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As many of you have noticed the s8editingroom.com site has been updated with a new clip, "77",  that is about 1-2 seconds long. It shows a familiar face saying "the subject's most likely natural". I can't see anything of interest in the background or anything else within the short clip, but if you find something let us know.

I'm going to continue to update this post whenever there are updates to the s8editingroom.com website. It'll keep everything in one place and cut down on random posts on the site.

Update 3/30/11: Clip #19 has appeared on the site and like the other clips, doesn't offer much in the way of new information. Lt. Col. Martin L. Abraham is talking and he gets cut off as he's saying "the assault on tech..."

Update 4/14/11: Clip #23 has been unlocked today. It features Lt. Col. Martin L. Abraham again finishing up his press conference.

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72 Responses to “S8editingroom.com Updates”

  1. latinlovermetal says:

    i think that shit its a alien or something

  2. Rich says:

    Yeah, it could be either the body of someone who was possessed by the alien lying in from of him, or it could be one of the aliens themselves..

  3. spooky says:

    well i saw what looked like an eye and teeth, and it looks burned or something. look, we know that the cube(s) can’t be the creature or at least not the only form of the creature because if it were, JJ wouldn’t be showing us the cubes in the previews. He wouldn’t give it all away before the release of the movie… hell, he won’t even give it all away AFTER the release of the movie!

  4. matt says:

    theres something written on the end of the clip, i don’t know if anyones seen it or tried to but its hard for me to capture it

  5. Eric says:

    Is that Josh Minker’s father on the new clip?

  6. Danny says:

    well the scientist in the new clip is definitely the guy in the truck that crashes into the train.

    • tom baldwin says:

      are you referring to the scene in the new preview where his face is bloody and he’s in the driver’s seat of a vehicle? because i’m pretty sure that’s NOT the guy who drove the truck into the train. the truck was obliterated upon impact with the train.

      • RANKINFullStop says:

        Well there is a chance that the clip could be from before the truck hit the train.

        • Danny says:

          Remember the clips are dated September 19, 1962 and the time the Truck hit the train was in 1979. But if you stop the trailer at that point of the bloody face in the truck and if you stop the clip just before he points you will see that it is the same person.

      • Peter says:

        Also, its pretty much confirmed that it is the guy that drives into the train because if you pause it, the vehicle he is in matches the yellow truck that collides with the train. that shot was indeed before he did that.

  7. Rich says:

    Honestly, it IS possible for Josh’s father to have survived the train impact. When the train and pickup collide part of the driver’s side of the vehicle is thrown to the side. Its possible that he may have survived and when the kids ran away they probably returned or remained near the site of crash and Josh’s father told them to go before the alien would see them maybe? And in the previous chats about Josh and his father with mysterio isnt it assumed that Josh’s dad is alive? Just random thoughts.

    • Crawdawg says:

      there is no way he survived that train crash, and even if he did he wouldnt stil have that same truck it got blown up, its simple, and he must not be saying GO to the kids because they clearly dont leave the train station,

      • Rich says:

        Not to sound like a smart ass, but I’m an EMT/Paramedic and I’ve seen people survive from accidents similar to being hit by a train. For movie purposes, it is possible that they could have had him live. In the trailer it is not shown that he is driving the truck when he yells “go”. He could be wherever the rest of the car landed and be strapped in with his seat belt. Like I said, for movie purposes he could have lived. The chances of surviving something like that in real life are rare, but it does happen. Your way sounds just as good.

        • RANKINFullStop says:

          Not to mention he could have easily jumped out seconds before the collision?

        • Peter says:

          Actually if you pause the trailer when he says “go!” The vehicle he is in matches the color and shape of the truck that drives into the train.

    • admin says:

      The trailer isn’t necessarily cut in order either. What if this guy in the truck was beaten and bloody before the train even crashed. Maybe something happened to him, he rolled up on the kids filming at the train station and told them to get out of there because he knew his intentions were to slam his truck into the train before it reached town. He doesn’t have to survive the crash for the trailer to make sense, just think of the fact that the scenes aren’t in chronological order.

      • Cloud says:

        Exactly right admin 🙂
        I think:
        A few people know what is in the container, or what type of thing is in the container.
        Josh’s Dad tells someone that people have to know about the alien.
        That someone tells him no.
        They both have a fight as the other person tries to stop Josh’s Dad from telling people.
        Josh’s Dad gets away and tries to derail the train so people find out about the alien.

        That explains the blood, and why he would want to crash into the train 🙂

  8. Melodyman says:

    Ummm. If the alien is released when the truck crashes into the train, how could it already be running around the town causing havoc before the train wreck?

