Rocket Poppeteers Application

rocket poppeteers email

It looks as though some people are starting to receive their applications for the Rocket Poppeteers. Emails have been sent out starting yesterday that allow people to complete a "test" in order to join the Rocket Poppeteers. I have not received this email yet, but some of the readers here were kind enough to send me screenshots of what it looks like. So thanks to Toto and Alex for the screenshots and any other information you have regarding this please let us know in the comments.

Also we have received some more images from around Weirton which I have added to the gallery.

rocket poppeteers email

more pictures after the jump!

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84 Responses to “Rocket Poppeteers Application”

  1. SamaEl says:

    Yeah, I have also recieved this e-mail, but in the e-mail they don’t tell you any of the data you submitted before (your name, astronaut name, password) which I think it’s a little weird since not everybody has recieved the e-mail… why send an automatic response e-mail to random people instead of everybody?

  2. sonya says:

    It may be a beta test. Or perhaps they are going to have the rocket poppeteer truck somewhere in your vicinity.

    • SamaEl says:

      Well, I highly doubt it since I don’t even live on the US, I live in Bogotá, Colombia
      (Latinamerica), and here viral campaigns aren’t really done, I just participate on online viral because of that.
      So that’s why I say that they’re choosing at random as far as I can tell.

  3. Brittany says:

    Even though its an automated reply I think its only being sent out to select people

  4. jenny says:

    selected people? I feel special to have one then
    I want to fill it out but don’t want to right away incase theres a spefific way in which you have to do it,

    The question about reading classmates minds is very interesting too

    • ZombieQueen says:

      maybe its a certain age group. I’m 17 and my friend is 19 we both got it. So maybe if you’re considered a kid, you got it.

  5. The questions are very interesting…. I think that in the movie RP turns out to be a scam or something like a special program of some sort.

  6. Molly says:

    I got one too, I’m hoping I filled it out right…I just chose 5 for all of them, since it seemed that most of them should have been…but who knows, maybe they wanted selfish mind readers and not popsicle sharers.

    I’m not sure what I did to make the cut to get the email…I don’t even remember what I filled out in the original form. I put I’m from Kansas…but that’s about all I remember, don’t recall what I put in for my astronaut name.

    Anyone have any idea what might have triggered it?

  7. Jason says:

    Interesting. Well, let the theories run wild.

  8. Jason says:

    If there are any people who still have the page open, please check if the serrial number on the bottom matches up with the one in the picture provided. Plus, any ideas what ARI85 is?

  9. CzM says:

    Has anyone used AR185 as the device code on STIES? Oh and what an awewsome suprise to find in my in-box this afternoon! I too wondered if there was something more to the questions. Any guesses as to what a Kladrog is?

  10. CzM says:

    AR185 is not the device command. Will we ever solve that mystery?

  11. Will says:

    Obvious comment of the day: Kladrog might be the leader of the Red Cozmo, but thats just my guess XD

  12. Jason says:

    Hey, read this (from wiki)

    Soundstream’s digital editing system was the first instance of a computer used to edit commercial recordings. It consisted of a Digital Equipment PDP 11/60 computer, Soundstream’s interface (the Digital Audio Interface) to transfer data between its recorder and the computer’s disks (a pair of *Braegen 14″* disk drives), digital-to-analog playback hardware, and editing software. For all intents and purposes, this system was the very first digital audio workstation. In addition to its own facility, Soundstream installed editing systems at Paramount Pictures (Hollywood), RCA (New York), and Bertelsmann (Germany). A system was delivered to the U.S. Department of Justice to aid the analysis of bootleg recordings.

  13. Rory O'Shaughnessy says:

    Hi guys!! im in the west of ireland and no sign of Poppeteers ices over here BOO!! However, i did recieve my email about signing up and i was intrigued about the form number AR185. So i “Googled” it and found this from the Harvard Edu website, Something to do with NOAA and a solar flare in 1975. Coincidence, maybe but its plausible dont ya think. Oh and i’m so happy that i may have found a clue to do with this cause i tried with Cloverfield but no joy!! I’d love to know if anyone can get anymore info on this. Heres the link.….74..129W

  14. TSTRAUT says:

    Man, I hope I got it right. I want to be a Rocket Poppeteer!

  15. Subterranean says:

    Look at #7 on the survey and think, who doesn’t think aliens come from other planets? I think it’s going to be like I thought when I found the connection with this movie and bill cooper and the dulce underground base, the thing in the train car most likely comes from underground.

