Another Super 8 TV Spot

A new Super 8 TV Spot aired during Modern Family tonight and since I couldn't find any other good quality video of it I decided to do it myself. I apologize in advance for the quality, you probably won't be able to slow it down and get any good quality images of those frames that flash by, but it'll have to do for now. I'll update this post when I find a better quality rip.

Update: Much better quality video now from Yahoo, thanks to those that let me know.

Update: More new TV Spots after the jump

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128 Responses to “Another Super 8 TV Spot”

  1. Rixucks says:

    Clips #9-15 have been unlocked

  2. jjmyhero says:

    4 weeks!!!
    ADMIN you will make a forum to discuss the movie, clues, images?

    • Peter says:

      go to

      then click on unforum

      then click on super 8

      everything you could ever want is there.

      • just thinking... says:

        Yeppers, it’s pretty in-depth, over there 🙂

        Cool thing, though: everyone (including some unfiction users) keep quoting or referring back to as the source for legit new info and/or for confirmation on what’s already been put out into the ether.

        Awesome job, admin!

        • admin says:

          Yeah, a lot of people from unfiction read this site and I frequent the unfiction site as well. There’s so much stuff going on with this viral that I can’t keep up with everything all the time and that site is dedicated to ARG’s so they know exactly what to look for.

          There is a forum here, and yes, there will be a section to discuss spoilers… and actually, I’ll set it up right now because more clips and information are starting to leak.

          • MicMagellan says:

            …we understand. Still for some reason your site pops up first in search…

            Leakin already, so i guess its in the can than; and now we wait. Dude i question a package you got. What was it???

            Whats you take on the viral after release date… I didn’t check for a reply yet, just wondering whats next.


  3. Franko says:

    This movie is starting to make me dysfunctional in my daily activities. You know, things like making toast , walking the dog….Can you imagine being one of those actors? Or even just an extra??

    Don’t forget the soundtrack June 7.

    • Jane Smith says:

      Oh hon, your just fine.. wait till you start running around on your lawn buns out… only wearing your shiniest hat… trying to avoid the signals coming from your teeth..

      heh…I mean uhh that would be really crazy…*shifty eyes*

      Like W’W says ……The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.


  4. Franko says:

    “Operation Belt trap” so says clip #9.

    • Exodus says:

      I bet they were taking down an UFO by detonating nuclear weapons in the upper atmosphere and therefore creating artifical Van Allen Belts which is messing with electronics…

      • Franko says:

        Or perhaps trying to “trap” one.

      • Jane Smith says:

        You know one day I tried to talk to my friend on the can and string and this mean Man came by and stepped right on the string, I could not hear my friend at all…

        Thats why I use fancy sparkly hats to communicate directly.


    • Zappex says:

      im not finding anything important on Operation Belt Trap in Google or Yahoo.

  5. Jack says:

    A lot of images flashed in between scenes. Anyone have a better version of this?

  6. I just wanted to let you know that The Rocketpoppeteers Dept is up and you can buy Shirts, stickers.

  7. StanSitwell says:

    The scene where the gas station windows get blown in and the attendant is dragged out has been changed since the last trailers. If you look then, out the doors you dont really see anything moving, in fact you can see an exterior light, and you just can see what we think is a tentacle coming through the windows at the top.

    In the new one though you can definitely see something like the long and thick trunk of a tentacle moving toward the windows to blow them out. Look at that same exterior light and you’ll notice something passes in front of it, only in the new trailer.

  8. Jimmy says:

    @ Admin: Here You Go….Update The Video If You Like.

    Check out the latest TV spot on Yahoo!

  9. JC4real says:

    @ Franko – IT WAS AWESOME!!!

  10. Eric says:

    HEY ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    The tv-spot in better quality here!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zappex says:

      dude thanks for the TV Spots they help support my theory that the Vitas Relics need need water thats why they’re going to the water tower!

  11. James says:

    Monster is in that new tv spot, with a roar!

  12. Damian says:

    Weird in all the promos and trailers, I’ve been noticing that the alien seems to be collecting more and more electrical/mechanical objects. Maybe it’s trying to build a ship or something.

  13. Rath7679 says:

    Did anyone see the Tentacles?!

    • Johnny says:

      the fandango tv spot is way better…can anyone grab some stills of when the guy with the hardhat gets attacked seems like something behind him can be seen briefly

      • ****** ********* says:

        Yeah, I also noticed that, but because there’s a giant play sign whenever you pause it, you can’t really get a good screenshot. Does anyone know where else to find that TV spot?

  14. Jcashark says:

    Super 8 = “8” tentacles

  15. Rohan says:

    The Monster has been revealed in the TV Spot. You can see a Tentacle when “it” attacks the Store Clerk.

  16. superb says:

    Administrator- Just saw on The CW! NEW Trailer!! Never seen it before.

  17. jjmyhero says:


  18. Julio Cabral says:

    Guys, here ‘s the screengrabs from 720p footage: , I’m uploadind yet, will take 10 minutes.

