’t see that as a major problem with the movie.

  11. snackman says:

    I thought the alien might look more like a ben10 alien! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  12. Wes n f says:

    Exactly it looked spider like when it came out the train and when it grabbed people then it ended up looking completely different when you see it at the end. the alirn kind of killed the movie to me. I liked the kids

  13. Kevin says:

    Any pictures of the alien yet guys & gals? Any sneaky photos from the screenings?
    In the poster in the previous entry on the site, in the lens of the camera I’m almost convinced is the face/head of the alien. Can anyone confirm this to be the case?


  14. John says:

    The creature is supposed to represent what the boys feelings and what he’s been through. Kind of like how Godzilla represented the u.s whn japan created it and how the cloverfield monster kinda represents the terror attacks on 911

  15. Wes n f says:

    sense of humor? Guess you didnt see that part

  16. Lamarr says:

    I’m in the movie theater now 🙂 The trailers are on 🙂 Super 8 will start in 1 minute 🙂

    • nick says:


    • NaMrOd says:

      Hey Lamarr, check at the end of credits if there is some footage, no one has comment on it…

      • admin says:

        Someone did comment on it, but it was in the wrong post so I deleted it. Apparently after the credits they show a small scene of the kids zombie movie. I’m not sure how much of it they show or if that’s even correct.

        • NaMrOd says:

          Thanks Admin… GREAT… I MEAN… SUPER WEB PAGE…LOL… THANKS FOR IT… I still have tickets to go but there are for Today, I can’t wait to see it…

        • Ryan says:

          They do in fact show the zombie flick, but not just one scene, its the whole thing. And it is actually HILARIOUS. But after that part of the credits is over, there’s really nothing of importance. No clip at the very end like Marvel likes to include.

  17. MatThew says:

    super 8 clip on yahoo shows a hand and the entire editing room film~!

  18. Guys look at this Clip is where the Black Guy gets pulled by the Monster.

  19. nick says:

    in that clip where hes being waved around like a chewtoy, you can see the monsters face a little

  20. Rick says:

    I personally thought it reminded me of General Grievous from Star Wars, just of course instead of a droid its a giant alien with 4 arms and buffed up hahaha

    • am! says:

      it’s body reminded me of the pokemon machamp- it was seriously all i could think about until it closed up on his face

  21. Werk! says:

    The military has the town on lock down and some how the kids are freely walking around filming their movie around the military in several occassions. Also the kids have a perfect match of the military uniform in a kids size.

    The military is going through the scientists house to find information and the kids walk right up in the school and find all the information they need. Somehow in a big pile of film and audio they happen to find the right one with a confessional from the scientist which explains everything…come on lol

    The train scene has chaos everywhere, trains parts flying around exploding, then here comes the military when everything settles and the kids get in their untouched car and drive off..come on lol. All around the car there is pieces of the train but nothing touched the car

    The arachnid looking alien in the beginning and cloverfield/predator/alien from independence day looking thing was disappointing once you actually seen it.

    • NaMrOd says:

      Dude… it just a movie, you must interact and learn to live with it!!!
      the main part of the movie are the Kids not the “alien”, you miss the big picture!!! Just a Comment…

  22. Werk! says:

    The credits has the completed movie that the kids were filming

  23. jono says:

    please someone get a picture of the alien up so we have a rough idea what the kids were up against haha

  24. Lamarr says:

    @NaMrOd- sorry. The second the end credits came on it showed JJ’s name and my theater immediately cut the movie. 🙁 I am upset at my theater for that.

    @Admin- YOU ARE THE BEST!!! thank you so much for this site and opportunity. BTW, when you follow another viral, I will be lurking in shadows lol 😉

    @Everyone who has mostly bad things to say about this movie and the alien- did you even watch the movie? Oh wait… I get it, you were there with your friends and a bunch of loud teens and wasn’t really paying attention to the movie. Smh

    *The alien was showed a lot (at least enough to be a big part of the movie). And you see it a lot. You see the face perfectly when it eats Neglect and picks up Joe. You See the size and body perfectly on the bus scene and in the cave and at the end. The alien was ferocious and semi-understanding. When it touches you, you understand it and it understands you. It wasn’t meant to be a bond between Joe and the alien. It was just curious as to why he wasn’t scared and stepped forward. Joe tried to talk to it but I don’t think it understood so it grabbed him. Then it understood his pain and probably would’ve still eaten him but, something grabbed it’s attention from behind and it left.

