Super 8 TV Spot #8 “Secret 30”

Check out the latest TV Spot for "Super 8", this one's pretty cool. (Thanks Eric)

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  1. Bry92 says:

    Awesome. Things are shaping up to be good, here’s another clip from yahoo that was posted on youtube.

  2. Super8alien says:

    Love it.

  3. Eric says:

    Bry92: Holy shit!!! That clip was EPIC!!!! Thanks! 😀

  4. AlecHurt says:

    “Can this being feel as well as think?”

  5. Nick says:

    My prediction is its a giant………..OCTOPUS!!!!

  6. tom baldwin says:

    no, it’s a lion and it’s huge.

  7. jjmyhero says:

    they recived another videoclip with awesomes spoilers

  8. Lalo says:

    Here in Mexico they are showing the trailer before “Fast Five” and “Priest”. That’s cool ’cause almost anybody knows about this film. Too bad I’ll have to wait until August to watch he movie 🙁

  9. james salamone says:

    I think of squares are the monster I mean look at the clip ….it’s a huge arm ….falls apart into little pieces….. the squares are the monster …..

  10. mikey says:

    I believe those squares are the spaceship, or they make up another alien weapon of some sort. But there have been stories of symbiotic engines from previous supposed UFO crashes. Which are engines that are biologically linked to pilot through brain waves…..just sayin, in the clip they say what happens if it gets scared meaning what ever the mood of the owner of these cubes has a direct impact on how they behave, they also talk about the tech being way more advanced than ours

  11. […] a very intriguing new TV spot for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 that’s floating around (via Super 8 News) that I suggest watching if you’re still hungry for details about this movie. It contains […]

  12. […] a very intriguing new TV spot for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 that’s floating around (via Super 8 News) that I suggest watching if you’re still hungry for details about this movie. It contains […]

  13. Rixucks says:

    Here in México a magazine (CinePremiere) received a new clip.
    It’s amazing; you can see it here:

  14. […] a very intriguing new TV spot for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 that’s floating around (via Super 8 News) that I suggest watching if you’re still hungry for details about this movie. It contains […]

  15. ****** ********* says:

    Hey Admin, the Super 8 website has been updated with background music, but more importantly, I thought you might want to know that according to the website, Super 8 has finally been rated: PG-13: for “INTENSE SEQUENCES OF SCI-FI ACTION AND VIOLENCE, LANGUAGE, AND SOME DRUG USE.”

    • tom baldwin says:

      some drug use??!? YEAAA BOYYYY! ’cause i’m gonna be high as a kite when i go check that shiz out.

      but seriously, i’m surprised there will be drug use, and yes i’m going to rip my bong before i go see it.

      • ****** ********* says:

        The drug use is all due to the soldiers. Supposedly, one is seen smoking a cigarette in the background, and another mentions beer at one point. And yes, I am not going to say anything about your bong.

  16. snackman says:


  17. Lamarr says:

    The cubes are definitely not the monster. It was part of the spaceship that crumbled into cubes. Our scientists don’t understand how to keep it together but the alien does. It crumbles because they don’t know the right frequencies. Besides, the alien busted out of the train itself while the cubes were in a crate.

  18. mikey says:

    @Lamarr, I agree, which is why I believe the cubes are symbiotic, and the frequency is the brain nuero signal from the pilot to ship

  19. Jasper says:

    Hey off topic did anyone get a new rocketpuppeteer form in their email to fill in.
    Because i got one.

  20. nick says:

    Theory……operation beltrap was a way of weaponizing the alien and cubes for govt purpose…….when they say that the craft was exposed to a barrage of……I think its missles….cold war????? The cubes being like the gorilla glue of the ship having there effect negated by the device held by the scientist…….and the body at the end could be the attacked scientist being wheeled away to be tested on

  21. Lamarr says:

    @Nick- the attack is ON the black guy wheeling it away.

  22. Franko says:

    As mentioned last month, 7-eleven now has the Rocket pop Slurpee series! Keep watch for “happy meals” also.

  23. nick says:

    But the black guy looks completely unscathed….

  24. Franko says:

    Let’s review this clip.

    (I am writing from a small laptop in a hotel in Seattle Washington, after an Alaskan cruise)

    The voice from the cassette tape is obviously Josh Minker’s dad, aka, the technician who was assulted, aka who is also black.

    The black and white clip is a different angle shot in the big room we have seen in the editing room clips. The large falling object appears to be part of the “craft” that the “barrage of tests” were done on and not the creature. It appears that this piece of the craft falls and breaks apart into the cubes. However, it is hard to tell.

    More later.

  25. Karl says:

    If somebody could tell me what they think this sound is it might be the radio but check TV spot #3 from 3-5 second mark and then TV spot #5 from the 13-15 second mark. Its a weird sound and its the same one in both and my best guess is the radio.

  26. nick says:

    Wait wait…..its not the alien!!!!! It’s food for it!!!! Cow meat!!!! Go to guys channel and it will show this….. IPlayARGs!!!

  27. jjmyhero says: a new clip and new package ,,, “the cube eats”

  28. Lamarr says:

    Ok that is very confusing. However, I don’t think he is feeding the cubes. I heard what LT. Abraham said but, I think there is something we are not hearing. My view- they couldn’t contain the cubes in that cage because they are small enough to fly out between the bars. I could understand the cubes changing shapes, “metamorphosis”, because it wasn’t exactly block shaped when it was on Joe’s dresser, but I don’t think they eat. Otherwise it would’ve eaten Joe and Elle. It was for the alien.

