Now that we know for sure that Hook, Line and Minker is related to all of this I guess it only makes sense that I should post when Josh makes a new post (Thanks Jah for pointing out the new post). This was posted today with a post title of yesterday's date, apparently he has found the COELACANTH!

Ok, it’s gonna be a GREAT Thanksgiving! I know some of you wont believe me, I have finally FOUND A COELACANTH. I know, I know, doubt all you want, I’ll put the photos up to prove it soon enough! One of my guysctually came through, and he promises he can deliver in early December. For all my searching, honestly, never thought I’d really find one. I thought they were just too rare – but it goes to show you what (possibly unhealthy) persistence can get you.

Needless to say, as soon as it arrives, I will keep you all up to date on my progress. Regular updates for sure. Just crazy. Major tank preparations are under way.

And thanks to a certain someone for being so patient through all this. I promise I won’t let it (majorly) interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. I promised a tasty, home cooked meal and I will deliver.

source: Hook, Line and Minker

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95 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving From Hook, Line and Minker”

  1. James V. says:


  2. Janesmith says:

    yeah yeah..blahblahblah Josh.. you fell in love, some black market guys gonna take your kidneys in the back alley when you show up. You Promise to update your blog for really realzzz this time.

    Oh well guess I have to go back to the real world now…=P

    Happy Turkey Day to my fellow gamers =)

  3. Nice Josh, and happy Birthday!

  4. Oops I meant Thanksgiving! 😀

  5. Jason says:

    And happy thanksgiving to everyone too! Including you, Admin.

  6. griles says:

    New to post, but been reading. Question shouldnt this fish be found in africa or indian ocean? Josh’s post keep talking about Boston and some Canadian.

    • kush says:

      sounds like he is getting from another source, so theres no telling where it came from, but you can always wikipedia it if you want real information about it.

  7. Randy says:

    Blue can, lion on it. COELACANTH = (THE COLA CAN) ?

    • Grohfactor says:

      I was thinking the same thing this morning Randy… what if the distorted convesation we heard from Minker was actually “coelacanth” instead of the “blue can lion on it” we thought it was?

      And if so, how does that change things?

      • kush says:

        Coelacanth is pronounced “see-la-kanth”. Anyone who is interested in something this much would pronounce the name right, so I don’t think its possible, also we don’t even know if its Josh in the audio file (or do we?).

  8. DemonG says:

    ‘guysctually’ code or can’t josh spell?

  9. jessenyhc says:

    i just want to see another trailer, hope something comes up soon!!!

    anyone see the battle: los angeles trailer, looks good.

  10. Just heard great news: Fast Five release date moved away from Super 8. I was afraid that Fast Five was gonna top the box office that week (no surprise.) Unless no other movies premiere on that day, Super 8 has the 80% chance of being #1 at the box office (Something Borrowed looks good but doesn’t look like a top box office winner.) It looks like Super 8 isn’t that popular right now, but once it comes out it’ll be like Cloverfield when it first came out.

  11. Will says:

    I say we shouldn’t look too far into this update Initially. I think we should go into December with the past clues and printouts in mind and look for connections when more info is given.

  12. Andy says:

    Hey guys this just came to my attention. In that MP3 file on STIES, could that he possibly be saying Blue can with a LINE on it, not lion? Don’t know if that could lead to anything else.

    • Jason says:

      Good call. I’ve been working for a while to decipher multiple different things that he could be saying to the store manager, or whom ever. However, I have checked out Blue Can, Line on it, and have come to the conclusion that it is too vague to find a direct answer.

      Most probable theory thus far is that it is Josh speaking about Coelacanth, Lion, Line or whatever on it. I suggest the person in the file IS Josh because Mysterio’s intense fascination with him, and it is definitely Mysterio’s desktop. Another good theory is that he is talking about Blue Fin Lionfish, as he already has the red fin lionfish in his fish slider.

  13. Avilen Procom says:

    Why Did He Mention “Mayor Tank Preparations”?

  14. Avilen Procom says:

    Why Did Josh Mention “Mayor Tank Preparations” Just Doesn’t Add Up

    • Jason says:

      Maj*or Tank Preperations because it would probably take more than he has available to keep a coelacanth in, as stated in a previous post, which he says that getting his new aquarium would allow him to house a coelacanth

  15. Super8investor says:

    Maybe Mayor Tank Preperartions For The Next Filming Section

    • Ryan says:

      Or “MAJOR tank preparations” as in he needs a bigger tank and needs to fix it up to house a Coelacanth.

      That seems more likely to me.

  16. SnorlackJack says:

    What about the wiki on coelacanth? Maybe there is info there we could use?

