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  1. Lee says:

    The creature has 6 limbs 4 arms 2 legs.

  2. Chris says:

    My only question on the plot composition:
    Didn’t it kind of feel like it was missing about 20 minutes to anyone else? The most important characters were fleshed out brilliantly but the supporting cast seemed like they had to have their character development cut back to save time. My money is on a Director’s Cut coming out.

    @Lee: Cheers on the Kelvin. Nice catch.
    Slusho posters, were cool. Rocket Pops. What other stuff did people spot. WHAT VIRAL CONTENT DID YOU FIND?

    • Bryan says:

      I saw a rocket pop shirt, a poster, a captain coop cardboard cutout. Oh and leonard nimoy. actually my friend spotted it and the second time we watched it im pretty sure i saw him too. Its like wheres Nimoy. Keep a CGREEN eye out for him.

  3. Rzasharp says:

    Best lines of the movie:
    Woodward; “He’s in me, you know?As i am in him. So, when you see him again, which i am sure you will, I’LL BE WATCHING YOU TOO!”

  4. pawl sayzawn says:

    I’ve been following this viral campaign from the beginning, and I’ve been a big fan of Abrams’ past work. There was a real emotive connection built up in this film – you really cared what happened to these characters. The kid who played Joe has a long career in hollywood if he wants. He played the character perfectly. All the kids played their parts well.

  5. Jason M says:

    Best movie of the year! Glad they showed the alien as much as they did. Brilliant movie!!

  6. Xano50 says:

    I love this movie the alien is awesome. I love the part where the lady blames the soviets. ” Can i get an extra order of fries my friend is fat. “

  7. jordan montanez says:

    i loved the movie.. i went to go see it because ima big lost fan..
    i expected too see lost references here and there like in cloverfield (dharma logos).. i didn’t.. i think i saw one but im not too sure..
    anyway. great movie.

  8. Ryan says:

    I wannt to see the movie with friends from my college ( we basically took up majority of the seats, lmao) who WILL make the crowd ‘lively’, to say. And lively was the audience.

    You could hear tons of laughter during each scene with the kids, weed guy and such. Even the scene with the kid using the telephone, yes, we laughed at that scene too. I think this movie just had lots of childhood memories like the firecracker kid, the kid whoalways vomits/pee his pants. Moreover, I also think this movie has its scary parts and touches home base with horror/thillers movies (everyone was yelling RUN when elle and the other boy were hugging for about one minute after he saved her, when they were in the cave). Let me also say that it made my theater jump PLENTY of times. Legit moments when it went pitch quiet. Also I love the random sci-fi moment with the space ship.
    Scenes that I also loved was the trainwreck, cause in the avx it felt like you were there! Even one part where the train part was flying at the screen, i thought it was coming for me. But couple of plot holes in tht scene also…how did the Dr. Survive that crash? Theres no way A train going THAT fast could only give you a couple of scrathes. Also how did elles car come out perfect, aswell?
    And I must counter contract the other post, I think we had MORE THAN ENOUGH time to see the monster. You saw it’s face (great detail with the hair blowing of the aliens nose, everyone in the theaters was dying at that part). And it did have four legs because thts how it got up to his spaceship. As for thr monster itself, it looked like a spider, which is kinda meh. Cause it resembled the cloverfield one, so i think anyone who doesnt know it was NOT related to cloverfield probably thinks it was. I dead convince that it was a alien until they revealed it. Also, it had like a octopus kindafingers? Idk. (when elles father saw it through his rearview mirror, which somehow he survived that accident aswell:S).
    More questions:
    How did it fit into the train car? I’m pretty sure it was bigger than two put together. Did he grow after the car accident? Did eating those dogs give him speacial powers?
    What was the deal with the water tower and cave? Was elle, the woman and sheriff just people he’ll feed on later? How did the water tower attract objects? Was that whole computer cave part suppose to be the powerup for the ship? Is that why nothinng happened when he build the spaceship infront of the Sciencetist?
    How did it PHYSICALLY take the motors out of the cars? Are you telling me NO ONE saw it at night? That was A waste of a scene.
    Also, what happened to the wildfire? Shouldnt it had reached the town by night and there was no smoke when we were brought back to the town.
    Must I also add that those army men MUST BE really stupid. Bullets were flying opposite direction of eachother…wtf?
    Those were knit picking but there were many small plot holes…no major ones though, which is good, i guess. Overall, it was a good movie, each part was detailed..either related to the viral campaign or more scenes in the future. Like the eye part, and why the two dads hated eachother without them having to tell us why. I hope this Romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror/thriller movie does NOT fail in box office as it is WAY better than any movie that has been released so far, including the shittiest movie, hangover 2.

