Sorry guys, I'm on vacation and don't have Photoshop on my laptop to make a smaller image to display here, but if you click the link below you'll find a new post on the Scariest Thing I Ever Saw (STIES) website. I'll get an image up myself when I get home later in the week. Hope you all enjoyed the movie!!

New post on STIES

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Full Editing Room Clip Released

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Keep Your Spoilers Here


For those of you that don't want to sign up for the forum (or missed the chance cause I closed registration to cut down on spammers), use this post as a spoiler filled discussion area.

For those that don't want to read spoilers DO NOT click through to the comments of this post as it will be filled with spoilers. And again, for those discussing what they saw in the movie please keep the comments to this post only or they will be deleted.


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Super 8 is in Theaters Now

Super 8 is beginning to make it's way into theaters with sneak previews going on last night and tonight [in the US]. So that means that a lot of you are going to see it and want to discuss it, well don't do it here. I have opened up registration on the forum for today/tomorrow, so if you want to discuss spoiler related material head on over there in the spoilers section. I will also be making a post on the main page where you can comment with any spoiler you want, but please keep all spoilers, big or small, to these 2 locations so you don't ruin the movie for anyone else. Any spoiler comment on any other post will be deleted. And if you don't want to read any spoilers I suggest avoiding these 2 locations. Thanks.

Enjoy the movie guys!!

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Poster #3 and New Editing Room Clips

super 8 poster

We're getting closer to June 10th and there have been a lot of new clips in the editing room so if you haven't checked them out I suggest you head on over there. There's also a new poster that appeared over at which I've included above.

Only a few more days!!

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