Letter Discovered in Minker Grave

minker grave

Head on over to the revalistic site to see what Josh uncovered in his father's grave... (hint: it wasn't his father). There is a portion of a letter that was found in a box that was buried where his body should have been. Check it out. In order to access it you need to go to the "/explaination" part of the site and use password BXTSLWK729

Thanks Franko for the tip.

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54 Responses to “Letter Discovered in Minker Grave”

  1. Mikey96 says:

    Look on the box it says Joe L, do you think that this box used to belong to Joe Lamb?

    • MicMagellan says:

      …to all those who thought it was over, and Mat Lauer. Eat !#@$%
      I knew dude couldn’t be dead. Folks was like he’s (40yop) racist, and i was like naw just baileywood for ya’… The line with the eye’s looking through other eye’s was deep and inviting. The possibilities now of an event in our time is looking good, but i heard of this flick in NY shooting called most wanted, or watched, big bother… Something like that anyway, Jay is on the move again in TV land, so i doubt if we get a follow up besides extra on the DVD anytime soon.

      For J Smith you lil Universal Artist you…

      Young Dr. Jones and Minker, The dusty dual with red hammer hot on their trail. With the relic and device they return back to source on Janet… A field trip across this great nation. I don’t know what these kids like do now ah days…


      • Jane Smith says:

        Better be first class with almonds not the other kind.

        When I travel.. I use my roller skates to get around myself . But after all that rolling around in the heat, I like to cool off with a nice rice horchata.


  2. Jay8765 says:

    It has to be Joe Lamb from the movie. He says that he now knows what he needs to do. He says that there is another one. Does me mean another alien/creature? Is this setting up for Super 8 #2? Does another alien need to get off of earth?

  3. V says:

    This is suspicious, they are keeping the viral going strong after the movie already came out. A sequel maybe?

  4. Jay8765 says:

    I have a theory. You can bash this theory into the ground all you want but I just wanted to get it out there. First let’s start with the facts. JJ and Reeves have both said that they will make another Cloverfield related movie. Right? Let’s assume that this part of the ARG is saying that there is another monster out there and there will be another movie involving Josh Minker. What if the other creature/alien/monster is cloverfield. The next movie will be focused on Josh finding Cloverfield and doing whatever his father said to do in the letter. I know that the Super 8 monster doesn’t look exactly Cloverfield, but not all humans look a like so maybe not all aliens look a like. Plus, my biggest argument is that I don’t think JJ wants to make two more monster movies that aren’t related. This would be killing two birds with one stone and connecting both movies. Only the people following the ARG would know that it is connected. It is a little crazy, but let me know what you think.

    • interested says:

      I kind of want to agree with you, After reading that first post on the revalistic site, it just seems to connect with the ending arg for cloverfield. I mean the oil rig, the hidden documents usgx8810b467233px.com anybody? And the secret organization trying to help…T.I.D.O Wave? That’s just the vibe I was getting…

  5. Cloud says:

    I know this is a bit late, but you know the whole #MINT thing – do people not say that anymore in America?
    People in England have been saying it for a few years now (kids I mean, not adults :P)

  6. RANKINFullStop says:

    At least this letter explains why Josh’s dad was named Woodward in the movie, that was bothering me.

  7. Cloud says:

    So basically the viral led to nothing.
    He wasn’t looking for his Dad, he was looking for a cube.
    Josh Minker’s Dad was Woodward, because he changed his name.

    And yet they expect people to follow the viral and put their effort in – but the thing is, they will! :/

    • irvingzapata says:

      yep again…. more unfulfilled hype by mr abrams marketing team…. i haven’t seen the film… it comes untl august here… but i think the viral was more or less a waste of time… but it was funny while it last…. very misterious…

      • Cloud says:

        I won’t give anything away for you then 🙂

        and it has been a fun 12 months or so – even if it was a bit of a waste 😛

  8. andy says:

    I am completly convinced this is tied to cloverfield now. I didn’t think it was after jj’s announcment, but now I’m sure. If any of you remember the manga they wrote in japan for cloverfield, they monster had a psychic connection with the character just like in super 8. Also clovie wasn’t a sea monster it landed in the hudson river. You can see it at the end of cloverfield when they are on the ferris wheel. Maybe not the same alien, but the same species for both movies.

    • Damian says:

      Actually, what fell into the ocean was a satellite owned by Tagruato (the oil drilling company in the Cloverfield viral). That’s what awakened the monster. Although you do make an interesting point with the psychic connection.

      • RANKINFullStop says:

        Damian’s right. You make good points but, since Clover is NOT an alien, it’ll be hard to tie them together.

  9. andy says:

    I thought that sattelite story was just a cover up. Maybe you’re right, but I thought maybe Tagruato just kept it hidden in that oil rig (which I had always thought was another way to cover it up), and something went wrong and it tore it down. If you think about it, that monster or sattellite only fell about a couple of miles off the shore of coney island where they were at. Even if if it was sattellite that fell, if it woke up in the hudson river, why would it go all the way to the oil rig and back to NY on it’s own? That could be true, but it still could’ve landed there previously before the sattellite.