    • Ryan W. says:

      I can answer all of those questions. He used magnets in his body to attract the car engines and microwaves, like how the cube got sucked out of Joes room. He did not eat the dogs, they all ran away. The water tower was above the cave, so he used that to conceal his lair more. He captured them and ate some of them I’m sure, but luckily Elle lived. LUCKILY. The computer cave part was energy to power his space ship. And the monster moves pretty fast and has black skin. If they thought they saw it, they shot at it, And the wildfire, would not have reached the town because it was controlled, like sometimes people in real life do to limit the forest growth for trails and sorts.

      • Joe R. says:

        The military guys said that their weapons were firing on their own over the radio… the alien must have been causing them to fire just like he caused the electronic things to malfunction.

        • StanSitwell says:

          yes, but we noticed in these scenes with all the military madness, in some shots there were like military jeeps with big guns attached and a guy manning that gun shooting it in all directions. The monster was able to hijack their conscious?!

          I agree with this guys’ bit about the car engines, I can understand them being taken out, but they were just missing, the hoods of the cars were in good condition, with the engines missing. How does this monster jimmy open hoods and steal them without marking up the cars at all. In his attacks he seemed a little less controlled than that. Also if he used his magnetic powers, wouldnt the whole car come with him? How would he differentiate between the engine and the rest of the car if its all metal?

          I thought the movie was okay, but too short. Right when it had you sold and invested when the monster is holding Joe, it just runs off and within 4 minutes the movie is over. I know that the magnetic energy stole the military’s weapons but they should have had some other method to attack it, there needed to be one more showdown or chase scene. Even if they just changed it and made the aliens lair in a different place than the ship, so he had to travel to the ship through the remaining military, that would have been better.

  9. Ryan says:

    One more thing. I thought the devolpment of the group of kids, dads, mom, military personnel were great! I thought they shouldve talked about elles mom though! The actors were great and this somewhat felt more real than cloverfield! Also the blue glares should has its own character since it was in evry single scene lmao.

  10. aavi says:


    • jjmyhero says:

      the black guy , teach him the english , are you retarded?

      • Bryan says:

        I came to the conclusion that the creature has a sort of telepathic approach to things. He senses if someone wants to wrong him, he senses when someone is incapable of harm IE Joe. I dont believe he understands english at all.

        As a side note. Are the three dots on the red freights supposed to represent the creatures breathing apparatus?

        • Ryan W. says:

          I think they represent the group that worked on the vitas relic.

          • just thinking... says:

            It may also represent the three-note musical note theme that was repeated throughout the film, as well as, used as part of testing the cubes/vitas relic.

      • aavi says:

        nope…are u 8?…Bryan had a better explanation!

  11. Odi says:

    This movie was the BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT I have ever witnessed and lived. They wanted to make ET part 2 ? Why did they marketed to adults instead of children ?

    • patrick says:

      Ok, thats your opinion, in my opinion avatar was the biggest dissapointment ever. but do you see me finding a avatar website to post that? you’re just trying to get a rise out of the people who like the movie. thats pathetic. really.

