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It appears as though the secret to unlocking some of the clips in the lie in the movie theater stand ups that some of you have seen (me included). Apparently if you look through a hole in the side you may find a special link that will unlock a clip in the editing room. Thanks to those that sent this in via email/twitter and thanks to Rixx for the flickr account with the images above.

Click for more pictures of the display

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37 Responses to “Super 8 Movie Displays Hold Key To Editing Room Clips”

  1. Flax says:

    Just tried over 2 dozen address changes in case any more are hidden. Nothing. Bollocks.

  2. JM6687 says:

    Wow JJ reallt got creative with the Marketing this time around. I cant wait for this movie to come out in theatres. It will be my bday gift from JJ. Thanks Admin for keeping this site running and allowing us fans to contribute. Keep up the good work.

  3. NaMrOd says:

    Why can we see clip #57? wasn’t unlock yesterday?

  4. LaBamba82 says:

    Has anybody seen this slideshow? Somebody posted it on Unfiction, I thought it was pretty sweet!

  5. james says:

    wow I really love this form of advertising!

  6. Cloud says:

    I’ve just noticed something in the editing room which may give us some background information on one of the scientists.

    At the start of clip 36, you see the man with the glasses looking at the woman scientist (Is she Josh’s mother, or am I wrong?), but when she notices him looking, she looks back and he immediately turns away.

    Check it out for yourself.

    But if she was Josh’s mother, then I think this could be very relevant 🙂

    • Cloud says:

      She then goes to whisper in his ear in clip 46.

      I think there may be something going on with these 2…

  7. Jane Smith says:

    Good Morning ARG,
    It’s been raining here all week, I’m stuck in the house doing the same thing everyday its getting monotonous.

    I start my day with my energy drink in hand reading the newspaper. I scan the pages for anything interesting but it seems like the same ole stuff day in and out …outside of your occasional end of the world scenario. Then I just go to the wordfind and loose myself.

    Sometimes I putt’s around with that old computer you left here, I go on my favorite blogs to check on things or print out a few pictures for my scrapbook. I do think that printer is on the fritz because it only seems to print 4 out of 5 pictures in a row, the last one always comes out blank. I just can’t figure that Device out, oh well.

    I have been trying to finish watching this documentary about testing done in the 50’s but every time I sit down to watch it seem like I can only get through it clip by clip, you have to be some kind of fusion scientist to figure that stuff out.

    I have been thinking of giving up my hat collection lately, it doesn’t seem to have the same appeal that it did a year ago…I don’t know maybe I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see how I feel about it then.

    You know I’ll be moving-on the second week of June? If you need to contact me, here is my number 1 618 03399


    • MicMagellan says:

      Wow… As i sip my HighLife and munch back my Lockes and Bagels, I notice the big hand is not yet past the yard arm… Smith you take the cake i swear. Though the flock has trimmed down a bit, i guess wit the newbees tuggin on virals progression its hard to take in the next steps poor Poppa Tomato. I’m watchin Indiana right now its at the part when he’s explaining the night derailment… At least that’s what im assuming. Would it be too far fetch if the Jones boys continue on with this whole cover up gig. It beats kicking rocks arounds looking holy snails. Oh, yeah so RP is the enemy right? I wish when i lean over to tie my shoe arms comes out my back and light the area up…

      thanks for everything…(entertainment during a period of… hell you know)

  8. nick says:

    Hey admin, two thoughts, 1st. The water tower seems to be attracting all the cubes and electronics, so I think that the water tower is being turned into a makeshift craft.2nd all the links to access the clips would be very helpful.

  9. James Gezale says:

    Hey, I work there! I’ve walked by that stand-up in the East hallway so many times and I’ve never noticed that… Next day I’m scheduled isn’t coming fast enough. >_>

  10. Johnny says:

    is it just me or does anyone else have no idea what other people are talking about half the time…it’s like everyone has “inside” stories or jokes. it doesn’t even seem like some of the stuff people are talking about even relate to the movie.

    • johneverymanssmith says:

      Alright… movie time,

      The goberment is using rockets in the uppity up sky in white sands NM… when one smacks into a Alien ship…BAM..Roswell baby!!!!….they recover the ship and it has squidman on it. So they start testing him when they realize he has special powers he can control electronic things with his tenticles like some deep sea monster..hes a threat…So they keep him locked up for the next 20 or so years…then train time baby YEAHHHHH.. you know what happens then Mr. minker aka “I ain’t letting this damn abomination go” …goes rogue and tries to “get rid of” the Goberments little pet project….But he does’nt kill it OOOOPSIESSSS you got peanutbutter in my chocolate..

      And we don’t even need to think about the rest.. we see the damn thing killing people and tearing XXXX up trying to get a new ship running..or a Big @sssss bomb.. The goberment tries to protect the town and the people because thats their main priority “protect the people”

      I bet it ends with one of those kids in a tenticle then the goberment shoots a rocket at it and blows up the kid …they all cry and hug but we win GOOOOOO GOBERMENT.

      Classic good vs bad movie..whatever…

  11. Jane Smith says:

    You know this guy might be on to something.

    Jane 😉

  12. Franko says:

    Hello. Admin (Tom R.) just deleted a “gentleman’s” post pertaining to said gentleman’s claim to being in the movie.

    A fraud in the clearest sense. He claimed to have “spoilers” and other such nonsense. We know that ALL that were participating in this project signed what they call in the industry a “gag order”. (This was done in the latest Star Trek) Violation of this would void any compensation if discovered and also no involvement in any sequel projects.
    Thank you Mr Tom R. (admin) for erasing this scam.

    ALSO: Clip 57 is indeed in the editing room. It is, however, not marked by the yellow line.

    Please continue to contribute to this site after you experience this cinematic event. It will be rewarding to read your reviews.

  13. snackman says:

    I think clip 77 and 79 is a clip of (2 things) the monsters Poop, or the different cow meat for the monster to feed on. Notice how the guys says “this subject’s most likely natural.” …….

  14. aaron says:

    Has anybody seen the Super 8 websites trailer!?!?!?!?!? you can see something when the electric tech is up in the power lines. something grabs him! if anyone knows how to take an in depth look at this i think it is worth it.

  15. Franko says:

    Update: Clip # 57 just got a yellow line.

  16. james says:

    New poster are ugly as!

    WHy can’t they stick to the good designs like the original poster!

  17. Lamarr says:

    That would explain the lights in the sky when Elle and Joe hold hands on the trailer. It would also explain why the military is shooting into the sky. Now i believe the alien is gathering resources to build a device in order to “Phone Home”.

  18. Nick says:

    I think, because its a month away from release that we have seen all the tv spots and trailers they can give us. P.S Super 8 comes out on my last day of school!!! 🙂

  19. Mr. Y.W. says:

    Josh Minker has updated the site with a photo of the tone generating device from s8editingroom and Portal 2 teaser and where he found the device.

  20. Jane Smith says:

    Why are people not flocking to the cities? Do I have to call every Theater in NYS to find these standees? I know they don’t have them here in the shticks trust me I checked every tree =(***

    WHATS IN CAGE 3?????

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