Neville Page Talks Super 8

If the name Neville Page sounds familiar to you that's because he was the man behind the design of the Cloverfield creature as well as the designer on Piranha 3-D, Avatar, Star Trek and Tron: Legacy (among others I'm sure). It looks as if he'll be designing the creature in Super 8. Wired recently sat down with him to discuss all things design, so what are you waiting for, give the video a watch.

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75 Responses to “Neville Page Talks Super 8”

  1. scottie c says:

    ! awesome.

  2. rey says:

    Might just be me, but does anyone else get a “Cloverfield” vibe from the red thing from Star Trek and even the Piranhas, to a certain extent?

  3. Steve Fratty says:

    Well, Page wouldn’t be designing this thing if it was just a “Grey”, so I’m pretty excited to see what he creates.

    Odd how he says here that the end of the trailer is the “Big reveal” – If this ends up in the final cut like the Cloverfield trailer did, would they really show the “Alien” so early on?

  4. Jeff says:

    This is awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing how the monster/alien looks.

  5. CzM says:

    We will not be disappointed! This is going to be an awesome movie! I am totally excited to see it as well as where all of the clues we’re all following is going to take us!

  6. jason says:

    hey admin, i think they updated

  7. @admin i think he might be right, there’s something different aobut the site….

  8. myfingerstinks says:

    Yeah, guys. stop vaguely describing it and just tell us.

  9. The text looks like it was updated or something, idk, maybe i’m paranoid. 😛

  10. CzM says:

    I don’t notice anything new on STIES. I wonder if there’s a halt because of how quickly we’re all deciphering the clues.

  11. @Czm
    I guess you’re right, maybe it was my mind playing tricks with me, since this film is all over my mind. I mean like really, this is already the most anticipated film of the summer next year.

  12. CzM says:

    This just in:

    “J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8″ is scheduled to start production late September on location in Weirton, West Virginia and revolves around a 14-year-old boy growing up in a steel town in 1979 where a train crash forces the town to come together. There’s also aliens…”

    That’s all I was able to get from the site. When I clicked on “…continue” it sends me to a page that is no longer available. 🙁

  13. myfingerstinks says:

    @CzM You must have been under a pretty big rock…

  14. CzM says:


    You are one of the most obnoxious posters. First of all I wasn’t under a rock of any sort. I simply saw this posted as a current news story on another site. I didn’t know that there was background on the young boy and so I thought that tidbit may have been somewhat interesting.

    As for anyone else who can’t refrain from being such a smart-aleck with their responses, I would follow the old but relevant advice, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!! I’m just as up-to-date on my Super 8 news as the rest of you and I don’t appreciate being treated like some out of touch dummy!

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah @myfingerstinks. Be nice. We’re all here for the same reason so let’s be nice and appreciate each other for the excitement we have for this film.

  15. John says:

    Hello, my name is John. I was wondering if casting audition videos are still avaivle to be submitted, or are all the parts taken? Because I’m interested in sending an acting video for this movie, “Josh’s” part, I live in New York City and I’m 14, if you need to know more please message me at:

    Thank you!! 🙂

  16. uh… online auditions ended like, a few months ago. But this casting call is over at Wierton, maybe if you can go there you can audition.

  17. CzM says:

    I cannot believe there have been no new developments on STIES. Unless, I am missing something. Anyone found any new clues? I think we are giving the marketing powers that be a run for their money because we keep figuring everything out so quickly. Has anyone received any new e-mails from RP?

  18. myfingerstinks says:

    this is from back in august. come on, new posts!

    • CzM says:


      I know this is a repeatitve line of conversation, but look at the situation. We’ve hit a brick wall here! P.S. I didn’t mean to bite your head off about the whole under a rock comment. I was having a bad day when I read that post and blah blah blah…sorry. (but, come on, even you have to admit that you are a bit of smart-alec!)

      @Joshua Arispe (Cocotones)

      Patience is not one of my strengths hahahahha…but I’ll have to learn to adjust. Its just that this all started out moving along at a fairly consistant pace but now, zero-zip-nada. *sigh*

      At this point we’re all stuck in neutral so I’ll stop whining now 😉

      • @CzM yeah, I ain’t paient either. XD I am dying to see this film. It’s already my most anticipated film next year, and this looks like it’s going to be one of the best sci-fi films of the decade…

        expect Cowboys and Aliens, that looks cool too! 😉

        • CzM says:

          @Joshua Arispe (Cocotones)

          I agree with everything you said! So excited for Super 8!! Cowboys and Aliens is going to be awesome! Favrou is one of my favorite film makers and I know he is going to deliver with this one! He did an amazing job with the Iron Man movies so I know he is going to give us another wicked event movie. I wish he was directing Men In Black III. Sonnenfeld is going to ruin it the same way he did with Men In Black II and Wild Wild West.

