Did Something Happen To Josh??

did something happen to josh

It seems as thought the mysterious man in the chat room/print outs has lost contact with Josh. There has been no response to any of his communication over the past week and he's starting to worry. There is a new post in the print out as well as the chat room from the man which leads him to believe that something may have happened...

did something happen to josh

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  1. Contact me when you get this? Hmm…

  2. Maybe Josh had some last minute Christmas Shopping to do 😀

  3. griles says:

    Maybe something happened when he met the dude for his fish. He mentioned it would be early Dec since then no contact from Josh

  4. griles says:

    Maybe he saw the Yogi movie and freaked out.

  5. hey guys, there’s something with the print out. Like, they all have too many “>”

  6. James V. says:

    Either Josh is 1.Seeing Apollo 18 (Go ahead look it up) or 2.Getting his own Cloecanth!!!! I LOVE
    Colecanths!! Wait a minuite I’M TURNING INTO JOSH MINKER!!!!! OMG SOMEONE SLAP ME!!!!!!

      • James V. says:

        Idk I mean its using the same plot as every other film involving aliens and the moon well (no one KNOWS ANYTHING!!! about the plot) But that’s my guess…

    • MicMagellan says:

      …i hear ya’ I was thinkin i’d may have gone over board by posting a “are you ok message on HLM in early Dec. when he first vanished. Clearly i most have been going nuts, but when i seen this post i fig. we are all on the same page. Dude goes missing on my b-day. I told josh to slow down but he drinks like a fish.

  7. James V. says:

    but still I find it funny that I’m the one to discover a files uploading on websites but never the one to post that they are fully uploaded…. (such as J.M.’s Dad or the i.d. cards) but I’m not wanting to take credit I can’t be one the internet all the time. Only 75% of my time is set aside and used for that so its either school,eating,or sleeping for 1 hour a day, (one of those has GOT to go) lol

  8. James V. says:

    Hey guys RP’s glitching out!!!! It won’t load at all!!!! something wrong with the flash!!!

  9. Spark says:

    Hmm..sounds like maybe the goverment snatched Josh to see what he knows and stuff.

  10. alwayslove2010 says:

    What if he somehow found out how times it has been visited so he flipped shit and ran away. Maybe we’re having some sort of impact (even though it was probably to be expected, which is smart of JJ’s end). JJ is probably taking the ARG to a whole other level. Or maybe I’m completely bonkers.

  11. DemonG says:

    Its kinda weird that he didn’t post a xmas wish on hlm . He did post a thanksgiving one and that isn’t even such a big day world wide .

    I fear our friend Josh is lost .

    Ps. Merry xmas yall

  12. Jason says:

    Very interesting. I wonder what happened to him. My guess is that the coelacanth deal was…less than legitimate.

  13. SteveFratty says:

    He’s probably just discovered internet porn or something.

    In seriousness – I hope we get something good/a whole lot more starting New Years day onwards.

  14. James V. says:

    Ever think he just was busy “delivering” that “turkey” he was talking about before P.S. Saw the yogi bear movie and believe it or not it was OK kinda funny actually…

  15. James V. says:

    OMG I thing theres new photos on the STIES website check out the desktop new folder titled “photos” I hope they havent been discovered already P.S. requires a password..

  16. James V. says:

    Oh never mind jumped to conclusions “again!!”

  17. MicMagellan says:

    …what if.
    this means of communication has been suspended because it has severed it purpose of drawing out Josh, and not to say it was unexpected or out blue if you think about it really. It was bound to happen eventually. We have had the introduction of a few new characters in the GAME with no real change to the SCRIPT…(CLUE, POST, CHAT,etc. >>>) Do recall the strange wave file with funky distortion on sites? Remember we are supposed to dock a device to intercept next leg of the viral; at least that is the given assumption.

    “i make my money off the evening news…”

  18. James V. says:

    Wait ok lets think were out on leads josh is (somewhere) well just assume he is dead nothing more so weve been given clues on three dots Josh’s dad must work for them I think it would be best just to focus on name searching i.ie. Minker we could google his last name etc. and see what that come up with? thats a start…

  19. DemonG says:

    I know what’s gonna happen this following six months . Breakdowns , fetal positions and overbooked asylums.

    • James V. says:

      Wait Wait Wait who said that Josh has anything to do with THIS movie?? this is all happening in the PRESENT!!! Not 1990’s. PRESENT, maybe Josh IS the main character but the films following them as teenagers not ADULTS which is what they are right?? So this ARG is more of a SEQUEL than a PREQUEL!!! But even if it is a SEQUEL it could still provide back story to SUPER 8. Not trying to be a pain but you’ve got to consider ALL of the angles in this ARG.

      • Xeno Lambrose says:

        One angle to consider is that the movie could start in the present and then flashback to the events that happened in 1979.

        That way, it would satisfy the issue of ARG fan involvelment with us, and still provide a stand-alone movie for everyone who hasn’t followed the ARG.

        Just another way of looking at it…


  20. Ryan says:

    Yo James: not 1990’s, 1970’s. And Josh is probably not in the movie.

