Super 8 is in Theaters Now

Super 8 is beginning to make it's way into theaters with sneak previews going on last night and tonight [in the US]. So that means that a lot of you are going to see it and want to discuss it, well don't do it here. I have opened up registration on the forum for today/tomorrow, so if you want to discuss spoiler related material head on over there in the spoilers section. I will also be making a post on the main page where you can comment with any spoiler you want, but please keep all spoilers, big or small, to these 2 locations so you don't ruin the movie for anyone else. Any spoiler comment on any other post will be deleted. And if you don't want to read any spoilers I suggest avoiding these 2 locations. Thanks.

Enjoy the movie guys!!

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Poster #3 and New Editing Room Clips

super 8 poster

We're getting closer to June 10th and there have been a lot of new clips in the editing room so if you haven't checked them out I suggest you head on over there. There's also a new poster that appeared over at which I've included above.

Only a few more days!!

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Joel Courtney and JJ Abrams Video

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What is the #Super8Secret?

what is the super8secret

That's what a mysterious website that was just posted on Super 8's facebook page is asking... It also gives us a link to, but it doesn't say much. My theory is that #super8secret is a hashtag on twitter. So keep your eyes on twitter (or anywhere else cause I could be wrong 🙂 )


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Super 8 TV Spot #9

The dogs have gone missing!

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