Super 8 Release Date

super 8 release date

Paramount made an announcement today regarding the release date of Super 8... and that release date is June 10, 2011. So keep your calendars clear and I'll see you at the theater!


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  1. C9URK says:


    well done Jane, good work

    This new data will send us crazy again!! lol maybe time to stock up on Red Bull an Pro Plus!!

  2. Janesmith says:

    Well next week is BIG TURKEY DAY for some of us..And i’d be more than normally disapointed if “they” did not leave us somthing else to “feast” on for those few days.

    I’m just saying pre turkey treats, would be a nice wishbone to get.

    *CLUE* to the ARG people, as my friend likes to say =P


  3. Jason says:

    Oh Admin, my Admin

    Where might thou be?

  4. will says:

    googled weird letters on pic at sties site………….its someones diary…going to sleep now but if u guys can see is an ad on page and the famous bobbit worm portrait is in there……..might be some more clues here

  5. will says:

    The Religious Right – Revealed has moved to

  6. will says:

    at james erwin wikipage………look at his his pic closely and the astro suit hes wearing………….3 dots………… on truck and id badge…………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i think im going crazy……….lol………i have to go to work……..hope you guys can find something

  7. will says:

    im seeing dots every where now

  8. CzM says:

    Hi Admin,

    Sorry for the delay with the timeline. No sooner do I start working on it then suddenly get inundated with business of life. I’m about half way finished with it, and this week “should” be quiet. I’ll let you know as soon as I have something.

    Meanwhile…NEW PRINT OUT?!?! Awesome!

  9. x box 360 kinect says:

    xbox 4gb…

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