  19. Johnny says:

    nice screen grabs julio…still can’t make out much from the scene itself but whatever a part of me really doesn’t wanna know what the creature looks like until i see it on the big screen. i hate to ruin it. man all this stuff has me so interested and i really need to study its killin me lol

    • Julio Cabral says:

      I’m very anxious with this movie too, but is in the silver screen where all the answers will be given. About the monster, my guess is that it is a “Squid” type, “8” tentacles, super 8.

  20. JESSEMARCEL says:


  21. Franko says:

    From these new trailers, this movie certainly doesn’t look like kid’s stuff. When I first heard of this project, I was almost expecting something on the order of Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks. Glad I was mistaken.

    Although, I still hope the cubes aren’t “cute”.

    Perhaps they spy on this site.

  22. just thinking... says:

    Exclusive NEW spot (sneak peek before goes live everywhere on Saturday, per the site):

    We’ve got some new shots (I think?), a roar, Elle Fanning screaming @ something (monster? acting out a scene in Charles’ movie?).

    • just thinking... says:

      Hey jimmyhero, just saw that you posted this :).

      @janesmith, I’m with you on the suspense being sustained. The new spots are fantastic, but the fear is there that they may expose too much before June 10th. It was nice being a little in the dark. o_0

      Now, we’ve got confirmaed sightings on tentacles (Big ups to kevin for noticing that one a MONTH ago!).

      There are multiple cubes flying out the back of the truck. The thing is going after electronic parts of vehicles, pulling metallic items (via magnets?) to it.

      All good stuff, just hope too much more isn’t revealed before 6/10, a la Cloverfield, where you could find pics of the monster toy online before the movie came out. 😉

      • Cloud says:

        I’m loving the new trailers! It’s giving the film more of a horror genre, and I saw the tentacle when it attacked the store 🙂

      • Green says:

        I think the alien is scavenging through the town for supplies to rebuild it’s spaceship. This means the creature is physically imposing and intelligent. A reoccurring belief that the creature has some sort of telekinesis ability seems less likely now, I believe the alien uses the tractor beam on his ship to toss cars around and retrieve the “vitas relic”.

  23. Rohan says:

    I just saw the FearNet Trailer of Super 8, and I swear I saw the Monster when it was attacking the Clerk at the Store. Awesome Scene.

  24. nick says:

    I think that the cars and metallic objects floating and being pulled, are being put together to form a makeshift ship to leave earth……just a thought

    • Exodus says:

      I guess the whole watertower with all that little gizmos attached to it will serve as a giant EMP bomb.

    • ****** ********* says:

      Agreed. And If that is so, then it would perfectly explain that last part of the super bowl commercial where Joe is looking up and something bright that is creating wind. Judging by that, your theory may be about 50-90% correct. But, with J.J. Abrams, you never know…

      • Exodus says:

        Later in the trailer the people are also screaming at the light. I guess the military isn’t too happy about the alien leaving Earth…

  25. earthjig says:

    @Rohan : I totally agree, you can see something behind the glass.

    Also, in the scene with the electricity repairman, you can see a shape behind him.

    Now, I’m not a biology expert, but it seems the creature is related to the celaphopoda-family. In other words, some kind of octopuss or something like that.
    Weird, because those creatures only live in water…

    Check the scene of the store clerck : behind him on the left, you can see some sort tentactle.
    Same thing with the repairmen.

    Could someone get some HD stills of both scenes?

  26. just thinking... says:

    @earthjig and Rohan: Yep, Kevin posted some stills about a month back showing the ‘tentacle’ arm.

    Granted, there looks to have been more graphics added to the creature since then, but it still gives a pretty good idea.

    Check under the ‘3 Clips Shown to Australian Press’ thread. Kevin’s link should be on there.

  27. just thinking... says:


  28. just thinking... says:


    Sorry to rapid post like this, but hold up? Is this the actual creature in this screen grab:

    Look to the left of the clerk, through the window – looks like a giant leg.

    The thing to the right of the clerk through the window looks to be the reflection of his shirt + arm.

    My thoughts? Man, pls let this be fake.

    All the suspense would just disappear. 🙁 They held it together for a year, and now at the very end, they’re giving everything away? Man…

  29. StanSitwell says:

    I dont want it to be fake, I think it is going to be pretty kickass and very scary. Not so much scary like i’ll be afraid a giant squid is going to come out and attack me when I leave the theatre, but scary as in when they show it killing people, we will be startled and jumping in our seats

    I would have rather they didn’t reveal these shots in trailers until like the week of release, and instead chose to whet our appetites with the clips on editingroom, maybe those last clips give away even more, but I highly doubt it. Unless they show the ship/more about the cubes/the ‘subject’

    • Grohfactor says:

      definitely tentacles

      • just thinking... says:

        yep, we looked at that trailer and saw the tentacles. In fact, the screen grabs may have come from that trailer.

