Rocket Poppeteers Is Open For Business

The Rocket Poppeteers website has been updated. The site now allows you to register or enter the information that you received in the letter that was sent in the mail. If you did not send in the coupon that was found on the scariest thing website then you should select "New Recruit" which will take you through a registration process to enter your information. If you did send in the coupon and did receive your letter, click "Already A Candidate?" and enter the information you registered with (case sensitive). I did not receive a letter so I registered as a new recruit and did not hear the theme song, but it sounds like (based on the comments) if you enter the information from the letter you will be greeted with the Rocket Poppeteers Theme song (which Joshua was nice enough to upload here). And "Chainsaw ..." over at unfiction transcribed the lyrics to the song as well.

"Who will sieze the day
And make the country proud to say?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Whose unbeatable taste
Will win the race for outer space?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Who will answer the call
To battle the dark and save us all?
Rocket Poppeteers x2
Our galactic flavor sensations
Zooming across the nation!
Rocket Poppeteers x3"

It looks as if that's all you can do on the site at the moment. There's another button on the home page of the site indicating that there will be more stuff to do once it fully launches, but when that will happen is anyone's guess.

I'm still leaning towards the fact that the Rocket Poppeteers is going to be similar to the Slusho campaign that was run during Cloverfield, it's not going to help solve the mystery of what Super 8 is, but it will add a bit of depth to the viral. Basically just a fictional product that will make an appearance in the movie at some point, but have no real bearing on anything. I know Slusho kind of fit in with the Tagruato stuff from Cloverfield, but it really didn't play a huge role in anything and that's kind of what I see happening here, but that's just my theory... for now.

Thanks to everyone that commented and emailed me about this, things are starting to pick up so it looks like I'll have to be around a computer more in order to stay on top of things. I've also included a couple more images after the jump.

Update: It looks like those unfiction guys may have dug up some interesting information hidden around the Rocket Poppeteers site. twodten found what looks like a sitemap type file that lays out some of the possible different sections of the site.

The Rocket Poppeteers Legacy
Archive Module Charging!
Blast into the past soon!

Super Space Store
The Supply Ship is caught in an asteroid storm!
Fly back soon for new Rocket Poppeteers gear!! (OMG A STORE!!)

Astronaut Program
Astronaut Program Preparing to launch.
Will you be ready?

Space Station: Freezer
The Flavor Fleets will be re-docking soon.
Have you tried them all?

Coop's Amazing Adventures
Coop is busy logging his latest mission.
Check back again soon!

Poppeteers Pride
Coming soon - show the universe your loyalty
to Rocket Poppeteers!


And it looks like she may have also found some direct links to other areas of the site, however it appears that the site creators caught on and disabled those links because all I see now is text that says "Rocket Poppeteers", but Headman managed to snag some screenshots before they disappeared.

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58 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers Is Open For Business”

  1. Xposure86 says:

    i live in the netherlands but the only thing i can do is register nothing more

  2. Will says:

    I haven’t been following the forums very much, so please don’t flame if this has already been brought up. Anyway, has anyone been contemplating the connection between Josh and the monster? (Past that fact that he may have seen it and filmed it) Have there been any thoughts on how this effected him? What I think is that it had something to do with his mothers death. THe reason he may have uploaded the “I love you mom” video may be because of emotional scars. The same thing may have happened to his dad too, but was involved in a different way. I think that the govt wanted to buy off the evidence and clean this up. Josh wanted to prove something though. He didn’t want this experience to go unheard. He may want a coelacanth to do research on it based off of his experience. I apologize for typing so much, I just had a lot on my mind. None of this may have helped, seeing as its more of a psychological side of my theory. Just posting my pooled thoughts.

  3. Josh 23 says:

    yeah me too im from El Salvador and only thing i can do i register, also i have problem we dont have postal code around here so i just put the national number, i hope it dont mess up with thigns

  4. Josh 23 says:

    according to the other post in the hide print file, the father of Josh may have connection with the thing in the train

  5. Joshua Arispe (Cocotones) says:

    Your welcome admin. 😉

  6. Tim says:

    Hi, I also live in The Netherlands. I was wondering if anybody got registered outside the U.S. Thanks.