  9. Meagan says:

    “exposing the craft to a barrage of….”is the first one i watch

    “Its cubed, even more suprising” is the second one i watched

    “with their biological attributes…most remarkably” third one i watched

    “The subjects most likely natural” is the last one

    • Janette says:

      I think because of all these phrases its safe to assume that no one is possessed by aliens but aliens have been studied by a secret group and this is the documentation video we are piecing together.

      man i cant wait to see this!

  10. DemonG says:

    We know Josh’s dad work with alien tech , who says he’s still human?

    He could have mutated and be altered hence the weird voice and possible train crash survival .

  11. ariel says:


    • Tsangy says:


      Translated using google, if any one speaks spanish and can elaborate whether it’s right, how google did it

      • Rich says:

        There is something that no one has realized yet, and it the part where “something or someone” hits the boxcar of the train, the rivets fly out and from these holes a light can be seen. Watch the scene carefully. The alien has its own light “or something like that” …..who ever originally wrote this is from spain I’m assuming from the grammer of it. Which is why google may have given you the translation it did. I hope i helped.

        • ariel says:

          hello rica¡¡¡my inglish is not good,sorry.i am from argentina,i like this blog from super 8 movie,i thing this movie is exelent¡¡¡

  12. ariel says:


    • Anthony says:

      yea i dont know if this is already been brought up but the cube also gives off light and also as seen in the full trailer can fly around rally hard and fast (reminds me a bit of that little ball from MIB) and if you watch how quick the door gets hit and breaks im thinkin thats the cube. the alien could be in there but common sense would ensue that they wouldnt transport both cube and alien in same carriage unless the cube was apart of the alien and they didnt know

  13. Rich says:

    Si vas a commentar, por favor solo haces una commenta con tu informacion. Gracias.

  14. ariel says:

    ??????????no entiendo lo que dices……

  15. AlecHurt says:

    ariel…… stop…..

  16. Almish says:

    Admin you are most likely 100% right that.

  17. James says:


    if you go to approx 1:22 in the first trailer.

    when the ‘thing’ is banging on the door to get out you can see screws popping out, when they pop out its not black or dark they are light so i think the other person posting ment that!

    never noticed before!

  18. MicMagellan says:

    anyway you can post the new frames before we start in our quest to stay busy for a few more months… FRAME 77 huh… a person an alien perhaps a robot boi. I thinkin more of a Strafer from the Centurions. Call in Ace McCloud.

  19. Max says:

    I just got a new email from Rocket Popiteers! It’s another survey! With more really strange questions!

    • JM6687 says:

      I just recieved mine. in the email it says that we can earn points for our group by answering the questions. I will admit the questions are strange but i just want to know when are we going to be able to log into our RP fleets.

  20. Baconbot says:

    Rocketpops sent a survey! Anybody figure out the answers to these things yet?

  21. Max says:

    This newest survey pretty much confirms the early speculation that they are looking for “gifted” children .

  22. Rixucks says:

    Today Rocket Poppeteers send me a link with 10 new questions…
    does anyone else received the mail?

  23. Rixx says:

    The thing on the clip was a big chocholate sundae, they were wheeling it into the room for the monster’s snack!

  24. Julie says:

    wow what the hell is that thing on the tray ?? lol xx

  25. Sinamatik says:

    Assuming that the info that was released from the ’22 minutes of footage’, answers the question of who was driving the truck. Could it be possible that the driver of the truck is the same person in clip #77 and perhaps they have moved on from that job (in clip #77) to the job, several years later, they now currently hold? (occupation of the truck driver, via ’22 mins.’)

    Sorry if this is confusing, sorry if this is a spoiler.

  26. MovieBuff says:

    There’s a new trailer soon revealing the alien?

    This movie has a lot of similarities to Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s account about Roswell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QKW6Gt3KKs

  27. Troy 'Wings' Jackson says:

    New post revalistic

    • Jenkins says:

      dont worry ive been posting on here about that since it happened on the 28th.
      there has got to be some clues with that post too

  28. Jack says:

    EVERYONE!! I was chatting with Josh on Facebook (yes he has a page, assuming it is part of the viral).
    Here is the trans script of the chat: (The one that says server error is “Josh”)


    Me: Hello, Josh

    Josh: Server Error: Unable to connect to host.

    Me: Josh

    J: Server Error: Unable to connect to host.


    J: Server Error: Unable to connect to host.

    Me: toadfish112

    J: Server Error: Unable to connect to host.
    Server Error: Username not valid.

