Super 8 Package Arrives In The Mail!

That's right folks! Just like all those other big movie sites out there, we have been included in the physical viral marketing of this movie. I received a package today that contained exactly what you've seen on the other sites already: A roll of Super 8 film which contains a clip of our favorite scientist, along with a USB stick containing a video file of said clip, and of course the little card that shows me how to unlock this clip for all to see on

So instead of just posting up pictures of the box and film canister I decided I wanted to include all of you guys in the process of actually opening it and discovering what's inside (even though we already know). This site would be nothing without you guys so I figured this was a good way to try and include those of you that will not receive one of these :(.

The clip appears to be #79 indicated by the file name "EX_1A_079". And should be unlocked on shortly.

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90 Responses to “Super 8 Package Arrives In The Mail!”

  1. latinlovermetal says:

    seriously believe that bringing the black guy is the “ALIEN · ” sedated

  2. Franko says:

    Thank you Tom! (Admin), You are one of very few!

    Starting bid on e-bay should be $5,000.00. Was there a return address on the package?

  3. Congrats admin, you got a very great piece of movie collection there.

  4. jessenyhc says:

    nice. too bad i can’t see it here at work.

  5. xneonxmaniacx says:

    Sweeeeet!!! Congrats admin! You getting one is like all of us gettin one. And besides bein excited about the new clip, im excited cause we got one!!! Again, congrats man!!

  6. Green says:

    Thank You… er, Tom {admin}, for dedicating your time for this site. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the viral for very long. I am sure J.J. and the rest of the “Super 8” crew are very honored{?}.

  7. anthony24 says:

    ok just found out some interesting information about the 22 min showing of super 8 at so here it is everybody!

    The movie is set right before summer vacation. The main character Joe, is a 14-year-old boy whose mother has recently died in a mill accident, and who doesn’t have a great relationship with his father (Kyle Chandler), the town sheriff. Joe makes movies with his four other friends, under the direction of Charles, a chubby kid with a director’s complex. The boys all sneak out in the middle of the night to go to shoot a zombie movie at the train depot, a place they can get to thanks to Alice (Elle Fanning), a 14-year-old who goes to school with them. She’s agreed to appear in the movie, and has secretly borrowed her father’s yellow muscle car to drive them to the depot. Joe has a big, moony-eyed crush on her. While they’re rehearsing the movie, a train starts to come down the track, and Charles, excited about the potential production values, rushes everyone to film while the train is going by. As the train passes, Joe spots a pickup truck driving onto the track, and directly into the oncoming train. The train goes boom, the kids go running, the camera, still filming, falls to the ground. After a massive series of explosions seems to have finally stopped, the door flies off one of the train cars, and Joe hears something slip out. The kids, who have scattered, all find each other. There are hundreds of objects that, in the words of a character, look like white Rubik’s Cubes scattered around, and Joe pockets one.

    The kids see the pickup truck that drove into the train, all smashed up, with a man sprawled over the steering wheel. It’s their biology teacher, Mr. Woodward (played by Glynn Turman ). They go to touch him, and out of his hand falls a map of the United States, with the train’s path and times written on it in red marker. Mr. Woodward wakes up, takes out a gun, and says ” Do not speak of this or they will find you and kill you and your parents,” and then brandishes the gun until the kids run off, grab their equipment, and drive away. Just then, a squadron of Air Force soldiers (led by Noah Emmerich) jogs onto the scene, and finds the boxes their film came in. The kids agree not to say anything, and Joe goes home to play with the white cube in the bath.

    As for what the alien looks like: who knows! There is one flash in a later scene, of a gas station under attack, where you can maybe see the reflection of a monster in a puddle. It’s wispy and ghost-like, floating above. The characters in the movie who actually lay eyes on this thing are much more freaked out than they would be by a ghost, so we can only assume when seen in something other than a puddle, it is much more intimidating.


    • Green says:

      @anthony24, Nice find!

