Super 8 Reviews Starting to Hit the Net

This post is going to be reserved for links to all of the different reviews out there and seeing as how some people have already seen the flick, there are already a couple reviews out there.

There will be spoilers in these reviews so if you do not want to know anything DO NOT click through and read them. My job is to spoil the movie for myself so you guys don't have to, so I highly suggest that you do not read these until after the movie.

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39 Responses to “Super 8 Reviews Starting to Hit the Net”

  1. NaMrOd says:

    I like what both said, they said just enough and not going over and exposed everything… 8 more days.. for the midnight show.. can’t wait…

  2. Trey + says:

    Wasnt really spoiler heavy

    • admin says:

      I know, but some people don’t want to know anything about the movie so I just wanted to put that warning so people didn’t get mad when they read them 🙂

  3. Trey + says:


  4. Trey + says:

    this movie is gonna be great…are there any new clips up yet??

  5. MovieBuff says:

    I read both reviews and I’m shocked.
    I’m only really interested in what’s in that train cargo. That’s why I was interested in this movie. The original trailer focused on the train cargo implying there was a creature that was trying to escape. I hope this is not like Cloverfield because I really didn’t care about the characters after a while.

    • Trey + says:

      I know waht you’re saying. i want this to be more sci-fi than child nostalgia…Im a grown man!!!…lol

      • MovieBuff says:

        LOL Exactly. I have no issues with the kid nostalgia but don’t make it the whole movie because the trailer is misleading and the alien has no purpose. We want more wonder/alien.

  6. Ben says:

    There’s a pretty non-fan service review out there on Movie Reviews. It’s kinda spoilery, but doesn’t give too much away. Having read it, I’m still not dissuaded from seeing this movie.

  7. Troy says:

    Admin, just thought you should read this review and post:

    Drew McWeeny is one of the better ones out there, IMO. I hope everyone enjoys this.

  8. Trey + says:

    Uh oh..I just read that review Troy posted…im feeling a lil underwhelmed after reading that……Im still gonna see it, …anybody else feel the same way?

    • Troy says:

      I think people are feeling underwhelmed because this movies seems to be more about the characters than the alien. The alien is just the icing on the cake.

      But, I bet it’s damn good icing. I’m still excited to see the film.

  9. Joe McAwesome says:

    yo, how come i havent seen any posts about the super 8 comic book drawing contest?

  10. Randy says:

    R P test #3 in my e-mail today!

  11. Franko says:

    I won’t be reading any reviews either. Thanks for the warning, admin.

    Does anyone know the date when these screenings or special media dvds came out?

    The June 9th for me will include a nice steak dinner with a few Super 8 friends, then on to the theater for the midnight showing. The Ritz has great seats.

    Some of these new clips indicate that the film may be all we hope it is.

  12. Hey there have been rumors of a post-credits scene in the movie, wonder if it’s true…

  13. nick says:

    Welllllllllllll……its their opinion……can I say I agree with the haters…….hell no…..this movie has the potential to be something great….and I believe this movie will not let me down

  14. Super 8 3D says:

    I liked it. I am going to find out what happens anyway. It was cool to read.

  15. pt112 says:

    New clips in editing room. Shows ship before falling apart.

    • Franko says:

      Yes. They were up last night. Stunning clips! Again, I hope the cubes are not “cute”.

      @ Trey+ : Hello. I know and agree with what you and others are saying. Like War of the Worlds, I wanted more aliens and tri-pods and less Tim Robbins.
      Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks were…uh….”disappointing” to their relative stories also.

      Let’s hope that the sci-fi technical aspects of this film outweigh the kiddie stuff.

  16. Jeff says:

    Well, I read only two of them, and I’m excited to see it. I think it was a year well spend following the viral and getting pumped for the movie. Now I need to decide which Rocket Poppeteers shirt to wear…

  17. revanvssora says:

    the ign review is up now

    • Fatih says:

      I have been curious and trying to figure out what this movie could be about (alien,cubes..etc) and in my searches I have been reading opinions and thoughts of others posting in various sites. That being said I may have missed someone already posting this so I apologize, but I was thinking that the cubes are part of the ship’s self defense mechanism. Meaning the scientist attempting to rebuild the ship or mess with it in some way and as a self defense the ship turns itself somehow into these cubes. They then go to transport the alien and pieces of the ship to another area to attempt and continue the research there when the train crashes the pieces of the ship go everywhere and the alien is searching for the pieces (cubes) to rebuild his ship and leave and everyone in his way are killed. Possibly knowing or without knowing the people he goes after have a cube and that is why he kills them. Your thoughts?

      • Franko says:

        Nice theory. There is so much speculation, critic reviews, and folks who actually have seen a sneak peek, that it tends be quite confusing.

        Most folks just hope it is as good as the hype, mystery, and viral make it out to be.

        • Fatih says:

          Yeah I’m looking forward to watching this in the theatres! I’m debating on opening day as the theatre will be filled with loud people so I’m thinking of going early in the morning when there hopefully won’t be too many…

  18. Franko says:

    The music on the official sight that was recently added is somewhat “lame”,however, it would make an ok “end credits / exit” score. I hope the main music is much better.

    • jjmyhero says:

      lame??? are you retarded haha i love this guy ,, go to watch x men fanboy

      • Franko says:

        No, I am not retarded. and I am flattered that you love me but I am married, and I don’t go “that” way.

        Now think about it. The music on the official site could be much more dramatic, matching all of the previews we have seen. (train wreck, guy being dragged out a store, etc) but as i mentioned, it would make a nice background for the end credits. As a follower of this site and in light of all that we have found out, I am sure that you would agree.

        I have read your posts and you have some good ideas and opinions, many I agree with. Please continue to add your comments but watch the “colorful” expletives.

        As of today, Best Buy says that the sound track will be released June 28. This is odd as most are released before the movie.

  19. Lamarr says:


  20. Eric says:


    NEW TV SPOT (second video)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  21. Trey + says:

    The dogs run away because of the frequency the alien is making

  22. Lamarr says:

    Come on man, the dogs ran away because they don’t want to get eaten. Lol, who would? An unfamiliar entity always comes off as danger as a first impression.

    Hope that helps 😉

  23. Alex says:

    Wow. 6 more days. Time has flown by… I can’t wait for this movie. I think we’re gonna connect more to the characters in this film than the ones in Cloverfield.

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