  17. SnorlackJack says:

    and i found this…

  18. Ryan says:

    Went through 7 pages of posting, good job on keeping up with these theories, admin.
    I went through all the comments too, and you posters are just…something else. Amazes me how you guys come up with these stuff.
    Any who, I will continue to lurk the post/comments in hopes you guys figure out the most exciting adventure, ever.

  19. James V. says:

    Hey guys going to be away for a while keep checking RP website for me K? Somethings uploading and I won’t be able to check on it for a while…

  20. FriscoChiro says:

    Am I the only one feeling like we are missing something somewhere?

  21. DemonG says:

    Anything on the ’empty’ expcnl.dat file that came with the ids I can try and investigate it but I’m having problems with running sties module . Rocket poppeteers won’t even run.

  22. Super8investor says:

    yeah the only thing that popped up was a black logo

  23. SnorlackJack says:

    No one will look into this? This site looks brand new and it mentions nothing about hook line minker, even though if you look at the website source code, this was the only website tied to it.

    What about asking josh questions about his fish? Would you get a response?

  24. SnorlackJack says:

    Decided to do a whois on the site.

    here it is:

    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    • Mr. Y.W. says:

      The domain was created in May 2002 according to The oldest post is from Jan 2005. Most definitely not an In-Game website. The owner, Michael, is a web developer who created an embedded flash player that hooklineandminker is more than likely using for the fish photo slider.

    • admin says:

      The whois is protected by a proxy service which is used to hide the true owners identity, so this information isn’t going to help… but as someone already said, the site isn’t related to Super 8 in any way…

  25. DemonG says:

    What black logo ?

  26. Ryan says:

    I am the Ryan who posted:
    [Or “MAJOR tank preparations” as in he needs a bigger tank and needs to fix it up to house a Coelacanth.

    That seems more likely to me]

    and [Wat] not the other one.
    That is a troll and a liar.
    I will now post under the name of Dinosauring.

  27. will says:

    hlm is down

    • will says:

      if anybody seeing what im seeing…………is the a chance to log in with a password through http://ftp………at hlm it says THIS WEBSITE IS COMING SOON

      If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information.

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        This was posted on the HLM site tody before it morphed:

        “DECEMBER 3RD
        By Josh | Published: December 4, 2010
        Yea, I know I’m behind with the calendar. Don’t get me wrong, happy you come to me for the times – just been a rough week. And yea, I don’t have the Coelacanth…yet? This guy keeps stalling. I’m supposed to meet him on the 10th and go from there. Getting tired of all the games, it’s just pointless back-and-forth. I wish people would just do what they say for once. But apparently that’s asking for too much.

        Anyway, here’s the calendar – happy spotting!”

      • Jane Smith says:

        We all see it, question is is it a intentional crash..

        Also is there something there in the background image or is it the foil hat is too tight on my head?

        I may be allergic to tinfoil.. we will see


        • Jason says:

          Might be your foil hat. I don’t see anything.
          How curious though that it crasshed like thiis. And thanks for posting that, Xeno.

          • 26062 says:

            oddly enough they have made it so you can’t read what others have posted on the “wall” of the super 8 facebook…and i could view it 2 days ago

          • Jason says:

            @ 26062 Yes you can, at least I can.

          • 26062 says:

            i can’t see the wall anymore…just what super 8 has posted 2 posts long ago…you used to be able to click to view “super 8 and others”…but not anymore…im not talking about the discussion board

          • Mr. Y.W. says:

            Everything on Facebook works fine for me.

  28. Atticus says:

    Hey guys Atticus here, (Friends call me Tick)
    I was doing some research here and found a instrument called a blue lion maybe this audio tape was before Josh knew what to bring well its just a guess you can read about the intrument maybe you can find something you need to have adobe reader to open the file its a PDF.

  29. Atticus says:

    Also , has anyone tried to call this number ? 412-655-8822 it was on one of the trucks in the gallery and im not quite sure but why would they post it ?

  30. 26062 says:

    that number is on a haddads truck…they are the company that supplied most of set equipment for the movie like the lighting rigs and wiring and power set ups for the movie…has absolutly nothing to do with anything else…remember these pics were takin and posted by locals in weirton not by people involved with the movie

  31. super8invester says:

    Somethings Up You Cant Spot Anything About Fish On The HLM Update

    • 26062 says:

      this is all iget when i go there


      If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information.

      • Mr. Y.W. says:

        Yes, we already know this. Look at post #27 above.

        • 26062 says:

          umm i read all posts even #27 believe it or not…and no you didn’t “already know this” because that is what i am seeing and you didn’t already know what i am seeing 😉

          • Mr. Y.W. says:

            But you are repeating the same information that #27 posted. That information is what we already know. But thank you for seeing it for yourself and reporting that you did so. 😉

      • Xeno Lambrose says:


        Did you read this under #27:

        “will says:
        December 4, 2010 at 4:07 am
        if anybody seeing what im seeing…………is the a chance to log in with a password through http://ftp………at hlm it says THIS WEBSITE IS COMING SOON

        If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information.”?