    Also think about the trailer, why would someone crash themselves into a train committing suicide, unless they knew what was in it, what the intentions of the train and the intentions of the thing being transported and wanted to expose it to the public,

    Anyone remember Area 51 hysteria? It’s likely having to do with that they say Groom Lake, as in the Air Force base, which is a base the US Air Force denied existed in open court, this movie is going to be bad ass, a subterranean intelligent most likely reptilian creature is in that train car and it’s going to get out and do god knows what.

  16. CzM says:

    Are there really any wrong answers? The e-mail said that this was to get to know us better.

    I know I sound like a broken record but I WANT THE THE DEVICE COMMAND FOR .REENTER! 😉

  17. Xeno Lambrose says:

    Or maybe RP HQs is looking for honest answers.
    I mean look at the statements again—they can be somewhat ambiguous. For example:

    1. Your favorite astronaut is Captain ‘Coop’ Cooper! [A fictitious astronaut—like Flash Gordon or Commander Cody, or a real one like Neil Armstrong, Gordon Cooper, or Gordo the dog?]
    2. You could defeat an evil Kladrog all by yourself. [Do you even know what a Kladrog is, and since it says “an evil Kladrog,” it would seem to indicate that there are friendly Kladrogs. Unless you can read the mind of Kladrogs, how do you tell?]
    3. You know all the words to the Rocket Poppeteers Theme Song! [You mean what the words mean, or what they are—front to back, or back to front?]
    4. If you could, you’d eat hamburgers every day! [Depending on how many hamburgers they’re talking about, you may want to reserve one of the one-size-fits-all space suits.]
    5. You finish homework quickly. [Do you use a stopwatch or a calendar?]
    6. Your desk at school is very organized. [We don’t have desks at pre-school, just bins with drool-encrusted toys from Goodwill]
    7. You believe that aliens live on other planets. [In addition to ours?]
    8. You prefer to sit close to a door in a room. [Especially the bathroom.]
    9. You prefer stories with happy endings. [How does “Green Eggs and Ham” end?]
    10. You enjoy exploring the unknown. [I don’t know—I haven’t finished yet.]
    11. Your favorite color is red. [What if it’s mauve?]
    12. You are often a hero in your dreams. [As opposed to others’ dreams?]
    13. You are a super skilled rocket ship pilot. Just like Captain ‘Coop’ Cooper! [Oh really? Who else do you know that you are “just like?”]
    14. You would tell the teacher if you caught your brother cheating on a test! [You mean like if your brother is cheating on an underground nuclear test in violation of the nuclear test ban treaty, or the eye chart test?]
    15. You have things in common with other members of your class. [Like oppose-able thumbs?]
    16. You sometimes can tell what your classmates are thinking. [Sure, they think up the room on a regular basis.]
    17. You always leave room for dessert, especially Rocket Poppeteers Popsicles! [When have you EVER left room for a Rocket Poppeteers Popsicle? For that matter, when have you ever even tasted one?]
    18. If you had two Rocket Poppeteers Popsiciles left, you would share one with a friend. [Especially if it had a ticking sound coming from it. This question was scary—I thought I’d have to answer how many popsicles would be left if I shared one.]
    19. Being a Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut is the best job in the world! [How would you know?]
    20. You would win the race to outer space. [Hasn’t that race already been run, and you weren’t in it?]

    My canine got his e-mail request for more info and I had to help him with the typing. Does that make me a bad person? or a worse person?

  18. CzM says:

    I get Xeno Lambrose’s point, but we were only asked to answer within the scope how much we strongly disagree to strongly agree from 1-5. The questions weren’t essay in nature. And think about the way the questions are worded. Doesn’t it seem like this questionnaire would be more age appropriate for a fairly young kid? If I was an 8 year old and I loved RP Popsicles and I was really into the marketing, I would definitely be excited about defeting aliens or exaggerating my ability to “read” my classmates thoughts. That’s why I asserted initially that there are no wrong answers. It didn’t come across as a test to me, but more of a gimicky thing to get a kids attention. Which makes since because in the Super 8 universe, RP is more than likely meant for kids in nature.

    • Xeno Lambrose says:


      I understand what you’re saying, but consider, “technically” you have to be 13 to sign up on the RP site and receive the “get to know you better” form, so we can go with a couple of assumptions:

      The RP staff knows that if the statements were posed to 8-year old kids, in fact , if there are any 3rd grade teachers, I’d be interested in knowing the responses a teacher would get sharing these statements with the class.
      #1. Class response: who’s Cap’t Cooper?
      #2. Class response: what’s a Kladrog?
      #3. Class response: what’s Rocket Poppeteers?
      #13. Class response: Are you kidding, we’re just now riding a two-wheeler for more than 10 feet.
      #17. Class response: what’s Rocket Poppeteers Popsicles?
      #20. Class response: you mean, like on a field trip, right? Can buses go in space?