    • admin says:

      Believe me, I wish I had something new to report on 🙁

  19. marcos says:

    Picture I Edited And Found Stuff In The Trailer

  20. the real Cocotones says:

    hey everybody! Its been a while but here I am! the new and improved Cocotones! I have plenty of various tones of Coco (chocolate) I am an avid fan of super 8 and such.

  21. SITREP says:

    Just thought I’d say that in “War of the Worlds” (which I think Spielberg directed) whilst Robbie is flicking through channels on TV near the start of the film, one of the channels shows a train running into a car at night, flipping it over. And i think it made the sound of the train whistling like in the Super 8 trailer. And the movie is about Aliens (duh). Theres something else in the movie I can’t remember, that made me think….

  22. @the fake Cocotones
    First of all, Cocotones has nothing to do with chocolate, it’s a film company. U.U and nice try, whoever you are 😛

  23. I am too, the real Cocotones! says:

    Hi there, just wanted to say that I too, am Cocotones, and I have various levels of pie. I know that it makes no sense, but “the real Cocotones” made me see ‘the light.’

  24. The Fake Cocotones says:

    Please do not monitor me…

    I told them I would be back…

    Go to the BRIDGE!

  25. CzM says:

    oh god, please let the powers that be behind the Super 8 virals release new info soon to spare us from this Cocotones debacle!!!

  26. I live there, I moved like a long time ago and i go to a private school the ONLY kid who knows about Super 8 (cause I told him about it lol) is Brandon Goyota. He’s in my grade.

    • james V. says:

      ah well i just thought it was those guys on facebook who act like josh minker but really just make crap up…. still someone impersonating you is not something you see every day! 🙂

  27. the real Cocotones says:

    But I AM the real Cocotones! All you guys are just imitating!

  28. CzM says:

    @the real Cocotones

    Okay, for kicks and giggles, lets just say you are the real Coco-whatever…

    Where are we going with all this? Do you have an agenda and what is it? Will proving yourself as the real (and please don’t stand up) Cocotones bring us any closer to obtaining any more Super 8 clues or reveal anything of value to the rest of us? See, the administrator intended for this site to serve the purpose of one thing. Providing links and info pertinent to all things related to a movie that we are all dying to see. So far all you have done is caused somewhat of a distraction from the subject, and thus leaving us all wide open to miss out on clues, and what, not that could propell us all forward in our search for leads on Super 8. So in closing, if its really all that important for you to win this contest as the real Cocotones then fine. Here you go, you got your 15 minutes. But spend this time wisely because after your time is up, and I have to believe that I speak for everyone present, the subject of whether or not you or he are who you really say you are will not nor should not be visited any further.

    Seacrest, out!

  29. the real Cocotones says:

    May I have your attention, please?
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    Will the real Cocotones please stand up?
    I repeat, will the real Cocotones please stand up?
    We may have a problem here…

    Y’all act like you never seen a super 8 fan before
    Jaws all on the floor like CzM, while admin is always keepin’ the score.
    And started hootin’ and hollerin’ like never before!

    ‘Cause I’m Cocotones, yes I’m the real Tones
    All you other Cocotones are just imitating
    So won’t the real Cocotones please stand up,
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    I’m like a novel to read, like a typewriter steed!
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    such as a guy who likes fish, some film, and a cactus jar!
    It all seems pretty strange, like a green silly straw,
    Hook Line and Minker, The Scariest thing I ever saw!

    Tee hee, I guess that there’s a little Cocotones in all of us
    screw it, let’s all stand up!

    • CzM says:

      *SIGHHHHHHHHHH* I get it. Your nuts! But I get it and I guess a little entertainment goes a long way while we are all waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting…

      Oh and thanks for the shout out in your rhymes yo!

  30. admin says:

    Alright, let’s cut the Cocotones talk… if you want to continue it take it to the offtopic section of the forums, but leave it out of the site comments.

  31. Wes says:

    Another new HLM post. But nothing terribly exciting.

  32. the real Cocotones says:

    FINALLY some news!

