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For those of you that don't want to sign up for the forum (or missed the chance cause I closed registration to cut down on spammers), use this post as a spoiler filled discussion area.

For those that don't want to read spoilers DO NOT click through to the comments of this post as it will be filled with spoilers. And again, for those discussing what they saw in the movie please keep the comments to this post only or they will be deleted.


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  1. Tim says:

    I have a feeling this movie is going to be lost on a lot of people. You have to be emotionally dead inside or never have developed interpersonal skills on any level to not connect with this movie. It was very satisfying and I wasn’t disappointed for a minute. It made me want to be a kid again.

    The theater I was in wasn’t packed at midnight but everyone got the jokes and people were laughing together at the kids interactions. Best movie this year hands down. Thank you for a wonderful review Lamarr and for all your comments. The lens flairs are by far not as dramatic as Star Trek. Big Thumbs up to JJ and the rest of the team that worked on this movie.

  2. Lamarr says:





    • Christian says:

      ……you def dont need imax, lets try to get a grip. It was a good movie the kids were fantastic.

    • Chris says:

      Did everyone see the clip at the end for JJ’s next film. I think it has something to do with a computer virus that spreads across the internET AND CAUSES EVERYONE’S CAPSLOCK TO TURN ON.

      OH NO! OH NO!!! IT’S NOT A MOVIE!!!!

      IT’S REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ryan says:

    So I was wondering if someone could compile a list of all the aspects of the Viral campaign and compare them with what they actually had to do with the movie, etc.

  4. Stan Sitwell says:

    End was simply too quick, right when you were in and committed it just ended, poof. They should have figured out a way to drag it out more

    • just thinking... says:

      Agreed! I finally felt so connected to the alien, and then…poof, it was over. It’s okay to hit 2.5 hours if that’s what it takes to tell the story.

      I guess the hard part is, though, where else would the story have gone, you know?

    • just thinking... says:

      My favorite part was actually something I didn’t realize had happened until my sister perfectly articulated it.

      It’s in the cave when the alien grabs Joe and Joe is speaking to him.

      It’s when the alien ‘opens’ its eyelids (which we assume were its eyes) and looks at Joe…really, ‘LOOKS’ at Joe.

      I loved that part so much, and my sister turned to me and said, you realize, that’s a connection to Joe’s mom.

      And, I asked her how?

      She explained: “Remember when Alice and Joe are sitting in his room, watching the film reel of his mother? Remember what he said? He said that he remembers how his mom would look at him…really ‘LOOK’ at him, in a way that made him realize he was real, that he existed and mattered.

      That’s why after grabbing him, and having the psychic connection, the alien looked at Joe the way it did with its ‘real’ eyes. It wanted Joe to know that it understood the loss of his mother and that even though he was a different being, he could really ‘see’ him for who we was, too.

      The entire moment was full circle for Joe. And, just so AWESOME for us!

      Oh and P.S…my little sister is a GENIUS!!!

      Just beautiful. And, my sister

      • Nick says:

        That is so true.Didn’t think about it till you mentioned it.That’s deep,very deep.Your little sis has a sharp eye!

  5. Curtis says:

    I noticed there was a Rocket Poppateers Poster in the fat kids room and a slusho sign in the convenience store. Anyone find any other tidbits? =)

  6. Lamarr says:

    @Nick, EP and Tim- Thank you very much.

    And yeah, I kind of noticed the lens flares but I was too into the movie to be distracted by them. They just added extra atmosphere to me.

  7. steve says:

    probably completely wrong, but is this it or similar to it?

  8. Michele says:

    So if Josh’s dad is dead, I kinda feel like he went through all this trouble and put himself in harms way for nothing. I was hoping maybe they didn’t let him die but people on here have said otherwise, I guess because it sounded like he flatlined. Any thoughts?

  9. Lamarr says:

    Wow Steve. That is very close but that only has 4 limbs.

    Michele he did flatline. But when it happened there was a close up on Nelec. Yeah though, pretty sure he’s dead.

  10. Christian says:

    so.. i guess im christian #2 now. i havent written here since the dulce, new mexico post.

    most of what i wanted to say has already been said by tim, lamar, rich and some other people that had some great posts.

    it didnt have the magic of ET, but it had the heart. i certainly got the cloverfield vibe, but it definitely wasnt a monster flick to me. i went in wanting to see the monster but got lost with the story the warmth of how real these characters are.. elle fanning was fantastic and cary (firecracker kid, dont know his real name) was hilarious.

    i loved when the alien stood straight up on two feet in the cave scene. it made me realize hes not just a beast. it gives off a feeling of intelligence.. and when he reveals his eyes, it just sealed the deal.
    anyone else feel that?

    • stephen says:

      as soon as the black guy said the monster is a piece of me you could tell how it was going to end… oversold crap… gold plated manure.

