It appears as though the folks behind the "Super 8" viral have decided that a good way to drop more clues is to mail out mysterious packages containing film reels as well as flash drives with video clips! What a cool idea, maybe there will be one waiting in my mailbox when I get home ;). No worries though, the guys over at Slashfilm have received their package and have taken the time to post what they know. There is a short video clip as well as some pictures of the film strip and old super 8 film box over on their site, go check it out now!

source: Slashfilm

Update: The video clip that Slashfilm was sent is now available on the site. It seems to me that when a person receives a clip they can email that email address with that code (go to their site to see what I'm talking about) and once that video is unlocked it shows up on

Update: Clip #23 has now been unlocked as well. It appears that it was sent in the mail just like the slashfilm one, but this time it was sent to the website

Update: has received a new clip.

Update: We have joined the ranks of those sites mentioned above. A package was delivered today containing what appears to be clip #79. Check it out here.

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64 Responses to ““Super 8” Viral Hits The Physical World”

  1. Andrew says:

    Haha well technically I’m first since I found the news, but I’ll give this one to ya =) So in Slash Film’s clip we have a room full of scientists and the voice over says “component cube parts”. I just hope more clips get sent out to reveal more info. I want more creature/ monster/ alien clues!!!!

  2. snackman says:

    I hope they get 2 New York first!

  3. jessenyhc says:

    yes!! alien pics!

  4. Lamarr says:

    The pictures in the actual film on the table looks like an alien holding its arms up… but I know it’s not 🙂

  5. Grohfactor says:

    so wait, people are receiving only short clips… and looking at the short clip that Slashfilm received, it looks like it belongs with the missing parts of the super8 editing room…

    perhaps it is up to those who receive these packages to update or mailback to : unlock@super8movie so that we can all see the editing room film in its entirety.

  6. latinlovermetal says:

    someone have the links of the alien images?? pls

  7. Franko says:

    The latest video from the flash drive is clearly from the same group from the editing room. Now look closely at both and try to freeze frame. On the end from the left is a lady scientist. Her hair is long but pulled back and up. Look around her neck. A LOCKET !! Now, review the trailer on the official site where Joe’s mom is pushing him on the swing. We have already (99%) established that the locket is on his mom, then we see it near the red action figure, then on Elle.
    I believe that this lady scientist is indeed Joe’s mom, maybe before he was born. Look at her face when she is on the floor playing with Joe. (a profile shot) then freeze her profile in the new clip. Long hair, same nose, cheek bones and pointed chin!! We can also deduct that the locket is playing more and more of an important role in this film.

    With these photo facts, the actress playing this role has to be Amanda Michalka. Go to IMDB and type in Super 8. (Her name does not have a character yet). Dozens of photos of her show up. Look at #8 and #37 and compare it to the swing shots. Same bone structure and more importantly, same upper teeth, just dark hair for the part.

    Again, if I am wrong, you may have my box of Pillsbury Food Sticks.

    • Pat says:

      Mr. Franko i agree wit u 100% it is joe lambs mom..the “locket” thats around elle fanning neck he probably gave it to her as a gift cause its obvious in the trailer?t.v. spots he likes her..

  8. Andrew says:

    s8editingroom has been updated with their clip!

  9. Vic227 says:

    doews this mean we all get a package??

  10. latinlovermetal says:

    can anyone tell me why I can not enter the website editing room, I get the black screen and does not play anything:

  11. Aaron says:

    The locket has to be important.
    My theoryy is that maybe it the key to the spaceship or something like thatt.
    like maybe the main kid’s mom was killed by the military people becasue she wanted to stop the military/govt from hurting the alien/creature thing. or maybe she and most of the scientists wanted to set the monster/creature thing free and josh minkers dad was the only one that got away and tried to set it free
    makes sense right
    or…… it could just be a normal locket necklace. i like where this is going 🙂 cant wait!
    what do ya think?

  12. Tristy says:

    How are they (“the folks behind the “Super 8″ viral”) determining who receives these packages?

  13. Pat says:

    damn in the new clip they lookin “up” at whatever it is..and they are in a very big room..this “thing” must be pretty damn big

  14. gordon says:

    the medallon (in the scene)is moving….why????

  15. Sinamatik says:

    Damn!… what a great idea!

  16. Lamarr says:

    Hey Franko you owe me a box of Pillsbury Food Sticks. 🙂 Sorry for taking us a step back but Elle’s locket and Joe’s mother’s locket are not the same. #1-THE LENGTH OF THE CHAINS ARE NOT THE SAME. Joe’s mother’s chain is a lot longer. If you pause the trailer when she is pushing Joe on the swing you will see that her chain is hanging down between her breast. Keep in mind that she is bigger than Elle. Then if you pause it at 00:19 where Elle is on the rooftop, when they are at the train station filming, or just look at the official first picture of Super 8, you will see that Elle’s chain rest on her collar bone. Now one might argue “They just put the locket on a smaller chain”, but… #2. #2- ELLE WAS WEARING HER LOCKET SINCE THE TRAIN STATION (which is about 10-15 minutes into the movie). At that point Elle was just Joe’s love interest. If your mother died when you were very young, the last item you had of hers would be very dear to you and you wouldn’t give it to your crush. Not until you were involved. Now if you’re still not convinced… than #3. #3-THE SIZE OF THE LOCKETS THEMSELVES ARE NOT THE SAME. While assessing #1, using the same references, take the time to make an assessment on the size of the lockets. You will notice that Elle’s locket appears to be the size of her fingernail while Joe’s mother’s locket seems twice that size. Again, sorry if this upsets anyone with high hopes for the locket and if it does I would be more than happy to hand over Franko’s box of Pillsbury Food Sticks to you. 🙂 On another note, the lady on the new clip and Joe’s mom do have the same facial structure. Same cheek bones, chin sticks out further than her forehead, and same hair line.