    Me: toadfish112

    J: Server Error: Username not valid.

    Me: toadfish112

    J: Server Error: Username not valid.

    Me: project thunderclap

    J: Username valid.

    Me: toadfish112

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: project thunderclap

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: 16 12 5 1 19 5 8 5 12 16 13 5 6 9 14 4 8 9 13 9 11 14 15 23 8 5 14 5 5 4 19 13 25 8 5 12 16 1 14 4 9 1 13 1 12 15 14 5 9 14 13 25 19 5 1 18 3 8

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: Nffnj

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: oxooooox oxxxoxox ooxooooo oxxxoxox oxxoxoox oxxooxxoooxooooo xooxxxoo oxxxoooo oxxxoxox oxxxoxox oxxxoooooxxoxxxo ooxoxxxo ooxooooo oxoxoxox oxxoxoox oxxooxxooxxxooxx oxxooxxo ooxooooo oxxoxoxo oxxxoxox ooxooooooxxxxooo oxxoooxo oxxxoxoo ooxoxxxo ooxooooo oxoxxooooxxoooxo oxxxoxox oxxooxoo oxxoxoox oxxoxoxo oxxoxxxxoxxoxooo ooxooooo oxxxoxxo oxxxoxoo ooxoxxxo

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: 12 26 10 20 18 15 7 12

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: super 8

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: bye

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: .expcnv

    J: Server Error: Passcode invalid.

    Me: Brett Mounce Josh, There are too many look at me. Most of the things I’m trying to send, they destroy. Do not write back. I wish you and your mother well. I hope to see you both and tell you everything. He will remain safe until you have a manual _____

    J: .

    Me: Goodbye
    Brett Mounce Josh, There are too many look at me. Most of the things I’m trying to send, they destroy. Do not write back. I wish you and your mother well. I hope to see you both and tell you everything. He will remain safe until you have a manual _____

    J: Josh is offline.

    Please comment if you know the password!!

  29. pat says:

    watchin the kids choice awards with my step son and we just seen a brand spankin new trailer of super 8 (well actually a new t.v. spot) showing brand new scences of the film…and to anyone concerned about this josh minker dad story i heard he was black and bloody guy in the trailer that debuted on the 11th of march in this new t.v spot he clearley (face shown)said those famous lines from the super bowl t.v. spot(“do not speak of this if you do they will find you)now whats confusing about this scene was that it was after the train wreck but the guy is still alive (????) very weird man hopes this help anyone

  30. Rixx says:

    We missed any super 8 stuff at Wondercon 🙁 there wasn’t anything?

  31. Nick says:

    I am working on getting the trailer on my new youtube channel. I will get a link when I get it up.

  32. Garrett says:

    Every trailer keeps making this movie look more and more like a kids movie.

  33. Andrew says:

    Got another status update on Josh Minker’s facebook. All it is is this:


    Could it be the cipher for the comic? Anyone recognize the symbols? Google doesn’t come up with anything in a search for the whole phrase, or separate, but if flipped upside down it looks like VooJ412S7JkVf ) Idk what the parentheses is could be an I (eye pronounced) or l (el pronounced).

  34. Andrew says:

    Sorry for the double post, I replied to the wrong comment

    Got another status update on Josh Minker’s facebook. All it is is this:


    Could it be the cipher for the comic? Anyone recognize the symbols? Google doesn’t come up with anything in a search for the whole phrase, or separate, but if flipped upside down it looks like VooJ412S7JkVf ) Idk what the parentheses is could be an I (eye pronounced) or l (el pronounced).

  35. nick says:

    Ok ok so who’s to say that the monster alien thing is like a electrical being thingy that uses the cubes as kind of like a homing beacon/evac device in case it got caught???? Just a thought

  36. Franko says:

    Hello, the trailer on the official site shows Joe Lamb watching a home movie with his mom pushing him on a swing. He is much younger and the shot clearly shows her wearing a necklace with a locket. This same locket shows after up in his room next to the red figurine. His dad says that “things are different now” but in a tone not like the town is blowing up and people are missing, but perhaps as a dad would speak to his son after the mother has passed away. It would resolve the fact that he now has the locket. What underlines this opinion ( that Mrs. Lamb has died) is the fact that the same locket shows up being worn by Ellie (Joe’s “love” interest) 0.41 in this trailer !!

    If this is indeed true, it makes for a more deeply involved movie and adds “heart” to the film. I’ll trade “heart” for kiddie stuff any day.

    Please forgive me if the mom’s death has been offered before on this site, but I’ll bet a box of Pillsbury food sticks that this is true.

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