  11. steve says:

    really? kinda wished I hadn’t asked about it now! it’s been floating around for quite some time online amongst neville page’s work. reading descriptions brought it to mind.

  12. nick says:

    Ok can someone please say what it looks like???

  13. Jane Smith says:

    Hey I thought I would pop back on for the few who like to know…

    Time to look through sties =)

    • kelwhite01 says:

      With unfiction forum down, wasn’t sure were to meet up for more discussion. Kinda seems like that’s a wrap for STIES, and for the ARG I guess(?). *disappionted*

    • just thinking... says:

      Enter ‘1912’ (no quotation marks) for the device, and you’re good to go.

      For anyone that’s seen it, you’ll recognize the syringes and needles from Woodwards final talking scene (well, his final talking scene as a human, anyways, hee hee) 🙂

  14. Michael says:

    There are people coming on here to post their opinions and the people from paramount or bad robot are quick to shut them down. It’s obvious who you are…and if you aren’t from the movie company you are a little too into this movie. I hope you do realize that it was just a movie and now it’s over and you are back to your life and career whatever or wherever that maybe. Until they build a time machine for all classes of society to be able to use, you will not be able to go back to this time period the movie was set in. Suck it up accept you are old and let people freely post their opinions. Just because it doesn’t match your feelings doesn’t give you the right to call somoene dead inside or never developing interpersonal skills. It was just a movie! Also Lamar I’m glad you liked the movie but it doesn’t mean you have to put down those who did not. This movie was like ET, It had the bike scene, the chase scene with flash lights, The blonde drew barry moore look a like, the deputies son who lost his mom closely resembled the brother in ET. I loved the kids and the acting but thought the movie overall was ok, I didn’t love it!

  15. Anthony says:

    With all the swag being thrown out it wouldve been awesome to get one of the “Argus Cubes” theres a webpage on unfiction that has them for 50 bucks!,,

  16. J B says:

    Hey, New print out and picture on STIES.. dont know if this has been posted yet? Kind of a let down.

  17. Ianditis says:

    I waited and followed the ARG just like u everyone else, I also followed cloverfield too. This movie was exactly what I expected it to be I wasn’t let down but I also wasn’t blown away. Cloverfield I was extremely let down becuz I waited forever to see that monster and it wasn’t what I expected. This movie was a good time. I’d recommend it to everyone.

  18. Andrew says:

    Has the chat button always been on STIES? I can’t get into it because it needs a password but if you hit the arrow button on the left once you exit out of the screen that asks you to print the information it is there. This may be old but I don’t remember seeing it.

  19. George says:

    Anybody see Nimoy? Couldn’t find him

  20. James says:

    Michael you are an idiot.

  21. James says:

    the face when we saw up close really reminded me of the way ET looked but much much older 😮

    • just thinking... says:

      guess the need for botox is universal, huh?.

      even in zero gravity, skin can still need a little refreshing, lololol ^_^

  22. JohnTheRev says:

    I don’t remember now… how many arms did the alien have? 2 or 4? I could have sworn it had 4. If it did then it slightly resembled that pic that was posted a long time ago with the 4 armed alien with webbing.

  23. Rich says:

    Who is this Jane Smith character who skews talks in code?

    Has there been any new stuff on STIES or HLM. Once again LOVED this movie.

  24. Michael says:

    @ James and what makes me an idiot? That I said this is a public forum and let people freely post their opinions whether they liked the movie or didn’t without getting criticism if they didn’t care for it. People are going to see this movie regardless of the opinions stated in here. This area was created for people to discuss their thoughts on the movie. You calling me an idiot has nothing to do with the movie. So I ask you again Sir <–Respecting you, What makes me an idiot?

  25. Tomc says:

    Why dont you take the 5 seconds to look like the rest of us did i dont think shes speaking code i think shes just trying not to spoil it for the rest of us

    some people are just quicker than others

  26. jjmyhero says:

    ok so

    20 % haters
    25% lovers
    30% ok.
    20% assholes

  27. Rene says:

    Oh my gosh would you all quit complaining!! It was an amazing movie whether or not they screened the monster enough!
    Just because it’s JJ doesn’t mean the movie has to be 100% perfect!! Almost every movie has it’s flaws.
    As for the viral marketing, I only got into it the last 2 months, yet when I saw the movie I understood and it was fine!! The movie’s main focus was never really about the monster, but it as still great! Im sure some of you agree the monster was awesome and some of you don’t, get over it. this is an original idea, they don’t have much of those anymore. So stop complaining it won’t change the movie.

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. After having watched the teaser last year I say it was worth the wait 😀

  28. Melissa33 says:

    When will someone post a picture of the creature?!! I won’t get to see it until Sunday and the anticipation is killing me haha. Someone… anyone… PLEASE?!

