Could be real, could be part of the viral, I'm not really sure, but Josh Minker's Blog, Hook, Line and Minker, has a new post indicating that the site was hacked. A lot of people are paying attention to the Super 8 viral these days so it's hard to tell if it was actually hacked or if this is part of the game. I'm going to say that unless we hear otherwise, I would assume this is part of the game. So with that being said, what could "BXTSLWK729" be? I already tried plugging it in as the Device on the STIES site with no luck...

Sorry to hack this but you weren’t paying attention. Check email for credentials. BXTSLWK729. I know you just found where to use this (/explanation).

Update: Turns out it was all part of the game. Thanks Sinamatik (and 'Rocket Mountaineer' at unfiction). It looks as though the person behind (Sarah) is behind the hacking of Josh's site. The "BXTSLWK729" password works on . Good find, I didn't even think that the "(/explaination)" was the end of a URL, let alone the revalistic site. So you can head on over to the site above and put in the password for yourself to read the explaination, or you can just click through the jump where I've copied and pasted it.

I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hack your site but I didn’t know what else to do. I know you’re mad but please let me explain.

Explain what you’re doing running some conspiracy site? After everything I’ve told you? You’ve been lying to me this whole time!!!

I know I really messed this up, please. Just let me explain.

Jesus, it’s like everyone lies. All the time. Is your name even Sarah?

Yes. My name’s Sarah.



You’ve got two minutes.

I used to work at an oil company. I was a consultant, an engineer. Several months ago, I found scanned copies of files in a locked directory. Lots of weird information, referencing projects nothing like what our company was developing. There are things in those files that I’ve never heard of. Materials that shouldnt exist.  And inone of those files I found your name.

Great. What did it say?

It was just your name and your mom’s.  That’s why I had to find you.

What else?

I didnt understand it, I told you. All I got was your name. I figured if i could find you, maybe you’d be a clue as to what the file meant. Why my company was involved.

You came to find me from that? from some name in a file? you’ve been lying to me for months for that?

It wasn’t all lies, Josh. I’m sorry. I never meant it to get this far but I found you, weird stuff kept happening to you. I know you’re in the center of whatevers going on and it doesn’t affect just you. My company is involved somehow. Whatevers going on is bigger than either of us.

What company are we talking about

I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. My dad works there, too. Until I know what this is about, I can’t risk putting him in danger. I promise I’ll tell you everything else. I want to help you. I want answers just like you do. We’re on the same side.

You shouldve been honest with me.

I couldn’t. I found this group, they told me they were all about revealing the truth. They told me I was doing everything right. That I shouldn’t tell you in order to protect you. Then they all disappeared when I didnt find anything.

I see. So you and your friends broke into my house, didn’t you?

I’m sorry. I had to know if you were keeping anything from me.

I can’t believe you’d do that

I was just scared. The file scares me, whatever you’re involved in scares me. But I have to know what’s going on. And so do you.

Let me help you.

If any of this is true—

It’s all true. I swear.

If it is, you should’ve told me from the beginning.

I know. I’m really sorry. I didn’t know what kind of person you were.

Are you still there?

Is this everything? You’re telling me everything?

Yes, I promise. You can trust me.

I have no choice but to trust you. I need help.

Then let me help you. Can we meet?

No, not ready.

Josh, please.

I’ll call you. Keep your phone on.

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31 Responses to “Hook, Line and Minker Hacked?”

  1. RoquePokey says:

    Gasp* :O

  2. Peter says:

    Another person commented that BXTSLWK729 is the exact amount of digits needed for the Rocket Poppeteers login code.

  3. Sinamatik says:

    jesus!… this is heavy

  4. Sinamatik says:

    oh shit, i found it (thanks to some dude on unifiction)
    and then type in the password… and voila!

  5. Joe says:

    Convo: (Between Josh & Mysterio – now, “Sarah”)

    Edited by admin: Sorry man, this was just too long to keep in the comments. I’ve already copied and pasted it into the post above for easier reading.

  6. Wes says:

    So I haven’t seen this posted here…. but are we assuming this is the same Sarah from the Unexpected Title post?

  7. RANKINFullStop says:

    Anyone else thinking sarah’s “oil company” is tagruato? Haha

  8. RANKINFullStop says:

    Did anyone mention the new post on Revalistic concerning Leyda Cupe, energy sources, and space exploration?

  9. Danny says:

    just tried to access the chat on STIES. the password box does not come up instead the Chat box comes up with this message


  10. Danny says:

    Hey guys I don’t know if it is me or did the hack post disappear from Josh’s website?

  11. Jason says:

    Holy shit! Sarah! His boss! GASPS
    *in double rainbow voice* What does this mean?

  12. RANKINFullStop says:

    The new chat is up on STIES. What “comic” is josh supposed to decode?

  13. RANKINFullStop says:

    BTW I think the “Ted Hall” mentioned in the chat was a scientist who worked on the manhattan project, and attended Cambridge in 1962. The same year as the “September” picture we’ve seen.

  14. Crawdawg says:

    has there always been a second map or is it new

  15. Crawdawg says:

    has there always been a second map

  16. Zappex says:

    can i take a wild guess as to what the company is? I say its Tagurato!

  17. latinlovermetal says:


  18. DemonG says:

    Knew something was going to happen to his site , remember the time the site was down ?

  19. John0824 says:

    If it is Tagruato she better be careful. We all know what happened when Teddy Hannsen started poking his head in there business. And the deaths of Kazui Ichigawa and his family is still suspicious.

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