Thanks Lunchbox for bringing this to our attention.

It looks as though a folder has appeared behind the windows on . I'm not sure when it first appeared, but the folder name is "braegen14" and it contains a file named "expcnv.dat". With that knowledge I went back into the PDP-11 simulator to see if any other commands now worked using this new file. I figured since the "RSCOM8.DAT" was the file that allowed us to print the "Rocket Poppeteers" newspaper articles and this new one was also a .DAT file, that we may get lucky.

The .PRINT and .COMT didn't produce any results, but the .EXEC did. If you type ".EXEC EXPCNV" (without quotes) into the terminal, another window pops up asking for the Path of an external source and that's as far as I got (not anymore, keep reading). I tried entering a bunch of different things into the "Path" field that appear somewhere within the terminal emulator; TU56, DECtape, DEV1, DD1... but nothing worked. I also tried paths to places on my actual machine with no luck...

UPDATE: PATH DISCOVERED: It was actually pretty obvious once you think about it. "morbus" over at unfiction figured out the path is "/desktop/Braegen14/expcnv.dat" (no quotes) which would make sense since that's the location of the file on the desktop emulator that we're looking at. So if you plug that in the path device box you will hear a strange audio file...

UPDATE 2: Download the audio file HERE

So now that there's something new, start digging and let us know what you find!

Update 3: I took the liberty of checking out "Mills'" tip from the comments about Braegen 14 being a disk drive in itself and this is what I found on the Soundstream wikipedia page (which I found simply by typing Braegen 14 into google)

The Digital Editing System

Soundstream’s digital editing system was the first instance of a computer used to edit commercial recordings. It consisted of a Digital Equipment PDP 11/60 computer, Soundstream’s interface to transfer data between its recorder and the computer’s disks (a pair of Braegen 14" disk drives), digital-to-analog playback hardware, and editing software. For all intents and purposes, this system was the very first digital audio workstation. In addition to its own facility, Soundstream installed editing systems at Paramount Pictures (Hollywood), RCA (New York), and Bertelsmann (Germany). A system was delivered to the U.S. Department of Justice to aid the analysis of bootleg recordings.

Editing could be performed at sample accuracy (i.e., 1/50,000 of a second); any mixing was performed digitally.

The sound system in the editing room in the Salt Lake facility used a Threshold SL-10 preamp, a Sumo "The Power" amp, and Infinity RS4.5 speakers.

Probably not going to lead us to another clue, but it's kind of interesting none the less, especially the connection to the PDP-11 computer and Paramount Pictures.

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386 Responses to “Folder Appears on “Scariest Thing” Website”

  1. Super8Fan says:

    @Kat haha, that’s funny, cuz as if i remember, Joshua didn’t say he knew everything, only the plot. As for his theories, he’s only trying to help by trying to post what he’s thinking, my God.

    @Andy come on, give the kid a break. You wouldn’t like it if someone called you a “troll.”

    • Dan says:

      Excuse me i just started messing with this and typed in random things and found out how to get on the desktop or whatever on the PDP-11 and I pressed the arrow on the bottom left corner and something popped up on the bar on the bottom so i clicked it and now it says enter a password. What is the password?

  2. Iden0 says:

    Has anyone thought about how it states in “1979′ s section of Area 51 is closed off”,
    “all materials relating to that closure are sent to a secure facility in Ohio”-ok that we now know is Cannon,then it states clearly
    “in 2011 it arrives”. since i saw this trailer a few days ago it has been bugging me,so here’s my Theory-
    1979 Area 51 experiments are conducted with levels of sound which lead to opening of doorway to another realm/dimension/version of earth who knows
    and as precautionary measure all materials in the experiments are relocated
    as the “Door” is technically “opened” aparatus on the Train is reactivated during the Crash and sucks something through.
    This entity is then filmed an tracked by a Boy who was close to the crash at the time using his Super 8 camera as the nature of this creature is not of this realm it can only be seen in this realm by a Super 8 camera
    (im thinkin this way as Elliot was in right place an right location at right time to see ET’s craft land at the beginning of E.T.)
    The Creature doesn’t “arrive” until 2011 because it has taken itself 32 years to acclimatize to Earth,and when this happens it becomes the scariest thing anyone has ever seen.
    first thing i thought when i saw the trailer was”oo how very Half-Life”
    i’d like to stress this is merely an idea and i’m not myself trying to assert otherwise
    ps i like how the film starts in 1979,i was born in August of that Year,an no i wasnt in Area 51 or any train heading for Ohio…..not that i know of anyways lmao