      • Wes says:

        Now Patrick, we mustn’t feed the trolls. I just got home from watching and absolutely loved it. Brings back a lot of fond memories of movies I watched in the 80’s growing up.

  12. Jane Smith says:

    Alright let me stop the craziness, because crazy is my job.


    It is completely smashed on one side, the train was slowing at the crossroads, the truck deflected off of the front side end of the train and was knocked on the side leaving a portion of the cab. What did the alien share with him? He is in me, well the alien looks pretty tough; Not good enough explanation? Ok it’s a plot / ARG connection and it’s a movie.


    How did they kids survive? How does a tornado tear apart a town and leave 1 house untouched? RNG roll the dice.


    No not really, you see things in a flash. It has long limbs but a compacted body . If we try and compare it to anything on this world we have plenty of body ratio examples: trap door spiders, cephalopods. Eveyone keeps saying he was as tall as the cherry picker..I think he has long extendable legs and arms but as you see in the cave are normally compacted.


    Was it a live person? I just saw a leg. Why waste a perfectly good piece of meat if it’s just laying there? If you get information from entities through touch, would you want them screaming in your face while you tap their minds? Sure maybe he wraped them all up in slime, to pack the sammiches for the ride home or maybe he wanted to shut the screaming monkeys up so that he could tap the knowledge keg. We don’t really know do we?


    What are the cubes driven by?…What was the ARG portion of Sarah’s website? What was ARGUS?

    MAGNETICS PEOPLE…How do you create a giant superconductive magnet? There is a lot of science here and it will make your mind explode, but just look up Superconductive magnet and you are in the ballpark of magnetic science.

    So bullets fly, electrical devices go haywire things are pulled to the Magnet, including the cubes which have a MAGNETIC MEMORY. See unfiction for more info


    It sounded pretty quiet to me when it wanted to be, it has sucker fingers it has fine motor skills. Did the car dealer some in the morning and see all the motor lids open and close them? The town like most small towns has a rural housing area and a business district. I think this makes sense. We have bears around here.. They can take out all my bird feeders and tear down my humming bird feeders in the middle of the night.. And we never hear or see them.


    Why did Joshes dad become Mr. Woodward? Maybe he became a little obsessed with his connection with the entity, and lost his connection to his wife and son.

    If you are looking for connections to the viral/ARG and the Movie there are quite a few. I know maybe most people expect big flashy monster movie from JJ ..Again.. but maybe the man wanted to make this heart film, and needed to make it work and yes SELL IT..for the general audiences. Although you expected to see clovie again.. why not expand your mind in another direction. You would never know till you saw it yourself and maybe it changed your perceptions just a bit?

    See you all out there in the real world~~~Jane

  13. I loved the post-credits. Awesome!

    • Rusty says:

      There was something extra after the credits? I saw the film during the credits but left when that was over.

  14. James says:

    CGI was pretty decent, it was more realistic looking then the cloverfield monster IMO.

    Loved the scene where all the metal started to float, looked awesome… only wish it lasted longer 🙁

  15. MarkusFit says:

    Does ANYBODY have a picture of it? Not one that is drawn or similar, but the actual alien!

  16. Andrew says:

    Hey everyone!!! I dont know if someone already posted this but over on unfiction i read a post and they found the device, when prompted put in 1912!!….Once again im sorry if you guys already knew that, im just soo happy ive been trying to figure it out for a while now..!!!

  17. Jeff says:

    Just got back from seeing it and I can honestly say this was one of the best movies I have seen in a looooooong time. It’s not a monster movie, as many have pointed out, it’s a coming of age film with a very nasty alien as the backdrop. As a product of Speilberg’s golden years (Jaws and Close Encounters are easily two of my all-time favorite films) I thought this captured that sensibilty wonderfully. The kids were definitely the best part of the film….kind of made me want to be 12 again. There were some great Speilberg nods in there (the multiple people bitching to the Deputy at once a la Jaws, the town meeting scene, and the Close Encounters/ET frantic/dysfunctional families. The alien was a relatively small part of the film but certainly added to the popcorn-ness of it. I’ll defnitely be saving a space beside CETK and Jaws in the DVD library for this. Well done, I haven’t had that much fun at a movie in quite a while.

