Could be real, could be part of the viral, I'm not really sure, but Josh Minker's Blog, Hook, Line and Minker, has a new post indicating that the site was hacked. A lot of people are paying attention to the Super 8 viral these days so it's hard to tell if it was actually hacked or if this is part of the game. I'm going to say that unless we hear otherwise, I would assume this is part of the game. So with that being said, what could "BXTSLWK729" be? I already tried plugging it in as the Device on the STIES site with no luck...

Sorry to hack this but you weren’t paying attention. Check email for credentials. BXTSLWK729. I know you just found where to use this (/explanation).

Update: Turns out it was all part of the game. Thanks Sinamatik (and 'Rocket Mountaineer' at unfiction). It looks as though the person behind (Sarah) is behind the hacking of Josh's site. The "BXTSLWK729" password works on . Good find, I didn't even think that the "(/explaination)" was the end of a URL, let alone the revalistic site. So you can head on over to the site above and put in the password for yourself to read the explaination, or you can just click through the jump where I've copied and pasted it.


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Josh Updates His Blog With Lies

As discussed in the chat log from yesterday, Josh has updated his blog with fake information regarding the break-in at his house. He goes on to say that the cops are looking into it and that it probably had something to do with his sketchy fish deal, but of course we know that's not true.

So I’m sorry to report that I was robbed over the holidays. I’ve involved the police – they told me not to post for awhile just in case. They say my Coelacanth connection must’ve been a shady character. I think he thought I was rich or something. The good news is that none of my fish were harmed. And I’ll be ready if it happens again.

To those of you I know “in real life” – don’t worry. I’m fine. I don’t think they took anything that can’t be replaced.

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TROGL Printout

Looks like there was a new print out posted on the scariest thing I ever saw website in the past few days. To get the printout, move the terminal window out of the way and you will see a dialogue box asking if you want to print. There are a few things of interests in the image and the text that was posted.

Let's take a look at the image first. The obvious thing is that "TROGL" appears in the upper left of the page, which is the same word/letters that appear on one of the ID badges that were discovered a couple weeks ago. There is also a word circled in the text of the book, looks like "binder" to me and then right below that there is a word that is partially crossed out but the remaining letters in the word appear to be "boc". Not sure what, if anything, it means, but usually when things are circled or crossed out, it's not by accident. That's all I noticed about the actual image, but what about the new text.

"3D and 5O's last leg", this is referring to a date on the calendar from the hook, line and minker website and will most likely lead to a new chat dialogue appearing on that date. I can't remember exactly how we determined which date to start at on the calender in order to go 3 Down and 5 Over to determine the date of the chat, but if we go 3 down and 5 over from the date the prinout was posted (December 10th as I was told), that would give us a date of December 26th... Looks like the chat came through on the 16th.

So that's all I've got so far, what have you guys discovered in regards to this latest prinout? Also, could just be a coincidence, but the title of the STIES page is just dashes (-----) but there are 5 dashes, there are 5 letters in TROGL... coincidence? Probably, but maybe not...

Now that we know for sure that Hook, Line and Minker is related to all of this I guess it only makes sense that I should post when Josh makes a new post (Thanks Jah for pointing out the new post). This was posted today with a post title of yesterday's date, apparently he has found the COELACANTH!

Ok, it’s gonna be a GREAT Thanksgiving! I know some of you wont believe me, I have finally FOUND A COELACANTH. I know, I know, doubt all you want, I’ll put the photos up to prove it soon enough! One of my guysctually came through, and he promises he can deliver in early December. For all my searching, honestly, never thought I’d really find one. I thought they were just too rare – but it goes to show you what (possibly unhealthy) persistence can get you.

Needless to say, as soon as it arrives, I will keep you all up to date on my progress. Regular updates for sure. Just crazy. Major tank preparations are under way.

And thanks to a certain someone for being so patient through all this. I promise I won’t let it (majorly) interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. I promised a tasty, home cooked meal and I will deliver.

source: Hook, Line and Minker

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Chat Icon Functional

super 8 chat log

The chat icon that was found a few weeks ago appears to have been made active in the past 24 hours. To view the chat icon simply press the arrow on the left side of the task bar on the STIES (scariest thing) website and it will appear between the printer and the sticky pad icons. Once clicked it will now prompt you for a password, that password is: toadfish112 . The password comes from the hook, line and minker site where one of the pictures on the right side indicates that the toadfish makes a "foghorn" type sound, which corresponds with the clue we were given the other day in the printout: "Bring the foghorn and the unexpected title.", the 112 part of the password comes from post #112 on the blog ( which starts with "well, that was unexpected.". (Thanks Janesmith)

Once you enter the password, after clicking the chat icon, it will tell you that your IP is not recognized and while push you into read only mode where you can then see the chat that went down between who I'm assuming is Josh and the person that has been contacting him through the printouts on the STIES site. The chat transcript reads as follows (thanks gramma on unfiction)

***chat session '2010-10-21' initiated***
***Host has joined***
***Guest1 has joined***

Guest1: hello?
Host: good. this is more secure
Guest1: who are you?
Host: i can help to find your father
Host: he needs your help
Guest1: that doesnt make sense
Guest1: ive never met him
Guest1: how do you know him?
Host: I'm here to help you find your father
Guest1: Is hein trouble or soemthing?
Host: Those items you were asking abou: the oney your mother left you: some of them may
have belonged to your father they may be important
Guest1: important how?
Host: tyell me exactly what they are
Guest1: that scrap of film from the canister
Guest1: a picture of some guys in front of a building, looks like a hangar?
Guest1: and a metal cyilinder with three dots on it
Host: Is there anything inside the cylinder?
Guest1: no it's empty
Guest1: why?
Host: is that everything?
Guest1: i think so
Host: please look again. I believe he may have hidden something that will help us find him
Host: i'll share more of what i have and maybe it will help you
Guest1: i didn't understand what you sent before. this is crazy
Host: please look now. i'll be back when it's safe
Guest1: buthow will i know it if i find it?

***Host has left***
***Guest1 has left***
***chat session '2010-10-21' terminated***

So I think it's safe to say that the hook, line and minker site is connected to all of this "officially". I had been holding out posting about it as I wasn't too sure it was all connected, but I think this seals the deal for me.