    Idk why everyone is panicking at the fact that joshies dad is black, like it’s no remotely possible that Josh is half or even full black. What if his dad ISN’T in the movie, and someone just recognized the actor who played him and credited him. In fact, maybe daddy Minker /is/ mysterio.

    Just saying, you know. Also, ever think we were part of this ARG, and the people who were looking in the wrong place WERE us?

  21. Zach says:

    Anyone know how the Tagruato Lions Little League Team did this past year? I haven’t kept up with them lately.

  22. James V. says:

    Hmm I think I noticed a pattern whenever the ARG gets slow its followed by several discoveries really fast… So are we ahead or behind or what? I don’t even think there are other ARG websites besides that other one who”s name I have purposely forgotten because of its disasterous messyness lol oh and Ryan thanks for correcting me I seriously thought that I had something wrong apparently it was the date lol………………….(series of never ending dots)

  23. Monochromatic says:

    if you look over at unforums, all they are talking about are the pointless fleets.

    • Samuelhybl says:

      Pointless? You never know…

    • Xeno Lambrose says:

      They’re only pointless if you haven’t been assigned to one yet. With STIES and HLM on hold RP is the only logical place to proceed at this point.

      You did take the survey so you could be assigned to one of the “pointless” fleets, didn’t you?

  24. Jason says:

    Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

  25. 3kko says:

    Happy New Year! And here’s to the first 2011 update whenever it comes!

  26. DemonG says:

    Can’t believe its 2011 finally super 8 is here . Still remember the first time I heard the sound file . Can’t can’t CAN’T wait for THIS movie.

  27. James V. says:

    I’m just syched it comes out only 30 DAYS from my B-Day Lol!!!!

  28. James V. says:

    Also I saw some people with pictures next to their name (username) on this website how do they do that? any ideas admin?

  29. jambalian says:

    i heared (read) something from a guy in a forum, who’s father’s working on the movie, it somethings about the plot: (i don’t actually know if it’s totally true, or if it is could be a spoil)

    The film is not about a huge monster, so we are not going see another cloverfield,

    This movie is about a scientific research gone wrong. 8 college students sign up for experimental research. The research changes there DNA allowing them to accumulate powers like mind control, strength, pyrokenisis, telepathic abilities and so on. The military finds out about the experimental program and pays a large sum of money to the scientist for the rights to continue the research and weaponize them. The scientist had stopped the research because they knew what it could be used for. But money corrupted them. The only way to contain the students who’s powers were still increasing from the experiments was to cool there bodies to a point low enough to keep them alive but to stop brain function. They sent them by train because it would be a fast way of travel while insuring that they would be contained. Unfortunately something went wrong with the train and it crashed. The freezer they were in stopped functioning allowing them to escape…They hide out and attempt to learn how to control there powers. What they don’t yet know is that the military has created super soldiers from the same research they purchased. There mission is to hunt down the college students codenamed as “Super 8” and kill them before the experiment goes public.

    • jambalian says:

      actually this is just a theory of someone on imbd, so dont pay atention to it,

      • Huni says:

        The theory fits the trailer, but the fact that Super 8 makes reference to the camera is out of question… Anyway, this sort of iamginative speculation about the plot is one of the things I enjoy most in the viral stage. People come up wih interesting ideas.

      • Rolo says:

        if the film was about kids with super powers surely in the trailer it would have said “they have arrived” or “they will arrive”. it said IT ARRIVES meaning that that the thing/alien in the train is on its own.

    • CrayolaR. says:

      Sounds like Steven Kings “Fire Starter”

    • Zappex says:

      may i tweak this theory here plz?

      lets think about it like this: change the college students to, like, 13-15 year old teenagers (covering the Rocket Poppeteers) who signed up for the experment. After the train crash (holding to ur part of the story), someone found them unconsisous and decided to raise them as their own, leaving no memory of their powers and as to what happened, and to why Josh doesnt know his father.

      …but i still do think this could be it, cause it does still say “It Comes”… “It” having to be an alien.

  30. Huni says:

    I can´t access Rocket Poppetteers, is anyone in the same situation?

  31. This is something i didn’t think of: maybe mysterio was working for the government and he caught josh and he knows we visit STIES so he’s making it look like nothing much has happened to josh.

    • Huni says:

      Wow. That would be a nice twist.
      The Rocket Poppeteers web page is back to normal, no updates at all. I was really expecting at least some minor changes…
      To calm down my impatience I went over the old Cloverfield viral; I hadn´t noticed that Hud´s height was reduced in his MySpace page after the monster bit him in half…

  32. larkinlink says:

    oh man…..this wait is killing me….

  33. Almish says:

    Whahooo I cant wait it comes out 4 days after my b day… Im thinking this whole thing must be future events in the timeline of the movie so really we are seening the aftermath of wat ever happens in the movie

  34. zapata says:

    i have a little theory around my head, it has something to do with the teaser trailer and the scariestthink… website, acording to the teaser the crash ocurred on 1979, and the website chatting on 1977, on the cast list on imdb the only afican american in the cast list is the one on josh minker father’s photo, i think that the accident was made by josh minker, in some sort of revenge for his father, and it put the film on going, that’s my belive

    • Willow says:

      I do not think that Josh Minker or anybody caused the accident, I think that an impact event caused the accident. There seems to be two (or two sets of) creatures. One is ET, and the other is the train cargo.