      I guess that confirms that Joe Lamb’s mother was not involved with experiments featured in “The Editing Room”. Now, we even have the African American Scientist’s name, Mr. Woodward. I’m very curious as to what the “white Rubik’s cubes” are, especially seeing as to how there are more than one. This also supports my belief that the video in “The Editing Room” are the boxes of film the kids discover in the wreck. After reading this all, I have to say I feel very disappointed. “Reflection of a monster in a puddle. It’s wispy and ghost-like, floating above.” Sounds like the “Lost Smoke Monster”. However, the puddle reference also supports the “water-hybrid” theory. Saying as to how this film is titled “Super 8”, we probably won’t see the “Subject”, only what it does. Only for the eyes of a camera to see?

      • pat says:

        i agree but i dont see how the army..with guns and huge freakin tanks blast at a “ghost” …that dont make sense..and besides the 22 minute feature was unfinished product and he (jj abrams) probably did it on purpose so everyone can use they imagination ..but i agree on alot you said green

      • Mephosis says:

        Well I don’t think that the subject won’t be seen because, if you remember Admin posted a video about a guy who designs monsters. That guy designed cloverfield, piranha3d and other creatures. And he said that he is designing it and it’ll be cool, so why would they design it if we won’t see it?
        I don’t really remember the names but i remember that the designer guy is a good one and it’s not his first time to work with J.J.
        (Sorry for bad english >.<)

        • Green says:

          I wasn’t following the viral at that time. Thanks for pointing it out!

        • ****** ********* says:

          His name is Neville Page. He worked on Cloverfield, Piranha 3D, Star Trek, Avatar (James Cameron,) Tron Legacy, and several other films. He did indeed design the alien for Super 8, and he mentioned that it would be shown (whether CGI, rubber creature, or other) quite a bit.

      • anthony24 says:

        @Green and everyone else who got a little disappointed from what the writers speculation on the how the creature looked. in my opinion i think that we will be able to see the subject in the movie because jj made it clear before he showed the 22 min that he wanted to keep what the creature, subject, or alien looked like a secret. also being that we found out the biology teachers name “Mr. Woodward” does that mean he changed his name in order to hide from the government he worked for? because from our understandin and from all the information that we have so far is that the biology teacher is also the scientist from the clips in the editing room and is also Josh Minkers father so wouldnt his last name b Minker as well as by him havin a map with the trains route and time does this mean he was tryin to destroy the subject, creature, or alien that he used to run tests on or was he trying to set it free? just a couple of things to wrap your super 8 minds around! soon everything will fall into place being that we’re only a month and a half away!!!!!!!

        • Green says:

          *Boom* — Three people proved me wrong.

          Maybe after his father’s death, Josh Minker took his mother maiden name? Although, changing his name to hide from the government makes more sense.

  8. xneonxmaniacx says:

    im guessin those “cubes” maybe contain the creature from using its powers. kinda like a tranquilizer, or sedative. hmmm, but on second thought why would it pull the one joe has to the water tower…

  9. Lamarr says:

    Maybe the cubes make up the spaceship, they can fly. And I noticed on the trailer, when everyone is in the street, the objects are floating up towards the water tower.

  10. Sinamatik says:

    Dude,… i thought your name was Barry?.. Oh well

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  12. Blaaaaaa says:

    Stop wasting your time with that GOONIES remake !

  13. Franko says:

    This is great! Now let us review the new video clip.

    We see a film box that is being opened with one hand. We discover that it is our “admin” who says “Hi guys, this is Tom”. He opens the box with his LEFT hand while supposedly holding the camera with his right. Notice his hands. This is not a person who is accustomed to physical labor. (the clean fingernails give this away) Now follow me here. Notice that he is wearing a black shirt. (sleeve in shot) Now review his voice. Sounds like California or from the north west. Now add these facts up:

    1. Man who does not do physical labor (he is working with tech, computers, software, etc.)
    2. Wears black shirts
    3. Born in or is from California

    = Steve Jobs !!!! Our admin. is a bazillionare !!!
    Nice try Steve saying your name was “Tom” I’m sure one of your limo’s picked up the package for you.

    Only for fun. Anyway, can you send me a new ipad ??