    *To say the alien only liked dark meat shows you didn’t pay attention. Yes, 3 black guys died but 2 only because they were with Nelec, who it was really after. If the kids didn’t get off the bus it would’ve killed them to. BTW, Dr.Woodward was killed by Nelec not the alien. And, it wasn’t 4 people that got killed, it was more like 8. The electrician was smacked onto a windshield for messing with power lines, sheriff and lady didn’t make it out of the cave, Nelec- his soldier- and driver, the gas station attendant, and Dr.Woodward ( who wasn’t even killed by the alien). That is not including the other bodies hanging in the cave that were probably taken on the spaceship as a snack for the ride home. ( I AM BLACK BTW)

    * The kids were amazing. They made me feel that young. Especially the puppy love parts. They were funny and cool. I would like to see them all become big stars.
    Elle’s dad really loves his daughter but he’s in a lot of pain because he got drunk and had to call out from work. Joe’s mom covered his shift and died. Deputy Lamb has always hated him so imagine how he feels about him now. That all comes into play later.
    SHERIFF LAMB (OMG). He doesn’t see eye to eye with his son and it seems he doesn’t want the responsibility of raising him. But, that comes into play also. Now, Sheriff Lamb is 100% soldier. Not a military soldier but SOLDIER. The way he escapes the air force base is tough. 😉

    * After hitting the train the truck was demolished. As you see from the trailer the truck crashed it’s right side. The whole right side of truck WAS gone. It was believable to me. And it’s not like Dr. Woodward walked again after that.

    *The alien was big. Clovey’s baby. It was the size of the trees if you watch it leave the bus. The gas station scene was horrifying. In fact, every time it attacked someone was horrifying and heart pounding. The alien had claw shaped HANDS. It appeared to have fingers. Although it has a lot of limbs, it is not exactly spider shaped. I would say more of a cross between a spider and lobster with a semi-clovey face.

    * The ending was how it was supposed to be. Anyone who didn’t like it either wanted a) the alien to be killed or b) the alien to stay and kill everyone. Joe letting go of the locket marked the beginning of healing for him and his father. The spaceship was amazing and the way the alien prepared the spaceship was amazing. Out of all the parts it took, the spaceship had to be something spectacular.

    I love this movie from beginning to end. Because of the attack scenes, you definitely should see this in IMAX. I’m going to see it again. Fortunately it was early (some people at work and kids at school) so it was very roomy and quiet in the theater. I was able to pay sharp attention to the movie.


  25. Werk! says:

    namrod you are correct but all the promotional marketing and previews “it arrives” was all about the alien. This film was sold as an alien movie with kids in it. Perhaps you missed that picture

    • NaMrOd says:

      I got what you are saying, I’m also kind of mad because we see this Viral marketing with the STIES… and Josh, Mysterio and Sarah, now where are they, are they leaving it for a Super 8 part 2, I like how they made the STIES page, but after the photos and the stair way from a hospital it didn’t took us any where… were is Josh, what was on the things he has from his Dad… many questions….??????

  26. Werk! says:

    Good write lamar. I personally feel the movie should have been just the kids goonies style and that’s it. The kiddie crush and all that other stuff is what made the movie to me…the alien just didn’t fit for some reason to me and that’s just my opinion as you have yours..

  27. jjmyhero says:

    pics of the monster pls 🙂

  28. Lamarr says:

    Sorry I meant NELEC not Neglect. 🙂

    @Werk! ( paragraph for paragraph)- the town wasn’t officially on lock down when the kids were still filming and Nelec was about to grab the kids filming outside of the house but Deputy Lamb showed up and got on Nelec’s case about what’s going on. Also, there was a military depot store in town so the kids getting military attire is not far fetched.

    The kids had Dr. Woodward as a teacher and when he takes stuff from them he puts it in what they refer to as “the dungeon”, therefore, they knew where he hides items. After hearing that the military is in his house looking for info, they knew where to look when trying to figure out what they were dealing with and where it took Elle. That film was just 1 day of many documented sessions with the alien ( just 1 not the only 1). And the military dishonorably discharged Dr.Woodward a long time ago and didn’t keep up with his current life. So after searching his house they knew he was a teacher ( a new lead) which led them to the school and, because of the kids, all of his info and footage.