  35. Jason says:

    Huh, no new January calender, maybe lil Joshy did have some kind of disappearance,

  36. Matthew says:

    I still think that Josh is the one who was in the truck and purposely crashes into the train because he knows what’s inside.

  37. Ianditis says:

    If this movie is about 8 kids with super powers, then I’ll lose my mind. This better b a stellar alien invasion movie or something like that. Also this viral campaign is starting to wear thin on me. I don’t know about u guys but the cloverfield campaign was so much quicker and everything was so exciting. This one is just blah!! Step it up boys!

    • admin says:

      haha, the movie is definitely not about 8 kids with super powers. And as for the viral moving slow compared to the Cloverfield one, like I said before, there’s a lot more time in between when the Super 8 trailer came out and when the movie itself comes out compared to Cloverfield. So the viral seems to be moving slower because there is a lot more time to fill before the movie comes out where as Cloverfield had to jam a lot of stuff into less time.

  38. the Rolo says:

    here we go!

  39. Rolo says:

    does anyone know when a new trailer will come out for super 8?

  40. Bleugh says:

    I’ve looked on the Hook, Line and Minker site and there is a contact e-mail address.

    Has anybody thought about possibly e-mailing it and see if they get a response?

    • Bleugh says:

      Another thing – the conversations on the STIES website are from 2010, but the film in set in 1979 isn’t it?

      • kdu3142 says:

        kind of…. it may happen during both years… the conversations actually do happen during 2010… and some material we have is from 79… so i stromgly believe the movie is set in 2010 with flashbacks….

    • Huni says:

      I did a while ago (like a month), no response yet.

      • Bleugh says:

        @kdu3142 Oh, okay, is that one of the rumoured plots?

        @Huni :/, I thought I was onto something 😛

        Also, I’m new to this site, but I’ve read all the pages, it’s really good!
        I’ll be posting under the name of ‘Cloud’ from now on 🙂

    • FriscoChiro says:

      I did and I have received a couple of responses so I’m kind of confused about it.

      • Cloud says:

        What did they say?

        • FriscoChiro says:

          The first email I sent was just like someone following the blog & the second one I sent was about his fish Nelson’s death.

          1st response on 10/20/10:

          “Dear Dr. Rob,

          Thanks for checking in! Just a few hiccups in my personal life – but I’ll try to post again this week. Still trying, as always, for the Coelacanth. You never fail unless you give up, right? What are you a doctor of, by the way? A lot of my family are doctors.

          Thanks for visiting the site.

          J. Minker ”

          2nd response on 12/3/10:

          “Dr. Rob,

          Thanks much for the support. Honestly, I try not to think too much about anniversaries – but, every once in awhile, I suppose you can’t help it. Glad to see you’re a fellow owner – you wouldn’t believe some of the random nonsense people comment about.

          And 4 years is nothing to sneeze at!

          Thanks for visiting the site!

          J. Minker”

          • Cloud says:

            Sounds interesting, especially the part about anniversaries (of his Dad’s death maybe?) 🙂

  41. Cloud says:

    You know the mysterious man in the chat rooms – have we already established that he may well be one of the other 3 people from the ID badges?

  42. James V. says:

    admin thanks for telling me!! also do I have to use the same name or not?

  43. James V. says:

    Alright lets see if it worked…

  44. ARBITERMASTER95 says:


  45. James V. says:

    ok you have to refresh the page! thanks again admin!

  46. alwayslove2010 says:

    What if the whole fish obsession is something to do with the creature? Just like Slusho kind of hinted towards the Cloverfield monster scene where it fell into the sea. Maybe? I’m really kind of new to ARG’s so I am not very good at finding clues and stuff.

  47. Cloud says:

    I THINK I’VE FOUND SOMETHING! (Correct me if I’m wrong),


    On this link ^^^
    There is a picture of a book which says the word or letters ‘TROGL’.
    I think I know what the book is. It says on the page on the right the letters ‘MO’ as a title.

    And then I found this on the Hook, Line and Minker site…

    “When I was little, I stole a book from the library. It was a Classics Illustrated #5 Moby Dick and I searched four different libraries to find it (don’t tell anyone – not sure how the laws of prosecution work). I still have it on my bookshelf, even though the cover fell off years ago.”

    The title of the book also begins with Mo…

    I know this might not be much use now, but it could come in handy later on 😀

  48. Grohfactor says:

    no way is Josh the one driving the truck in the teaser… first off, the events take place in the 70’s/80’s – Josh has an internet webpage… how can he die and still manage a webpage in current time- even at the earliest times of the internet would that fact disprove that theory… further, isnt there an up to date calendar on his webpage? That disproves his website being put at an earlier date. If Josh doesnt know his dad, its probably because he blew up in that crash, or because he is that monster in the cargo hold of the train.

  49. James V. says:

    Ugh another slow time!! Oh well back to day-dreaming about Gordon Freeman’s next adventure…

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