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      But it wasn’t Clover that tore the rig down, it was Clover’s mother. Clover’s just a baby during the movie. Clover’s mother got all irritated after some submarines owned by Parafun (a subsidiary of Tagruato) were searching for seabed nectar at extreme depths.

  10. V says:

    I seriously doubt Cloverfield and Super 8 are connected. These similarities are most likely from the fact they were both from the minds of J.J. Abrams. Same mind, same elements.

  11. nick says:

    Can someone please get a translator for Jane??????

    • Jane Smith says:

      I am sorry my english is done through this translator. Sometimes what I am trying to say comes out scrambled.

      Yours faithfully,

      Jane “Von Foilhat” Smith

      Aka “Paperclip Jane”

      Aka “Test Subject MK-ULTRA 77”


  12. MarceloL says:

    Ok…this is very interesting:


    Apparently usgx8810b467233px.com is registered to Paramount Pictures. It was registered in Feb ’08 and last updated Mar ’11.

    I just wonder what this leads to…Hmmm.

    • Hmmm says:

      Well the website is old news back from cloverfield days, but the latest update seems interesting, when it says there’s an update on a whios does that mean an update to what’s on the site?

  13. Thereala says:

    I remember when a tv spot for cloverfield came on and they actually showed the monster, which really surprised me. I wonder if they will do the same for super 8, though from what I have heard, the viewer almost never sees the alien in the movie. Overall I’m really disappointed in the film and viral. I followed the ARG since may 2010 and was looking forward to seeing the red cozmo or Josh Minker have importance in the movie, but rocket poppeteers led nowhere and so far josh’s story is slowly crawling to an end 🙁 I hope the DVD will answer some questions because I’m not paying to see a movie about kids and love stories.

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      It’s really not that surprising, Cloverfield did the same thing. Tagruato wasn’t important in the movie at all, and after following a long story about Teddy Hansen, all we got was a quick cameo of his girlfriend (and a possible appearance of Teddy himself but that was never confirmed) his arg went on for a while then stopped quite abruptly and we never heard more. This is just the way J.J. does things.

      • Anthony says:

        i thought that Tagruato was the place that the main character was going to tokyo to work and that that they were the ones that disturbed the creature

        • RANKINFullStop says:

          Yeah they are, but they weren’t important in the movie. Their name never gets mentioned, and all we see of them is a quick flash of their logo on the exploded oil tanker.

  14. Puddin' says:

    Just got a package from paramount today!!! They sent me a strip of the comic and a certificate of authenticity! The comic is the last page of the super 8 comic and features the monster! The picture itself is about the size of a pillow and the certificate is the size of a regular sheet of paper. I’m so excited right now!

  15. Puddin' says:

    I sent pics to admin earlier today. The comic says
    “( In fact, I’m going to be in the front row…)…Which is exactly where I belong. Watching. And learning” along with a picture of the alien surrounded by chains and cables and chainsaws. It looks as if te alien has spikes coming out of it’s arm. I would scan the picture onto my computer but it’s too big. I guess I got it from the comic book contest. I put a picture of a two headed cat monster lol

    • RANKINFullStop says:

      Would that be a reference to the Aquabats song by any chance?

    • Marcelo L says:

      Either pics or I call #TROLL.

      Seriously, if you get swag, it’s lame to not post and share with the community. IF admin is watching…..dude…give up the goods.

  16. Tom says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, but there’s a deleted scene from the school/7-11 sequence online now. Try shocktillyoudrop or traileraddict.

  17. Franko says:

    A “How they did it” website article is listed below.

    Do not go there if you have not seen the movie. Severe spoilers!

    It gives technical aspects of how some of the effects were achieved.



  18. Spark says:

    anyone notice it says Joe L. on the thing?

  19. Puddin' says:

    I’m not trollin if you look in the fan pics of the super 8 facebook you can see that someone else got the same thing too. Also I have sent pics to admin cuz I have nowhere to post them.

  20. Puddin' says:

    The whole package (minus the iPod)