  18. [SECRET] says:

    Btw Slush-O made an appearance in Super 8.

    • frigidandhappy says:

      ARE YOU SURE?! WHEN? WHICH SCENE?!?! I was looking out for it, but couldn’t find!

      • Zappex says:

        its the one where the alien attacked the gas station, when the sheriff just walked out the dorr, its right on top of the counter.

  19. MarceloL says:

    Ok….now that JJ has gotten his Jaws (Cloverfield) and E.T. ( Super8 ) out of the way, can we PLEASE, PLEASE get a movie REALLY targeted at Adult SciFi fans ?

    I give everyone their opinions, but c’mon…..after the dead-end ARG for Cloverfield, and the Super8 ARG that was just all over the place ( the whole “vitas relic” arc over the past 2-3 months was totally useless. I mean, c’mon. Really ?? Minker’s Dad turns out to be Woodward ? Really, JJ? Really? )

    Don’t get me wrong, the movie is great. For what it is…and it is NOT an adult SciFi fan’s movie. I can’t fault JJ, he did, after all, give us a fair warning that it was a “coming of age, and journey of growth” movie for the kids and Joe’s Dad, etc. Substitute something else ( Zombies, REAL Soviet invasion, anything plausible ) in place of the monster, and you could almost keep the rest of the surrounding plot line in place.

    So I come away with 2 things:

    1. I will listen to JJ more closely in the future, and if he says his movie is “XYZ”, actually take him at his word LITERALLY, and not expect him to satiate the fans beyond “XYZ”.

    2. Be very wary of the collaborations he takes on in the future. I think he was WAY over-influenced by Spielberg in this one, and he needs to go beyond “he’s my idol” and really shoot for his own vision. If that vision happens to fall into the realm of the sort of subject matter that I, as a SciFi fan go for ( I actually used to build those old Revell models, like the Hunchback and Frankenstein ), then I’ll consume the product. If not ( like the “Undercovers FTW JJ?” scattershot ), then I won’t.

    I followed the Cloverfield ARG, like a FIEND, deciphering clues, peering into the html source of everything from Tagruato, to Slush-O sites….I even fell for the “Aladygma” ARG as though it might be a follow on ( I don’t even think it was an ARG for the movie “The Road” like some suggested. Just some cats trying to free-load on the buzz being Cloverfield. ).

    From the MOMENT, word came about Super8, I was on like Donkey Kong ( maybe not as much as I could’ve should’ve, but as much as time would allow me given my schedule ).

    So, as this is my opinion, and anyone who’s here either loves spoilers or simply wants to read what others have to say about the movie, I’ll say the following:

    1. Go. It’s a very good movie in it’s own right. Enjoy it for the storyline. The dynamic between the kids, and later between the kids and their parents broadens and will reach you, if you ever had “teen clash” with one or both of your parents. And if you’re a child of the 70’s, you have ZERO excuse NOT to go. Trust me….ma ma ma My Sharona at the moment it comes will take you back to that childhood. And maybe that’s what JJ was really going for in this film. I’d like to think that was one of his goals.

    2. It is SciFi-lite. The monster could be replaced with some other “malevolent force” and the plot could continue much the same ( with obvious mods to adapt “settings” accordingly ).

    So there you have one big pro, and one big con. If you’re going for the “SciFi thrill” of it, sorry….not really going to find anything new here ( other than the mighty-morphin’ power cubes, we’ve already seen on, and trailers ). But if you’re going to see a piece of JJ Abrams magic…..take a deep whiff….that smell you’re drawing in, is what I call cake bake. It means that as JJ continues, there is a lot of promise there that he will make a genre-redefining generation-spanning non-arguably spectacular ( including the word “epic” at this point would be too cliche, but…WTH, why not ) EPIC of a movie.