  33. Y-y-you guys, don’t hate me, do you 🙁

  34. WAIT A SEC!!! Brandon likes to make rhymes too!! D:

  35. CzM says:


    Sorry about all that nonesense. I think its my fault because initally I was trying to make a point of how sick I think we all are of that debate, but of course my post had to be satirized and the beast has now obviously taken on a life of its own. I agree, this site is for Super 8 and all things related.

    Come one people, please end this now. Focus!

    • Okay, you’re right. When you see the name “Joshua Arispe (Cocotones)” that’s me. Don’t believe someone else who is beggin to be me. So back to Super 8! 🙂

      • (possibly) the real Cocotones says:

        Haha yeah sorry bout all this. I don’t HATE you, nor should anyone else, I am just a regular poster. I came on one day, really bored, no new news. And I just kept seeing your name, and so I just wondered… then I made a FAKE screen name just for fun so I could come on super 8 news finding people’s reactions to my absurd posts! Sure it was fun, and hopefully I didn’t make too many people angry. It also seemed so… MYSTERIOUS! As if it were part of the viral or the facebook site. (Which I fabricated as well) So this is sadly the last post of the real Cocotones.*sniff* And thus, I will resume my original screen name.


        the real Cocotones.

  36. John31 says:

    Have you guys seen this
    Its on the city where Super 8 will be film, JJ abrams comes out to!!!

  37. James V. says:

    Guys the reason we’ve hit a wall is because j.j Abrams doesn’t care and I’m not trying to be mean but can you blame him? Neville Page is doing the B.S. with Tron 2.0 or some crud, J.J.s busy with ” Let Me In” which most likely will flop and the hate and love mail from the ending of lost as WELL as the fact that he’s working on a t.v .show based off of the idea of MRS. and Mr. Smith, come on Super8 is the LAST thing on his mind and to be honest I just don’t care anymore none of the info we’ve gathered has revealed really ANYTHING that gives me any self confidence into the dedication iv’e given to J.J.s work. Trying to explain any of this makes people believe I’m a nerd and to be honest I do see that making sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is I just don’t care anymore either.

    • admin says:

      A couple things. First of all it’s most likely a marketing company that is behind the Super 8 viral, not JJ himself. Sure he probably has some input, but he’s definitely not the one in charge of it… “Neville Page is doing the B.S. with Tron 2.0…” well Tron 2.0 has been done filming for months and usually the special effects guys don’t due press rounds so I doubt he’s too tied up with Tron Legacy at this point…. I don’t think JJ has anything to do with “Let Me In”, it doesn’t even seem to be produced by Bad Robot. The only connection to JJ and “Let Me In” is Matt Reeves who directed “Cloverfield”. And while I don’t think it will make huge money, I don’t think it’s going to flop by any means…. As far as LOST goes, JJ hasn’t really had anything to do with the show since the first season. He was listed as producer and wrote/directed a few episodes here and there, but it was mostly Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse…. And as far as Undercovers goes, I think it’s going to bomb. As you said it’s a blatant rip off of “Mr and Mrs Smith” so unless there’s some underlying mystery to it or something, I’m not going to watch, but Fringe on the other hand I will continue to watch, but that’s another one that I don’t think he really has his hand in anymore.

      Either way, thanks for reading the site and contributing. You can always just follow us on twitter instead of checking back here to see if there’s new information and hopefully something new will start to come out now that the ball is actually rolling on the movie.

  38. CzM says:

    @James V.

    Don’t give up. Come on, its just a movie. I don’t know what direction the marketing people are going in with this viral, and maybe for those of us who are following this on a daily basis, we should take a step back. And actually I will tell you that there are a few other virals running out there for more sci-fi projects in the meantime. I don’t want to detract from the work Admin has done with this site, but check out which movie is related to I won’t say the name of the film here, but it may peak your interest while we are waiting for more Super 8 developments.

    My original theory which I have stated more than once is that the creative marketing team had no idea there would be such in influx of participants with the viral campaign for Super 8, so they have either slowed down on purpose or could quite possibly be devising new dimensions of clues and web stuff to entertain us with. Afterall, we “nerds” have to stick together 🙂

    • James V. says:

      thanks for the encouragement I have to admit i am still a little bit bummed about the marketing for Super8 but I gues I do have SOMETHING to sidetrack me from Super8 a little bit Thanks BTW admin I understand that theres been no news for a while but come on dude you can just make a little post to make some people happy lord knows it’d help us all out I’m just sayin’…

  39. myfingerstinks says:

    wow. did you guys know that there hasn’t been news about the viral since august third, nearly a month and a half ago

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