        Now, that doesn’t mean that the creature only has tentacles. It could have both tentacles and legs/feet, kind of like a hybrid…(-_-)

        • ****** ********* says:

          Right, like how the cloverfield monster had sort of flippers near its chest area that would allow it to have enhanced abilities in the water. If you have the movie, you can see the flippers in the part of the movie where (SPOILER ALERT!!!) the creature kills Hud.

  30. Zappex says:

    u know what this means, right? POSTER ANYALSIS!!!

  31. jason says:
    check this out, all the trailers mashed up into 1 whole clip

  32. James says:

    Did you hear fox is showing sneak peaks of super 8 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and wendsday All starting at 8 pm during the Simpsons.

  33. Eli says:

    Hey guys, on the Super 8 page on facebook, they just posted a NEW t.v. spot with more film snipps at the end!!!!

  34. Anthony says:

    clip 75 there is obviously more o these creatures

  35. Nick says:

    There is a new tv spot on facebook AND The one on actual shows the CREATURE!!!! ITS GOT!!!! Well you’ll have to find out. Cant spoil it. But if you want to know just page me on this.

  36. Danny says:

    there is a new clip on editing room clip number is #75. it is very short and it say “page 3 was”

    Also if you look at 5 sec. on the clip above where you see the jeep, if you look to the right you will see a airman crouching down but it is the object in front of him. looks like it has its arms out stretched and if you move the it slowly forward the arms drop. It is very large if you compare it to the buildings window. It is a dark figure.

  37. James says:

    i thought it said ‘stage 3’ makes more sense with the last few clips

  38. nick says:

    Uh guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in that picture of the guy jumping in the gas station…..its not a tentacle…on the side of the “tentacle” if u look at it closely, the tip is actually the poor saps head phones…..

  39. Ethan says:

    You can see the creature here for a fraction of a second with the man and the bushes. It’s not enough to ruin the movie (obviously) but I sure know what color it is now . . .

  40. earthjig says:

    @Nick : You’re totally right. When the clerck falls, his headphones are thrown away.
    BUT : Look before the glass breaks (thus before the clerck falls).
    You’ll see the creature behind him on the left (behing the glass).

    And I also think I saw some kind of eye above the clercks head, also behind the glass.

    For this last one I’m not sure, It might just be my imagination.
    Unfortunately the screencaps posted earlier don’t show the glass before it breaks.

    @Danny & James : Doesn’t it sound more like “Cage 3”?

  41. james says:

    I thought it was cage, but listening to the dialogue after it didn’t fit in.

    but with ‘Stage 3’ it could mean like, stage 1 is this, stage 2 is that and stage 3 is was the subjects most likely natural ….. several of its biological…

    wheras cage (I doubt) is its natural something 😛

    Hard to expain haha!

    • Franko says:

      …..subject’s most likely natural……habitat.?? Perhaps a cage with vegetation, special soil, water,and food (like cows and goats), mentioned on the list in the train car. This would keep ole grumpy alive.

  42. anthony24 says:

    Nick u said to page if anyone wanted to know so I’m paging u

    • Nick says:

      well I dont want to spoil much but all I want to say is that it (or they) are a red/brown color and it has multiple arms. It does for a fact have tentacles because in a short clip some Australasian people saw was that they got to hear suction cups outside in the Gas Station clip.

  43. Lamarr says:

    @Nick- Definitely tentacles. Back when Kevin first brought it to light I studied the clerk scene. I count 3 different tentacles entering the store. The first is over the clerk’s right shoulder when the window breaks. The second comes whipping in directly behind the clerk as he’s falling. Now, to the left of the clerk (your right) is a shelf with an assortment of candy. At the top of that shelf is 2 clear plastic bags with ORANGE candy in them. Above the bags (at the same time as tentacle 1) you will see the third tentacle enter. Tentacle 2 comes right before the scene cuts.

    Also, when the clerk is on the floor before being dragged out, focus on the Crisco cans. Focus on the two closest to the clerk. Directly above and to the right of the top can, if u can frame by frame or pause it fast enough, you’ll see a quick flash of a shadow of a hand. Instantly the hand is gone and the clerk slides off. I think it’s a shadow of the alien’s HAND grabbing the clerk and dragging him off

  44. Lamarr says:

    @Nick- nice eyes on tentacle 1 (the headphones), but I’m puzzled about 2 and 3.

  45. V says:

    There was a new TV spot on SNL. It revealed a lot about the Alien and what it’s doing. It also kinda confirmed that the watertower has something to do with the Alien

  46. Robare says:

    In the night scene where the soldiers are on the street and things start blowing up and you see the jeep…well if you look on the building, there is a sign that says S&A FOOD….could that be cryptic for Spielberg & Abrams ??

    And when I pause the clips…most of them, I see the face(s) of the alien…it looks kinda like E.T. And I sometimes see more than one face.

    I notice that the water tower is high-lighted by a bright light on the poster.
    And that the floating cube took off thru the kids bedroom wall towards the water tower. Something to do with that water tower. Hmmmm.

    And what is the password to type into the dialog box that is behind the PDP-11 SIM dos screen on ?

    So far, this movie looks gooooood!

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