If you've been following the Rocket Poppeteers portion of the viral marketing you would know that we've seen a survey come through our email boxes in the past, but it looks like a new one is starting to show up for some of you. Thanks to @tjcreative on Twitter for the screenshot.

rocket poppeteers survey

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40 Responses to “New Rocket Poppeteers Survey Hitting E-mail Boxes!”

  1. Rixucks says:

    I just answered the survey…
    I can’t wait to see the movie!!

  2. Val says:

    I’ve already answered it 🙂

    Who is from SPEEDFLIER too?

  3. pixieg says:

    I just got this email and looked up ‘Oxcart’; don’t know if this is relevant/has already been covered but I thought it was interesting: “After selection by the CIA, further design and production of the A-12 took place under the code-name Oxcart.”

  4. Blake says:

    Wow, “the coolest thing ive ever seen” “a small cube moving on its own” this hints heavily at STIES and the cube inmages, not to mention the other government type questions :\ i wonder if answering the questions a certian way will unlock somthing.

  5. Danny says:

    General George S. Patton was almost run over by an ox-cart right after WWII

  6. I just submitted mine I hope I make the grade. I am assuming there will be a part 2 now it is time to start eliminating people I bet.

  7. Rixx says:

    How many stars?

  8. Vic227 says:

    Question 10: How many stars?

    Looks like we need to go back to the Rocket Poppeteers acceptance letter and count how many stars there are.

  9. Orion83 says:

    Hello. Do you think theese questions could reveal a part of the plot?
    For example, questions 5 and 9 may connote that some kind of energy which make inanimated objects alive! I see a “connection” with the All Spark cube from Transformers with the same power.
    (Sorry for my English… :-P)

  10. Jason says:

    To me, it seems obvious.
    They’re trying to attract Josh, or whoever the kid is in the movie. Remember the small cube that flew out the window? The hiding place question? They’re trying to get information out of him, so they can find whatever the thing is. Maybe they don’t until 2011, and thats when Josh gets his house robbed 😛

    • Jason says:

      Thats what Rocket Poppeteers is! It’s a way of extracting info from Josh or whomever!

      By the way, I don’ think I’m answering #6 right, i put didnt see anything, it wont accept. I do think I’m on to something here, guys.

      • Jenkins says:

        Good call man, i made the same comment about the first survey, i recon popateers is a gov front to help them find info.

  11. Jimmy says:

    I love how all the questions tied into the first and second trailer…..to a T

    • MicMagellan says:

      i thought that was neat… all thoose loose ends. I just want another PRINT-OUT!!! has any one seen the truck around???

  12. Cos Mick says:

    This is all good and well, but has anyone tried to log into RP.com? I signed up with a Canadian address with a postal code (numbers and letters) and got my certificate. When I try to log in, I enter my postal code and it says I need to enter “only digits”. Anyone have a solution?

  13. Andy says:

    How many stars guys? I know how many on the envelope, but are they counting on the website too?

  14. Meagan says:

    I got mine…these were a little odd lol

  15. Rolo says:

    just noticed this, on question 2- the coolest thing ive ever seen is… a cube move by itself. didnt we see a cube go flying into the kids wall in the trailer? also there was a cube moving/spinning on the s8edtingroom clip.

  16. Baconbot says:

    Would anybody be willing to post what their answers were? I haven’t answered yet, I wanted to see if anything popped up on here first. Also, how many stars? Anybody?

  17. Nick says:


  18. spacermase says:


    It’s also worth noting that the A-12 was primarily tested at Area 51- the same origin as the cargo.

  19. Ryan says:

    I think that these aren’t actual survey questions. The government is using RP to look for the kids.

    I also like how with this viral we exist in two different eras. Present day with Josh and the “past” with RP

  20. Mary-C says:

    I wasn’t sure at all what to answer for the stars question so I googled all the possible answers. When I got to eighty-nine stars, the top result was “PULSE INDEX FOR EIGHTY-NINE VARIABLE STARS IN THE. MAGELLANIC CLOUDS. BY HARLOW SHAPLEY. HARVARD COLLEGE OBSERVATORY.” Think it means anything?

    It was the only one that came up with anything even remotely space related so I picked that one…

  21. Josh says:

    When I went to the link in my email, it said the form had already been submitted! Anyone else get this?

  22. will says:

    @ admin…….. i been a lil late catching up on this….but im back now…i

    • will says:

      if you can add to your timeline rp legacy..im not sure if anyone got into that yet but after pressing blastoff twice at rp site i was able to read legacy which i believe helped me determine the actual amount of stars for survey ? ……..anyways havent seen no one post this about but if it was disregard….just trying to catchup…..might be clues there for future reference……..thanx

  23. Sinamatik says:

    I created another RP account and it gave me a completely different survey.

  24. Mark says:

    It seems you can now log in using your certificate password and play a game.

  25. Rixx says:

    Admin have you taken the tests on the rocketpoppeteers site after logging in?They are hard!

  26. Rixx says:

    I just got an email the second Rocket Poppeteers test has been sent out (RP Test 2) The questions are really wierd.

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