new dat files

Over the weekend some new files appeared within the terminal in the STIES (scariest thing I ever saw) website. The .dat files that appeared were printable files that contained what appear to be scans/copies of 4 ID cards from Nellis Air Force Base, which is currently located just outside of downtown Las Vegas, NV. Each of the ID's has the "3 dots" that we've seen and heard about before in association with the Air Force, they appear on all of the military container trucks that are seen in the set photos as well as the metal cylinder that Josh Minker found and mentioned to the mysterious man in the chat conversation. The ID's are 4 males, 2 of them are Researchers and 2 are Technicians, there are no names and the pictures have been worn off but it's pretty easy to tell that they are males. There is also another dat file, EXPCNL.DAT which doesn't appear to do anything, although it is very similar to the previous EXPCNV.DAT which was an audio file, so maybe this new one is also an audio file...

File: RSOA01.DAT (.print RSOA01)



Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-42
Duty Assignment: Technician
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-536-RD

Image: Male ~6'2", African American?, "TROGL"
Image ID: 07-CES-8RB