    • admin says:

      LOL, a little off… I do work with computers, shirt is a blue hoodie, born and raised in the midwest 🙂

      I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about the 70’s looking table that was the backdrop for the video haha.

  14. Spark says:

    Didn’t mysterio say “if you receive a package from me,you’ll never hear from me again?” I wonder if this has to do with that.

  15. Andy says:

    I’ve been observing this board since the very beginning of the viral and though I’ve had opinions, this is my first post.
    I was thinking maybe the “cubes” were some type of alternative energy source with anti-gravity capabilities that serve as fuel to the spacecrafts propulsion system. Perhaps why the craft that landed/crashed here in the first place was carrying them in such bulk. Or, I guess they could have been reverse engineered and then mass produced by the scientists…just a thought.

  16. anthony24 says:

    what if all the little pieces of “white rubics cubes” when combined together make some sort of spacecraft for the alien and throughout the movie the alien is trying to find all of the pieces to put his spacecraft together so that way he could finally free himself from our planet. i mean if u look at the evidence it kind of supports my theory being that in the trailer when we see joe and elle in joes room with his piece and we see it go through the wall maybe the alien is close by also when we see joes and joes dad lookin up into the sky with their faces lit up literally, whose to say that the alien found all the pieces, put them together, and flew off into space in his spacecraft!!!! just a thought

  17. ethan hunt says:

    in the final movie,for me, the alien is rescue for mathership ,in mi opinion …..idem E.T……or ENCOUNTERS THIRD …..what do you thing????

  18. larkinlink says:

    congrats admin….without you, i would not be able to lurk

  19. Aaron says:

    @franko ROTFLMAO! XD

  20. Franko says:

    Andy and Anthony24 may have an idea here, however, this “22 minute preview” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. There are even some movie and viral sites restricting discussion of this preview because of the spoiler factor. Still, here are some observations.

    First we hear that the kids talk to their biology teacher after he rammed his pickup truck head-on into a fast moving freight train. Freeze the frame @ 1:55 on the official site preview. This where he points a gun at them and says “go”. Look at the geometry of the inside of the pickup truck, especially the side window frame and “wing” window. It is pristine! There is even glass still in this window evident by the shadow of the window pillar! and the passing mirror is just fine. Freeze frame the collision. The truck is annihilated! Pieces strewn all over.

    Let’s agree right now that the guy in the truck with the gun is seen BEFORE the crash. He is either warning the kids before the crash after some kind of trouble, (blood on his head) or the cubes put his truck back together, (like *batteries not included) uh… hope not, OR it is just part of the preview that does not occur in the movie. This happens often where scenes in the trailer never even show up in the movie. War of the Worlds was a great example of this.

    Also, the “22 minute preview” reportedly shows hundreds, if not thousands of white Rubic’s cubes, scattered all over the crash site. Could this be what the military guy with the flame thrower is destroying? The shot shows him indeed spraying the ground, and the rest of the military team looking on. What else could he be burning at midnite? Gophers? Maybe Joe has the last cube .

    As of Saturday 3:00pm eastern time, clip #79 is not in the editing room. Maybe they stop work at 5:00 on Fridays.

    J.J. if you are watching, how about some free tix?

  21. anthony24 says:

    i highly doubt that he tells the kids to go before the crash because in the trailer u can clearly see that the kids dont know whats going on when they see the truck going head on with the train and also why would the person or persons write about they seen in the 22 min screening and make stuff up. just throwing that out there. although everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • Franko says:

      For anthony24: You have a point about the guy in the pickup warning the kids AFTER the crash. On the latest TV spot, we clearly see him talking to the kids and pointing the gun. There looks like smoke and fire in the kid’s background. On this clip, however, you can’t see the inside of the truck.
      On the official site clip, you indeed see the inside of the truck and it looks just fine. (see description above) There is no way, judging by the look of the crash, that he could have survived and his truck look so good. One clip yes/one clip no. By the way, the Paramount site has the official trailer and for some reason, it is easier to freeze than the official site. Just one more item to make us crazy, and JJ can’t even spare a few tickets.

