If you watch the TV show "Fringe" you may have noticed a little something in last night's episode. Rocket Poppeteers posters made a couple appearances throughout the episode. Like I've said before, this is exactly like Slusho was with "Cloverfield". JJ Abrams throws easter eggs into anything he has his hands in so this was pretty cool.

If you have screenshots post them up! Otherwise check out the :55 second mark in the video above.

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How cool is this! A special interactive trailer for "Super 8" can be found in the Portal 2 game that was just released. It basically puts you into the train that crashes in the trailer, allowing you to walk around and look at things. You can't interact with anything, but it's still pretty freakin cool!

I don't have the Portal 2 game so I can't run around and take screenshots, but lucky for me xi_wolf at unfiction did just that. Check them out here.

source: kotaku.com

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