Super Bowl Super 8 Trailer

Here it is, the latest trailer for Super 8 that premiered during the Super Bowl. I know we had some downtime after this aired, glad people are finding the site, hopefully it stays up for a while and we'll work on optimizing things so it doesn't happen again. Let us know what you find!!

And below are a few screen grabs that were sent to me via Twitter. (I've since added more after the jump) Thanks to those that found these and keep em coming! Also, in the event that the site goes down again follow us on Twitter so we can keep in touch!

Updates (2/8/11) After the jump!

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

The word/numbers in the above screenshot appears to be either November, September or December 19, (1962?)... what's the significance?

super 8 trailer 2 screen shot

Update (2/8/11): If you head over to you can check out the Super Bowl Trailer, but with a slight twist. It appears that some of the images flashing through the camera at the end differ from those that were seen when the trailer aired on TV. The guys at Unfiction have worked their magic and pieced together what they think is a quasimoto doll, aka the hunchback of notre dame. The new trailer also completes the date we were looking for and it's now definitely  September 19, 1962. Check out the images below and I've added a bunch of hi-res screenshots to the gallery from this trailer.

trailer puzzle

september 1962

trailer 2


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  1. figment says:

    its september,
    new ending to trailer 2 on official site.

  2. Gab says:

    Hey maybe theres no link im only throwing ideas but maybe theres some link with cloverfield ? cuz i think abrams said something about a new project with links with cloverfield and i search some stuff with cloverfield and found tagruato(which is a fictive company) and on their site it says something like that Tagruato, who had emigrated to Japan from Polynesia with his family as young boy, started the company with dreams of “holding Earth’s energy in my fist.” and also that A machinery works factory was opened in Nagasaki in 1962, specializing in exports of engines for large construction vehicles to the Western world. This expanded upon with the introduction of the National Space Development Agency in 1969. so i dont know…..

  3. Alexsnake says:

    ok then it is Fake.

    This is real, new images that form a puzzle, thanks to the three white dots.
    These images come from different end of the trailer on the website.
    That’s incredible.

    New Images – New end Trailer of Website (sorry
    My English is bad, I’m Spanish)






    attached images

  4. Shakal says:

    19 November 1969 – Apollo 12 landed on the Moon…

  5. Rixx says:

    ADMIN: There haven’t been any comments about the other images in the camera lens at the end of the trailer, I saw 1. The shadow of a hand over a map. 2. A bearded man in a suit with a tie and hat. 3. The same or similar man leaning forward with a pointed chin. (looks alien). 4. more wreckage. 5. a woman sitting in the front seat of a car yelling something with blood driping down the right side of her face. ??? I took shots with my camera off of my TV its pretty clear!

  6. Rixx says:

    Does anyone have “the origional trailer on their DVR” its different from the trailer on youtube, the images in the camera are different.

  7. IndyGator says:

    What is this at 0:26

  8. Bobafejj says:

    The forums at unfiction figured it out…. The trailer on the website changed…. It has new still shots… And it becomes a doll sorta thing

  9. Joe B says:

    Look at the picture 3 images down. We can see that someone is standing in front of a bulletin board of some sorts, whether it’s the boy, we can’t really be sure. But then when we look at the 4th image, we see a full shot of what the bulletin board.

    It looks like there are a bunch of help ads.
    In the focus of the non-blurred part, we see an ad for maybe a dog or a cat, 4yrs old, black and white. To the left of that sign are multiples of the word ‘HELP’ and up above the animal ad is the first 3 letters of ‘LOST’.

    Is there anything we can gather from this info?

  10. Almish says:

    I think the buliten show that the creature has eatin the local pets maybe?

  11. Jq says:

    Those two pics can be laid side by side (use the three dots as a guide, they should lie next to each other) and would show a larger frame of just what you described.

    Image #4 has a clarity in the center of the frame, I can make out “4 years, Black and White and the name “Dave” at the bottom of that one ad. I can also tell it’s for a lost dog because the black and white smudge to the right resembles a dog’s face (think the dog from the little rascals with the one “black eye”)

    I was trying to discern what the words above “4 years” was, it looks like dodgi but that makes no sense.

  12. DemonG says:

    I also think that the doll is part of the kids zombie movie , maybe a extra or stunt zombie .

    Since this movie is a Steven Spielberg homage I’m hoping to see what it looks like . A E.T gone wrong . Kids meeting the not so friendly alien.

  13. JC4Real says:

    I stared at that bulletin board for a long time while on set – some of you are on the right trail. that’s all i can tell you

  14. Cloud says:

    This film is starting to remind me of FlashForward with the bulletin board and the dates!

  15. Rixx says:

    I have done it! After hours of work with my camera and HDDVR I paused on the right moments and got the screenshots. These are from the ACTUAL Superbowl trailer that was recorded live–and are completely different from the pictures on the Apple and youtube trailers.

    • Nags says:

      Haha the last photo in that set made me laugh – the monster is some kind of New Orleans jazz player posing for a Blue Note album sleeve!

      Great work on the screengrabs though, man. Very interesting. First one is like a dead/sleeping dude with a beard if you flip it 90 degrees counter clockwise. Second one looks like the underside of a train carriage or something. Others are as self-explanatory as they can beuntil more clues are solved…

  16. latinlovermetal says:


  17. mremedia says:

    on the 19th of Oct 1962 the U.S. conducted a nuclear bomb test in Nevada and on Dec 19 1962 we launched our first navigational satellite.

  18. Zappex says:

    Not so sure if this has any realevence to this at all, but i typed in the date and it says that on Sept. 19, 1962, the USSR did nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR. Just wanted to share that info with u guys.

  19. Big Mike says:

    The Last picture has a suitcase and one of those veiw slide things
    you know u push the button and a slide appears
    i loved those things

  20. Rixx says:

    The other pics are posted woot! This is really getting fun. Thank you admin.

  21. […] at Movie Viral have collected the pieced-together images, thanks to members of Unfiction forums and Super 8 News. Most of them seem to be scenes of the zombie film that the kids are shooting with their own Super […]

  22. […] messo a smontare il trailer pezzo per pezzo, ho trovato il lavoro già fatto grazie a MovieViral e Super8News, cui appartengono tutte le immagini che vedete in questo post e nella […]

  23. Figment says:

    Why’s that Jon guy being so harsh, I just pointed out the alien in the YouTube vid is dubious to say the least and that its def September chill out man

  24. Markspark1981 says:

    I posted a video two days ago that includes new screenshots on YouTube:

  25. mremedia says:

    I checked the actual records of the Fergus Falls Psych Hospital for the dates withing the range above mentioned. They are federally restricted. The census bureau was also exempt from counting anyone present in Sept 1962. Pretty cool.

  26. Simon says:

    Has anyone thought about whose voice is in the trailer, I’m going out on a limb and gonna guess that it might be the alien talking to the kids. I could be way off but what if it is. That itself is a clue.

  27. figment says:

    whats this?

    numbers, cave dwellers, new undiscovered like on earth?

  28. figment says:

    domain was registered too early to realistically be related to the ARG

  29. allan says:

    from were did you get this page?

  30. Will R says:

    Did anyone see this:

    Worth checking out the comment!!!!!

  31. just thinking... says:

    Not sure if it matters, but on September 19, 1962 the USSR performed a nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR:

    Not sure if the movie would somehow try to either tie this into or even blame the effects of the creature/alien on this testing.

    Or, maybe, the creature/alien caused something to happen, and the nuclear testing story was just a cover. Wasn’t there some sort of nuclear testing tie-in to the Cloverfield monster? Maybe it’s a pattern with Abrams.

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