  17. Lamarr says:

    But Joe’s mother’s locket might still be important. You would think there are pictures of Joe and his father in the locket but the trailer makes a point not to show the inside. Lets say she is the lady scientist, maybe she hid particles from the cube inside the locket and when you see it swinging by the toy on the trailer it is reacting to something. Some time HAS gone by since the experiments; shes been dead for a while, Josh’s father has become a biology teacher, etc. Maybe.?

  18. Lamarr says:

    Regardless Admin, this is by far thee best Super 8 site.

  19. Jason says:

    Oh mann, I can’t wait to get this.

    Side note, anybody see the article in Entertainment Weekly about Super 8? Really cool seeing that, especially after working almost a year on this viral 😀

  20. Jason says:

    Oh, and new clip on s8editing anyway. Don’t know if it’s the same clip.

  21. latinlovermetal says:

    i think joe`s mom was working in the “cube” secret project, and she died becouse that, maybe she is the monster XD

  22. Rixucks says:

    Clip No. 23 has been unlocked.

  23. RANKINFullStop says:

    Anyone else reading the Lieutenant army guy’s last name as “Abrams”? Is it j.j,’s daddy?

  24. Lamarr says:

    I think it says ABRAHAM

  25. Crawdawg says:

    anyone have link to alien pics

  26. snackman says:

    this keeps getting better and better!

  27. Franko says:

    Hello, For Lamarr, and the rest: Yes, the chain is a different length, and the size of the locket appears to be different, but when filming a motion picture like this, items that the writers want you to be aware of are often “exaggerated”. I still believe that they are the same. Leaving the length of the chain aside, there is good theory that it is indeed the same locket. An exaggerated reflection can even be seen on Joe’s face when he tells Elle to “close your eyes”, more than likely from the locket. As far as Joe having a “sweet tooth” for Elle and giving her the locket, I believe that he was just letting her wear the locket to act in their movie. (along with the white coat) The love interest comes later. However, for your effort, you have earned one food stick, not the whole box. (the box is now in “a secure location”).

    Now for the good stuff. I believe that we all agree that Joe’s mom worked as a scientist on some secret project, something happened and she died. #1 We see her in that black and white clip, #2 swinging Joe as a little kid, then his dad saying: “things have changed now”. (meaning mom is dead).
    Go to the trailer on the official site. Watch till about 1:53. You will see Joe’s dad hugging Joe quite emotionally and tight. Now freeze and you will see his left arm come around Joe revealing a military patch. This would indicate he is hugging his son because of the mother’s death at an earlier time that the film takes place. (The trailer is out of time sequence) This scene occurred when Joe’s dad was in the military. The icing on the cake; his wedding band is clearly seen. Wife died when he was in the military.

    So we know that Joe’s dad was in the military. Now, follow closely: Go back to the clip that is now in the editing room showing Joe’s mom with the scientists, (lady on the end left side). Freeze the next frames where the camera pans out to show the entire group. You will see 6 men seated in lab coats, 2 men standing in lab coats, one man in a white shirt, and 4 men standing in dark suits or uniforms. Now go back to the start of the clip, go full screen, print screen, then paste this in a word doc. Look closely at the standing men in the dark uniforms. Can anyone see which one is Joe’s dad?

  28. anthony24 says:

    has anyone noticed that vitas relic also spells out the word revalistic

  29. anthony24 says:

    might mean something or just might be a coincidence

  30. Lamarr says:

    LOL Franko. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. 🙂

  31. anthony24 says:

    in the trailer at the 2:02 mark if you do a frame by frame u can see joe and charles running with someone or in my opinion something, just might b the alien

  32. Franko says:

    These clips sent in the mail; what a brilliant idea. With the limited amount of clips remaining, can you imagine what an official viral usb drive and reel of film would go for on e-bay?
    The folks from the viral campaign must be watching this site as they are obviously watching others. (Hi there!)
    They need to send one to this site.

    About this site; it is refreshing to interact with folks that leave posts with class and not see the “F” bomb dropped everywhere. A tip of the fedora to the Admin. too.

  33. dominic l says:

    Hmmm super 8 can be said: superate which means to overcome conquer I wonder if its another secrete message 😀 !?

  34. xneonxmaniacx says:

    coming just scored a new clip guys

  35. xneonxmaniacx says:

    In regards to the “locket” idk if its been touched on, but there is a trailer on the Super8 site entitled, “LOCKET”. So im pretty sure it has a part in the film. My 6yr old son keeps sayin somethin to me about this movie. He wants to see it. But he keeps callining it the zombie/alien movie. Just thought id throw his two cents in, maybe itll help. 🙂

  36. latinlovermetal says:

    ADMIN coming recieve a new clip here is the link watch it

  37. James says:

    Awesome, so glad this site was included.

    This site is amazing and should be noticed more!

  38. Zenon says:

    How did you get one?
    They send them out to fan sites?
    or just randomly?

  39. JohnTheRev says:

    I think the fact the the admin got a package lends credability to the theory that people working on/for the viral are visiting or keeping tabs on this site.

  40. Janesmith says:

    Did you know you can use aluminum for more then just hats?

    Sometimes they are used for liners or solid shells.

    Steaks need to be cooked on grills not zapped or they get all chewy.


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