  3. Iden0 says:

    ps i have listened to the file a few times now and it reminds me of three things………….
    1- Close encounters of the Third kind(but only cause someone b4 me stated it reminded them of the same)
    2- It reminds me of a section of gameplay from the Original “Myst” Game(the part where you enter the spaceship to discern the correct notes to be played on a keyboard that leads to unlocking of a Linking Book that transports you to another world called Selenetic Age-which was a world themed by Sounds.
    3-it reminds me of a sound test like what the audio software does whn you ask it to perform maintenance checks on your Audio hardware it goes through motions of checking each peripheral individually.
    also here is an interesting thought i just had,if in Close encounters the Musical Note system symbolised Peace and Trust between Alien Species could the Sound file be say the Opposite a Musical Note system that sparks intergalactic War?
    analysis of the Musical Tonal Scale would no doubt reveal a Message from the Notes in the File,perhaps spelling out a word or a name,what is interesting me is the machine noise that activates or de-activates at the end of the sound file after the electro notes.

  4. Iden0 says:

    dunno if this will work here goes lol

  5. Iden0 says:

    oh well
    i am analyzing the Musical scale with File tho lmao

  6. lirubinoff says:

    anyone find anything new about the drive on STIES?

  7. Quiet Watcher says:

    Has anyone here seen the info about the picture? How it’s a box with a sticky note on it that says “Sold” and a zip code on it? And on the box is a lady’s hat with a golden monkey button? And on the Craigslist for that zipcode is an Estate Sale add where one of the items being sold IS THAT VERY HAT?

    Probably a dead end but I emailed the “seller” to see if it’s viral or just a .00000000000000000000001% it’s real.

  8. lirubinoff says:

    has anyone tried to use a spectrogram on the expcnv.dat file?

  9. I’m not sure it’s a monster. It’s a man. -maybe the truck swerved into the train because the driver was being controlled by the thing in the box. Who knows? Not us, not yet.

    Also- go here (it is the only place I have found this still) as it has some numbers I’m trying to figure out!/photo.php?pid=30920848&id=1467918904&fbid=1341324621006 (by the way, this isn’t the GJ facebook page)

  10. April Cooper says:

    For some reason when I type in /desktop/braegen14/expcbv.dat to the screen it just continues to tell me ?ind-f-file read error.
    What am I doing wrong because clearly its something!

  11. err.. i don’t know if anyone ever did this, i didn’t read all the comments but when we put .REENTER on the PDP thing, it asks for a device.. what should we do there?

  12. Tyler says:

    The printout is until recently said that they had proof and that somebody should stop posting publicly because they have answers. Originally we were led to believe this someone who should stop posting publicly was us…..BUT IN FACT!!! It is a specific person! The printout is a conversation between two people. We are getting the end of a conversation and slowly getting more toward the beginning. Example…the first line with something being reactivated is the first person and they say to keep “it” hidden (my idea is the super8 footage) the second guy says he has “it” and doesnt know what the damn thing is. This is followed by the first guy again saying that he has the answers (what “it” is) and he will give him the answers so they need to stop posting publicly! Tell me what you think! I believe im really onto something! btw. i believe the picture is of him using the camera footage and proving he has “it” I know this because this is the format of a conversation on an old computer. DISCUSS!

  13. Tyler says:

    @Gunner Santos yeah weve gotten that far also but no one not even at unfiction know what to do after that

  14. This is the audio file I got from this page and opened in my sound editing program Reaper.
    The beats end roughly around 5.1 beats or 8 seconds.
    I interpret this as a clue to mean the sound the film was recorded in was “5.1 surround” and 8 seconds for Super “8.”
    I played it 8 times. 8×8=64bit the new standard in processors.
    See the video here:
    I think YouTube is in on this secret. Everytime I upload, they add a pop at around 47 secs. You can see by the audio level meters in Reaper that the pop wasn’t there originally.
    Let me know what you think.

  15. kenshi says:

    i dont know what it means by “device?” either thats as far as i got…

  16. esxp says:

    why cant i get the thing to come up when i put ‘reenter’ in does the stuff have to be done in the exact order?
    does it only work on a pc, is that possible?”

  17. kenshi says:

    you have to type it .REENTER

  18. esxp says:

    i did all the steps and am not getting anything to happen, no i did type it in
    REENTER, EXEC EXPCNV etc but i keep getting ‘invalid request’
    odd… not because i am on a mac?