    Picture this, based off of LT. Abraham saying it just precedes the attack.
    Mr. Woodward, aka Josh Minker’s dad, feeds it and turns his back (this is where that clip stops). Then an arm or tentacle comes out from between the bars, grabs him and tries to break loose. Of course, Mr. Woodward doesn’t die and the escape attempt amounted to only an attempt (as stated by LT. Abraham in the editing room clip). From this experience Mr. Woodward realizes the dangers of this creature and is prompted to destroy it when he learns that the military is trying to transport it.

    • t says:

      I understand how speculation can be fun, I really do. What is your take on Josh’s dad not having the same last name as Josh. Did he remarry and take his wifes name? It wasn’t a popular thing to do in the 60s. Or did Josh get a new Daddy and take his name? Also why, when it was revealed Alexander Kaslov was dead, did Josh not go “Oh you mean Dad?”. Lastly, what kind of timeline does that give us? Curious on you take is all.

    • Franko says:

      Good theory.

  29. Lamarr says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. It must be due to unfinished product but, as of TV spot #8 ( up top), when the cube breaks through Joe’s wall you can see lights from a spaceship. It is confusing because now a spaceship is present BEFORE everything starts floating up to the water tower. Now I can’t tell whether the alien is doing it or the inhabitants of the spaceship are… OR if this spaceship (maybe made from cubes as well) is communicating to the cubes to rebuild that spaceship.
    It’s a lot more confusing for me now, can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  30. Anthony says:
    Rocket poppeteers stuff already at 7eleven!

  31. Franko says:

    The comic contest picture that offers you to complete the last panel has a “space man” holding a camera saying “he will be in the front row”.

    Notice the name on his helmet: NELEC !

  32. neon says:

    Tom please contact me. I did some stupid shit and stole both player and memory stick outta the super 8 stand. Here’s my email: I live in Orange County and I can’t get it to play, email as soon as you can please.

    p.s. As far as i know they haven’t played it and it’s not in the editing room yet… Apparently it takes up 1 GB of memory, email me.

  33. [SECRET] says:

    Wait,maybe when he “feeds” the cubes the meat they dont eat it. Maybe, their biological attributes are acidic. Cause the meat to burn or melt. This is all words from somebody who is dead tired too.

  34. indyalan says:



  35. Lamarr says:

    Bry92 posted that clip in the first response up top.

  36. Eric says:

    Hey guys! I uploaded the track from the website here:

    ENJOY! 🙂

  37. snackman says:


    • Marcelo L says:

      Must be either your keenly tuned sense of smell, or it’s in your mind. The “Orange” on my Super SpeedFlier RP cert doesn’t smell like Orange ( Yes, I tried. Hey ! So I fell for it. ).

  38. Xano50 says:

    Does anyone know where i can buy props from the super 8 set

  39. Rich says:

    Does anyone think they’ll include the black and white footage in with the movie? I hope so actually.

    • I suggested that a while back on this site. I think the kids find a pile of 8mm film with the “vitas relic” during the train wreck. Which would be the footage we see in the ‘Editing Room’. This would incite the kids on the alien situation, cue their sentiment towards the creature. However, I don’t think the film will show the entire footage. The clips in the ‘Editing Room’ in it’s entirety would be a nice gift to the fans following this viral.


    • james says:

      Or at least include the entire segment as a bonus feature when the DVD releases, or add it to the start of the film as a kind of ‘prequel’.

  40. Rich says:

    Also, if you check out the comic the “narrator” looks just like the mysterious scientist with the glasses that was in the picture with josh’s dad and the three other scientists.. Sans the glasses though…

  41. AlecHurt says:

    i could see the movie starting off with a few clips of the editing room clips

  42. kara says:

    if you head over to unfiction’s super 8 forum, look for the new one titled “paramount movie survey” i believe…it’s got a new trailer that was sent as an email. pretty cool .

  43. kara says:

    will post the direct link when i get back to my computer..on my phone right now lol

  44. kara says:

    its actually called more specifically- “paramount movie minds survey”. one of the most recent posts on unfiction. can’t miss it.

  45. Xrati says:

    Hey all. Been Awhile since I posted, but I’ve been watching.

    Love the black and white clip. As far as i can tell the cubes are NOT the alien.

    these cubes are like some kind of advanced LEGO where they can be configured in different ways I think. The limits of what they can produce is probably only by how many you have and what you can imagine.

    Also, if you freeze frame it from the start to the finish and look in the lower right hand corner, it seems there are what looks like engines there before it falls apart.

    • NaMrOd says:

      I think that maybe the sound’s is what keeps it together… that’s why we see the code on the picture of Josh’s Dad, it could all be related to the sound making machine that Josh found.

  46. NaMrOd says:

    I’ve just been acepted to enter the “development room” on super 8… “Log in at 4 PM PDT on Tuesday, May 31. You could unlock one of 36 frames and receive exclusive giveaways.”… i’ll post later….

    • 26062 says:

      i was accepted too but when i click the link i still get the “thanks for requesting membership” message…not the log on one you’re talkin about

  47. 26062 says:

    All of the exclusive frames have been unlocked and are now viewable in the Super 8 Projection Room.
    Congratulations to today’s winner Steve K from . Steve unlocked clip #50 and will be receiving a Super 8 T-shirt and today’s exclusive frame.
    Log in at 9 AM PDT on Wednesday, June 1. You could unlock one of 45 frames and receive exclusive giveaways.
    Posted 1 minute ago

    • NaMrOd says:

      I Think it’s like a Contest, so tomorrow the first one to log in at 9:00, they we send him the clip, and a T-Shirt.

      So, Let it begin… LOL…

  48. Bry92 says:

    Just saw a Brand New Tv spot for Super 8 with a couple new scenes! I will try to find the clip online.

  49. Karl with a K says:

    I really believe that cloverfield has SOMETHING to do with this. I really don’t care what JJ has been saying how it has nothing to do with it and the time periods are much different. This monster is related to the cloverfield monster, I promise you.

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