    I just hope the next movie will include more true-to-genre SciFi, and more development in the overall storyline with that slant. Yeah, I loved Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese in Terminator ( man against all odds, gets the girl, engenders the future savior of humanity ), but DAMN if the Terminator itself ( and I don’t just mean “The Arnold’s” stoic delivery of intelligent malevolence ) didn’t make that movie.

    J.J. If you’re listening…..please keep that in mind… more “Undercovers”, more “Fringe”. I know you don’t want to be “pigeon-holed” as a “SciFi” director, but DUDE, really. E.T. didn’t keep Steven from making “Schindler’s List”, just BRING IT, whenever you wants us to go “on the ride” with through the story. And every so often, throw the fans the bone. Eh ?

  20. billie joe! says:

    I thought the movie was alright. pretty good!

  21. Sinamatik says:

    I loved that fuckin’ movie! Whoo! So fuckin’ #Mint!

  22. Taylor says:

    Did anyone see any Rocket Poppeteers or LOST references in the movie? I only saw a Rocket Popeteer shirt… And what was the significance of Rocket Popeteers?

    • Brandon says:

      The sign at the end said “James Locke,” two main LOST characters. and the music when Joe let go of the necklace, definitely similar to a letting go type song in LOST (Michael Giaccino).

      • 26062 says:

        im thinking that would be purely coincidental…james locke was an actual jeweler in the area the movie was filmed that closed long ago and that was their sign

  23. J. says:

    To better explain the Super-8 editing room movie: 1958, Operation August or Argus, was where the USAF detected the UFO and shot it down with a nuclear weapon to make an EMP that brought the craft down(indicated by the clip that says they worried if the subject survived the nuclear blast), they took the creature and its ship into Groom Lake for study(OPERATION BELTTRAP, probably named for setting off an EMP near the UFO in the Van Allen Radiation belts in the upper atmosphere), the ship activates an anti tamper mechanism in response to being subjected to different forces that reduces it into cubed parts. The alien grabs Woodward while the sleep gas was shut off for feeding and established a telepathic link with him.

  24. Jmack1234 says:

    the james locke jewler sign was just a coincidence to the lost was borrowed from a store from a nearby town that’s all.

  25. tony says:

    that was a damn good movie. loved the cloverfield mixed with E.T vibe i got from it. i kinda left the theatre early and saw only a bit of the post-credits and how they were showing the kids movie during the credits, but was there anything after that??? or did the kids movie show anything of importance. im really pissed now i didnt stay.

  26. Jason says:

    It was ET meets Close Encounters with The Goonies and alittle Jaws

  27. Dylan says:

    so who was josh minker?

  28. Trey m says:

    Lets be honest. This movie was crap and did not live up to the hype….

    It was hyped up to be a science fiction thriller , but it was anything but….

    This is not a movie you go a see twice…..what a shame

    we were fooled

  29. Trey m says:

    This is a kids movie

  30. Jeff says:

    Anyone catch the alien’s laugh just before he offed Nelec? I took that as a reference to Woodward’s earlier comment to Nelec about his telepathic link to the alien: “He’s in me, you know?As i am in him. So, when you see him again, which i am sure you will, I’ll be watching you too!” Nelec has already had Woodward killed, so this was the alien/Woodward’s little f-you to Nelec.

    • Crawdawg says:

      I heard that and pointed it out to my brother, pretty creepy, and i agree with you that that was Woodward and the alien, both of them getting their revenge.

    • ****** ********* says:

      I did hear that. I was wondering what it was…
      Thanks for clarifying. Now images of an alien/Woodward hybrid flicking off Nelec are in my head, and I’m laughing.
      But seriously, I will point that out to my cousins when I see the movie once more this week (I’ve already seen it twice.)

