We Have A Map!


After what seemed like forever without anything new, this week has sure given us plenty to talk about, and today is no exception. A map has just appeared under the Photos folder on the desktop over at STIES. Thanks Armondo for pointing it out in the comments.


The map above shows us a location in Minnesota that obviously holds some importance. The location indicated by the red arrow appears South of Detroit Lakes and a little South East of Fargo, ND. There is also a set of numbers circled, 19.89 (might be 11.89) and 12.68 (as far as I can tell). I thought they might be latitude/longitude lines, but they seem to lead me way out of the US... There's also what appears to be "#FFSH" near the top of the map with some lines and circles underneath as well as a cryptic drawing in the upper right that I can't make any sense of.

Update: Looks like some of you have figured out that the FFSH could stand for Fergus Falls State Hospital, which would fit in where the X on the map is. Nice one!

Here's another look at the map with the reds a bit more saturated so you can see them.

map saturated

That's all I've got so far, after the jump I've included a google map screenshot of the same general area, but the map above is too spread out for me to determine the exact location of the X.

Update: And of course you guys come through when I couldn't. It appears as though the X may be Fergus Falls, MN.

It also appears that in the upper right corner, near the drawing, is "3RD" next to the arrow.

Let me know what you guys find!

Update: Thanks Knut for the email and Jason for the comment with this information. It appears as though we're on to something with the FFSH being the Fergus Falls State Hospital. Check out the images below, the first is just the outside of the hospital, which is abandoned, but that's not really the interesting part. The 2nd image shows the inside of the hospital and a spiral staircase surrounded by two windows... does it look familiar? No? Look back at the map image above, look at the red scribble in the upper right... it's a spiral staircase with 2 windows! So I'm thinking either there's something on the 3rd floor of the hospital, which is where this picture was taken, or maybe whatever was in the canister that Josh can't find (energy source) is hidden in the 3rd step of the staircase... either way it's definitely interesting and hard to deny that this is exactly what is depicted at the top of the map. Check out more images of the interior of the abandoned Fergus Falls State Hospital here. The account associated with those pictures is definitely not part of the viral as it was created awhile ago and the user has over 2000 posts already... plus the post with these pictures was made a couple years ago.

fergus falls state hospital

fergus falls state hospital

google map

73 Responses to “We Have A Map!”

  1. Jay0407 says:

    Maybe Josh’s father isn’t hiding but being hidden by the government to prevent him from talking about something that they did with this energy source. If this map is in fact leading to a mental hospital maybe they told people that he was crazy and locked him away?

  2. Jason says:

    Try searching Fergus Falls, Minnesota 12.68 mi and Fergus Falls, Minnesota 19.89 mi (I don’t know if anything will come of it, I just don’t have time to dig right now).

  3. Armondo Williams says:

    On the map it looks like the x is right next to detroit lakes if you google map it there is allot of lakes there,… Lake Sallie,… Lake Melissa,…
    Fox Lake,…. but there is a country club also,.. called “Detroit Country Club” I dunno but that is the position where the X is I am for sure of that compair it on google and it is “Detroit Lakes” next to the X

  4. Armondo Williams says:

    The two lines on the map I think are highways the one up and down 59
    left to right the 10 and 34

  5. CrayolaR. says:

    Maybe the incomprhensible drawing is possibly a power line and the object with an arrow pointing underneath might indicate something burried underneath this power line. Is it possible this drawing on the top right hand quater is a location mysterio wants Josh to transfer the copy of the book to him or even this map will help us be enlightened by figure out what mysterio was talking about when he told Josh to transfer the book using the D12 system?

  6. Armondo Williams says:

    Just and update hooklineandminker.com posted an update HE IS OKAY!!

  7. Armondo Williams says:

    Sorry there is an update on hooklineandminker.com

  8. DemonG says:

    What a rush of event happening this week . Only we know josh is lying , telling the police hahaha .

    So hell be off hlm for awhile . Ever thought that the couliththingy fish could be code for his dad as his ‘fish’ (hidden pc files) weren’t harm .

  9. Jason says:

    Look at the front of FFHS -> http://bit.ly/dRggct See the arched windows on top, square windows at the bottom (now look at the odd sketch on the map), the arrow pointing to “3rd” is referring to something on the 3rd floor at FFSH?

    I googled it and found this http://community.livejournal.com/abandonedplaces/862888.html Look at the first picture, that sketch is a spiral staircase on the third floor of FFSH, and the interior view of the windows 🙂

    • admin says:

      Awesome find! The interior picture of the staircase is definitely the drawing in red in the upper right corner of the map! Another guy, Knut, emailed me about the hospital earlier, but he didn’t include the staircase image… good find. I’ve updated the post with this new information.

