Super 8 is in Theaters Now

Super 8 is beginning to make it's way into theaters with sneak previews going on last night and tonight [in the US]. So that means that a lot of you are going to see it and want to discuss it, well don't do it here. I have opened up registration on the forum for today/tomorrow, so if you want to discuss spoiler related material head on over there in the spoilers section. I will also be making a post on the main page where you can comment with any spoiler you want, but please keep all spoilers, big or small, to these 2 locations so you don't ruin the movie for anyone else. Any spoiler comment on any other post will be deleted. And if you don't want to read any spoilers I suggest avoiding these 2 locations. Thanks.

Enjoy the movie guys!!

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Joel Courtney and JJ Abrams Video

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What is the #Super8Secret?

what is the super8secret

That's what a mysterious website that was just posted on Super 8's facebook page is asking... It also gives us a link to, but it doesn't say much. My theory is that #super8secret is a hashtag on twitter. So keep your eyes on twitter (or anywhere else cause I could be wrong 🙂 )


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Lots of Updates to the Editing Room

I haven't been posting every single update to the editing room on the site because it was moving extremely fast, but there were some cool things unlocked yesterday so I figured it was a good time to post them up. I suggest heading over to the editing room and watching all of the videos that are unlocked, but I've posted a couple of the more interesting ones here. Enjoy.

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Super 8 Reviews Starting to Hit the Net

This post is going to be reserved for links to all of the different reviews out there and seeing as how some people have already seen the flick, there are already a couple reviews out there.

There will be spoilers in these reviews so if you do not want to know anything DO NOT click through and read them. My job is to spoil the movie for myself so you guys don't have to, so I highly suggest that you do not read these until after the movie.

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