    You must not have noticed the debris, the objects pinned up against the tires and car, or the trunk popped open from something hitting it. Sure, the heavy stuff didnt hit the car but it didnt have to hit it. My only complaint with that is that Elle’s father didn’t notice any marks or dirt on his car but, he stayed drunk so he probably wouldn’t have noticed. Plus, the military was escorting the train. Not side by side but they were following. They would never let something that important and dangerous ride by itself. From the trailer you can hear the train conductor radioing in to the base on the progress of the train before and when it crashes. This is how Nelec and personnel showed up in the timely manner they did.

    To each his/her own on the design of the alien, but I personally liked it. Not just the look but the fact that it was agile and smart. Everything about the alien made you feel like, if it was near you, there would be nothing you can do to stop it, protect yourself, or escape it. But again, to each his/her own.

  29. Werk! says:

    I just felt the alien was better left just an arm and then gone..seeing it kinda disappointed me as it felt like something I have seen somewhere else. This movie felt like I a recycled cloverfield to me except I like the kids more than the characters in cloverfield. The acting by the kids was Great! The Fanning family have talented kids!

    This is just my opinion and this is an open discussion area. Your post cleared somethings up for me however I still feel the movie was ok and not spectacular but that’s my opinion. Not everyone is going to like this movie. Thanks for your post!

    Thanks Admin for everything! It was a fun ride trying to figure things out and have a place to share them!

  30. Lamarr says:

    Oh 1 more thing (just an afterthought).

    Woodward explained how, when the alien touched him, he became part of it and it became part of him, so when Nelec catches up to it he (Woodward) will be able to SEE it. This takes me back to the rocket poppeteers’ questionnaire. There was a question that asked something about PSYCHIC KIDS. By the end of the movie Elle and Joe were the only ones touched by the alien and still alive. I wonder if they can still feel the alien and, if that ability will grow allowing them to also see the alien while it is on it’s home planet.

    If so, maybe others, of it’s kind, might plan a retaliation for the abuse it endured and the kids will know about their plans. Thus, involving the military looking for Josh Minker and more of his father’s work. Idk, that was just a thought because I always thought what happened in that town will end in that town (no sequel). Meanwhile (another intelligent guy) Franko, believed there will be a sequel involving Josh Minker. I hope Franko is right 😉

  31. It’s weird reading all these comments…i mean aren’t you all super excited about this? Super 8 is getting nothing but critical acclaim, and praise, which only fuels my enthusiasm for it. I get this is not like Cloverfield, but from the very beginning Abrams said this was NOT CLOVERFIELD II. I love the ET, The Goonies, Close Encounters and all that…chances are i am going to love this movie! JJ Abrams and Spielberg together are just too good, i believe they have something good here…but hey! I guess i have to see the film to judge it…Good day all!

  32. Lamarr says:

    Last thing, I promise. 😉

    I just want to say that the alien MAKES THE MOVIE. What I mean by that is, it is because of the alien and things happening that brings the families closer to each other. Without the alien and the going ons it created, Joe and his father would’ve never took the time to care for each other and get past his mom’s death. Joe would’ve went to summer camp and his interactions with Elle would have ceased. Elle and her dad would’ve never saw eye to eye. He would’ve never gotten Joe’s mom’s death off his chest ands Deputy Lamb would’ve never forgave him. So a lot of the more heartfelt scenes were infact compliments of the alien. 🙂

    @Werk!- Indeed, to each his/her own. But the year is still young so you still have a selection of movies you might enjoy. If you are into horror and action (like me 😉 ) I would suggest Transformers 3, The Thing prequel, and Silent Hill 2.

  33. Karl says:

    How could you guys tell it was cloveys son?

  34. Lamarr says:

    It’s not clovey’s child. Clovey was just a baby itself. That expression is used to describe the SIZE of the alien.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well If It’s Used To describe the SIZE of the alien then you should stop saying that ….. clovey’s as you call him…was as big as a 10 story building …AT LEAST… if not bigger

      OK that didn’t come out right…I’m not upset …..just feel calling a smaller monster (X That) … A MUCH SMALLER MONSTER Clovey. Is like calling a midget the tallest person in the world….

