Commence Filming!

You guys are awesome! I love the fact that my email is blowing up with all of these pictures from the Super 8 filming, keep em coming. I'm going to try to setup a more organized album on the site a little later today so I can make it easy to view all of these, but for now I've tagged every posted that contains pictures of Weirton with a special tag. So if you click on the link in the sidebar that says "Behind the Scenes Pics" you will find all of the images related to the filming in Weirton. That was easier than I thought it would be, check out the new gallery!

With that said, here are some more pictures of actual filming that is taking place thanks to atlas3434. Thanks again.

UPDATE: Tons more pictures sent to us thanks to Dee, but instead of making a new post every time I get pictures I've just added them to the gallery. Check em out!

weirton super 8 filming

weirton super 8 filming

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