Josh Updates His Blog With Lies

As discussed in the chat log from yesterday, Josh has updated his blog with fake information regarding the break-in at his house. He goes on to say that the cops are looking into it and that it probably had something to do with his sketchy fish deal, but of course we know that's not true.

So I’m sorry to report that I was robbed over the holidays. I’ve involved the police – they told me not to post for awhile just in case. They say my Coelacanth connection must’ve been a shady character. I think he thought I was rich or something. The good news is that none of my fish were harmed. And I’ll be ready if it happens again.

To those of you I know “in real life” – don’t worry. I’m fine. I don’t think they took anything that can’t be replaced.

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51 Responses to “Josh Updates His Blog With Lies”

  1. 2thaArck says:

    weird, I’m still in January 28th. It’s like I’m time traveling or something O_o

  2. 2thaArk says:

    btw, in Chicago it’s 10:50pm, January 28th…that has nothing to do with anything but I’m reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyy bored right now

  3. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Its a TRAP!

  4. hawaii girl says:

    Does anyone know what the device thing is? or the password? because I can’t get to the map or pictures….

  5. James V. says:

    Wow this is awesaume the only thing is I wish this ARG could go on FOREVER! (echoing)

  6. Shayan says:

    This is pretty weird. I don’t think its josh posting, it maybe somebody else. Or maybe Josh is covering up his absence of not posting. Or Josh is covering up something big.

  7. And i’ll be ready if it happens again? Hm…

  8. sam says:

    I am new here, but I have been reading all the stuff you folks have found. I looked at the map location for the Fergus Falls State Hospital. If you scroll the map north you will see the cemetery for the state hospital and directly to the left is what looks like three craters situated just like the 3 dots on the technician badges from Nellis. I could be seeing nothing, but it is an odd coincidence.

  9. TD says:

    There is a photo on Josh’s FB, with a note that says: Notes for the 4th?
    Maybe it had something to do with the second trailer comming out probably on the 4th of februari.. Check it out yourself… just asumptions 🙂

  10. Almish says:

    hey TD I looked in the pic and on the box it said estate sale I it IS the “josh” we are talking about.

  11. Grohfactor says:

    what the heck is a CHOTENLAKA?

  12. Joe says:

    Could CHOTENLAKA be a anagram for Josh’s fathers hiding place? Like… A Lake something?

  13. Almish says:

    I remember watching cloverfield and hearing someone say something about as about a rare fish found in indoneisa as a theory for where the giant monster came from. Isn’t that where the coelacanth was found a few years back?

  14. TD says:

    26 7 15 5 13 21 26 12 26 23 11 7 14 1 23 12 11 15 19 6 12 23 22 1 12 26 7 15 14 19 4 13 19 20 4 23 1 12 15 19 11 12 7 12 26 23 25 7 14 23 10 6 5 23 6 12 15 26 23 6 12 26 23 11 7 14 1 23 12 11 20 10 23 19 21 26 23 22 26 1 11 4 19 20 12 26 23 17 3 1 4 4 23 22 26 1 5 19 6 22 26 1 11 8 19 10 12 6 23 10 12 26 23 17 22 1 22 6 7 12 25 23 12 15 26 19 12 12 26 23 17 15 19 6 12 23 22 1 12 15 19 11 19 4 10 23 19 22 17 25 7 6 23

    Some may say that Caesar was Standard. The key is 8.

    • KillBunny says:

      Where exactly did this come from? His HLM blog?

    • admin says:

      Where did you get those numbers, his facebook? Because it’s most likely not real… or at least not related to all of this. More likely it’s someone that created the account after it came to light that Josh Minker was the name of the person in this viral…

      • TD says:

        I know this, but in case it is.. It’s kinda cool right? I first wanna know that its a 100% game jack. If it is, yeah too bad. If it aint, you will be sad to never have looked at it.

