22 Minutes of Super 8 Has Been Seen!

Don't worry there aren't any spoilers regarding the 22 minutes of the movie that were screened last night, but it does sound like we will not get a glimpse of whatever is terrorizing the town before the movie opens. Abrams made it a point to say that he doesn't want to show anything before the movie opens so despite what anyone has thought they've seen in the current trailers... it's not our creature.

Other than that, the guys over at Cinematical that caught the footage say that it looks great and if the rest of the movie plays like the short bits they saw, then we're in for a treat. You can head on over to Cinematical and read the rest of the post regarding the footage and like I said, there's no spoilers so no harm in checking it out.

Which brings me to another point, just like I did with Cloverfieldnews.com, there will be no spoiler talk in the comments. If I believe an item to be a spoiler for anyone that hasn't seen the movie I will remove the comment. Even after the movie releases in the US there will be no spoilers posted since there will still be places that the movie hasn't been released yet. So just keep that in mind. As the release date gets closer I'll setup a section in the forum dedicated to spoiler talk so that the people who have seen the movie can discuss what they thought without having to worry about ruining it for anyone.

Now if you want a slightly-spoiler filled review of the clip head on over to Shock Till You Drop and check it out. It still doesn't reveal a whole lot regarding the alien or plot points that we don't know about yet, but it goes into a bit of detail surrounding the train crash. Honestly though, after reading it I didn't feel that I ruined any bit of the movie for myself, although it does answer one question a few people had regarding the pickup truck that crashes into the train and who was driving...

source: Cinematical

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24 Responses to “22 Minutes of Super 8 Has Been Seen!”

  1. MicMagellan says:

    i feel like bro’D from mallrats… how they sneak this by me. So, lucky!!! From what i read from dude, and what most have already read as well by now is… The creature was never shown which is a good thing RIGHT. Though now i wonder why those clips, and do they hinder or help us past the time. I would like to see one more GOOD print out, give me something else to frame. Bio teacher who would have guess that!


    • Shayan says:

      delete his comment, he is spoiling…

      • MicMagellan says:

        cottage cheese is not spoiled… beat it
        Admin you know he said about seeing it in trailer, and how the new question from RP about material… Top right corner 1:22, or :23 clerk behind shoulder. From light to dark in midst of flickering light. slight movement but a shape shifter??? The pump scene now sounds spooky and i haven’t scene jack.
        As per the spoiler section all this pre fab jargin is not spoiler talk its just tech spec. Do you agree???

        • Mark says:

          Also something I saw in the clerk scene where he gets pulled away, the part before he gets pulled away and he is looking at something look at his mouth there is a white light or something that moves past his mouth. Thought it was gum but looked closer looks like a laser or light of sort.

          • Karl says:

            I agree with Mark it does not look like teeth because it moves from left to right when the lights turn back on its a dot not really teeth looking I looked at it a few times. Could be some alien laser pointer of sorts.

        • admin says:

          From what I’ve read you haven’t spoiled anything. The trailer is fair game, so whatever you can devise from the trailer is not a spoiler. As for the 22 minute clip, even if you read the entire rundown of it over at shock… I still don’t find anything in there that is a huge spoiler. The creature hasn’t been shown in any of the trailers so let your mind wander and post whatever you come up with, they are all theories at this point. The spoiler thing was mainly for when the movie comes out, I just wanted to get it out there now that JJ has screened a clip for people. The last thing I want to do is spoil this movie for someone that has followed the whole viral and can’t wait to see it.

          I’ll read all the so-called “Spoilers” and articles, look at all the pictures, read all the comments, etc, and determine if they could possibly spoil the movie for anyone. I’d rather the movie was spoiled for me than all of you. So don’t worry, you’ll know if I think you’ve posted a spoiler.

          • MicMagellan says:

            if you have the time could you email me what you know so far… or point me in right direction i got time on my hands, oh yeah one last favor please read this and tell me what you think.

            Lt. Col. Charles Halt audio recording of UFO chase through Rendlesham forest (transcript)


        • Jane Smith says:

          What you are seeing there is the jbro’s phenom called LëÑ§ë ƒlårë

          I think its French or something.. here is the Webrams dictionary description

          :LëÑ§ë ƒlårë: :Pronounced: “Awesome”

          “Is a phenomenon created when you wear your foil hat on set throughout filming this will produce a rapid flash of light as the set lights reflect off of your mind control device”

          ::used in sentence:: ” Still so many ****ing lensflares”

          *hug* ~~~Jane

  2. Lamarr says:

    Nah, that’s just the clerk’s teeth.

  3. aaron says:

    driver of the truck??? could it be minker? biology teacher? maybe a connection with that?

  4. Grohfactor says:

    perhaps after abruptly retiring from (whatever it is that his profession was while studying the dancing rubix cube- scientist?, area 51 employee? you get the idea), he got a job in the middle of nowhere and became a “biology teacher”… then he somehow was made aware of the train traveling and boom found himself caught up in this event, and the people from ?? all over again.

  5. Jane Smith says:

    So .. all this spoiler info… what did it spoil? And for whom?

    So what…sure Mr. Minker got tired of carting around all those hams for the monster and decided on a career change, who hasn’t. I mean would you want to clean up after it ate a cart full of meat like that? Tiger head must be messy to clean up.

    …..anyyyywayyyssss what do you think that map?

  6. MicMagellan says:

    …ox cart. hell yeah. Some dog fight scene with a warthog and alien craft would be bit over the top, cus i don’t want to see some epic battle just a perspective of events. glowing teeth, sounds like punk vol. #1 but that was in 77… Did anyone notice the darn box change color behind the clerk?? His ear phones the speaker box come on… As per spoiling the pot Admin how could you read, and host at the same time without the desire to leak… you made a deal huh, let me see you boarding pass from JJ 🙂

    Nothing cleans meat better than a blow torch, my favorite… ZF1

  7. Pablo says:


  8. DemonG says:

    Hey thanks for the no spoiler after the film admin . Was wondering how this place is gonna look after super8 .

    And we all know the film isn’t the end of the game just look at cloverfield . Just found out at the beginning of this year aboot the hidden images .

  9. Lamarr says:

    Godzilla, King Kong, etc. Those hidden images.

  10. Dylan says:

    Don’t know if this is really a spoiler, but its kinda important….
    The kid’s biology teacher was driving the pickup truck that destroyed the train, and in the new trailer he tells the kids not to tell anybody what they all saw, and to run. as you can see by the photograph in the older entries, IT IS NOT MINKERS FATHER.

  11. Gez says:

    Just retouched the pic in photoshop and there is a drawing on the blackboard that looks like a robot but to the far left in the corner there is a catapillar blob thing with a spiky back. Cant upload it though. Some one have a go in photoshop 🙂

  12. Tyree Pistale says:

    I gotta say I have concerns with each new clip. I see lots of kids and those movies tend to turn into The Goonies, Stand By Me, ET, etc… Nice stories about growing up, coming of age, friendship, blah, blah, blah and I think that would be a waste of film and a HUGE disappointment…

    • admin says:

      Honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what we’re going to get from this movie, which I will not be disappointed by at all. Good, original stories are exactly what movies these days lack.

      • spooky says:

        i have changed my expectations of the movie from a big monster movie to a movie more about coming of age and this event that happens to these kids with the train wreck, etc. is a turning point for them growing up. It has reminded me of Stand By Me and E.T. from the beginning, and Goonies as well. I grew up on those films, as obviously did JJ Abrams. It would be nice to revisit that kind of movie, and I expect that’s what we’re gonna get. More like an adventure flick. i still think its gonna blow our socks off! cant wait!!!!

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