  10. Freddy says:

    I can see something in the picture of the stairs.
    Look under the stairs, there’s something blue. Well I don’t know maybe isn’t important but I want all of you guys get noticed 🙂

    Hope soon we have the answers of this puzzle 😀

  11. Rich says:

    So, I looked up Fergus Falls, Minnesota 19.89 mi and Fergus Falls, Minnesota 12.68 mi and the first was a house for sale. Now, could it just be me or does the wall paper in the photo from the craigslist listings that Josh had up match the wall paper from the house for sale? Also, the second location is n empty lot, but there is a lake located either on or near the lot. Could be like an underground lab or something? Just throwing some ideas out there.

  12. Jason says:

    Holy crap! Good job other Jason!^^^^

    • Jason says:

      But what does this mean? Is the canister’s origin from Fergus Falls? Is that where the canister is hidden? Is this where Josh’s dad worked and/or went underground? So many questions, and regretfully no amount of research can help 🙁

      • Jason says:

        Thanks (other) Jason!

        I have no idea, I think I’ve run out of Indiana Jones’ish ‘raiding’ for clues ability for today… now I’m stuck.

  13. marcos says:

    does anybody remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5plNe9AIDMQ

    could that be shot in the hospital?

  14. Ethan says:

    I live in Minnesota! Kind of a far drive but maybe I could take a look around, see if anyone knows about Paramount peeps being around? Who knows.

  15. SkyRyder says:

    Just found out that Fergus Falls State Hospital actually was an institution for the mentally ill. Hmmm…

  16. It was also known as the” 3rd minnesota state hospital for the insane ” per Kirkbridebuildings.com

  17. Here is another useless fact but got to keep the gears moving per this site this guys says the stairs lead to a tower that never been used http://community.livejournal.com/abandonedplaces/862888.html just thought it was interesting maybe under the 3rd stair is a key to get into the tower??

  18. Nick says:

    Under the stair case there is a tiny blue thing! just in case you may want to zoom in on that blue looking thing under the stair case.

    • SkyRyder says:

      Looks like an empty water bottle to me when I zoom in on it. And; I find it hard to believe that this pic should have anything to do with Super 8 directly, since it was posted a long time ago.

      But I am really psyched about that unused tower, and the whole “3RD” thing 🙂

      This is getting really exciting!

    • jordyn says:

      i remeber i while back on a audio file josh said something about a blue can lion on it? Possiably could be that.. just an idea! 🙂

  19. OmegaLimit says:

    If I were close enough to go I would:

    Be very careful walking around the building, if it was even possible to get in legally.
    Look at the 12th stair from the top. That would fit the “D12” clue.

    • Janesmith says:

      Just make sure your looking at the entire line”

      Upload….using the D12 ENTRY

      Why would you consider that to be looking under a stair?

      • alwayslove2010 says:

        Maybe the D12 entry has something to do with STIES, maybe something like the mounted device??? DEVICE 12 maybe??? Has anyone tried that?

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cam M., Super8News. Super8News said: We have a map! Let the treasure hunt begin! http://bit.ly/icT1Tk […]

  21. super8invester says:

    Okay I got This)http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wl)For 12.68

    also check this out http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wl

  22. super8invester says:

    it’s a community behavior health place may have something to do with FFSH

  23. Jason says:

    I found that there are basement tunnels in the hospital………

    Underground tunnels?

    Clue Clue Clue???

  24. Nick says:

    I think I got something, Josh’s mom died,remember. Well what if she died in that hospital.Remember the hooklineandminker video.Its called “I love you mom”. What if he snook into the hospital and shot the video to remember his mom. Interesting.

  25. DemonG says:

    The foto and the map is cool but the 2007 bit is creepy.

  26. DemonG says:

    Forgot to ask , do we already know where Josh lives ? I’m asking cause if he is to visit the hospital he should be close right . Or do we know where he lives .

  27. Jason says:

    @Nick, that video was a confirmed gamejack

  28. Jason says:

    On this site…http://www.kirkbridebuildings.com/buildings/fergusfalls/ It is said that the hospital wa salso called “Third Minnesota State Hospital for the Insane” Could that be the 3rd?

  29. Nick says:

    Just asking if mabye Josh’s Mom was insane and went to the hospital and died there.Mabye she had special powers that made her insane and then pasted it on to Josh. Just a theroy. 🙂

  30. Zappex says:

    wait… “No Certainty if alive… may be after us… WE GO UNDERGROUND”! of course! Now it makes sence! Theyre at that hospital hiding!

  31. Zappex says:

    If my calculations are correct, then the guy who has been talking to Josh on STIES has to be in that hospital! Think about it: he needs that book, right? the only way he can get that book is if he sends Josh a map of his location, that way he could send him the book!