  19. esxp says:

    ok duh, forgot the .

  20. kenshi says:

    ha dont worry it took me awhile also lmao
    but it’s what to do after that that i dont know???

  21. edward says:

    holy shit it gone it not loading up the page is missing
    in no longer uploding it as if it has been like the surver no longer exsits go now!

  22. Tabitha Twitchet says:

    My counter took about a minute to coundown, and by the way that is DOS [device operating system] the thing that your computer operates on, the core, you may operate on windows or Linux[unless you have an Apple], but the core, what makes your computer work, is DOS. How DOS got on the internet, is unknown. This may be a simulation, or a test for DOS. As it was developed in the late seventies.
    This also may be hacking into your computer, and may cause problems in the future. Do NOT mess with it too much! I will test it on a mac because they do not use DOS so if it doesn’t load or has an error message, it is in fact, hacking into your computer. If it loads, it is just a simulation.

  23. Balder101dash says:

    Maybe the sound is from the camera?

  24. I’ve got the edited metacode from the soundfile that I got out via a image printer,
    now the colde looks quite diffferent when edited using edit command in cdm, (disk operating system DOS) The MP3 file you guys show me is very differnt code when edited the same way, I have some

    ******QUOTE from code***

    & _rels/FixedDocumentSequence.fdseq.relse

    H Documents/1/_rels/FixedDocument.fdoc.relsPK

    PK   û‚ù§¥V«[Ü}YGì♤åqS©]jʉÒxÑT\Çüt«|¹ÿý·»${j R ‡+”.g
    m*K!’†ªfÁ’D~vÑ å—Ô‚Æ!/2õJÓ®UíVM$’ï;ÌSêG¤àéJ)i×=ÐEqY\_òt!9jêÄúk´E}¢q&ü8 GTø>J9YìgJõ…|VñóÖBVdƒË3õ ]’Yȃ<"±(R*HªZ6yŽxHF±ŸdK.Jç³œÜ;¶ž@Ç‚`¡?Cׂy¡Gе¡úL ·€¶ÿº.ÌmAçBÀq3¸DêÏl}1 €y æ¢
    ê­ìCËnù­»7Ðna ½–ßýØ6hð3Ä>´ôíïb;_ü¶U)obŒaßa.E„î€e•Žêq¯’¹–}Ú3¾iÊ¿ä—ü4±_w
    ³æÃgð²âjàÛ2ôd^xÎ-̺x’Ç Û`Z2r|Zè5èh2?äe^™Hâ5踘?$)˃®§ÙËÁ˜
    ÜUÍqjÞÈÖ\pWž34Ö˜^îOú,І–zY­Ùt2KæQ Ž6ë ˜ŽCæuYöþt
    ¯ëŒ½õ?öò°cjþ¸žƒ©\6Ù.sÁxxžwÖËç²å0ÑÆU= ’Ãd~uε¾ÅX¶nO’: ØCB”Ô5<×3¼Ñ_ß8ãújfÃæ¡Ó/‚oó¼%oix…!sSóN=æé]ûU¢?Ÿû±È4ú|Þâ %0Ö.KQvšú/°Ú6Ä&A}¬ 
    ¬-duê¾VɬI|‘§äÄ ¬4 ©?¢/¤4ô˜,¹'J½Ñ#Ü”GOI8HyBR±9Q:°Œi(–Uæ|U“Åî¿m¢ªÙ.¡‹¥¨d·þG%»êÑe§ôß9gâîõâ$:Ï¹rÁG„‘@(êû¤åu`Ë‹ɈÿŒwŠ·¸KÍGÓü o„ࠏ¾BÚtsâ}H=¦#×—\ç<1à©H}ZÉRZœ1_œUïÃ[…ÍwH2ÎòsÓÝ;w;V{ï ¹&U¢ñów£Áé3øáØßîz.0úqƒxzn{Nž]^}i@t*²ItMX¥c}ó~l§_7þ³_ñ¦ú¯w5|}ûPKpƉÖÀ


