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After what seemed like forever without anything new, this week has sure given us plenty to talk about, and today is no exception. A map has just appeared under the Photos folder on the desktop over at STIES. Thanks Armondo for pointing it out in the comments.


The map above shows us a location in Minnesota that obviously holds some importance. The location indicated by the red arrow appears South of Detroit Lakes and a little South East of Fargo, ND. There is also a set of numbers circled, 19.89 (might be 11.89) and 12.68 (as far as I can tell). I thought they might be latitude/longitude lines, but they seem to lead me way out of the US... There's also what appears to be "#FFSH" near the top of the map with some lines and circles underneath as well as a cryptic drawing in the upper right that I can't make any sense of.

Update: Looks like some of you have figured out that the FFSH could stand for Fergus Falls State Hospital, which would fit in where the X on the map is. Nice one!

Here's another look at the map with the reds a bit more saturated so you can see them.

map saturated

That's all I've got so far, after the jump I've included a google map screenshot of the same general area, but the map above is too spread out for me to determine the exact location of the X.

Update: And of course you guys come through when I couldn't. It appears as though the X may be Fergus Falls, MN.

It also appears that in the upper right corner, near the drawing, is "3RD" next to the arrow.

Let me know what you guys find!

Update: Thanks Knut for the email and Jason for the comment with this information. It appears as though we're on to something with the FFSH being the Fergus Falls State Hospital. Check out the images below, the first is just the outside of the hospital, which is abandoned, but that's not really the interesting part. The 2nd image shows the inside of the hospital and a spiral staircase surrounded by two windows... does it look familiar? No? Look back at the map image above, look at the red scribble in the upper right... it's a spiral staircase with 2 windows! So I'm thinking either there's something on the 3rd floor of the hospital, which is where this picture was taken, or maybe whatever was in the canister that Josh can't find (energy source) is hidden in the 3rd step of the staircase... either way it's definitely interesting and hard to deny that this is exactly what is depicted at the top of the map. Check out more images of the interior of the abandoned Fergus Falls State Hospital here. The account associated with those pictures is definitely not part of the viral as it was created awhile ago and the user has over 2000 posts already... plus the post with these pictures was made a couple years ago.

fergus falls state hospital

fergus falls state hospital


new chat log

The scariest thing (STIES) site has been updated with a new chat log. It appears that Josh missed the memo and was not in the chat room at the correct time, but the mysterious person on the other end was and he really needs that book. He also promises to upload a picture of Josh's dad as a showing of good faith, but at this time I can't seem to find a new printout or picture on the STIES site. So while this is an update, it doesn't really offer us too much in the way of clues. Obviously that book is important to something and I'm going to guess that the blacked out and circled words that we can see on the page are important. Maybe there are other clues hidden throughout the book...

I guess the 3D 5O (3 down, 5 over) in regards to a new chat appearing based on the calendar on hook, line and minker needs to be read a little differently. When those instructions were first posted a couple days ago I had determined that the 26th would be when we'd see a new chat, but since this new one appeared yesterday, the 16th, I realized that I've been reading the code wrong. 3D starts in the upper left of the calendar, whether there is a day there or not and moves down to the third row (week of Dec 12th) then the 5O is 5 over including Dec 12th, which lands us exactly on December 16th, which is when the chat was recorded. Hopefully from here on out if there are any more codes I'll be able to correctly pinpoint when the chat logs are going to come through.

Transcript thanks to gramma on unfiction:

***chat session '2010-12-16' initiated***
***Host has joined***

[Host]: I need that book. I hope you haven't changed your mind.

[Host]: I can still help you find your father.

[Host]: I can't stay. In the good faith, I'll upload a picture. You told me you wanted to see him.

[Host]: We were co-workers. A long time ago.

[Host]: he trusted me.

[Host]: when others didn't

[Host]: he knew I understood what he went through

[Host]: i'll be here next week. same protocol.

***Host has left***

***chat session '2010-12-16' terminated***

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