“They Got Him”…

mr mrs minker

There has been an update to the revalistic.com site, but not just a blog post... a picture! To access the area with this information you need to goto http://revalistic.com/explanation just like before and enter the password: BXTSLWK729 . The not appears to be from our friend "mysterioso" better known as the guy communicating via the STIES site with Josh. It would also appear that the woman in the picture is wearing the hat with the monkey pin on it, which makes it pretty much a fact that the African American man is Josh's dad and Josh is not a main character in the movie "Super 8".

My guess is that Josh is just a baby when the movie is set and that we'll probably see him as a baby. I believe the line in the note on the picture "I know what he wants to do with it and that cannot happen. Not again." is stating that an incident with the vitas relic happened before, and "before" meaning the events we will see in the movie, since the viral stuff is happening in present time. Think about it... it makes sense.

I've transcribed the note below as well as attached the images... let me know what you guys think.

he caught up to me. I hope I was able
to buy you enough time to get away.
Perhaps I should have told you this from the
beginning but I suspected that a man
from your father's past had been following
our movements. He was stationed with
your father and me at Area 51. He is
not a good man

I know he's after the vitas relic and he
cannot, under any circumstances, get to
it first. It's far too powerful. I know
what he wants to do with it and that
cannot happen. Not again.

Please do not worry about me. I wouldn't have
allowed myself to be taken alive, but know that
my death was quick and painless. I've had lots
of years to plan for this outcome. Help your father.
You're all he has! Your friend, Alexander Kasiav (Kaslov?)

minker photo back

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  1. Franko says:

    Hey wake up everybody. There is a new entry in Revalistic. It links to a video and more info.

  2. MovieBuff says:

    Check clip 69, there’s a really fast flash at the beginning of the clip. Someone should have a closer look.

    • Danny says:

      I did and stated earlier that it was a cube being held by a surgical clamp and a drill was being used on it that was causing sparks, or that is what is causing the flash at the beginning of clip 69.

  3. Franko says:

    Hello. PG13 is what wildaboutmovies.com is saying this film is rated. It’s rating is not listed yet on imdb or wiki.
    7/11 has revealed a new way to enjoy their Slurpees. Dual chamber that mixes in the straw. Perhaps we will see official Rocket Pop flavors this summer.
    Happy Easter

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes, thank you Lamarr and others for support. I actually chatted with “Nick Allen” and he seemed cool after a while, just no Josh Minker lol. Looking forward to the movie intensely, don’t worry!

  5. Lamarr says:

    Your welcome Sarah.

  6. Lamarr says:

    Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels like we’re playing the waiting game. Please someone leave a comment so I can have some Super 8 reading material. Please 8-(

  7. just thinking... says:

    Hey all, I’m a little late to the Super 8 world, but may have stumbled onto something. Pls be kind if you’ve heard this all before 🙂

    I think Russia may play a role in the movie, and here’s why – the repetitive use and inclusion of ‘red’ and subtle nods to Russia across all of the viral marketing.

    During the Cold War and space race, anything Russian or communism-related was termed as being part of the ‘red scare’:

    1. The first Rocket Poppeteers poster at Comic Con – in the red area of the poster it mentions ‘Red Cozmo’.

    ‘Red’ again represents Russia. ‘Cozmo’ would be a phonetic mispelling of the word ‘cosmo’, and a shortened form of ‘cosmonaut’, the Russian name for an astronaut: http://www.super8news.com/2010/10/18/rocket-poppeteers-poster-pops-up-at-nyc-comic-con/

    2. Josh Minker’s blog references the death of his beloved Red Oscar fish (second paragraph, first sentence of post on October 20, 2010). Again, with the ‘red’: http://www.hooklineandminker.com/

    3. 9/19/1962 folder: on September 19, 1962 USSR (Russia) performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya: http://www.historyorb.com/date/1962/september/19.

    3 theories:

    1. For the movie, maybe the USSR nuclear testing on 9/16/62 was actually the power of the alien or the cube, and nuclear testing was given as a cover-up story.

    2. The 9/16/62 nuclear testing was real and Russia discovered a new, more powerful way to use nuclear energy. To gain the upper hand on the Cold War and space race, America wants to harness the power of the alien’s cube.

    3. Maybe the testing was done to try and destroy and overpower the alien and/or cube.

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Not sure if it’s helpful, but it is definitely fun disseminating the viral puzzle pieces -_-

  8. just thinking... says:

    Hey again, all, for some reason, my comments aren’t being posted 🙁

    And, even though I’m new to this, I think my theories make some sense.

    Moderator, is there a reason you’re not posting my comments?

    • admin says:

      Your posts contain a lot of links which puts them in a hold until I approve them. It’s just a spam precaution, all of your comments have been posted.

    • Bobina says:

      frst tell ur frnds to hit tht website ateaslt 50 time a day and post tht on google search engine if it is a movie site then imagine some search/key words which a common lay man (or a person who doesnt surf internet much)and tht to ur webpage keywords. so depending on wht site ur plannin KEYWORDS are the key factor and try to post ur link on leading websites for starting couple of months and once u get famous u can remove frm thr website but frst TELL UR FRNDS TO ACCESS THT SITE VERY OFTEN TILL it gets famous on the google search engine .gud luck

  9. just thinking... says:

    Ok, may have a fun theory on Russia’s role in the movie. Please email me at anne.mcnair@yahoo.com to learn more, since it won’t post. Thx!

    • Peter says:

      Well, the idea of Red Cozmo was from when the creators of Rocket Poppeteers started making the ice pops, and it expanded, they wanted to make a story so children would become more interested. Since this was at the time of the Cold War, they came up with the name Red Cozmo as the enemy.

      • just thinking... says:

        Ah, didn’t know that. So, yea! Then Russia does play some sort of backstory for this movie. Phew, good to know I wasn’t crazy -_-

        For Cloverfield, the viral campaign and backstory revolved around Japan (Slusho, manga, etc.). This time, guess it’s Russia.

        • Rolo says:

          not sure if anyone has noticed this yet but on youtube i saw a different video for the interactive trailer. after the train crashes you walk straight ahead and theres a box that has tipped over. All over the floor theres these cubes that match the one shown on S8editingroom.
          anyone else seen this?

          • just thinking... says:

            Saw the interactive trailer, but totally missed that box. Can you post the link to the youtube vid? 🙂

  10. Douche Wayne says:

    Timeline theory of film being “history” and Josh posting in “present” unraveling mysterious events which we will (hopefully) see in the film BLEW. MY. MIND. I was starting to think this campaign (while cool as all heck) lacked the “how on Earth is this connected?” vibe the Cloverfield viral had – it seemed way too directly connected with the movie itself.

    This is what I expect from Abrams and Senior Spielbergo! Thanks Admin for bringing this to us!

  11. Bullet 0verdose says:

    Hey there’s a new update on Revalistic leading to a new site called Mitre, we should check i out!!!!
    leave a link

  12. Silly Sara says:

    I may be stating the obvious which has probably been covered here already but since I haven’t read ALL the comments/entries, I’ll say it anyway. The guy in the photo, who is Josh’s Dad, is in the film on the editing suite site, seen in the labratory conducting the experiments on this cube dealio…..

  13. anh hai says:

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