  22. Aaron says:

    ill bet anything that the alien takes/kidnapps one of the main characters at the end of the movie. just a thought

  23. Lamarr says:

    @Franko. Anthony24 is definitely right. He talks to the kids AFTER the crash. The blood, smoke (on the kids view), and scattered train parts (outside the window of the truck) support it.

    @Anthony24. Franko is definitely right. Though I’m 100% sure about the before or after, it makes no sense for the truck to be so intact. The whole right side of the truck was destroyed and the truck still looks mint. So much so that it even looks like he’s about to drive off. The left side (driver side) should at the very least be crushed.

    Franko has a point about the way they do certain scenes in a movie. I think ,maybe, they kept the truck with some what of a clean look for sake of the scene to be shot in it.

    • Rich says:

      It IS possible for the truck to remain partially intact on the driver’s side. Especially in a high speed collision like this one. Its possible the train was going so fast that it just tore the truck in two. They only show a small portion of the cabin not the whole thing. The rest of the truck could be mangled for all we know. Just my opinion.

  24. Lamarr says:

    @Aaron. There is a possibility of something like that happening. On the Superbowl trailer when they are looking up at the light, Elle and the man I believe to be her father (“I saw it, no one believes me”) are standing behind Joe. You see Joe reaching up to something and Elle screams his name while her father holds her back (not in that order). The way she yells his name is as if something has happened to him or is happening to him.

    In another scene you see Joe’s dad (who now has on a military shirt) grab him and hug him. Maybe he’s pulling him away from whatever is attracting him. Joe seemed out of the moment, somewhat incoherent. Then you see a reaching hand in the lens at the end.

    It could be an E.T. thing where Joe tries to touch the alien or spacecraft, Elle screams for him, and his dad pulls him away and holds him tight.

  25. Nick says:

    Thanks for keeping all of us updated Admin!

  26. Danny says:

    Just on Joe’s dad wearing an air force blouse, with Staff Sargent stripes, Remember he was talking to an Air Force Colonel and not getting any answers, So he could have taken a uniform or gotten it from the local army surplus store to see if he could have learned anything more, But more than likely his police uniform shirt got ruined and he was given that to wear. And yes there is a local Army Surplus store it is in the trailer at the 0.28 mark.

  27. mikey says:

    In clip 79, there seems to be a creature that the researcher is pushing on cart, and I hear, “its biological nature”

  28. Franko says:

    @ Danny with a good comment. He could indeed have gotten the shirt from the store that we see the mannequins in the background to infiltrate and find out what is going on. I know that if it was me, I would have done the same thing.

  29. Franko says:

    On our on-going, pretzel-logic discussion of the pickup truck clip, whether he speaks to the kids before the crash or after;

    Firstly, I believe we can all agree that Paramount / Bad Robot did not really drive a truck into a moving train. The shear cost, safety, and environmental impact would be astronomical. (If it is real, it would be the work of one BAD robot). It is obviously CGI.

    Second, the studio would then have to CGI the driver’s surroundings when he speaks to the kids. Perhaps they indeed did this for the flow of the movie. The first clip (where we see the inside of a perfectly good pickup truck) may have been shot as a REFERENCE and we are seeing raw video. The CGI over the intact truck could be made to look destroyed.

    Thirdly, no one could have survived that kind of impact, so I think we are at an impasse.

    NOW, just for grins. Have a gander at the clip from Youtube below. This is another Paramount motion picture from 1952. This clip used models and was/is considered a great film.
    (It won Academy Awards for Best Picture and also Best Story that year, also with nominations for Directing, Editing, and Costume.)

    PS: I don’t think the Super 8 “subject” is a lion.

    • Xrati says:

      Are you all on crack?

      Why does this have to be the same truck at all?

      • Franko says:

        @ Xrati:You endure a very pleasant and intelligent way to present yourself to the premiere Super 8 site that displays the most class, the most decency, and the most decorum.

        If I may request, please do thine homework. It is well established that the same pickup truck that collides with the train is indeed the same one that the Afro-American gentleman speaks to the kids from. The debate, however is moot, as we do not have sufficient information showing whether it occurs pre or post impact.



