Super 8 Short Film Contest

super 8 contest

For those of you that are between the ages of 13-18 and want to win a Mac loaded with video editing software and more, then what are you waiting for! Start submitting your short films today!

For more information head on over the official contest page.

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50 Responses to “Super 8 Short Film Contest”

  1. Zappex says:

    You know what sucks? my video camera is crappy and no one will want to help.

  2. Zappex says:

    ah well… good luck for those who can do the contest 🙂

  3. AlecHurt says:

    this is it.. this is my calling.. ive been into movie making since i was little… i NEED to win this… i have to.

  4. Zappex says:

    i support u dude.

  5. Chainsaw Fellatio says:

    You know what sucks? I’m 21 😛 Good luck my friend!

  6. Franko says:

    @ Zappex. A great camera does not a great film make. It is who is behind the camera that counts. Remember, JJ is often quoted as “being a story teller…not a story seller”. Why not give it a “shot” ? (pun)

    Who knows…maybe some day there will be a year long viral and clues along with a few thousand kookburgers like us waiting for YOUR movie!

    Just remember good ole’ Franko when sending out the royalty checks.

    13 to 18………….that leaves me out.

  7. Zappex says:

    thanks Franko… its just that ive been trying to start a movie for quite sometime, along with starting a band and other semi-half-baked ideas, but no one wants to take part. That where my problem is.

  8. Green says:

    I’ll give it a shot. I’ve been working on a script for a while now. This could be fun.

  9. Franko says:

    @ Zappex / Green: Absolutely give it a shot !! Don’t ever give up !

    A hint: Try watching older black and white movies that depended more on shadows and camera angles because of the lack of color. Try some Alfred Hitchcock or some directed by / starring Orson Wells. There are cinema lessons in every frame. Youtube has plenty of snippets of these great films, Glean from them and the internet.

    Learn what you can from everyday life. Bruce Springsteen has made millions with lyrics about chicks, hanging out, and growing up North Jersey. There is a shot and a wrap somewhere, every day.

    Believe it or not, I had the privilege to visit the country of Haiti a year ago this March.(2010) Now remember, this was just 7 weeks after the earthquake that killed 300 thousand folks. I took just a hand held camera and proceeded to film, just as a record. It was horrifying to see the destruction first hand. When home, I was able to edit and finish a fairly good account of what had happened.

    Of course, there will be no monetary compensation for this but it shows that you can indeed make great cinema with the right vision or subject matter or story line regardless if you don’t have a great camera.

    Now go out and do it.

    • Green says:


      Thank you Franko! I had alot of doubts about doing since the effect I’m hoping to achieve may not be executed very well on my current camera. I have considered renting a camera for $150. But now, I’m amped to do this thanks to you! I’m excited to approach the project as a jump start for a possible career. The story I developed seems perfect considering my minuscule budget. I’m very confident since location is a focal point, and I found an amazing place to film. My biggest worry is the execution and acting. My ambition is to make a great film.

  10. Rowan says:

    ahh man i hate living in canada sometimes

  11. AlecHurt says:

    something on my mind for a while… maybey an idea, who knows….
    ok, so lets say you die. right now. but when you die ur not really dead, you can still hear and feel. but you cant move a muscle or talk… everyone thinks that when you die, there is an afterlife… but what if there isnt? what if everyone in the graves are “dead” but they arent? besides how would we know? how would we know what “dying” is like….. its confusing… (thought of this while i was high) lol

    sounds like an interesting idea for a short film.. i might try it.

  12. Jason says:

    Oh my goodness. I am a filmaker, I am eligible to enter, I knew doing this arg for a year wasn’t useless. Good luck to all others entering.

  13. james says:

    aww im 19! 🙁

  14. Peter says:

    @ AlecHurt.

    the idea you are proposing sounds like a movie that has already come out, but a bit different. The movie is called Awake. Hayden Christenson was in it and it was about being conscious during surgery but not being able to speak or move because of the sedation. He was able to hear everything around him but could not respond.

  15. Cloud says:

    I’m guessing you have to be in the US for this 🙁

  16. Sinamatik says:

    That’s crap! I actually have a Regular 8 camera and can shoot on film,… too bad i’m not a product of the 90’s…. not! 80’s Rule!

  17. Mephosis says:

    Too bad…I’m 20, but those of you who’s between 13-18.
    GOOOOO and f*****g WIN this!!

  18. Val says:

    I love making shorts, Im 16.
    But OH NO I’m not from US 🙁

  19. Cloud says:

    Just some advice for anyone who is making one of the short films (I’m not as I’m in the UK 🙁 )

    The best way to make a short film not look rushed and crammed into a small amount of time is to give it a time aspect.
    For example with Cloverfield, that was on for however long one of the tapes lasted.
    Some other ideas could be like a bomb disposal team who have say 15 minutes to deactivate the bomb, so the film could be on for 15 minutes.

