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Update (4/28/11): Wow, I can't believe I really have to promote this post back to the front... again, but it appears that some people are just too immature to handle commenting on a website. There has been an issue lately with people choosing to use inappropriate usernames to post comments, thus leading to people complaining about those usernames... If it continues to happen I will be forced to make you have to create an account in order to comment, it's the only way I can control what the user names are. I don't want to have to do this because I know how much I hate having to login to make a quick comment on sites. So with that being said, anyone caught using an inappropriate user name to comment on any post will be immediately banned, no warnings.

On a sidenote, I do read every single comment, so you don't have to leave multiple replies to people that use inappropriate user names, I will see them. So lets keep the comments on topic to the post and keep this a safe place for everyone to read. Thanks.

Update (2/8/11): I'm promoting this back to the front page because it seems as though the comments are getting a little out of hand again. With the movie getting closer to release and more information coming to light, let's try to keep the comments on the topic of those specific posts (or at least Super 8 in general). Any personal attacks, bashing of others' comments or pointless links will be deleted and your IP may be banned from commenting again (depending on how I feel that day).

Since news is slow for the moment I wanted to address the comment issue I've been noticing. I try not to moderate too many of the comments outside of the spam comments because I feel that everyone  has a right to their own opinion and those opinions are usually what spark conversation throughout the site, but some of the recent comments have gone so far as to attack individuals rather than focus on Super 8.

With that said, from here on out I'm going to be a little more strict on the comment moderating. If I see a comment that I feel doesn't add to the conversation; whether it's a slam against someone else or just a pointless comment, I'm going to delete them without notice. With that being said, I also don't monitor the site 24/7, but I try to keep an eye on things, so if you see a comment that you think is questionable you don't need to leave a comment or email me asking why it wasn't deleted, if I feel it's off-topic enough to warrant deletion I'll get to it.

Also, as other people have said, the forums are a much better place for discussion as things are kept in a more organized format. So if you really want to discuss points and topics that the blog posts don't cover I would suggest heading over there. As with the comments though, I can't moderate the entire forum myself all the time, so please use common sense.

I didn't even think I needed to write this post, but in the last few days it seems to have become a small issue that I want to put an end to now, so try to keep the comments on topic from here on out and if you want to talk about something else the forums have an off-topic section that's perfect for that. I appreciate all of you guys reading the site so let's try to keep things as civil as possible.


43 Responses to “Comment Courtesy”

  1. Jason says:

    Thank you. And by the way, you have yet to adress the new button on the STIES taskbar.

    • admin says:

      I saw someone post about that on unfiction, but when I went to the STIES site I did not see the “#” icon that they showed.

      However, after reading through the rest of the posts on unfiction now, I see that you have to click the left arrow in the bottom toolbar for it to appear. It still doesn’t seem to do anything, but I’ll throw a post up anyways and update it once it actually starts to work. Thanks!

      • Jenkins says:

        That has been there for months, im sure i saw something about that a while ago, and i have actually seen it after pressing the left arrow

        • admin says:

          You’re replying to a comment from October of last year… there have been lots of developments with the chat icon since then, but at the time of this posting there weren’t…

  2. CzM says:

    Thank you! Excited to find out where this new button will lead us!

  3. sinamatik says:

    Effin’ Right!

  4. Rixx says:

    Thank You, a few were getting out of hand

  5. Almish says:

    There have been many clues and comments found as a result of posting with each other lets not let a few d bags ruin it. Thank you admin.

  6. Rixx says:

    Something to add, I framed my Poppeteers certificates! totally kool in my entranceway.

    • MicMagellan says:

      “whisle!!!” PERSONAL COM… RedFlagg due to lack CLUES

      theirs a story going on in CA – OC
      some just cant pull their punches, but to me and the fans its ENTERTAINMENT. Maybe im one of them with a rant of two here and there, and perhaps its gotten worse for most simple trying to stay ahead of the game.
      Seeing that now we have soooo much to take in now…
      (nothin (p) Rixx just jump in)

  7. Shayan says:

    Thank you

  8. Franko says:

    @ Admin: Well said, well done and with class.