  7. Josh 23 says:

    maybe they have a special program for people outside the US cuz when you fill the form it says “country” what i still dont like about it, not every country have a postal code, and they make it obligatory field….but we will see if we recieve anything at all…

  8. @Josh 23
    I register my dad from another country Bolivia. (We live here now.) But I also register myself from Miami (which is where i used to live, but now my uncle now owns the house there.)

  9. kenshi81 says:

    wow netherlands bolivia and el salvador this is woorld wide already huh thats pretty cool:)

  10. Rowan says:

    I’m from Canada and it worked, also I did not receive a letter but when i registered i heard the them song.

  11. Josh 23 says:

    yeah i mean i hear the song…so that means everything is alright?

  12. Gary says:

    Hey would any of you guys be able to post the instrumental theme up to download? Cause i was planning on doing a parody ad for rocket poppeteers and posting it on youtube.

    Hope you can help!

  13. @Gary I posted the theme song, didn’t you read the freaking post?

  14. Josh 23 says:

    Admin already post it in this note, look in the text where it says: Theme song (which Joshua was nice enough to upload HERE)…clic on “HERE”…thanks to Joshua too cuz he upload it

  15. @Josh 23 Your welcome, for the first time ever i feel, proud lol.

  16. 3kko says:

    @Joshua I downloaded the song on three different computers and all I got was a corrupt data file. Is there any other place where I could get the song?

  17. @3kko
    It works fine for me, it’s an mpeg4 file, i even posted 2 links for the song, maybe you clicked on the wrong one.

  18. Rixx says:

    It works in San Francisco, some say that is another country

  19. M@ says:

    I am having a bit of trouble with the registration process. It finds my file (I sent in the coupon and got the letter) and then I get to the screen where I put my email address and my DOB and when I hit submit application a little screen comes up that says “Hold Tight Submitting Application” but its like it gets frozen there. Am I typing something in wrong? I have restarted the browser about 10 times now to re-try and no luck. I left it sitting this time and it has been sitting at this screen for about 30 minutes now. Is anyone else having this problem? How long did it take for your’s to get to the congrats page with the theme song?

  20. Raeven says:

    In the song is the dark The Red Cozmo?

  21. Mason says:

    WTF?? I STILL get th site temp down screen!!! when do you log on, is there a specific time??

  22. juno18 says:

    u have to refresh the website @Mason

  23. Rick says:

    Is anyone else who sent the letter in the mail and got the response back having trouble registering? I’m on the Candidate form, and inputting all the info exactly how it is on the letter, but it keeps saying “Sorry Connect Failed” everytime I click Submit Application.

  24. Xeno Lambrose says:

    For Rick and others having problems entering your “astronaut” name:

    The field to enter your “astronaut” name will not accept any ~`@#$%^&*()_+-={}[]|\:;”‘.?/ so just try entering in all caps, non-caps, caps for first word/non-caps for second (and vice/versa).

    Let the “submit” form load (for some peope it’s taken quite some time to do so) before giving up. If you still can’t load, send an e-mail to and describe your problem.

    If you don’t want to wait, sign up with a different name (astronaut and otherwise).

    If you’re under 13, you can’t sign up (unless of course you lie, and you wouldn’t do that, would you? Actually I had to dummy-up the birthdate so my dog could become a member of the K9 Corps, lol, but true!).

    If you live in a foreign (other than USA) country, try adding 0’s (zeroes) to your postal code to make up five digits. Ex: if it’s 4111, try 04111, or 41110. Be creative, most likely, the important thing is a valid e-mail address.

  25. Rick says:

    ok thanks I just sent an email right now. I tried all possible combinations and kept getting a message saying that records weren’t found. Hopefully I get a reply soon.

  26. Prospekt says:

    Yeah I’m from The Netherlands too, I was able to register so you guys should too.

  27. Xeno Lambrose says:


    Had you received your letter, or are you a new recruit? And did you have a problem with the zip/postal code field, and how did you get around it?

