Super 8 Official Trailer is Now Online

The official trailer for Super 8 is now online. Either check out the embedded version above or head on over to Apple (at the link below) and check out the HD versions. It should be much easier to tear this one apart and get a clearer view of what we're looking at, so get digging!

Thanks for the heads up Zavin and BuddhasWarrior.

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22 Responses to “Super 8 Official Trailer is Now Online”

  1. Wesley says:

    Alright everybody, I tried pulling out what the radio conversation is saying in the background and I got this.

    “Groom Lake One, right pat. (something) ETA. Over.”
    “Right pat, Groom Lake One actual. Cargo intact, ETA on schedule.”
    “Copy Groom Lake One, expect your..OH MY GOD.”

    I understand most of it, ETA is estimated time of arrival and Groom Lake One I assume is referring to the train. The thing I am stuck on is “right pat” at first I thought it was right path but both voices say right pat pretty clearly. After a few years in the service I still have never heard that so it could possibly be a train term. Any ideas?

  2. Mirandroid says:

    Wesley: I believe they’re referring to Wright-Patterson, which is an Air Force Base in Ohio.

  3. Wesley says:

    Nicely done. I saw that when looking it up but didn’t look into it enough.

  4. RazorSlash says:

    Right before the pole falls, did it laugh? Listen closely, it appears something laughs. Or, more similar to a cackle. It’s probably nothing, but I just find that mysterious.

  5. Patrick says:


    It also says “scariest thing i ever saw” at the end of the trailer in the footage (just backwards and flipped).

    I can send a screen shot if you give me an email address…

  6. Morgrayn says:

    Yeah, Wright-Pat would be Wright-Patterson airforce base.

    Wright Patterson was also home to Projects Sign & Blue Book – the USAFs investigations into UFOs.

    Wright Patterson was also the supposed location of Hangar 18 (housing a downed UFO)

  7. Eric says:

    pause at 0:14 you can see an alien like face

  8. Dane Foster says:

    at the last frame before the titles theres a pic of a frozen lake with something inside.

  9. Unknown says:

    On may 20th at 12:00 in the morning the moon will be a first quarter.If you go to Rocket Poppeteers website the boy and father are both pointing at the moon and it is or close to a first quarter…..

  10. Jer Wilcoxen says:

    So what about the printable file that sits behind the PDP-11 Sim window on the scariestthinieversaw site? I haven’t seen any guesses to the the meaning of the text; I haven’t seen any mention of the text at all. Any guesses to what, “Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions. I have proof.”, means?

  11. Lucy says:

    At 1:23 there is a boys face! i have the screen shot of it.

  12. George says:

    After reading everything I have come to my own conclusion, that this could be a prequel to clover field based on the first UFO cover ups starting with Gordon. Just like the video footage in cloverfield was probably hid away by the government the new movie will go into how the government covered it up in the 70’s. I could be wrong but it makes sense to me. One thing that has thrown me off is hearing about a movie based on a magic 8 ball.

  13. Steve Fratty says:

    For the last time, Cloverfield has nothing to do with this, the creature was from the ocean, not space.

  14. Vstheworld says:

    Hey has anyone taken into account the truck is from ohio and is trying to stop the train in a different state?

    I check the railways on google earth and they pretty much go through all Rural areas from the border of ohio to the air base maybe this happens somewhere in between Nevada and ohio.

    this would also remind us of the scene where they are traveling to the rock that those people had visions of in Encounters.

    maybe im crazy :p

  15. N/A says:

    “The Secret” Revealed

  16. Dave says:

    anyone notice on the trailer on the website the loading like circle in the middle of the screen…. it looks more like a pattern if you play it over even though its loaded you get same type of pattern almost like a running transmission.

    I was thinking morse code but I don’t know it anyone that does? maybe its a code of some type.

  17. Jasper says:

    Hey guys,
    About the train derailment when the car hit’s the strain it splatters all over the place.
    But in the next screen shot you see the train withe car parts passing bye and then suddenly it is as if something huge just pushes it off the rails.
    Even if the car engine would have gotten caugh under one of its weels you would not see this pushing like effect.
    Anyway i love te viral stuff

  18. Joshua says:

    Okay, I am late and new to this all, so noob here. If this has been discussed somewhere else, then sorry for the repeat.

    But, after you close the video, there seems to be a projector running in the background on “” Has anyone tried to find out what is says?

    If not, I have… It repeats the following three times…

    Title ———
    Date ——–
    Processed by: Kodak

    Does this mean anything?

  19. J says:

    I think it is tied into cloverfield but not the way we think. Like this is one of the many monster movies that’s coming… On the super 8 website the picture of the camera. In the middle of the camera lens is a image. The image looks like a satellite. Also like the one that fell into the ocean at the end of cf. Maybe the main character from cf knew about this monster as well. In the movie his friend with the camera said to him hey its alive. When they ran into the store after the statue of liberty head was thrown

  20. Carlos Velasquez says:

    Hey guys, I think this might be it. On September 12, 1979, a train codenamed “Conrail engine #1912” was derailed in Alliance, Ohio. According to the Conspiracy Wiki, “The 1979 derailment of a Conrail freight train in Alliance, Ohio was said to have happened on September 12th at 4:30 AM due to a missed traffic signal. The train was allegedly carrying perishable foodstuffs, lumber and 1980s model autos. Coverage and photos appeared in several newspapers. Depending on the paper, the damage was inexplicably reported anywhere from $2 million to $10 million dollars.” But maybe part of the movie is that it instead of carrying foodstuffs and lumbers, and instead of being derailed due to a missed traffic signal, it was carrying elements from Area 51 (the foodstuff story was probably just in case something went wrong and the press came, or the train was inspected), and it was actually due to a collision with a truck, which (according to “Jasper”) initially disturbed whatever was inside and it instinctively started to move around and ram the walls of the cart, derailing the entire train. In fact, the Conspiracy Wiki was also smart enough to connect Super 8 to the crash, as the following was also on the “References in fiction” section: “According to its trailer, the upcoming movie Super 8 will start off with a train from Area 51 wrecking in Ohio in 1979.” So maybe it’s all connected. But it could be just random and unimportant. Either way, it’s an interesting topic. What do you guys make of it?

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