    • just thinking... says:

      Yes!!! My sister and I caught this. I turned to her, and go, did it just laugh fiendishly at Nelec?

      And, she goes, ‘Oh, snap, yes, yes, it did…so not going to end well for him…’.

      Didn’t make the connection of there being a little Woodward in there, too.

      BTW, the ‘DEVICE’ has been ID’d on STIES. After ‘Mount? Y/N’. Enter ;Y’. Then, enter 1912 for the device name.

      It brings up an image of the syringes and needles used by Nelec and the other military person against Woodward in the movie.

      Guess, Josh Minker’s dad (Woodward/Mr. Minker) is officially gone.

  31. skukstr says:

    YouTube clip of the alien during the scene where Joe Lamb talks to it:

  32. Nonsense says:

    Parts of the movie made absolutely no sense to me.

    – Why would a spacecraft made out of cubes need a bunch of junk to run (microwaves, car engines)?
    – The alien been here since 1958, but yet it only took a couple of days to fix his craft?
    – Why was the alien building underground, but yet, his spacecraft took off on a water tower?
    – Really, nonsense.

    • just thinking... says:

      1. It didn’t really need the bunch of junk to run, per se. I think it needed the metal + electricity generated by those parts and a strong conductor (the water tower) to generate enough energy for his craft.

      2. His craft was taken out by a nuclear blast or an EMP. He was never freed from the moment he crashed. In Dr. Woodward’s research videos when the kids go back to the school, we learn that the creature had been locked up, experimented on and basically tortured from day one. Its access to the cubes and his own technology were limited to non-existent. So, basically, if they had left the thing alone from the beginning, he would’ve been out of here a long time ago.

      3. The alien was building underground, since in the same research vids and in viral editing room, it’s brought out that the alien’s normal environment is most likely subterranean (on whatever planet he’s from). So, the underground cave was as close to his natural environment as it could find. The cubes came together on top of the water tower, and then all of the metal from the collected items/junk were absorbed into the ship right before liftoff.

      From an energy-conducting standpoint, you couldn’t ask for a better lightning rod, if you will, than an all-metal water tower, plus all of the metal junk. 🙂

    • jjmyhero says:

      1. It didn’t really need the bunch of junk to run, per se. I think it needed the metal + electricity generated by those parts and a strong conductor (the water tower) to generate enough energy for his craft.

      2. His craft was taken out by a nuclear blast or an EMP. He was never freed from the moment he crashed. In Dr. Woodward’s research videos when the kids go back to the school, we learn that the creature had been locked up, experimented on and basically tortured from day one. Its access to the cubes and his own technology were limited to non-existent. So, basically, if they had left the thing alone from the beginning, he would’ve been out of here a long time ago.

      3. The alien was building underground, since in the same research vids and in viral editing room, it’s brought out that the alien’s normal environment is most likely subterranean (on whatever planet he’s from). So, the underground cave was as close to his natural environment as it could find. The cubes came together on top of the water tower, and then all of the metal from the collected items/junk were absorbed into the ship right before liftoff.

      From an energy-conducting standpoint, you couldn’t ask for a better lightning rod, if you will, than an all-metal water tower, plus all of the metal junk. 🙂 x2
      are you retarded nosense? go away kid

  33. John31 says:

    I Love This Movie, Very Well Made 😀 Can’t Complain!

