As you know I've been out of town for the past week and some interesting stuff has occurred while I was gone. If you head on over to and move the terminal window out of the way you will see a box that asks you if you want to print a document. Now this in itself isn't news since we discovered this dialog box way back at the beginning, but what is new is the information that is now printing along side the familiar text that we had before. This time we find a picture on the printout, which by this point has been dissected a million times over in hopes of finding a new clue. Now I'm not sure what to make of some of the things the people over at unfiction have found, but I'll relay them anyways.

First of all (and this one is pretty obvious) the projection we are seeing is a shot pulled straight from the trailer. We see the "ver" from "scariest thing i ever saw" which was hidden at the end of the trailer. The left side of the picture appears to be some sort of reflection of a box with a hat, complete with monkey pin, on it, a lamp and a pair of scissors. Basically it's a box of old junk that someone appears to be selling. If you reverse the left side of the image (since it's a reflection) you will see that the yellow post it note has the worlds "SOLD" on it, which would indicate that this person is selling off old belongings. The box has a zip code written on it which appears to be 25801 (the first time I looked at it I saw 23801) but the "25801" that everyone seems to be focusing on is a zip code in West Virginia.

Due to the fact that someone appears to be selling off old stuff in the image (or just stuff, depending on when the picture was "actually taken") that lead some people to check the West Virginia area of craiglist for anything out of the ordinary, and they may have found some stuff.

As well as the pillbox hat "Repost":

The above were all found by users on unfiction and seem to be an estate sale of someone named Josh trying to sell off some of his recently deceased mother. By apparently stitching together pieces of a phone number hidden within each image attached to the craigslist ads they were able to come up with the phone number 1-800-708-2151, which is the hotline for the memorial service of Evelyn Minker who has a son named Josh, which is the person selling the items on craigslist, and one of those items happens to be the same hat we see in the "scariest thing" print out image. And then a little more digging around Josh Minker lead them to a site called "Hook, Line and Minker" which they believe to be connected to this all, but in what way they're not sure.

So I think that's all that was discovered while I was away. I'm still a little skeptical on the connection between the new image on scariest thing and the craigslist ads, but the more I look at it and the more I read, the more I feel like there's a good chance that they are indeed all connected. So again I apologize for the delay in getting this information up as I was out of town touring the baseball stadiums of California for a week, but I do know that I don't have any upcoming vacations planned so I'll be around the next time something big drops. Thanks again for sticking around.

Also, I'll save copies of the craigslist ads in case they go down, but for now the links above all still work.

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  1. Scott says:

    The hat in the background was the same hat Jacqueline Kennedy wore the day JFK was assassinated.

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