        • KillBunny says:

          I solved it using an site that ‘translates’ the Caesar Standard Cipher. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to work it, but the message reads as follows:

          “How much the soviets wanted it how valuable it was to the government when the Soviets breached his lab they killed him and his partner they did not get what they wanted it was already gone.”

          If this was an official viral piece, I think they would’ve done a better job with the grammar/punctuation/sentence formatting.

          Still, it’s interesting none the less.

    • MicMagellan says:

      wow… no BS and i miss rich as well. I know i should be under the map blog but i was fux’n wit the map and it looks like a frame from the teaser. I see eyes, and leg of a creature under DAKOTA.
      Just a quick ? What if FB shouts down on March15th he he… I don’t think JJ would advise the viral team to further their CLUES on that means social netting… One last thing i was reading the Sunday Times and watching Dr. Strange Love and starting thinking about 95 years underground, and bio power source… i lost my thought. be back after a power –

  15. TD says:

    This is all made by Josh, so I let you do it on your own. I already solved it!

  16. Mike in Weirton says:

    Just wanted to say that the film crew is back in Weirton Wv……Not sure where to post it, so i guess this is better then nothing…..

  17. Shayan says:

    Whatever happened to rich? hahahahaha

  18. Joe says:

    the timeline needs updating, about 4 things have happened since December. thanks admin

  19. sam says:

    Has anyone solved the device problem on the STIES website?

    • James V. says:

      There is NO DEV. Prompt!!!! It physically doesn’t exist no matter WHAT you enter into the Dev. Prompt it will always say its wrong because it’s FLASH not an actual PDP-11!!!! It’s a false representation of a PDP-11 not a real one!!! therefore there is no dev. prompt until they add one!!! make sense?

      • sam says:

        Got it. I thought that was it, but I had to make sure. Thanks bro.

        • James V. says:

          Don’t worry bout it dude I check it 2 times everyday so I should find out first (besides the ARG programmer/writer) then again I check everything every day and almost never discover things first

  20. Shayan says:

    At least the viral has continued.

  21. Mr. Y.W. says:

    Check out The site has been updated. It needs Chrome, Safari or an IE plugin to run now. The major difference is the Space Station: Freezer section has info on all five fleets (flavors).
    Of note is one Sonic Strength ingredient is Kaitei no mitsu (Seabed’s Nectar) from the Cloverfield ARG, one of the main ingredients in SLUSHO!

  22. C9URK says:

    Glad theres an update but cant use site now in work 🙁 not that I would when I’m suppose to be working….I mean when I’m on a break of course 😉

  23. DemonG says:

    Don’t know if anyone has posted this yet , but I was playing around on the web and wound something called project 112 .

    Would post the link to wikipedia on this but I don’t know how . There’s a few reasons why I would post this . It shares some strange connections with our story .

    First its the name , project 112 (the unexpected file ) then if you read it it was issued by jfk. ( rocket popeteers first printout page ) took place between 1962 and 1973 ( isn’t that the time frame where looking at ) and last some of the testing was done in the desert ( area 51 theme ) and the sea ( kinda a cloverfield side ) .

    Weird ain’t it ? Maybe we can look into that project more ? Just search for project 112 on wikipedia .

  24. DemonG says:

    Testing at sea can also mean the whole fish thing with josh

  25. Carl says:

    Hey Y’all, my father works for a train company called Norfolk Southern. He also works on the same division where the train crash occurred in the 1st trailer. Today, a crash similar to the one in the 1st trailer, actually occurred in real life. Check out this link of the crash and it occurred in the same area (Toledo). Coincidence? I just found it funny that the two crashes are similar and happened in the same area.

  26. Nags says:

    I’m a little rusty with keeping up to date on this (excting as it is) so I don’t know where the ‘CHOTENLAKA’ thing originated from and where it first surfaced, but it looks to still remain a mystery on here. I’d just like to point out, if no one has already and I don’t think they have, that CHOTENLAKA is blatantly an anagram for COELAKANTH. That probably doesn’t help much as that particular fish has been part of this viral for some time already but, y’know, it’s nice to tie up all the loose ends innit.

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