Super 8 is in Theaters Now

Super 8 is beginning to make it's way into theaters with sneak previews going on last night and tonight [in the US]. So that means that a lot of you are going to see it and want to discuss it, well don't do it here. I have opened up registration on the forum for today/tomorrow, so if you want to discuss spoiler related material head on over there in the spoilers section. I will also be making a post on the main page where you can comment with any spoiler you want, but please keep all spoilers, big or small, to these 2 locations so you don't ruin the movie for anyone else. Any spoiler comment on any other post will be deleted. And if you don't want to read any spoilers I suggest avoiding these 2 locations. Thanks.

Enjoy the movie guys!!

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9 Responses to “Super 8 is in Theaters Now”

  1. 8bitAndrew says:

    This YouTube clip just explained to me why I’m so exIted about this movie

    I got my tickets finally! Been waiting forever and now it’s here and I’m almost beside myself!

  2. Babaji says:

    Check out this incredible footage from this Awesome movie!

  3. Rich says:

    Sitting waiting for midnight showing!!!

  4. Jason says:

    I haven’t commented on anything in a long time, sorry about that.
    Anyway, after playing this ARG for about a year, I guess it’s time to be done, now that I’m finally seeing it tonight.

    It’s been a pleasure playing with you all, and I leave you with this: What the hell was that damned reenter password?

  5. Cocotones says:

    Amazing movie. Best film of the year. But time pasted, right? It was like a couple of months ago we saw the teaser at Iron Man 2, and we were so pysched about the film since then. Guys, it’s been an honor working with you in the viral. Now I’m coming days until Super 8 comes out on DVD…

  6. Babaji says:

    Not thrilled with the outcome or final product here, sadly. Definately not movie of the year or anything close. The storyline was terrible for me, and the ending was rediculous. Would love to know why the ending was as is. The kids were awesome, great job on their part. Where in the Hell was the part about the Alien beating its way out of the train car? What happened to that, since it was so important to the story in the trailers? I could nont wait to see this take place in the film.

  7. pawl sayzawn says:


    How did you miss the scene where it broke out of the train car? It.. happened. Plain as day.

  8. DemonG says:

    Really this is it ? All done ? Well the film is still due for realeas this side of the world , and I just can’t wait for it next month . Just have to keep free of spoilers.

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