How cool is this! A special interactive trailer for "Super 8" can be found in the Portal 2 game that was just released. It basically puts you into the train that crashes in the trailer, allowing you to walk around and look at things. You can't interact with anything, but it's still pretty freakin cool!

I don't have the Portal 2 game so I can't run around and take screenshots, but lucky for me xi_wolf at unfiction did just that. Check them out here.


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New Super 8 TV Spot

Check it out, thanks @kdu3142 for pointing this out

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Super 8 Trailer #2

Here it is guys! The new trailer! Check it out and let us know what you find!

Update: The trailer is now up on

Based on the screenshot above, provided by @zort70 on twitter, a new page on the official movie site has popped up as well. (or

And just like before there are a bunch of images hidden in the camera lens at the end. It doesn't appear that they are part of a puzzle at the moment, but thanks to avr1991 at unfiction for these.

trailer 2 hidden images

Is this possibly Josh Minker's father?

josh minkers father

And some more images from the site (thanks to the guys at unfiction):

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Is The New Trailer Being Updated Daily?

hidden pictures in super 8 trailer

Some people over at Unfiction believe that the latest trailer is getting slight updates daily, or at least the past couple days. We know that the trailer we saw during the Super Bowl had different images flashing through the camera at the end than the trailer from yesterday did, but now it appears that there is another set of images flashing through the camera that differ from the ones we saw yesterday. Chainsaw Fellatio (nice) from Unfiction put together the image you see above which contains all known images so far. You can see that some of them have been matched up to create a larger image, it would appear that the "3 dots" we've come to associate with this movie are being used to help us line up certain images to solve the puzzle. The images I've highlighted in red currently don't match up to any of the other images, but there is speculation that the "globe" looking one matches the one with the guys arm (see below). That's all I've got for you, but if you find anything else hidden in the trailer let us know!

Update (2/9/11): Ok, it looks like the trailer was updated yet again and check this out! I'm working on the other new images now, but I wanted to get this up. Thanks @RANKINFullStop for pointing out the new images in the trailer! Thanks multipsychoapopheniosis from unfiction for the updated header image.

Update (2/11/11): More images have been added to the trailer. I've updated the composite image above with the new pieces and what has been found to fit already. And for those who have Photoshop, here is a link to an updated composite PSD file that has all of the different images on different layers so you can play around to see what fits. One thing that seems odd to me is that we were given 2 images that seem almost identical, the man's hand. One of the images shows a glowing cube type thing yet the other doesn't. I've overlaid the images and they are almost identical aside from that cube so I don't know if that's how it's supposed to fit or not...

I also cleaned up this post a bit and removed all the misc. images since the composite above is a pretty good representation of what we've got going on. I'll continue to update the header image as new images come to light. I think it'll keep the whole post a lot cleaner since I'll be using this one for everything to do with this puzzle.

Update (2/12/11): And more images...[Trailer has been updated twice today]

Update (2/13/11): Updated again, things are starting to come together.

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Super Bowl Super 8 Trailer

Here it is, the latest trailer for Super 8 that premiered during the Super Bowl. I know we had some downtime after this aired, glad people are finding the site, hopefully it stays up for a while and we'll work on optimizing things so it doesn't happen again. Let us know what you find!!

And below are a few screen grabs that were sent to me via Twitter. (I've since added more after the jump) Thanks to those that found these and keep em coming! Also, in the event that the site goes down again follow us on Twitter so we can keep in touch!

Updates (2/8/11) After the jump!

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

The word/numbers in the above screenshot appears to be either November, September or December 19, (1962?)... what's the significance?

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

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