        Seems the same as what you’re saying, was said, as was mentioned.

        • 26062 says:

          LMAO…no shit???…are you serious?????… you re read my response to him it was posted in a joking manner….for him to say we already know this..well…ya didn’t already know it since it is what i am seeing and that was the first time i posted it there is no way he could have already known what I was seeing

          sorry i forget sometimes that you are all Geniuses here and way to smart to understand a simple joke if most of you would stop trying to be such geniuses and out thinking yourselves you might actually figure something out here…as for me i am more just watching this unfold picking up on a few things here and there on how this ARG stuff works since i never heard of it before they started filming this movie down the street…so i will now crawl back under my rock where i obviously belong since i can’t keep up with such smart people.. such as yourselves…carry on now

          • Xeno Lambrose says:


            My, aren’t you in a little huff.

            Sorry, we “Geniuses” can’t comprehend your humor.

            Now, had you stated, “How many 26062s does it take to realize that the same info had been posted and it’s useless to post such, because ARG geniuses are endowed with the ability to see what 26062s see at all times…,” that would have been funny.

            Some people just aren’t that capable of pulling off humor, and it’s not your fault; you just were born with a defective joke-telling gene, it’s no big deal.

            P.S. Do you have wi-fi, or dial-up, underneath your rock? Just curious…

          • Jason says:

            Mr. 26062,
            That is called punctuation. Our genius can’t process your complaints without this. Now I can’t guarantee that under your rock, we will perticularly miss your clearly superior intelligence and dedication to this project.

            By the way Xeno, you are freaking hilarious.

  32. will says:

    lol……… tin foil cap has me seeing double………well i guess we have to see when hlm comes back………josh is gonna renovate site to show tank with coelcanth i guess…..i tried hacking in ftp site as admin by using some of the clues but no luck i even have ip address from but no luck….i guess we will have to wait till hlm come back……..should we hold our breath….lol….. i should have swallowed the blue pill jj abrams

    • will says:

      on the meantime quidditch anyone……….lmaofffffffffffffffff

    • Janesmith says:

      Yes will.. i think we need to switch to parchment caps.. too much tinfoil rots the brain I hear, so does sitting in front of your computer all day waiting for HLM or STIES to update.. not that I will stop doing that =/


      • will says:


  33. DemonG says:

    Well he did say he’s gonna get his colionbluecan fish early December so the site shouldn’t be down for to long , but you know Josh , always lazy and unpredictable.

    + That ‘special someone’ bothers me maybe it is uncle mysterio or that girl at his work that also lost her father . Won’t it be weird if her dad and Josh dad were the super 8 kids.

    • Janesmith says:

      Be worse if they find out there brother and sister….oooooo

      OH YEAH i went there… =P


      • Mr. Y.W. says:

        Oh no you didn’t!


        • will says:

          omg……is this on some smallville s?Yt…………..jj abrams need to add us as some comic relief……super 8 sounds like a maxipad that saves the world now………fish all over place………..there are fish at hlm that make my kids mother look like a saint…..imagine if whatever escaped train by area 51 is my kids mother……then i could see why all the conspiracies..ohhhhhh maybe its my mother in law…….she look like she been n this world for a very long time…….lol

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        Luke, I’m your Father, the Princess is your sister, and don’t even ask about the big tall furry thing…it’s a long story.

  34. will says:

    seriously……….does every scifi movie have to have a americanized godzilla character to it…………..please jj…….i liked cloverfield but we need something new………..maybe arsenic proven a while ago…….my mother in law fits the decription of an other wordly being……cast her pleeezzzz

    • will says:


  35. will says:

    as a alien fanatic……..why havent aliens proven themselves………… my opinion……… is a zoo……..if i were a alien in space…….i would be laughing at how primitive we are in the comfortability of my spaceship…………..haha look at those humans how they use their hands and feets lol……….how they waste their natural resources…maybe the day we accept and become ONE…….aliens will come down and share their secrets.but in the meantime with my tinfoil cap i will laugh at all you humans in my interdimensional spACE craft ……………u primitives need to look beyond your self and make this world a betta place………lol……cant we all just get along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Xeno Lambrose says:

    klaatu barrac obama nicto

  37. Xeno Lambrose says:

    HLM is back up. Josh’s post:

    “December 6th – Published December 7th
    “That’s funny – I didn’t even notice the blog was down! Thanks for the emails! Back up now, looks like it was just some issue with my web hoster.”

  38. DemonG says:

    Looks like the next meeting with his dads friend is on the 10th and between the calendar times . So maybe a new sties update

  39. Jenkins says:

    How many days was the site down for??

  40. Xeno Lambrose says:

    For Admin;

    What’s your name on Unfiction?

  41. yyea says:


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