  21. Puddin' says:

    Oops, nvm

  22. MicMagella says:

    …IT’ss ALIVE…

    yeah its thursdayknight im a bit drunk and i want to blog… So lets suck it up shantwee! My first address is this to the remainin foes out their caught in the net. (i like boardwalk Empire)
    1.) Has anyone taken all the hidden stills yet and played picture puzzle?
    2.) After the letter in the little red white and blue box; Where do you think he went..? I’ll tella ya GOOGLE and looked up lil joey. …but from their J lost me through the looking glass.
    This is why his new founded core team is casting doubts on the reconnection cus they’re not from our timeline nor cloverfields so its on to the next one…
    3.) Cloverfield, and Cooper 2 – Everytime i say that it reminds me of Scotty from StarTrek “I’ll be happy to” …tell ya my thoughts on the connections, or film splicin’ 101.
    The second CamMan theroy is still up in the air on the second dude on the bridge, and lookin at Minkers boots he rug//get ready. Also the oil rig and boat flee clips is still a fav. So fish boi could easily be casted in to the slot. And not to bring up the past, and very first teaser… What is that bouncing light before the wreck, its clear as day after PM logo fades to black. I just seen one seat so who was left behind, and heard the two creatures have dif. org. and all, but both are still from space. (oh yeah last public shuttle mission i due shed a tear)
    4.) I didn’t care too much for the RP side of this so i wasn’t in line for my comic. “whatduh you gotta do get comics around this place” So i read theirs a line about a kid in theatre sitting next to a chained monster.?!
    see through the looking glass jazz to me. “it kinda feels like somebodys watchin me” better yet the thrill album cover.

    So in short randumb sperts I wonder if this whole ipod app, and discovery of the letter is telling us [meaning them: age cap, apple product excusive, young film makers to attempt to fill gaps…]

    • Man Jest Hi says:

      I will miss you Mic,

      Find me in the real world “riiiight” on Facejoke.. So we can trade random crazy foiled thoughts…

      Me…aka … the artificer of words

  23. Franko says:

    Soundtrack artwork, song list, and info!! Go here:


  24. Franko says:

    The track list, courtesy Mr. Franko.

    1. Super 8 (1:44)
    2. Family Matters (:28)
    3. Model Painting (:39)
    4. Acting Chops (:40)
    5. Aftermath Class (5:52)
    6. Thoughts Of Cubism (:48)
    7. We’ll Fix It In Post-Haste (:43)
    8. Productions Woes (:34)
    9. Train Of Thought (:35)
    10. Circle Gets The Cube (1:05)
    11. Breen There, Ate That (1:11)
    12. Dead Over Heels (:48)
    13. Gas And Go (1:33)
    14. Looking For Lucy (:48)
    15. Radio Haze (1:06)
    16. Mom’s Necklace* (1:33)
    17. Shootus Interuptus (2:33)
    18. Thoughts Of Mom (1:40)
    19. Woodward Bites It (1:53)
    20. Alice Projects On Joe (2:28)
    21. Neighborhood Watch – Fail (4:44)
    22. The Evacuation Of Lillian (3:39)
    23. A Truckload Of Trouble (:57)
    24. Lambs On The Lam (2:39)
    25. Woodward’s Home Movies (2:39)
    26. Spotted Lambs (1:35)
    27. Air Force HQ Or Bust (1:03)
    28. World’s Worst Field Trip (3:35)
    29. The Siege Of Lillian (2:56)
    30. Creature Comforts (10:07)
    31. Letting Go (5:15)
    32. Super 8 Suite (5:51)

    Bonus Track:
    33. The Case — Original music from the film by Charles Kaznyk (3:28)

  25. Puddin' says:

    Hey guys the whole panel is up at super8comiccontest.com

  26. Franko says:

    More songs. This was put together by montelutz and is from a post on the website:
    (credit where credit is due)

    As for the music from Super 8, here’s the complete list of all 11 songs from Super 8, along with notes on the scenes they were in. Don’t Bring Me Down and My Sharona are repeated twice, being used in the movie itself as well as the end credits.

    * Getting out of school – Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
    * Dinner at Charles’s house – Match Game Opening Theme – Robert Arnold Israel
    * Joe and his dad at the diner talking about baseball camp – Easy – Commodores
    * Kids singing at night waiting to shoot the movie scenes – My Sharona – Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Gabriel Basso and Joel Courtney
    * Driving in the car to shoot the movie scenes – Bye Bye Love – The Cars
    * Kids sitting at the diner talking about the crash – Silly Love Songs – Wings
    * Gas station attendant listening to his Walkman on his headphones – Heart of Glass – Blondie
    * Cartoon in the background on the TV – High Diving Hare – Carl Stalling
    * Stoner smoking pot in the car outside the school – Undercover Angel – Alan O’Day
    * Stoner drives up in the car the bus attack – Le Freak – Chic
    * First end credits song – Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
    * Second end credits song (after the mini movie) – My Sharona – The Knack
    * Original music for Super 8 – Michael Giacchino

  27. Franko says:

    Go here !! An interactive Joe’s desk!!

  28. RANKINFullStop says:

    Double click on the locket, you’ll get a Tv with news about Joe’s Mom

  29. [SECRET] says:

    So, that box…..Its Joe’s tool box on his desk. I am not sure what this means, but it is definitely his.

  30. Derpiis says:

    Why is everyone so confident that Clover isn’t an Alien? Nothing proves or supports the fact he isn’t he could have easily just of been a sea dwelling alien that had been dormant for years. And woke up scared and confused. Maybe he’s a type of pet/lesser species to the alien from Super 8 of they are at all related. I’m just saying they’ve left a lot open for both characters. Who knows where they’re from? No one.

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