  28. Will says:


    That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  29. aurustay says:

    chist iv missed alot.

  30. Josh 23 says:

    @Xeno, im from outside US too and i got around it by puting my country phone number (it is 503) as Zip Code, didnt give me any trouble, and i hear the song and everything….

  31. Gary says:

    @Josh 23 & Joshua Arispe (Cocotones)

    I mean the theme song without the lyrics. I already downloaded the one with lyrics (It’s on my Ipod! lol)

  32. robb says:

    Hey guys i went to the website to sign up and all i got was the original looking homepage but it says whoa k now it changed to the normal but right before it had the old school one but said something like fueling up rocket ship and had a bar gauge going from E to Full ? did anyone else get this

    • admin says:

      @robb Yes, it’s just the splash screen and loader bar. The site is a flash based site so it needs a bit of time to load assets before showing the actual site.

  33. Mason says:

    what browser are you guys using because i cant get past the temp down page and i already tried refreshing the page, but nothing happened

  34. Mason says:

    nevermind, i just got on!

  35. Xeno Lambrose says:

    @ Gary,

    Here’s a link for the instrumental mp3 vers of RP theme song. Page down and you’ll see it:

  36. Mason says:

    now i getting a message that says Fueling Ship, Please be patient, WHY CAN’T I SIGN UP!!???

  37. jason says:

    Yo, signed up for the site, and im trying to log in, but it keeps saying that records arent found. am i missing something?

  38. Xeno Lambrose says:

    If you’ve received your letter, or are a “new” candidate, follow the suggestions in this thread for inputting your name, etc. such as #24 above.

  39. Raeven says:

    does rocket poppeteers have a facebook, because on the picture that has blast off!, there is a facebook icon near the twitter icon.

  40. Dre says:

    If anyone wants a higher quality version of the song, here’s the links I pulled straight from the website itself. The source files from the site also include just the jingle, without any lyrics. Maybe someone can analyze the audio, and see if it’s significant in any way. Possibly connect it to the original sound byte pulled off, just a stretch.

  41. Xeno Lambrose says:


  42. Will says:


    Lol that’s the “F” for “Full” as in fuel. It’s just the load icon, no facebook here, sorry 🙁

  43. Matt says:

    @ Will

    No he was referring to the facebook icon on one of the “found alternative” rocket poppeteer sites. It is actually the FB icon, but the only RP Facebook site looks fairly illegitimate

  44. Will says:


    Oh hehe I knew that ^_^”

  45. Mason says:

    @Xeno Lambrose
    sorry, they don’t work, im still getting that message, am i the only one that gets that message, Fueling Ship, Please be Patient? on the poppeteers website??

  46. Mason says:

    nevermind my last comment, i got on (again)

  47. Chainsaw Fellatio says:

    I appreciate the credit for quickly transcribing the song guys! It really wasn’t even necessary. Btw, what’s wrong with Fellatio? 😛

  48. Raeven says:

    has anyone tried to email capt cooper again? now that the site is up now.

  49. CzM says:

    Here’s an idea that came to me a couple of nights ago as I was watching Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Although I can’t imagine that movie would have any significance as far as providing any clues relevent to our search, something still caught my eye.

    First the melody and the use of colors associated with different tones. Now from whats been revealed, the RP flavors are pretty much color coded, which made me wonder if these colors (possible tones) could have been used to make communication with this new alien, pretty much in the same way that the colors/tones are used in CEOTTK. I’ve theorized for quite some time, with regards to Super 8, that there could possibly have been a mis-use of the tone and instead of it delivering a message of peace it was actually more hostile in nature, a possible declaration of war. But again, that is a theory. (In CEOTTK the tune was a positive/friendly introduction between US and THEM)

    As seen previously with the role that played during the Cloverfield virals, this may be just another fun little detour that we, the Super 8 insiders as we’ve pretty much become, are enjoying. Thats not to say that I in any way dismiss RP as something of irrelevant, but in my opinion I think a lot of what will continue to open doors for us is the communicae between the two people on the printouts on Any thoughts?

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