  29. Evan says:

    The people who did not like this movie are people who find something wrong in EVERY movie they see! Who cares what the alien looked like??? That wasnt the point! The movie is a MUST see! The only 2 parts that were not the best was the man in the truck should have NEVER survived that in a million years and a little over usage of the glares but other than that the movie was amazing and did not lack much!

  30. George says:

    Guys, this is supposed to be a spoilers thread. Easter eggs, etc. Anybody got anything besides the Slusho at the gas station and Building 47?

    • Chris says:

      THANK YOU! I’m trying to link up the viral campaign and the movie but all of this review nonsense is getting in the way.

      The Geiger counter thing that one of the soldiers was using in the back of a deuce-and-a-half was the same one as the one that Josh found.

  31. HookyHoo says:

    The best thing about this movie was the stoner. He was awesome.

  32. RANKINFullStop says:

    Sooo if the black guy’s name is Woodward, then why does Josh Minker keep implying it’s his dad? I LOVED the movie but could really use more info from the ARG

  33. Donovan says:

    Why are there so many people in here arguing? If you liked it you liked it if you didn’t move on. A majority of the negativity is coming from people who liked the movie. It was a freakin movie!

  34. RANKINFullStop says:

    Also, The editing room is finally completely filled

  35. jose54 says:

    I saw the movie last night and it was amazing!!! it was amazing because it had a great story to it. it wasnt just a alien where the alien tries to take over the world and thats it. The kids were really good in the movie. The alien did kinda remind me of the cloverfield monster but it was a pretty sweet alien compared to your usual skinny green big head aliens. But overall the movie was great! it was worth the wait and i got to see it on my birthday which made it even better!

  36. Nick G says:

    Saw midnite screening in Sandy Eggo last night…friggin epic! The story, the acting, the emotional connection, and yes, even the alien was pretty BA. Like @ jose54 mentioned, it wasn’t just some old monster movie sans character-connections, and the alien wasn’t lacking creativity, visually & destructively (it did some serious heavy-equipment damage in the flick.)

    I also saw this in D-Box (see added to the experience. When the alien crashed into the side of the bus, the whole seat flew sideways, making you really feel the effect. Great stuff!

    Keep it up, JJ & SS!

  37. Franko says:

    Good afternoon.
    First, let me open with a sincere debt of gratitude to our Admin, Tom R. for all the work and effort he put into this site. I hope the ads were profitable and that he enjoys his new house. We owe him a standing “O”.

    I had the opportunity to view this film midnight Thursday. I started visiting this site after the preview on the Super Bowl and started posting a few weeks later. This site and a few others did all the “heavy lifting” so to speak, as far as passwords, web sites, etc. were concerned. I came at a time where I was able to just jump in.

    I break my comments into three “component parts”: the film, the viral, and you folks.

    The film:
    I completely and entirely enjoyed the film. I give it 8 arachnid’s thumbs up. It was shot masterfully. The train sequence was indeed shocking and never seemed to end. That scene commanded all the respect of a major motion picture. The acting was thorough, complete and believable. These “nobody” kids have a great future ahead of them. Casting of the actors could not be more “spot-on”.
    The storyline flowed smoothly and “drew you in”. I believe it was just about the right combination of “heart” and sci-fi. If you look at my past posts, this was my major concern. Also, I am glad that the Argus cubes were not portrayed as “cute”.
    The introduction and subsequent appearances of the “subject” were done just right. No need to see the whole thing all at once or un-obstructed. We saw just as much as we needed to see.

    The low point of the film, I believe, was the score. There was no theme that I, nor my friends, came away with. Star Trek’s theme from the same composer rang in my head for about a month. It was memorable………….. This score was not.

    This was not a good film, it was a GREAT film and it will earn its place next to the sci-fi classics and blockbusters of that era, and of today.

    See it more than twice. Buy the Blu-ray. Tell your friends.

    The viral:
    What got me hooked on this movie was the editing room. Each clip that was shown made us hungry for another. The Col. Abraham character was portrayed perfectly. (I strive to find out who the actor is.) All of the clips were released in such a way as to be majorly thought provoking, as was evidenced in your comments and posts. Then our Admin stated that “we” received one of the clips! Epic !! Your posts were both intelligent and relevant. One of the news items from watching the movie confirms that Nelec was indeed in the lab with the other officials and probably behind one of the cameras.

    As we all know, there are several “dead ends”, unfinished story lines, and characters left on the dark, and let’s not forget about the Rocket Pops, the factory in N. Dakota, and the legacy comic that lead us nowhere. Hook, Line, and Minker took us all hook, line, and sinker. There are plenty of these loose ends to build another movie, either sequel or prequel. I personally would like to see a prequel.