  9. Cloud says:

    I tried to put one of them pictures to come up when I post, just testing to see if it worked 🙂

  10. jessenyhc says:


  11. Cocotones says:

    Well that’s 35 seconds of my life I’m not getting back.

  12. Vic227 says:

    so there’s a new tweet by rocket poppeteers saying that there are scores for our team. what does that mean “Captain Cooper has noticed some exceptional Recruits! Check your scores to see if you received extra “teamwork” bonuses from Coop himself!” – was the tweet

  13. Mr. Y.W. says:

    Admin, you do a great job keeping this a safe and fun website! Thank you.

  14. irvingzapata says:

    keep it like that admin, you always do a great job!!!

    clean this place from immature kids!!!

    i hope tomorrow (friday) we get more viral also it’s my birthday!!! yeah!!!

  15. jjmyhero says:

    one month and this waith its over!!!!!

    • The Traveler Forum Alley know as Magellan says:

      what the H man, its never over… this is the song that never ends. Yeah for this project, but its all tide 2 gether. What we have seen from the past is that some really good Dir. can string, draw out, or even postfone…

      But it ain’t over no SIR…

    • MovieBuff says:

      It’s a good thing because the suspense is killing me. This is also the only decent looking movie that is coming out this summer.

  16. Mason says:

    super 8 poster was at the royal wedding. i saw it on access hollywood, some guy was holding a rolled up super 8 poster in the crowd.

  17. Franko says:

    Hey there, Hi, there, Ho there.

    Revalistic has new info. They are looking for a symbol. Looks like “Alpha” in Greek. this also means “the beginning, or start”. See the link then back track on your browser to this site. (Why do they want us to be aware of this guy??


    In the trailer showing the family playing rock scissors paper, observe the TV movie playing in the background.You will notice a clock tower being knocked down.Now Youtube “Gorgo” and you will find a preview of this old movie, with a scene at London’s Big Ben clock. The “subject” is borne from some type of exposure and his “mother” comes back to rescue it.

    I remember seeing the entire Gorgo movie and there is indeed a scene that looks like the frame in the family’s TV. This is just another example of Spielbergian flavor. Remember Close Encounters with the scene on the TV of the Red Sea parting from the movie “The Ten Commandments, or ET watching the movie of the guy kissing the girl? Just a nice touch.

    I am celebrating today but i can’t mention why until after this film premeres.

    • paul says:

      why can you tell us till after the prem.?you must no something tell us please there hasnt been good news recently.

      • Franko says:

        @Paul: No not at all. This is off topic and I will probably bid “adieu” (farewell) to you fine folks after the movie, at least till the sequel comes out and Tom-ministrator starts this again.

  18. Franko says:

    The symbol Revalistic is talking about for is used to represent the “fine structured constant”.(whatever that is)……..It equals 3 dots!! Look here:

  19. Lamarr says:

    If you pause the very first teaser trailer at 00:40 you will see the 3 dots ∵. I dont think it means anything but its kind of cool. This is when a cow or goat is falling out of the train. Also, if you frame by frame that trailer between the 40 & 41 second mark you will see that a cargo door is open. There is something inside but i cant make it out. It looks like a chair with a sheet over it. If you look directly under it there is a shape of a monster in the vapors on the left of the flames. Im sure that is just coincidence though.

  20. jjmyhero says:

    3 weeks and nothing new, this is mysterious

    • Franko says:

      “Assault on technician 58-o-42″….. Josh Minker’s dad.
      I like this Lt. Col. guy. Do we know who this actor is??

  21. Green says:

    If you guys have a Facebook, you should ‘Like’ Super 8’s page.


    Super 8’s film has been updated/redesigned!!!!!!


    With two new pictures in the gallery portion!!!!!!


  22. Franko says:

    Up-dated official site!

  23. R says:

    Check out gallery section of updated site. New picture never seen before.

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