  35. EP says:

    i think they sent the alien away because of the incident where all the scientists were examining it in the clips of the super 8 editing room — it look like is has tentacles and it picks the black scientist up , you can see its eyes they look small lol

  36. Nick says:

    I’ve been following this viral and movie since its announcement. To anyone, especially Lamar, that has seen it, was it worth it? Did the mystery and investigation everyone has done pay off?

    • EP says:

      thats what i wanna know lol i just dont wanna spend 10 dollars and then be disappoint by the end of the movie

  37. Lamarr says:

    @Jimmy- have you seen the movie? Yes clovey was about 10 stories or more. This alien was 3 if not 4 stories tall. Take the scene where it leaves the bus and disappears into the woods. It was as tall as the treetops. Now, my question is, if clovey had an offspring, how much bigger or smaller would you expect it to be??? Anytime you see an animal with it’s kids the depiction of the kids is about ¼-⅓ the size of the parent. This is why we describe the SIZE as clovey’s baby. Hope that helps you picture it better.

    @EP- it all depends on your expectations for the movie. A few things from the viral had a role or mention in the movie. Admin made a good point a while back that the viral is just backstory and not necessarily part of the movie. Nothing is worth it if you go in wanting certain happenings. In lieu, if you go in wanting to see how Super 8 unravels and see how the people deal with their immediate emotional displacements while these events are in progress, plus the added benefit of an alien making you jump back in your seat every time it attacks, than yes it was very worth it. The viral was only to immerse us into Super 8. You will know some things your friends who didn’t follow wont know. Hope that helps.

  38. Lamarr says:

    @Nick and EP- don’t expect to see everything from the viral in the movie and yes you will still have questions from the viral after you see the movie. Personally me, I was extremely pleased. Besides, there is no reason to spend over a year following a movie and not viewing the finality of it in the theater at least once. Enjoy it fellas 🙂

  39. Nick says:

    @Lamar Thanks man.

  40. Rixx says:

    After everything we did to the alien, I would have eaten more people and raised a little more havoc! ET went home and he aint coming back!

  41. EP says:

    thanks guys im definitly going to watch it and yeah i was following it for a year now lol wanna see what goes down! lol

  42. xsludg3 says:

    just saw it, i loved it. great film.

  43. xsludg3 says:

    also beware of lens flare, so much it got kinda annoying! but still good film! lol

  44. Ethan says:

    This turned out being so much different than I thought . . . but in a good way 😀

  45. snackman says:


  46. Y2Flax says:

    Lost, like Super 8, is about the journey of the characters, not about the destination.

  47. James says:

    Snackman you are a punk ass little bitch. This was a great movie and was extremely well done. The audio and visual work that was done in Post was extremely well done. I thought that the story was fun and the movie had great pacing. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

  48. Rich says:

    I have to be completely honest, when this viral began and up until tonight I expected it to be a monster movie, but I was wrong. It was much more than that. The way they tied in the viral with the actual movie itself, the monster, the kids, even it’s cave. This movie was much better than I thought it would be. Although I am a big fan of Cloverfield; where Cloverfield went wrong, Super 8 did not. The feeling that I had throughout the entire movie from start to finish was unlike any I have had with a movie before. Sure, Ive been emotionally invested in a movie before, but no movie in the past couple years has taken me on an adventure like Super 8 has. Thank you admin for creating such a wonderful place for us to come together with our ideas. You sir, are the man. This is a feel good movie and I honestly believe that all should watch it. It is definitely worth your watch in theaters.

  49. Tim says:

    I have a feeling this movie is going to be lost on a lot of people. You have to be emotionally dead inside or never have developed interpersonal skills on any level to connect with this movie. It was very satisfying and I wasn’t disappointed for a minute. It made me want to be a kid again.

    The theater I was in wasn’t packed at midnight but everyone got the jokes and people were laughing together at the kids interactions. Best movie this year hands down. Thank you for a wonderful review Lamarr and for all your comments. The lens flairs are by far not as dramatic as Star Trek. Big Thumbs up to JJ and the rest of the team that worked on this movie.

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