New Super 8 Trailer Coming in March?

new super 8 trailer in march

According to an interview that JJ Abrams did with Collider, we should see a new trailer for Super 8 in March. While I wish we were getting a new trailer sooner, I'm sure this one will be loaded with clues and questions for us to discuss, which is always good. So keep your eyes peeled and if anyone comes across a video of a new trailer before you see it posted on this site make sure to let us know.

While at the party to celebrate the Fox/FX portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, J.J. Abrams talked about his thoughts on the Lost finale, how he feels about the move to Friday nights for Fringe, why he thinks Undercovers failed, and how excited he is to get started on the pilot forAlcatraz on January 19th. He also said that audiences should see a trailer for Super 8 in March, and that he hopes to have made his decision about whether to return to the director’s chair for Star Trek 2 by then.

Check out Collider for the rest of the article.

Update: Rumors are now circulating that we may see a new trailer during the Super Bowl on February 6th. I know I'll be watching the game because the Chicago Bears are going to smoke the Packers this weekend and secure their shot in the big game!

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Super 8 Trailer Analysis

It didn't take long for those guys over at unfiction to rip this new HD trailer to shreds to see what they could find. And seeing as how there's a lot of information flying around now I'm going to try to keep all analysis of the trailer to one post, this one. Hopefully it doesn't get too long and drawn out, but I know I'm not the only one that doesn't want all this information spread out into multiple posts, so here we go.

First I want to start off with the screenshot at the top of the post, this is the debris field after the train has crashed. There are a few interesting things to note here, the first being the numbers/letters on the box on the left. rempas over at unfiction blew up the lettering for us so we could read it and they believe it says "AN/TTQ-1" which is:

AN/TTQ-1. (Army Navy/Transportable Tracing Equipment) from surplus stock. It was a portable equipment for air defense centers, used during World War II as the basic elements of the prominent mobile search command centers. It was then field-rate and robust built using particular equipment crates.

The second set of numbers appears on the bent pole on the right side of the screenshot. Those are a lot harder to make out and to me it looks like 21470?4 (the ? meaning I can't make it out, not that it's a question mark). Not sure what those numbers mean or if they mean anything at all.

This next shot is of the box car containing the creature that is trying to escape. What's interesting here is that it says "Bonham" on the lower left side. There were a few things I could find regarding a "Bonham" and the Air Force. One is a Missile Range Facility located in Hawaii (source) and the other is a town in Texas (Thanks AzureWolf and kosmopol for this information). The base in Hawaii was turned over to the Navy in 1964, well before our 1979 timeline for the trailer and it was located in Hawaii, so I'm not sure there's much of a connection there. However, the city of Bonham, TX is located right near Perrin Air Force Base, but it was closed in 1971 so I'm not really sure where to go from here.

And finally we have a nice clear shot of the license plate of our train crashing truck. The license plate appears to be an Ohio plate with the numbers "E 6425K". Seeing as how it's an Ohio plate this could mean that our train crash took place on the last leg of it's journey from Area 51 to Ohio. AzureWolf over at unfiction figured out this little bit of information from here:

"These baseplates were used from the end of 1975 through the end of 1980. These were the last Ohio plates to use the complex numbering system and county codes that had been in place since the mid-30's."

The black stub in the corner is the separate month and year sticker which they began issuing in 1980.

And Degravedi chimed in with a possible county for the plates: Summit, based on the formatting of county codes over here.

Also, the radio transmissions heard at the beginning of the trailer were deciphered by Wesley in the comments earlier (and Steve a little later) to say:

“Groom Lake One, Wright-Patt (something) [SITREP?] ETA. Over.”
“Wright-Patt, Groom Lake One actual. Cargo intact, ETA on schedule.”
“Copy Groom Lake One, expect your..OH MY GOD.”

Wright-Patt refers to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, which is apparently where this train was headed. Groom Lake One is apparently the code name of the train. And Groom Lake is actually located near the Area 51 base which isn't much of a surprise since that's where the train is coming from. And SITREP stands for "Situation Report".

James B. sent over the screenshot above and outlined what looks like a PDP-11 Computer Terminal, which is the computer that we are remotely accessing on the website. If you look at google images you'll see that the full PDP-11 looks like it has a huge computing unit that is also part of it, but there is also a separate terminal with keyboard that resembles what we see in the picture above. There could also be another computer in the foreground on the right, looks to be the same type of computer, whether they are the PDP-11 or not...

So I'm really not sure what to make of all of this right now, they could be clues or they could just be insane attention to detail, which we all know J.J. Abrams is known for.

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Are We Seeing Things Now?

I know, I know, there's probably nothing there and it's our eyes playing tricks on us, but like I've said before this is all part of the fun. With that being said, take a look at the image above (you can click on it to make it larger) and tell me what you see, then read on... (I don't want my observations making you see something you wouldn't have otherwise).


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Super 8 Official Trailer is Now Online

The official trailer for Super 8 is now online. Either check out the embedded version above or head on over to Apple (at the link below) and check out the HD versions. It should be much easier to tear this one apart and get a clearer view of what we're looking at, so get digging!

Thanks for the heads up Zavin and BuddhasWarrior.

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Alien Sighting in the Trailer?

At the 22 second mark in the trailer this screenshot was pulled showing what could possibly be an alien figure off to the left side of the screen. It appears to be the face/head of what most people would describe as an alien being. It is gray and has a large skull and larger oval shaped eyes. Now, I'm not sure what we're seeing here, it could just be smoke playing tricks on our eyes, but it does sort of resemble an alien. However, that being said, I don't think this is the creature that is trying to break out of the box car on the train. The creature contained within that car seems to be a lot more powerful and probably a lot bigger than just an alien being. I think we're going to be looking at an actual creature and not just an alien "humanoid" when all is said and done.

So again, this could just be our eyes playing tricks on us and our brains making us see what we want to see, but it's the start of the campaign so I figured that everything is fair game for right now until we can prove otherwise (possible with an official version of the trailer).  So what do you guys think?

Thanks Brett for commenting on this and user wildoofsmeg at unfiction for the screenshot.

Update: commenter Kidanny has posted up another screenshot which some are saying looks more like an alien than the above, but honestly the more I look at both of them it just looks like smoke or the middle of a transition in the frame, but you be the judge. I've posted Kidanny's screenshot after the jump.


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