Gonna Be Mint!

gonna be mint

Looks like the "Super 8" marketing machine isn't quite done yet. The movie still hasn't come out in all markets yet so new sites are still popping up. Check out http://gonnabemint.com for an interactive version of Joe's Desk with hidden things all over it. For example, double click on the locket to see a video of Joe's mom.

So what else have you guys found on this site?

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33 Responses to “Gonna Be Mint!”

  1. admin sucks says:

    dude you a dick you have not posted in forever what the hell man you suck

  2. Franko says:

    Thanks Franko for the tip.

  3. admin sucks says:

    man fuck you franko

    • Franko says:

      You are welcomed, however, you have spelled “thank” wrong. It does not start with the letter “F”.

      If this continues, you may have to repeat the second grade in your school.

  4. Puddin says:

    Master troll^^^

  5. Xano50 says:

    I have a feeling that cloverfield 2 could come out in like 2013 but the question is if there are going to be secrets revealed and if there is going to be more story.

  6. I’m catching all news about Joe’s Desk in this post.
    There are interesting thing, like Giacchino CC musics and other sites linked

  7. Mikey96 says:

    Hey, long time, no post. Do you know what the address is to send in the lunchbox coupon?

  8. Nick says:

    If you look at the toolbox you will notice that it is the the box that the notes are held in on the last post

  9. [SECRET] says:

    I can’t find anything new.

  10. cul8tr says:

    we have reached a new level here… this site now appears like the inside of a bath stall in a public bathroom…. awesome!!!

    • Franko says:

      Yes. Admin (the real one) usually pulls out posts that contain the “F” bomb. Perhaps he is still in Florida.

  11. Ricky says:

    At cinemas everywhere August 5 ???

  12. MicMagellan says:

    this seems like a bad like that flick summer school… Seriously folks i thought we had more class than this… Franko what are you a girl or sumthang, what are you girl or sumthang…

    I’ll be back when its time…


  13. Franko says:

    To Admin. (Tom):
    Your review of the movie ??

  14. Franko says:

    Revalistic Gone !!

    Looks like we won’t see the rest of the letter. Looks like this is the end.

    However, items on Josh’s desk still say “coming soon”.

  15. Puddin' says:

    You can now create your own storyboard on gonnabemint.com.

  16. NiKKo_ARG says:

    I’ve seen a Slusho advertisement in this movie. I seen it at the cinema.
    Sorry for my bad English, I’m Argentinian.

  17. Puddin' says:

    Well I guess this is goodbye for now:( Good luck to those of you who stayed around long enough for this post. A year back we had no clue what the movie was about and there were constant updates, now even admin doesn’t visit this site lol. See ya when the DVD is released or anything major happens. BTW if admin is gone we can basically say anything we want. Rot in Hell, assholes!

  18. Franko says:

    Toolbox opens ! Film box opens !

    “Now Go”!!!

  19. Franko says:

    Revalistic is back on line.

  20. [SECRET] says:

    The letter Josh Minker found at the grave, well the box it was in is Joe’s Tool box. Check it out.

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