  34. Sarah says:

    Just some thoughts, just got home from the movie…
    I believe the viral marketing was J.J.’s baby and not Spielbergs, so it focused on the alien and not the kids. Also, they may have realized the lower focus on the scientific/alien factor in the actual movie, thus more focus on it in the marketing. It created a broader world and history for the story that people could investigate if they liked. All that being said, and I DID love the kids (teared up more than once lol), I do really love a pure monster/alien movie, and kind of wished he could’ve been investigated more in the movie. @justthinking…, your comment about the alien really opening his eyes for Joe was spot-on, that moment affected me more than anything else. I guess maybe that’s what I was hoping to see more, a human-alien interaction. But he was angry lol….It just seemed like it wrapped up a little too quick after that moment, when the alien was getting in his ship, I wanted to say “Nooo, please wait, we want to see you more!” 🙂
    In another thought, please correct me if I’m wrong, but when the dude comes out of the gas station to look for the sheriff, you see his reflection in a puddle, and behind him you see the alien’s head pretty clearly. I was so proud I noticed this before my sharp-eyed daughter lol. And that’s fairly early in the movie. Also, when everything collapses back down from the water tower, I noticed the bike from E.T. in the pile of stuff, thought that was cute. Spielberg always puts in fun stuff.
    All in all, I really enjoyed it, makes me wish for more Spielbergian movies, but I also wish for another Cloverfield too! There’s room for both, people! Lol.
    And one final, random thought: saw this in IMAX, thought it was a benefit, but not super-necessary. Liked the sounds of the alien too! And I saw the trailer for the next Transformers, and THAT made me weep. What can I say, I’m a super nerd. 🙂 Thanks for all the great posts I’ve read!

  35. Lamarr says:

    Just thinking your sis is a genius. I saw it again and waited to see it’s eyes open. Nice

    Favorite line (by the stoner)- “Dork, I saw that…. observe” 🙂

    I took my 11 year old niece this time and realized a message to kids from the movie I had to share with her. When the spaceship is leaving it is a beautiful sight. It is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Everybody watched it fly away except for the stoner. It showed it on his windshield right in front of his eyes but he just tossed in his sleep because he was so high. Just like in real life you miss out on a lot when you take drugs.

    Yes it did at Nelec’s unfortunate situation. I didn’t put the connection to Woodward together the first time I saw it. Nice 🙂

    When the news was talking about Woodward they showed the picture of him and his wife that we have. But, they only showed Woodward’s half of the picture. Plus, I think it was in the school, they showed the picture of Woodward and the other scientists that we have.

    Super 8 first weekend is up to 40 mil. It took 50 mil to make the movie so a sequel is not out of the ? as far as success at the box office goes.

    Lillian Ohio- Named after JJ’s grandmother Lillian.

    Rotten Tomatoes- 82%
    IMDB- 8.1
    which are awesome ratings 🙂

    Barely realized the lens flares this time. I’m just too into the movie.

    I got to watch “The Case” this time. That was funny 🙂

  36. Tom Vidovich says:

    There were a couple scenes I witnessed filmed that didn’t make the final cut- Joe and Alice kiss(it was filmed when they shot Alice giving Joe the cube after the crash but I’m not sure where the scene would have fit), Deputy Lamb has Joe come out of Cathy’s Diner and disciplines him(couldn’t hear the dialogue) which may have been too similar to the scene where he grabs him midmoviemaking and shoves him in the car, many scenes were longer and edited down(school sequence at the beginning, evac scenes). Also I think the ending had the military more proactive in trying to shoot at the alien & the ship whereas in the film the creature doesn’t face much of a threat from the soldiers when he runs up the water tower and jets.

  37. J. says:

    the alien gathered parts to build an EM generator to produce enough energy to reconstitute the cubes into a ship again. The ship turned into cubes to protect itself from human tampering.

    • derek says:

      So the alien built the ship knowing he was going to earth? I haven’t watched the movie yet, I’m just trying to gather as much info as possible.

      • Rich says:

        No, the ship turned into the cubes as a defense mechanism. Not necessarily because it was going to earth, but as a precaution.

  38. trex says:

    I didn’t like the ending… alien kills everyone else, but the kid gives him a pep talk and then instantly the ship begins to work and he takes off? Plus, crash a ’70s pickup truck full speed into an oncoming train and not die? Yea right.