    You folks:
    A hearty goodbye. I have spent much too much time reading your posts. That is a good thing because it reflects your great ideas and insights. Except for a few, (and you know who you are) you have been respectful and have exhibited class; traits not too often found these days. Never be afraid to state your opinions.

    let’s keep our Hope Alive for another super 8 and perhaps the next viral will keep us all from ending up in a mental Clinic.


    PS. Google the 3 words that are capitalized in the last line above.

    • xneonxmaniacx says:

      *exits Franko, stage left*

    • Chris says:

      TL, DR.

      (Did I really have to say that?)

      • Tim says:

        Grats you must feel special now having had your chance to finally say that after seeing all the other douches on the net doing it. I think its safe to say no one really gives a shit if you have a short attention span and inability to read more then 2 sentences at a time.

  38. mayo man says:

    Missed the credits, what was the surprise? Anybody know? Loved the movie, especially the kids.

  39. Eddie says:

    Drawing of the Alien

    Saw this movie last night and Loved it. I just had to run back home and draw up what I remember the Creature looking like.

  40. Y2Flax says:

    Mayo Man: The end credits were amazing. Should have stayed. They start 10 seconds after the movie ends. Maybe you had to tinkle.

    Anyway, the end of the film is the ****SPOILERS*** zombie movie the kids make throughout the film. Very entertaining stuff, really.

  41. jjmyhero says:

    the final was one of the most melancholy and beautiful end I have ever seen, what is the problem? i was criying really!!!!!!

  42. DarthVaper says:

    Dear Admin & Super 8 News followers,

    I have been following this site since last summer. I saw the movie lastnight and I must say I really enjoyed it! I saw lots of stuff from the sites. I have really enjoyed reading all the comments. Thanks looking forward to finding another arg.

  43. snazzyrazzy says:

    there were VERY few things that i had a problem with in the movie:
    -how was alice’s dads car not destroyed by the train wreck?
    -how did they capture the alien? what planet was he from?
    -i jumped 50 ft when the alien came running at the bus. i knew it was coming, but it nonetheless scared the living hell outta me…

    that being said, heres what i loved (which was everything, but these are specifics):
    -the fat joke the pyro-kid made at the diner
    -the way the alien looked and walked (that scene when it was holding joe was faintastic)
    -the characters. ive never seen a movie that i was anticipating so much for one thing then left loving a different part of it!!
    -and last, the ending. i followed cloverfield’s viral like it was my life, and as much as i liked the movie as a whole, the ending didnt really satisfy me too much. people were dying, everyones dead, the monster’s outta control, and shit is goin down. but, super 8 was different. it was a peaceful ending. all was well in the end. with the epic music playing while joe lets the locket go, the alien takes off for his home, the two dads have reconciled. when it happened, it was 2am and i was tired as hell. but thinking back on it, it mightve been my favorite ending to a movie.

    i definately want to see that again this weekend.

  44. Jackson says:

    I want to start by saying Admin, thank you so much. I was there when the Iron Man2 commercial came out, but it was your hard work and you website that kept me committed throughout the viral. I can’t wait to follow your next viral coverage. Might I suggest Apollo 18?
    I saw the movie twice, and anyone complaining about “not enough monster time”, stop whining. They showed the monster sooooo much. In the pool of gas during the gas station scene, on the bus when it flipped, and a crapload of it in the cave! I loved the kids, they were great, and Joe’s model he was working on was that creepy face from the viral! The story was interesting and the action scenes were impressive. I highly recommended this. the monster had some similarities to Clover, but I really liked it. Wow. Please go see this. I cried. There, I admitted it.

  45. Crawdawg says:

    Just got back from seeing it, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Alien gets plenty of screen time, and it is also very cool. Great story, funny, and action packed. The kids make the movie, while the alien is included into the story line perfectly. No loose ends in the movie, however STIES is still a little confusing.

  46. Matt says:

    O saw it the creature is so badass but turns out he really not that bad after all he just wants to leave with the help of the dr.Woodward and Joe lamb it’s a 5 star movie go see u will love it with all the movie categories in 1 awesome movie good job jj Abrams

  47. Nick says:

    I LOVED the movie. The monster got enough screen time and I think the look of the monster is crazy. For one, its face looks like a skeleton gone mad. it has what looks like a nose which is attached to its lips.It looks gentle when its holding Joe and hurtful when it is in the bus scene. I really liked the movie. Its was great and had a lot that i did not expect. J.J you have done it again!!

  48. Matt says:

    Also creature is really fast, scary at first, but best part is that its so big and kills only the army. Description big, has 4 arms , smart , badass, friendly at end , so strong , and predator (movie) like face but really weird body , and earns trust from Joe lamb , in the movie it mostly play a great role in the movie and as the kids to. I only saw the movie cause of the creature and cast all great combination in a film

  49. Lee says:

    The gas station was named the KELVIN like the 1st ship in the star trek reboot.

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