    PK   û‚ù§¥V«[Ü}YGì♤åqS©]jʉÒxÑT\Çüt«|¹ÿý·»${j R ‡+”.g
    m*K!’†ªfÁ’D~vÑ å—Ô‚Æ!/2õJÓ®UíVM$’ï;ÌSêG¤àéJ)i×=ÐEqY\_òt!9jêÄúk´E}¢q&ü8 GTø>J9YìgJõ…|VñóÖBVdƒË3õ ]’Yȃ<"±(R*HªZ6yŽxHF±ŸdK.Jç³œÜ;¶ž@Ç‚`¡?Cׂy¡Gе¡úL ·€¶ÿº.ÌmAçBÀq3¸DêÏl}1 €y æ¢
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    ³æÃgð²âjàÛ2ôd^xÎ-̺x’Ç Û`Z2r|Zè5èh2?äe^™Hâ5踘?$)˃®§ÙËÁ˜
    ÜUÍqjÞÈÖ\pWž34Ö˜^îOú,І–zY­Ùt2KæQ Ž6ë ˜ŽCæuYöþt
    ¯ëŒ½õ?öò°cjþ¸žƒ©\6Ù.sÁxxžwÖËç²å0ÑÆU= ’Ãd~uε¾ÅX¶nO’: ØCB”Ô5<×3¼Ñ_ß8ãújfÃæ¡Ó/‚oó¼%oix…!sSóN=æé]ûU¢?Ÿû±È4ú|Þâ %0Ö.KQvšú/°Ú6Ä&A}¬ 
    ¬-duê¾VɬI|‘§äÄ ¬4 ©?¢/¤4ô˜,¹'J½Ñ#Ü”GOI8HyBR±9Q:°Œi(–Uæ|U“Åî¿m¢ªÙ.¡‹¥¨d·þG%»êÑe§ôß9gâîõâ$:Ï¹rÁG„‘@(êû¤åu`Ë‹ɈÿŒwŠ·¸KÍGÓü o„ࠏ¾BÚtsâ}H=¦#×—\ç<1à©H}ZÉRZœ1_œUïÃ[…ÍwH2ÎòsÓÝ;w;V{ï ¹&U¢ñów£Áé3øáØßîz.0úqƒxzn{Nž]^}i@t*²ItMX¥c}ó~l§_7þ³_ñ¦ú¯w5|}ûPKpƉÖÀ




    gotten out of it that looks like making sence, as I downloaded two different ones as xml. filetypes

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  27. Andrew says:

    I wonder if this sight was inspired by the Gary McKinnon case.

  28. Momo says:

    For the sound clip. It’s backwards and playing at 78 rpm (gramophone speed). So, flip it and slow it down to 33 1/3 (vinyl speed) and you can hear him talk. I believe it’s “What will you do when you find me.”

  29. Teckla says:

    Has anyone considered that it would be some sort of musical code as well?
    I mean if you take the pitch/hz of each note perhaps it could mean something…
    I mean horrendous amounts of detail are available in sonic data. It doesn’t just mean you hear the devil when you play the record backwards…

  30. colton says:

    I dont know if anyone finds this interesting or if it means anything but i just watched the trailer again and i noticed that several times in the trailer it showed space u can see stars and there is a bright light in the left of that scene

  31. dd says:


    go to the scariest thing i ever saw websit and move the screen to reveal the print document window. Move also the print window and there are two folder. One of them contains an audio file with two persons talking

  32. justin says:

    did anyone listen to the rocket poppeteers site for a while? after som time a guy says something about liftoff.. maybe thats a clue

  33. abramsfan says:

    did anyone else open the folder, ‘Audio’ and listen to the media file?
    it’s 9 seconds long.
    can anyone fully understand what the people are saying in it? something like,
    man #1: “Sorry I didn’t see it/him back there/quickly.”
    man #2:”(do?) have anything?”
    #1:”blue(?) ??? playing on it?”
    #2: “no”
    #1:”okay, let’s start again.”
    I couldn’t really understand it.

    • abramsfan says:

      missed a part:
      after man #1 says, “blue(?)??? playing on it?” he also says,
      “do you think there’s any in the back?” in which man #2 goes on to say,

  34. kevinbenzo says:

    hey has everyone seen the password window? it seems like it’s for a chat system. on the bottom left hand corner there’s a arrow tab. I believe if you click it twice a small baby blue icon pops up. if you click it a chat interface opens but it requires a password

  35. Vince says:

    What device do i need to type in to progress?

  36. xano50 says:

    does anyone know if my moon theory might be right.

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  38. I'm_Attending_2013 says:

    @iden0 You Sound Correct, Either Way Movie Looks Good An Should Be Fun To Watch

  39. John dowson says:

    Thank You for this post. Just found it on google and i have to say that i;m really really surprised 🙂
    Thanks again and cheers dude!

  40. RickyChan@HongKong says:

    That audio file appears in the interactive teaser!!!!!!!!!!!

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