    I feel so smart right now…

  32. Dan says:

    Now im new to this, only discovered all this today…
    researched for four hours through what everyone has done…
    Regarding the video ‘i love you mum’ possibly shot in the hospital
    has noone noticed as the lights flash on for like a second a box appears with ‘a=b’ in the video at 12seconds?
    Dont know if its important but seeing as it related to the blog by josh thought it might be of some importance maybe?

    • Nick says:

      I noticed the a=b too, but it sounds kind of corney if a=b has anything to do with the movie. The video may be fake any way but the account was made back 7 months ago.

  33. clay says:

    Jus wondering, but on the map it looks like a arrow pointing to the bottom step. In the real pic there is a blue bottle, maybe the bottle was photoshoped in? Can’t wait for more

  34. andrew says:

    I got to hand it to you guys, got me hook on all of this. But on another post their was a guy saying that he google earth the fergus falls state hospital and say three almost like craters is the form of the three dots on those badges if dont know if its a concidence or part of this. Id like to know your guys opinions. thanks

    P.S sorry if you guys have already talk about this

    • andrew says:

      wow, i write really bad, those three crater that i was talking about is to the left of the hospital right beside a lake

  35. Jason says:

    Dear everybody talking about the HLM youtube channel,

    Gamejack. Not real. Can’t say this enough.

    Yours truly, Jason.

  36. Cloud says:

    Hey, I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve still been reading the blog 🙂

    I agree with the person who said about the 3 dots to the west of the cemetery, a very good find 😀

    Also, someone commented saying about CHOTENLAKA? I’ve never heard that before on this blog, but anyway, I’m about to have a look to see if it is an anagram of any nearby lakes 🙂

    And I’m also about to look to see if there is a connection between this Fergus Falls place and Area 51 🙂

  37. KillBunny says:

    The number on the map isn’t 19.89. It’s 11.89 (or even 14.89). I did my own enhancement of the image. The part that makes the 11 look like 19 is the fact that the number is written over the lower half of the N in Minnesota.

    Just thought I’d point this out to everyone. Although I don’t know what signifigance the numbers play. I’d wager that they’re not coordinates, though. (Entering them in Google Maps places you somewhere in Nigeria.)

    A friend of mine suggested that the numbers may coincide with the number on a patient’s file, (the newest clue is supposedly in the Fergus Falls Hospital) or it’s a number from one of the cards they used to use when sorting books (y’know, before computers?)

    At first I thought the numbers could be an IP adress, but no luck.

  38. Cloud says:

    I can’t seem to find a connection between Fergus Falls and Area 51.
    If it’s any help, I found out they are 1,000 – 1,200 km away from each other.

    And I’m gonna start on CHOTENLAKA tomorrow 🙂

  39. Nick says:

    I agree with andrew. There are three dots near a lake near what is now the cemetery for the hospital.

  40. Mike says:

    What is the password on the site

  41. super8invester says:

    on sites

  42. KillBunny says:

    If you do a Google Maps street view of FFSH, look at the windows that match the ones in the drawing on the map. The right-side window has a “W =)” on it. (You may need to enhance the image in Photoshop to really see it). Could it be a clue?

  43. private says:

    Cant say alot. Filming a winter scene in weirton. Supposed to be in the future from original filming. Would make sense if it were dates considering 11.68 would around the time frame of original filming and 12.89 would be in the future and more wintry.

  44. DemonG says:

    After looking at it i think the stairs and the floor is only the drop of point . Josh should bring the book at a certain time and leave it for mesterio . but the hospital has to play some part in this .

    It could be a safe-house , don’t think it can be a major clue for josh like ‘ this hospital is where this and that happened’ . I’m saying this cause it looks like Mr M is to stress out or worried to play any more games.

    And if hes changing his ways hopefully well see a meeting between Josh and his uncle mesterio.

  45. Toby says:

    Interesting that the photo of the room with two windows and the spiral staircase was taken on the fourth floor. Could the “3RD” mean the third step, or possibly the third floor above that one, putting it at the top of the central tower?

  46. Jack says:

    Hi i ran the map through some filters and found if you put it on a certain filter a new image appears around the map

  47. Carl says:

    Hey Y’all, my father works for a train company called Norfolk Southern. He also works on the same division where the train crash occurred in the 1st trailer. Today, a crash similar to the one in the 1st trailer, actually occurred in real life. Check out this link of the crash and it occurred in the same area (Toledo). Coincidence? I just found it funny that the two crashes are similar and happened in the same area. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110206/ap_on_re_us/us_derailment_fire

  48. stienster says:

    I don’t follow. Where was this map found?- and my first impression is that whomever drew the map and the spiral staircase was in some way revealing (perhaps to themselves- a memory?) something that happened to them there. It looks like prime mind-control realestate to me. MKUltra type stuff. The crazy evil bastards that created such ‘programs’ have also created MILLIONS of MK victims.

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