        • Tim in Ohio says:

          For what it’s worth, there is also a major spoiler out there that describes when the conversation between him and the kids takes place…as well as something about the maps….if the person who wrote the article is telling the truth.

          Sorry, I don’t want to post out of respect, but its by someone named Willa Paskin.

        • Xrati says:

          Ok Franco. I’m an idiot.

          Help me understand how these are the same truck. Cites your specific understanding and knowledge of why these are the same truck.



          • Franko says:

            @X, You are not an idiot, and I am not on crack.

            The Ford pickup truck that hits the train and explodes is yellow and has a round passing mirror, and a “wing” window. The shot of the African-American pointing the gun is sitting in a Yellow Ford pickup truck with a “wing” window and round passing mirror.

            As I mentioned before, there is no real answer regarding before or after the crash. The dialogue suggests he is warning them after the crash, saying “tell no one of this” and “go”. However the impact of the crash suggests that he was killed.

            My OPINION is that he says “tell no one of this”, then crashes the train.

            Like everything else in this movie/game/trailers, we probably know just as much as they want us to know at this time.

            X, keep watching and trying to figure this stuff out. We need all the help we can get. One thing for sure, this motion picture will be a must see.

    • Rich says:

      I have to disagree with you on your third statement. Someone COULD have survived the train collision showed in the trailer. Maybe not without having broken bones (maybe why he is still in the car slightly hunched), but definitely possible especially for movie purposes.

  30. Lee Billingham says:

    Ok guys well ive been doing a lot of research on super 8 and everyones picked up on pretty much the same stuff i have. if you look on the video it shows a board with the date 19th september 1962, so i googled the date to see if it had any releverance to the film. the main historical event that happened that day was the nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya performed by the USSR. could this possibly be a clue ?

  31. ethan hunt says:

    what relacion have the hunkback notredam in this movie?????what do you thing admin????……..

    • James V. says:

      I think it could be like how some “kiddies” used to use action figures in movies by using the old P.O.V. shot (not first person but the illusion that something smaller is larger than or equal to the size of a person e.g. an action figure is 1/4th the size of the person but because of the way the film is shot the action figure looks the same size…) and that the kids in the film use the action figure as the “monster” in their film, OR it could just be a nice tid-bit either way it’s cool…

  32. Lamarr says:

    I just notice in clip 79 whoever is speaking didn’t say “subject is biological” he says “several of it’s biologic” and it stops before he finishes the word biological.

  33. Laurie Kamrowski-Lamb says:

    Don’t know if anyone else got this – I went to the site and started messing around with the GUI they have going – it’s a funky mishmash of basic and c++ coding as far I could tell (which isn’t much) but when it shows the tape drive loading the 20 or so files, then it comes back with a list of files which look like gibberish – at the command prompt if you type .print rsfoo02 (or whatever the names of the files are – anything with the .dat extension) it’ll bring up your print file dialog box (and win 7 has it so that you print to a .xps file). I got like 5 faux military ID scans with the photos scraped off. Anyone else get this?

  34. Toby says:

    Great video, Thanks Tom. But please – BUY A TRIPOD!

  35. Gez says:

    Admin Tom you must have been well stoked to get the Super 8 film and props to u for your one handed package handling! I was like “how is this guy gonna get this open” 🙂

  36. Kevin says:

    Hi everyone.

    I really feel like i’ve stumbled on something BIG.

    I’ve a picture that I took from the trailer. I discovered this object/thing by chance and to be honest, have yet to see anyone else mentioning it.

    If anyone can explain it, then please do. But i’m honest to god convinced this is a hint at what the creature is.

    I’ve nowhere I can upload it to other than photobucket unfortunately.
    At this particular point in the scene, watch it very slowly and you’ll see the object break through the window and then pull back out again. Plain as day.

    Check it out!

  37. Kevin says:

    Sorry it’s not photo-bucket. Had to upload it to my MobileMe account instead

  38. Shayan says:

    Im glad to be apart of this site, your the best admin!

