35 Responses to “Full Editing Room Clip Released”

  1. Y2Flax says:

    Great video. I wonder if any more will be released. It was cool to see the alien’s hand before the movie itself. Would have been cool to see more in the movie, or even hear more of Woodward’s recordings sometime soon. Great movie. Great viral. Thanks again!

  2. qwopqwop says:

    It says at the end of the video:”COMPLETION OF REEL 1 EX. 1A”!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    could there be more???????????? hope there will!

  3. ****** ********* says:

    Strange that it would end there, because in the movie, when the kids see the editing room movie, they show Woodward on the ground after the “assault,” being helped up by fellow scientists. I wonder if there will be a reel 2…

  4. billie joe! says:

    THIS IS WHAT I GOT FOR ENTERING THE 1912 ‘DEVICE’ THINGY: If you are seeing this, it means you got the cube, and I can truly rest in peace. So can your father. I wish I didn’t have to lie to you about him but I had to make sure the cube would be safe. It was his last wish of me. And now you can know the truth. His grave is in Lillian, Ohio. Behind the toolshed. You’ll find what you’re looking for there.


  5. Val says:

    That’s great!
    What about Rocker Poppeteers, guys? I got the final test answered it and then – silence!

  6. Lamarr says:

    No telling if you will get to them in the special features section of the DVD but, YES. That reel was just 1 of many sessions they had with the alien. Woodward had a shed (The Dungeon) full of them. Think about it, they had the alien in captivity since the 50’s and it escaped late 60’s. They documented everyday with alien.

    And Billie Joe, that is wayyyy better info than seeing the syringes. That sounds like it will lead to something new. 🙂

  7. james says:

    WIsh they put at beginning of film, but i guess could ruin the surprise.. maybe be best as special feature.

    Cloverfield lacked loads of the viral stuff on special 2 disc dvd sadly 🙁

  8. the derailed train says:

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but does this clip contain any spoilers?

  9. J B says:

    There has to be more. We never haeard anything about the escape attempt or the potential casualties as stated in Mr Abraham’s opening monologue.

  10. Rolo says:

    Just wondering has anyone managed to find out how TROGL fits in to all of this?

  11. Lamarr says:

    I think when LT. Abraham said escape attempt he meant when it grabbed Woodward it was breaking and bending the bars.

  12. billie joe! says:

    thats weird Flax ive never seen any resemblance in the monster to him. maybe the eyes but nothing else. its just a monster. a weird, crazy, scary looking one.

  13. irvingzapata says:

    new entry on STIES


    sorry about the quality, my print run out of color ink

    this could mean the end of the ARG

  14. irvingzapata says:

    josh got the girl…. and the bad man is dead…. the cube is safe… is this the end?

    • MicMagellan says:

      …it seems that way for now.

      Still a re release, and perhaps a spin off will jump start the ARG..? I can see a few seasons of this couldn’t you? Its really depends on us… Though this flick was for grandma and grandpa, this viral was for the people, by the people, and… XYZ just to get his point across. I for one didn’t race back to net after PS or FS and praised nor slamed the flick, and think ARG team called it a rap as well.

      Perhaps the loose ends will come together on his 5th attempt.

      back 2 close encounters…


      • Tomc says:

        well then this was certainly a let down for all of us who really followed the clues. i for one will not participate in the next drawn out game with no ending he tries to make. maybe next time he will make a attempt to really install some mystery. it is almost like a slap in the face. did he think we were so dumb as a game audience that we were not worthy to even attempt to be problem solvers? or maybe he was so concerned with making money on this movie that he never bothered to see what the mystery fans were interested in.

  15. Rixx says:


  16. jose_54 says:

    is there ever gonna be a picture of the alien so we can see it perfectly.

  17. Puddin says:

    I think it was the attack that left Dr W’s ID torn because he was being grabbed from the torso and what not

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