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Update (4/28/11): Wow, I can't believe I really have to promote this post back to the front... again, but it appears that some people are just too immature to handle commenting on a website. There has been an issue lately with people choosing to use inappropriate usernames to post comments, thus leading to people complaining about those usernames... If it continues to happen I will be forced to make you have to create an account in order to comment, it's the only way I can control what the user names are. I don't want to have to do this because I know how much I hate having to login to make a quick comment on sites. So with that being said, anyone caught using an inappropriate user name to comment on any post will be immediately banned, no warnings.

On a sidenote, I do read every single comment, so you don't have to leave multiple replies to people that use inappropriate user names, I will see them. So lets keep the comments on topic to the post and keep this a safe place for everyone to read. Thanks.

Update (2/8/11): I'm promoting this back to the front page because it seems as though the comments are getting a little out of hand again. With the movie getting closer to release and more information coming to light, let's try to keep the comments on the topic of those specific posts (or at least Super 8 in general). Any personal attacks, bashing of others' comments or pointless links will be deleted and your IP may be banned from commenting again (depending on how I feel that day).

Since news is slow for the moment I wanted to address the comment issue I've been noticing. I try not to moderate too many of the comments outside of the spam comments because I feel that everyone  has a right to their own opinion and those opinions are usually what spark conversation throughout the site, but some of the recent comments have gone so far as to attack individuals rather than focus on Super 8.

With that said, from here on out I'm going to be a little more strict on the comment moderating. If I see a comment that I feel doesn't add to the conversation; whether it's a slam against someone else or just a pointless comment, I'm going to delete them without notice. With that being said, I also don't monitor the site 24/7, but I try to keep an eye on things, so if you see a comment that you think is questionable you don't need to leave a comment or email me asking why it wasn't deleted, if I feel it's off-topic enough to warrant deletion I'll get to it.

Also, as other people have said, the forums are a much better place for discussion as things are kept in a more organized format. So if you really want to discuss points and topics that the blog posts don't cover I would suggest heading over there. As with the comments though, I can't moderate the entire forum myself all the time, so please use common sense.

I didn't even think I needed to write this post, but in the last few days it seems to have become a small issue that I want to put an end to now, so try to keep the comments on topic from here on out and if you want to talk about something else the forums have an off-topic section that's perfect for that. I appreciate all of you guys reading the site so let's try to keep things as civil as possible.


I know I'm a little late on these, but these 2 official images were released by Paramount over the weekend.

super 8 official image 2

super 8 official image 3

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“They Got Him”…

mr mrs minker

There has been an update to the site, but not just a blog post... a picture! To access the area with this information you need to goto just like before and enter the password: BXTSLWK729 . The not appears to be from our friend "mysterioso" better known as the guy communicating via the STIES site with Josh. It would also appear that the woman in the picture is wearing the hat with the monkey pin on it, which makes it pretty much a fact that the African American man is Josh's dad and Josh is not a main character in the movie "Super 8".

My guess is that Josh is just a baby when the movie is set and that we'll probably see him as a baby. I believe the line in the note on the picture "I know what he wants to do with it and that cannot happen. Not again." is stating that an incident with the vitas relic happened before, and "before" meaning the events we will see in the movie, since the viral stuff is happening in present time. Think about it... it makes sense.

I've transcribed the note below as well as attached the images... let me know what you guys think.

he caught up to me. I hope I was able
to buy you enough time to get away.
Perhaps I should have told you this from the
beginning but I suspected that a man
from your father's past had been following
our movements. He was stationed with
your father and me at Area 51. He is
not a good man

I know he's after the vitas relic and he
cannot, under any circumstances, get to
it first. It's far too powerful. I know
what he wants to do with it and that
cannot happen. Not again.

Please do not worry about me. I wouldn't have
allowed myself to be taken alive, but know that
my death was quick and painless. I've had lots
of years to plan for this outcome. Help your father.
You're all he has! Your friend, Alexander Kasiav (Kaslov?)

minker photo back

Leave it Abrams to start thinking about another project before he's finished this one, but it looks like there may be another super-secret movie in the works.... and guess what, I'm already on top of it. Head on over to to catch up on the very little, very new, news regarding "Zanbato" an Abrams project revolving around "swashbuckling robots with swords"... or so the rumors say.

There's not much information at this point and don't expect another viral to pop up anytime soon, but I'll keep my eye out for any information and post it there so you don't have to scour around for it. And of course that site is brand new so things will change over there once I have some time and once the Super 8 stuff has calmed down since this has all my attention for the moment.

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How cool is this! A special interactive trailer for "Super 8" can be found in the Portal 2 game that was just released. It basically puts you into the train that crashes in the trailer, allowing you to walk around and look at things. You can't interact with anything, but it's still pretty freakin cool!

I don't have the Portal 2 game so I can't run around and take screenshots, but lucky for me xi_wolf at unfiction did just that. Check them out here.


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