3 Clips Shown to Australian Press

Just as the title says, there were 3 clips shown to the Australian press yesterday. There are some spoilers in the article, but the author does  a good job of letting you know when they are coming so don't worry about being caught off guard. I read the whole article so those of you that don't want to don't have to and I will say that there are some spoilers regarding the creature itself. There are some details regarding it's appearance as well as it's size, so be warned, but all of those details are explained in the 3rd clip. The first clip isn't really much and the 2nd clip is the main train crash clip that we know all about, but it goes into more detail.

So feel free to read the article if you want, but just be warned that there are some spoilers so if you don't want to know anything going in I would suggest steering clear. The clips total about 30 minutes of rough footage that still has to be mixed and edited down as well as polished up (visual effects aren't complete). And all of the footage comes from the 1st act of the movie.

source: damngoodcup.com

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