  39. Melodyman says:

    So why hasnt your clip been uploaded to the S8editingroom site yet?
    Maybe email it again and check the code?
    Should be there by now.. somethings amiss..

    • admin says:

      Was wondering the same thing… I emailed the code right after I posted the video so I’m not sure what the deal is. I’ll send it again and see if it unlocks.

  40. Kevin says:

    Excuse me, but it’s NOT a virus. FACT! My photobucket wouldn’t work and it’s the only logical way i could think of sharing the picture.

    I’ll set up a flickr account if need be.

    This isn’t any special clip from the posted out viral campaign. It’s in the main trailer, no special hidden message, meaning or back to front viewing.
    The bit where the window smashes in on the garage assistant.

  41. Kevin says:

    Please check this out folks! I can’t explain it or the fact no matter where I look, no-one has mentioned it.

    • Tim in Ohio says:

      Looking at the actual trailer sequence, there does appear to be something kinda “whipping” over the store clerks right shoulder (camera left) but I can’t tell what it is, could be something that was on the window. I agree though, it does seem to pull back in after going through the window.

      • ****** ********* says:

        I agree. It does kind of look like that is a tentacle, both in the image and in regular motion. I tried to get a few frames myself and I found yours, plus another where it is actually whipping sideways. Another shows two tentacles in the same frame. The 2nd is on the right. Also, at 2:02, which is a few frames before you see the military vehicle about to explode, you can see another tentacle near Joe’s right wrist. This one looks almost exactly similar to the one shown in the scene with the store clerk, but this one has an orangish band. I can’t upload the photo, though. Kevin, you may want to check it out.

  42. V says:

    The original trailer was filmed separately, and the clip of the truck hitting the train in the 2nd and 3rd trailers was the same one from the first. In the actual movie, they will most likely use a different shot of the truck hitting the train, especially since the original shot did not show any kids filming nearby. And perhaps the shot used in the movie will show less damage to the truck.

  43. Jim says:

    Okay, bear with me.
    I just read through these and there seems to be a lot of discussion about the nature of the white cubes. Judging by clips 61 & 62 on it looks like they react to electric fields.
    Also (and I may be totally wrong here) the apparatus in clip 62 (with the glass and the coils) looks a little like something from ASTRON which you can learn about by following the link on the top post on (pictures at the end of the document).
    Astron is linked to Nicholas Christofilos, who studied Van Allen belts. these were ‘investigated’ supposedly by Leyda Kupe who’s name appears on one of the books in the FFSHCom.jpg file from STIES.

    Again, maybe that’s reaching, and I apologise if all of this has been linked previously (but I didn’t see anything on the timeline)

    • Franko says:

      @Jim, Nice work. The Christofilos material is quite lengthy and a bit hard to read, but what you say could be a connection. Perhaps this is the device that has to be set a certain frequency of the field.

  44. Franko says:

    BIG NEWS: Portal 2 has an interactive Super 8 trailer walkthrough with all kinds of info, maps, and a Rocket pop on a table! (you are actually in the train!)

    A SPOILER ALERT.Someone placed this walkthrough on Youtube. Again, if you don’t want to know more, don’t watch it.

  45. Julie says:

    Lol Admin your voice is hot XD Not to be weird or anything x Good to see this website is on the same rankings as the others xx

  46. marcelol says:

    Is it just me, or did no one notice that about 1.6 seconds into this clip a backwards “G” appears SMACK in the middle of the frame.

    Knowing that they’ve snuck in messages into the intro to certain episodes of FRINGE, I wonder if each of the clips being sent to the different sites include letters included within the frames of each of the clips with some other message subliminally embedded within the clips.

    Check it out. I noticed it almost by accident, but it’s DEFINITELY there. Scroll through the frames and you’ll see it show up.

    • marcelol says:

      Nevermind….traced through it. Seems Flash Play throws up a ghosted image of the Replay Icon a little before the clip ends, and I just ended up having eyesight wonky enough to actually catch it.

      Sorry for the false alarm.

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  48. Lauren Dasilua says:

    hello admin thanks for your article. I love it. In case you want you can check my blog Maybe you will get some valuable info.

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