chat icon on scariest thing site super 8

A few days ago "gramma" on unfiction posted a screenshot that showed a new icon in the bottom tool bar on the STIES (Scariest Thing I Ever Saw) website, but I couldn't get the icon to appear for myself so I didn't post about it. After reading a comment from Jason here on the site I decided to dive a little deeper into this new icon and see what I needed to do to get it to appear. It turns out it was pretty simple, all you have to do is click the left arrow in the bottom toolbar and the icon appears. Now, a lot of people on unfiction still claim that the icon does not appear for them after clicking the left arrow and that may happen for a lot of you, but rest assure that we're not really getting any further into the viral than you guys since the button doesn't do anything that I could see.

The icon itself resembles a chat bubble with a hash tag in the middle of it. Most of you are probably familiar with the hash tag symbol from using twitter (#), but many of you may not realize that it's also very prevalent in the IRC world (Internet Relay Chat). If you're not familiar with IRC, it's a chat tool that was very popular in the 90's and even into the early 2000's, but it seems to have died off these days with all the other means of online communication. Within the program there were different "channels" or chat rooms, that you could could join or create to talk to people within. These channels were always proceeded by a "#". So for example if you wanted to join a channel about music you would have to type "/join #music" which would then open a new window for the music channel. Now I'm not even sure that IRC has anything at all to do with what's coming from the Super 8 viral, but I'm going to guess that this "chat" bubble that's now appearing will launch some sort of IRC simulator within the STIES site, what it will do I'm not sure, but as usually I'll keep you updated on everything surrounding it and if you notice something before I do, please leave a comment.

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