    You can see where I’m going with this 🙂

  20. Robb says:

    I’m 17 but I wouldn’t know what to do it about :p

  21. Zappex says:

    Okay i gots an idea for what im going to do. Lets see if u guys might like this (im plaaning on making a little mini series off of it wiether or not if i win :P). A kid wakes up in his room. he gets up and turns on the radio. static. he goes downstairs and turns on the tv. more static. he goes outside. theres not a living soul on sight. no cars. no people. no animals. nothing. he goes back inside and sees this Katana with a note that says “You’ll need this”. He starts walking down the lonely county road towards a small town. when he gets there the town is deserted, but then he sees a shadowy figure in the distance. the figure slowly moves closer to the kid. we then see the kid, calm but nervous of the shadowy figure. the screen goes black and we get the “dong…” and a “to be continued..” text in the end, thus leaving a cliff hanger.

    so what do u guys think of that little idea? To give u a hint on what the big plot is the movie is going to be called “A.C.” Hope you guys like the idea.

  22. V says:

    DUDE, this rocks, I’m 17 so I’m eligible, time to get started! (BTW, this is theamazingnightblade, just posting under a new name now)

  23. Garrett says:

    I’ve already submitted mine. Just submitted my entree in last night. Now I just have to wait. Its kind’uv a dark story about a guy who meets 3 girls, 1 of which he knows, and all of whoms names are shades of red. Along with the title, “Dancing in maroon”. Maroon representing blood. The Mans name is Russet, a shade of brown. He meets this girl “Carmine” and they fall in love at first site. While they do everything together, carmine is found dead in her room. Russet is disturbed by this awful news, so he goes out with the 2nd girl out of the bunch. “Sangria”, who is both a shoulder to cry on, and a future replacement for Carmine. When russet see’s sangrias face, he sees it as Carmine’s. Later that night, sangria is also found dead, in her room. Drama occurs with the 3rd friend, Carnelian, who he has known for years. She screams at him about erasing Carmine from his head, but will change her mood, and cry on his shoulder. He starts having nightmares about stabbing carmine in the heart. The next day, Carnelian goes to russets house to see him with a BROWN 😉 gun. He points it to his head. Carnelian screams, but he instead shoots her. He tells her body that the one regret he has about killing her is that she was right. Carmine is just another distraction. He shoots himself, and wakes up in the same place in his dreams. The movie ends with him stabbing Carmine to death, and him being a lot happier. I hope I win, I have been working on this project for a while and then this contest came up. Perfect timing. That is why I submitted so early in the game! 🙂

  24. Garrett says:

    Theres also a bit of a twist that I didn’t include in it… you’ll just have to wait and see.

  25. Franko says:

    @ Green, Zappex, and all.

    If you can, check out a sleeper movie named “Man in the Chair”. It is about a kid who is doing a movie and if he wins, he gets a scholarship. He befriends an old lighting tech from Hollywood who recruits his retired Hollywood movie friends. This is now playing on the Sundance Channel. Nice movie to watch while waiting for “the train to come”.

    Also, be on the lookout for 7-eleven, Burger King, or Mc D’s promo items. They are playing it close to the vest; all is hush hush.

    AND ALSO: The soundtrack cd should be released a few weeks before the movie release.(soon) The track titles may be spoilers, and so would be any new pictures in the cd, seeing how much background info we have. I can’t wait to pick up mine.

    Again, I can’t stress enough: indeed, make your movies, don’t give up, think outside the box, and use every available help you can.

  26. Zappex says:

    heck, heres an idea: make a movie about us making a movie for this contest! They dont know what’ll hit them!

  27. Alex says:

    I’m just gonna do a basic plot. I’m 15 and I’m gonna do this with another friend of mine. We’re just gonna make a creepy hopefully 3 minute movie on how this one guy feels like something is constantly watching him, especially while he sleeps. A common fear in all of us (?) He says he’s always had nightmares growing up but now that he’s older, he’s doubting whether they’re nightmares or real stuff.

    I just hope J.J. Abrams is fair in choosing the winning movie. The prize shouldn’t go to the person who used all these sophisticated effects or professional camera, but a good, talented movie. Do you guys agree?

  28. Green says:

    Best wishes to all who are entering. I had to forfeit because of a lack of support/help from “family/friends”. They hold me back.

    I will never stop trying. I will defy their expectations. Read my aborted film project script here….

    “We fall to learn to pick ourselves up”
    ~Batman Begins

    Bring on June 10 and Super 8. I can’t wait!

  29. V says:

    Just Submitted my film!

    • Gus Serrano says:

      Dustin, it’s lookin good. You have a good chance of winning! The production value is fantastic, seeing as you managed to obtain that many extras, and your school staff to cooperate. If you don’t win though, some things to improve: For each shot, reenact entire scenes to allow continuity to be better. Also, add some more stylistic elements – titles, credits… Don’t be afraid to apply filters, and make story elements more logical – I didn’t like how he just got pissed at the girl for asking what was wrong, and said she was only making it worse. But yeah man, lookin good. You’ve got some potential! I would have submitted, but I didn’t hear about this until it was too late. You can check out my films, but most of them are school projects, and I’m always so damn pressed for time that I can’t ever make stuff to my fullest potential… Anywho, good luck man. Hit me up for more tips, or if you wanna collaborate or something sometime haha.

  30. Jeffrey says:

    Here was my entry, but since my computer crashed while rendering it several times, I missed the deadline by 3 hours:

  31. Bill says:

    Congratulations to the winner, Jonathan D. of Lake Orion, Michigan!

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