      So, are we supposed to answer like we think an honest 8-year old kid would, or answer like 30-year olds acting like what they think 8-year old kids would say if they were 30 years old?

      • SamaEl says:

        I think it’s the second option, after all: It’s only a viral! And based on how the website is designed (ok, there were no websites in the 70’s, but you need to have them to make a viral camapign work!) I think it’s for children, as would be the Rocket Poppeteers.
        I see it as if it was kindda a Pokémon thing “Gotta Cath ’em All!” Of course, you can’t catch a pokémon, they don’t exist! But they do their campaign based on that world. So Rocket Poppeteers campaign is made like if Rocket Poppeteers existed and they’re making a campaign for children “Taste the Outer Space!”

      • David G says:

        You never were obsessed with a brand, its characters, and all its minutiae at a young age? Voltron, maybe? Transformers? Power Rangers? Pokemon?

        I knew kids that were 8 during the original Pokemon craze that could name off all 151 Pokemon, let alone Ash (Star of the show, like Coop here), Team Rocket (like the ‘evil’ Kladrog here), etc. I don’t think you’re giving the target audience of this product enough credit. Kids are sponges for information, especially if it is imitable or popular.

        Also: age of 13 is irrelevant to the pre-Internet era this campaign seems to be from. Even post-Internet, with companies lauding ‘please ask your parents’ permission before accessing our website,’ what kid is going to really obey that law? They are the best consumers for companies in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is in their naiveté or disregard for rules out of desire.

        etc etc etc.

  19. Dave says:

    If the form weren’t unique to each email, we’d be allowed to answer it as much as we want, but I just tried to open it again and it said “this form has already been submitted.”

  20. monochromatic says:

    Hmmm… i have the strange suspicion of something happening tomorrow involving chat…

  21. Corey says:

    The anagram of Kladrog is Gold Ark…. and speilberg is producing? sounds familiar, lol. Probably going to far but still cool.

    oh yeah, Xeno Lambrose, green eggs and ham isn’t a story. It’s simply a rhyme or poem. I know what you mean though, lol. …don’t mean to sound like a dick.

  22. Xeno Lambrose says:


    No problem..

    and as far as sounding like one…

    I didn’t know they made sounds…

    I suppose they’re responsible for them, though…just give it a little over 9 months, and you’ll have sounds from then on!

  23. Corey says:


    Oh, they do!

    Sometimes it even talks… and tells me to do bad things.

  24. CzM says:

    Can we please stay on topic here and refrain from comparing talking body parts?

    @Xeno Lambrose
    You make an excellent arguement. I just wondered why any of the answers would or could be wrong. Unless there really is something to the theory that there is a process of elimination going on. Hmmm is RP only looking for a certain number of Astronauts?

    • Corey says:

      Sorry, I forgot we aren’t allowed to have fun here! This is a place of strict hard work ethics….

      Anyway… I plan on going to weirton sometime next week. Does anyone have any tips to catch them filming?

  25. Babaji says:

    They are filming on Monday in the downtown Main St area and there are going to be explosions, supposedly caused by the actual train crash we see in the trailer. So since this is going to be an important piece of the film, not sure just how close you can get to this filming, but I plan on trying to get near there somehow. I heard there was real tight security the other day out in T omlinson Run State Park area and I suspect this dealt with the actual Alien, if there is one in the movie. If there is in fact an Alien in this movie, then they would have to do some filming of it here somewhere, at some point you would think. When this takes place, I am quite sure nobody will be around that area to see anything.

  26. Corey says:

    damn it! Mondays no good for me, this sucks lol.

  27. CzM says:

    this entire site and viral is about having fun. Its just that the type of fun you are implying has nothing to do with Super 8 and will only result in an unnecessary distraction.

    Anyone on this site who has access to the set, see if you can recover any props once they are done shooting. There may be some insignifcant things that they won’t need but will be awesome movie collectibles. Also, you may want to stay within the vacinity of the set only because there may be a need for additional extra’s and you may have an opportunity to be in the movie! Keep us posted!

  28. James V. says:

    Where’s weirton compared to N.C. and what would be the cheapest way to get there I trying so hard to watch filming but its insane….

  29. Babaji says:

    Look at a map James! Weirton is in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Right on the Ohiio River and only a 20 min. drive to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are about a 10 hour drive to NC, Charlotte. This Steel Mill was one of the best and biggest in the World with 13,000 employees at one point, now down to about 1,000 or less. Our government allows foreign steel companies to dump CHEAP steel in this country and it has destroyed the steel industry here for Americans.