  39. RANKINFullStop says:

    So I finally read the super 8 comic, looks like Revalistic was all just explanations of what happened when they shot down the craft. She was on the right track for it too. I just really wish we’d get more from the ARG. The Cloverfield/Teddy Hansen ARG went on for a while after that movie came out, I’m hoping for more from this too.

    • me says:

      Abrams always takes into account the DVD release. the ARG will continue at least until then to keep up intrest. Easter eggs will be what sells it.

  40. markusfit says:

    I absolutely LOVED the movie…my only issue: TOO MUCH LENS FLARE!
    Seriously! In one scene, there was just the open field and lens flare. I ruined the movie for my friend because I told him it’s been a criticism of Abrahams.
    He said that’s all he could focus on and walked out the theater with a headache! Yikes!

  41. SnazzyRazzy says:

    can anybody help me find the music to that final scene? (not the credits. im talking about when the metals floating and joe lets go of the necklace.) i love that music, but cant find it…

  42. DavidW says:

    Saw the movie today and it was damn good, really one of the best I’ve seen in a while. The only problems I noticed were

    1. I had heard that this was a “melding” of two stories and it felt like it. Many times it just felt like things were jumping around too much and although this wasn’t a major annoyance I could tell that the script was culled together from two separate stories albeit it was still pretty slick how they did it but it felt rushed at times. I kept thinking “what, did they not have enough money to fully realize the story or were they just trying to move it along to the action parts”.

    2. There were so many things happening in the town and we only heard about them after the fact, if they would have made the film 30 minutes longer they could have spent more time to build up the suspense. Many people disappeared, property was stolen, but we only got a brief glimpse at these occurrences at the police station, at the town meeting etc. Maybe this is a part B of my first point but I wanted to hear more about the “strange happenings around town”. The first thing I know it escapes, the next thing I know all hell is breaking loose, no build-up from the dogs running off, they ran off and then the sheriff got put into the slow cooker.

    3. This is not a criticism of the film but more of a personal note but I would have really liked more back-story on the alien, see how he put all that together, get more details about his technology, we know he was pretty much building an electromagnet in the cave but I was curious about the propulsion system of his ship, I swear it sounded like a liquid fuel rocket but of course it couldn’t have really used this to travel thousands or millions of light years.

    All in all an extremely enjoyable movie IMO. I understand some peoples disappointment, they wanted drooling alien with metal teeth going around taking plugs out of poor helpless humans but that is not what this movie was, as JJ said, this is a movie tribute to the Spielberg movies of the 70’s and 80’s and in so many ways it really was. I saw part Goonies, part ET, part Close Encounters, and (although not from the 80’s) part Jurassic Park (the alien smashing the side of the bus). All I could say to those who did not enjoy it is that I’m sorry you didn’t but realize this movie is what it is, not a blood-fest alien slaughter but a movie about normal people going through their everyday lives and being thrust into strange and mysterious situations and growing up facing difficult circumstances and becoming closer to each other in the process. If your butt didn’t leave your seat when the bus got rammed or when the sheriff got grabbed in the cave then you should see your doctor because your already deceased!!!

  43. Hanna27 says:

    Movie was *mint*! ’nuff said. 😀

  44. GusA says:

    Was it just me, did anyone else see the slusho sign in reference to cloverfield in the gas station just as the sheriff was checking out?

    • Flax says:

      GusA: I noticied it too. Slusho is not just a reference to Cloverfield though, as the product as appeared in almost every J.J. Abrams production. Good catch.

  45. Rolo says:

    Did anyone know that the monsters name is Aqua?

  46. Lamarr says:

    No actually the alien’s name is COOPER as in Captain Cooper.

    • mclovin93 says:

      and did you know that Star Trek actor Bruce Greenwood used motion capture to play the alien known as Cooper, which was also the codename that the millitary used for it?

  47. GusA says:

    Just how tall was the alien? Being that he could fit in the box car. I would have to say he was about 40ft tall give or take a couple inches, what do you guys think?

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