A Little Town Called Weirton

weirton, w va

Most of you know already that Super 8 has began casting calls and location scouting in Weirton, W. VA so I thought this article would be of some interest. Thanks to John31 for posting it in the comments (and I'm assuming you're the same person that emailed it to me). There's not a whole lot of new information in the article, but since there hasn't been anything new at all in a while I figured it was worthy enough to post.

The article basically talks about how the crews have come to the town to redecorate some of the buildings and obtain blueprints for some of the homes there so they can recreate them back in Hollywood to finish shooting... probably interior shots if I had to guess. Other than that there's not a whole lot of information, but at least it's something for you to read if you're interested. Hopefully now that the ball is starting to roll on the film we'll get some more clues via the viral marketing.

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source: http://www.wtov9.com/news/24848632/detail.html

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16 Responses to “A Little Town Called Weirton”

  1. kush says:

    Lol @ the news video on the link. she says its about a movie where a train crash makes the town come together…

  2. Uh huh, yeah the movie takes place in a town called Weirton and the film is shooting at a town called Weirton.

    Anyway, thanks admin for posting, I know it’s been a while since new news came out, but this post is worth it.

  3. James V. says:

    @Admin thanks I guess thinks are starting up again and I did understand about j.j. abrams not Leading the viral so to speak but I couldv’e sworn that J.J. WAS the director/producer for let me in and remakes never really work at least not direct ones anyway but thanks for the new update and once again the viral has to be starting up again soon seeing as theyve staked out Weirton but i had a thought just an idea really since we are unsure whether this a prequel/sequel/remake of another movie I have the Idea of E.T. stuck in my head and its probably wrong but 1. It has to do with teenage-like kids so ya. 2. aliens the first one did so why not 3. They speciffically staked out a school ( hence the frog scene in E.T. ) this could still be wrong it’s just an idea i have ( Lord knows how many I have floating around in the ol’ noggin’ Still, something doesn’t seem right… its probably the fact that when it comes to being on top of HIS movies hes usually a loner ( mainly with directing ) and truthfully I just can’t picture Spielberg using a viral.. IDK personally I’m believing that i’m crazy 🙂

  4. Jason says:

    Admin! there is a new file on the desktop of scariestthingieversaw! it is called audio, and when you open it is says: untitled mp3. it actually plays, but ive only listened to it once before coming straight here. please cover that and tell us what it says! plus, you heard it from me first!

  5. Jason says:

    also, theyve updated the printable file! a lot!

  6. John31 says:

    Woo, John31 thats me :). Thanks Admin. Since there has not been any updates, I just wanted to know if anybody was interested in the article!!!

  7. Tmw says:

    Just a small FYI…filming was definitely started today in Weirton. I live 20 minutes away and my coworker’s daughter is an extra in the film. The extras aren’t even told the full extent of what the movie is about. I’ll try to post as I find out more info as far as who is starring, etc.

  8. rosa says:

    The film was shot in Weirton, WV. But I don’t believe they get the credit in the movie.

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