    • 26062 says:

      Baba…he asked where it was compared to NC..which you were nice enough to tell him…what he didn’t ask for was someone to boo hoo about the mill and what it used to be…this site is for all things Super 8…try to stay on topic

    • James V. says:

      Ya sounds like it sucks but as everyone else said I didn’t really “ask” about that but alot more accurate than other places Wierton’s very small 10 hour drive doesn’t sound so bad for the opportunity to be an extra (now the only mystery is finding “GAS”)

  30. 26062 says:

    the forum is much better suited for discussion anyway…but there is a blog for just about every topic too…filming talk should be here

    if not in the forum…

    just easier to keep track of everything if topics are followed instead of spread out everywhere

  31. Babaji says:

    Ha, did you also tell him that the location related to NC, has nothing to do with this RP crap? Don’t think you did, so you can just communicate with those here you have something in common with and mind your own business!

    • 26062 says:

      i would have had he posted off topic…since that isn’t the first time you went off topic i only directed it towards you…so go cry your steel mill blues to someone that gives a shit…it has no place here.. noone here cares about the town of weirton or the mill 😉

  32. Babaji says:

    does your daddy know you are going to get his ass kicked when you disrespect people you don’t even know? Of course you don’t care about anything Weirton, this thread is about the All-important Rocket Poppeteers, which to me looks like something a bunch of 3 yr olds would be into. LOl

  33. Corey says:

    Yeah, we talk about things here because this is the latest subject. Its more likely to get comments then subjects below….

    So knock off the “fake moderator” bullshit and let us talk about the filming or whatever we want because that is why this site is here.

  34. monochromatic says:

    tee hee all these people from Weirton have pretty short tempers, must be something in the water. @26062, sure, this is a thread for Rocket Poppeteers, but even I, the seemingly flawless monochromatic, have posted news that doesn’t belong on the thread. And if I am not mistaken, YOU of all people have posted on the wrong topic. Yes, hard to believe, but sure enough, on the topic; “New Audio File And Print Out!” You posted quite a few comments regarding set pictures. Hypocrite much… and PLENTY of people on this site are very interested in everything to do with Super 8. Wether it is Set Pictures, STIES updates, Popsicles or Red Pillbox Hats, we are all alike! Now let’s just hope that when Admin gets back from one of his frequent vacations that we all love, he will sort this out.

    • 26062 says:

      @ Corey…wasn’t tryin to play moderator just tryin to get people over to the forum which even the admin here has said is better for discussion

      @mono…i may have done that. b4 i knew about the forum. all this posting all over all the blogs makes it all hard to follow

      as for the short temper..not really but living in weirton i get tired of hearing all these old mill workers and such whining about what used to be…they need to get over it and move on…it has no place on this site

  35. Janesmith says:

    Alrighty boys.. geesh i leave you guys for a few days and look what happens.. * FLASHES TITTIES* … there.. now keep your pissing contest to a minimum, its all this pent up whats next in the game feeling we all have waiting for the next clue.

    Dont forget we all have real lives and opinions so stop crapping on others thoughts and feelings and find out what mama has to do with the FRIGGEN CHAT ICON before I explode!!! RAWR!!!

    ~~~ Jane <3

  36. Corey says:

    Here is a picture of Janes titties as mentioned above,

    Thanks again Jane for keeping us on track! 😉

  37. James V. says:

    i have a sinking feeling we WON’T be seeing the monster at least ALL of it even if we are at the filming wasn’t the last “Clovie” monster CGI?

  38. Janesmith says:

    @ Corey… a great shot of em too =P

    @ James.. who says its about a monster? >=)

  39. CzM says:

    Admin, I think your site is being abused here. I check in to see whats new and about all I’m coming across is abusive people with no real agenda other than to swear, speak pervertedly and threaten physical violence. What the heck is going on???

    • monochromatic says:

      well, we kinda settled the whole Babaji and 26062 dilemma, so not much to worry about there… but as for the rumored “relationship” between me and Janesmith, heh well let’s just say that I have no comment. yet

  40. Jasper says:

    Hey guys and girls,
    ive been following every thing for hollong and i also signed up.
    I also recieved the list from rocket poppeteers.
    I can’t wait what’s next also love scariest thing.
    Keep up the good work with everything.
    It gets me through my working day just reading the comments
    Greets Jasper

  41. Jasper says:

    oops i meant form holland instead of for hollong 😀

  42. James V. says:

    @monochromatic lol I was saying that the monster WAS real but had makeup done with CGI SHEESH!!!! Personally the “monster ” in this new film will probably end up being the equivelant of a chihuahua….=)

  43. Corey says:

    @CzM ….What are you talking about? There has been no threats made of any kind. We all get along here, we just bicker sometimes. We are all adults so calm down, please.

