What’s Connected?

Despite what you guys may think, I do read all the comments and emails that you send me regarding tips and possible connections to Super 8 and it's viral marketing, but I wanted to explain my position when running this site a little bit in regards to what I choose to post and not post.

I ran the cloverfieldnews.com site while Cloverfield was taking over the internet with it's viral marketing and I fell into a bad habit. I would start finding things where there was nothing and make a post, I would come across sites that people would say were connected and make a post, I would pretty much make a post surrounding every little rumor or possible connection. And as it turned out in the end, a lot of those posts had nothing to do with the movie and were just confusing people that were coming to the site to try and follow the marketing.

So this time around I decided to do things a little differently. Instead of posting about every single rumor, screenshot or ridiculous theory, I've opted for a more structured approach. I love theories and speculation as much as the next guy (which is why I started this site in the first place), but to keep related information in the forefront without confusing people I decided not to post things that I'm not confident are connected. That's not to say that I'll be right 100% of the time, because at this point in the marketing there are still a lot of unknowns. For example the whole Josh Minker thing still doesn't sit right with me, but I posted anyways because there were enough connections between the newest picture from the "scariest thing" site and the craigslist ads that lead me to believe that it could be connected. I would still say there's a chance that the craigslist stuff and the hook, line and minker site are not connected, but there were just too many coincidences contained within them to not, at least, post about it to spur discussion.

On the other side of the spectrum are sites like the 500rads site which has been around since the Cloverfield days. Despite the postings on the blog and the visual connections to things that may be going on in the world of the Super 8 marketing, it's not connected and I know this, so I will not post about it to keep the confusion level low. This is also why I haven't posted about the Josh Minker Facebook page. I'm pretty sure the Facebook page was setup by some guys over at Unfiction just to mess with people, and I'm pretty sure they even admitted it on those forums.

So keep the comments coming, all the theories and speculation are what make this whole experience fun so don't think I'm trying to discourage those. I just wanted to clear up why I haven't been posting some of these theories or sites on the main page in the past couple weeks.

And for those that really like the discussion, the forum is actually a much better way to discuss theories and things of that nature as the comments can get very confusing when trying to reply to people, so I suggest checking them out. Plus you're more likely to get a response from me over there than the comments because of the structure of the comments, it's just easier in the forums. So thanks again to everyone that has ever visited this site or cloverfieldnews.com in the past, I appreciate it. And hopefully we'll get some new information in the coming weeks because of Comic-Con!

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27 Responses to “What’s Connected?”

  1. Brett says:

    I think it’s about an alien that escapes while being transported on a train.

  2. Brett says:

    That’s a good theory, but i don’t think that will happen. I think it will end up being a prequel to Step Up 3D.

  3. kenshi says:

    you’re an idiot @brett it’s obviously a third sex and the city movie!!!!

  4. Jay0407 says:

    No Your all wrong what it really is… I don’t know if i can say this, but, JJ told me its a My Little Pony live action sing along. 🙂

  5. kenshi says:

    woah!!!!! just had a HEART STOPPING AMAZING idea wouldn’t it be cool no scratch that EXTREMELY KICK ASS if j.j, made a remake of the mighty morphin power rangers!! lmao totally of topic but i dont care sounds great

  6. lane says:

    didnt know where to post this but i got a letter back from rocket poppeteers.

    (picture of coop)

    dear…SPACE LANE…

    welcome to the rocket poppeteers astronaut program!

    rocket poppeteers is looking for the best and brightest to help captain “coop” cooper with his biggest space adventure ever!!!

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    answer 16 stars.

  7. kenshi says:

    im having touble believing you….

  8. rey says:

    Maybe whatever the device for STIES will be on the site.

  9. boratwork says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! I was a huge fan of Cloverfield but only found out about Slush-O after the fact. Glad I’m in on the ground floor of this one, it looks amazing.

  10. J.J Abrams says:

    Some people already got their letters, well congrats!

  11. kenshi says:

    thank you “j.j.” lmao!!!

  12. you says:

    check minker’s site. there’s an email. somone email him

  13. nameless JJ says:

    loool @ coment another JJ made )

  14. faith heath says:

    Check out pics on my facebook page. Faith (lyons) heath

  15. faith heath says:

    Facebook pics now available

  16. faith heath says:

    Leave comments on my album

  17. faith heath says:

    Have inside info that cop cars will b painted green/white. Are being stored across from (gym-old m-t can recyclying) on top of cove hill rd. Building right across from that

    • 26062 says:

      saw a picture of that..area didn’r see the cop cars there…mabye weren’t done yet…i did see a green bus though….wonder when they will be bringing in all the military vehicles they said they were gonna be running up and down 20th street…lol

  18. 26062 says:

    faith come over to the forum… better for discussions there


  19. monochromatic says:

    Lol speakin of Facebook…

  20. Dave says:

    Hi. I’ve been reading Josh Minker’s blog about this Coelacanth fish thing and I think I might have found a connection to Cloverfield – perhaps evidence that Super 8 is a prequel?

    Remember the part in the tunnel where Hud says “They found a fish off the coast of Madagascar that they thought had been extinct for centuries!” I looked Coelacanth up on Wikipedia and found that it was thought to be extinct since the end of the cretacious period until they rediscovered it in 1938. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coelacanth) So I’m starting to wonder if Super 8 is connected to Cloverfield in any way? I know JJ Abrams has said it’s not, but it doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth.

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