Revalistic Update

There was a small update to the Revalistic site last night. It doesn't tell us much, just our original contact from this site expressing her condolences for the mysterious man getting killed. You can check it out for yourself by heading over to and using the password BXTSLWK729, otherwise I've copied the post below.

If you’re able to check this, wanted to let you know that I’m safe. I’ve been careful, like we talked about. But I haven’t heard from you since last week and I’m starting to get worried now. If you can find a way to let me know you’re OK please do so.

I know you’re still beating yourself up over it but you didn’t get that man killed. It’s not your fault. Just remember that I’m here for you. You’re not doing this alone.

13 Responses to “Revalistic Update”

  1. jjmyhero says:

    6 weeks !!!!!!!!

  2. Pablo says:

    dude is beating himself up over bin laden. haha!

  3. MicMagellan says:

    …stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself. Why can’t he make contact? The known abuse is strange though…

    six weeks… a lot may still happen the edit room has few blanks left.

  4. Rixx says:

    admin: where are you going to see Super 8? San Francisco Metreon, popcorn and coke on me!

  5. Super8alien says:

    Okay, I forget what Revalistic has to do with any of this. Can someone help me here?

  6. Sinamatik says:

    Got my Rocket Poppeteers gear in the mail,.. T-Shirt and Sonic Strength Fleet patch. No extra surprises though…
    I can add this with my Slusho Sweatshirt in my nerd drawer, haha

  7. Big mike says:

    Hey admin
    Rocket poppeteers in to nites fringe episode
    Its at the top of the blown up oprea house
    Jj abrahms strikes again

  8. MarceloL says:

    I was never able to confirm my designation at Rocket Poppeteers… do you confirm…when I put in the astronaut name and everything from the certificate….it says it can’t confirm me…and there’s nowhere to put in the “Identification Code”.

    Help !

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