  44. Xeno Lambrose says:

    Pardon me for sticking to comments regarding the application form, but here goes:

    Just like psych evaluations of this sort may be evaluated so as to determine certain attributes of the applicant based upon countless trials and responses by persons affected with particular psychological challenges and accessed by psychologists, I wouldn’t be surprised if the RP forms are psychological in the sense that “weighted” responses to the statements on the form will help RP HQs to determine where successful applicants will be placed if they make the cut to Cap’t Coop’s Corps.

    I think a relevant question to ask ourselves would be which “Fleet” would we really like to be a part of? Command, Strength, etc.

    Are we the type to give orders (effectively), or take them compliantly?
    Find the solutions to problems accurately and expediently?
    Work together as a coordinated team, or spout off like an illiterate, gutter-mouthed miscreant?

    And if you can’t understand what’s being discussed, or just can’t hold back from one-upping someone who’s ruffled your feathers, it’s just a thought, but perhaps you should devote more time improving your intellect than wasting it proving yourself a fool on the internet.

    • Corey says:

      Aren’t you doing the same thing? Calling us names? We haven’t even done that…
      We all still talk about Super 8, which this site is about. The posts havent gone more than around 3 off topic. So please don’t call names because that makes you the same, just keep posting comments (because in a while when new news happened these comments will be forgotten) and it will all vanish.

      I’ll start:
      For those of you have gotten the email, where there directions with it? How do you send it in? Email back, electronically or postal mail?

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        Sorry Corey,

        Reread what I wrote–to whom do you feel I called names? I simply was trying to appeal to everyone posting (including myself) that words have meaning, and there are young ones observing the content and contributing to posts. Is it that had to keep this site on a higher plane?

        And regarding any names you feel I called anyone, my apologies, but if the shoe fits…

        The question is, “Do we REALLY need to put our foot in a shoe that broadcasts to everyone watching our lack of civility?”

        As per your 3 questions at the end:

        The subject field of the e-mail was “Message from Rocket Poppeteers!” (without quotation marks)

        The e-mail stated:



        (below that, it had a link that said:

        click here–(it takes you to the form)

        (below that, it has the Rocket Poppeteer logo)

        (below that is an Unsubscribe/Privacy notice and:
        Rocket Poppeteers | PO Box 1331 | Minot, ND 58702

        Again, clicking the “click here” is a link to the form.


  45. Subterranean says:

    No not Godzilla, much smarter and much smaller, this movie I can almost be certain is going to be related to a real life event and basically explaining the unknown, we already know it’s about Area 51, the supposed craft that crashed and was covered up by our government, the body is most likely what’s on the train, and think about this,

    Why would someone kill themselves just to derail a train?

    Unless they knew what was on it, someone wanted to expose what the government is attempting to cover up, read up on William Cooper, you know Cpt. Coop Cooper, he’s a real person and is believed by many to have been killed as part of the cover up, not only was he a part of what events most likely take place in this movie he was speaking out about it before his death.

  46. E.Taura33 says:

    Hey there, not sure if people are still following this post…. Anyways, I know the applications have been going out for sometime now, but I just wanted to inform everyone that I just got mine. Not sure if others are receiving theirs now as well as part of a second string of emails?

  47. Nick says:

    Bacterial isolates obtained from Lonar Lake:
    Isolate Number: ARI 85
    MCM Number: MCM B-1009
    Genebank Accession Number: DQ354108
    Phylogenetic Group: Firmicutes
    Nearest phylogenetic neighbour: Planococcus Maritimus

    Lonar (Lunar) Lake? ARI85?

    Maybe it’s nothing

  48. JonT says:

    hmmm this is just a thought… maybe this entire movie is a prequel to cloverfield??? the more all of you good people figure it out the more it starts to make sense… think about it…

    This mystery guy john has his own website about fish… the monster from clover field was definitely aquatic…

    also on there is a picture that you can flip that says “don’t forget who takes care of you” – J… could J be John???

    this rocketpoppeteers is what confused me for a long time, but i think i figured something out… at the end of cloverfield the moster can clearly be seen dropping in from the sky, maybe even from… HELLO space!!!!

    the more people start to figure out the more it makes sense, and the more i get excited to even start thinking this could be a prequel, but it is JUST a guess.

  49. Greg says:

    Woww I just got that email… Delayed reation I guess

  50. Daryl says:

    Hey, just got a big envelope with a certificate in it. It lists my astronaut name, code and rank on it. Not sure what to do with it.

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